Hoon Sook (Julia) (Pak) Moon (wife of Heung Jin Moon)

Devotion, Loyalty and Love

Hoon Sook (Pak) Moon
January 2, 2009
Day of Victory of Love

Hoon-sook nim gave the following address on the twenty-sixth Day of Victory of Love, January 2, the twenty-fifth anniversary of Heung Jin nim's ascension. The commemoration of the holy day took place at the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace.

The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the King and Queen of Peace, brothers and sisters who have come from all over the world: I am very honored that True Parents have asked me to give a memorial speech on this twenty-sixth Day of Victory of Love. The Day of Victory of Love is when we celebrate and remember the victory of true love. God and True Parents are the origin of true love. Even though there was love before True Parents came, there was no true love. Even though there have been many people who have called God Father, there were no true sons and daughters. Even though there have been many nations in the world, not one of them was Cheon Il Guk, God's true nation.

Last year, on July 19, 2008, God demonstrated His true love to the whole world through the helicopter incident. In a situation in which everyone should surely have died, True Parents substantially resurrected, because they are the embodiment of true love. This is an expression of God's love and the historic event that revealed to the world that our True Parents are truly the king and queen of peace, the Messiah, the Lord at his second coming, who has overcome and gone beyond death. This is a true victory of true love, and the genuine meaning of what we all have to celebrate on this Day of Victory of Love. Thus, we should all inherit True Parents' true love and become victors of true love. We, too, must be the embodiment of true love and become God's true sons and daughters.

On February 20, 1984, True Parents blessed me to Heung Jin nim (though I am so inadequate for that role). I am simultaneously mystified, deeply grateful and overwhelmed on this twenty-fifth anniversary at how True Parents blessed an incomplete person such as myself to Heung Jin nim, and connected heaven and earth through Heung Jin nim's sacrifice. Heung Jin nim left behind an exemplary tradition of True Parents' true love on earth. Behind this has been the providence of True Parents' devotions and conditions, which nobody knew about or understood.

The Day of Victory of Love resulted from True Parents' true love toward Heavenly Father, which overcame and brought victory over Satan's realm of death. Heung Jin nim was offered to Heaven as the embodiment of devotion and loyalty, according to the message True Father wrote for him in Chinese characters [after his ascension]. Heung Jin nim was our elder brother who sacrificed himself to save others, and although he lived a very short life on earth, he was always ready to offer his life for the sake of True Parents.

Whenever he met blessed children of a similar age, he always asked them whether they were ready to offer their lives for True Parents, and he himself had the resolve to do so. His actions at the time of his car accident set such an example. When the accident occurred, Heung Jin nim turned the steering wheel to the right in order to save his friend sitting next to him; thus he took on himself the entire shock of the impact with the large truck.

This spirit of willingness to sacrifice one's life flows through the blood of True Parents' True Children. That is the true love lineage. Hye Jin nim and Young Jin nim were such True Children; and our elder brother Hyo Jin nim, who ascended into the spirit world last year, sacrificed himself in the same way. Every single child in the True Family has the same spirit of sacrifice for the sake of True Parents.

In 1983, when True Father was himself the target of communist powers, Heung Jin nim went to the spirit world in Father's place in order to deflect the danger that threatened True Parents. Likewise, other True Children have offered themselves when providential crises have arisen. True love is thus practiced through true sacrifice. Because True Parents providence of building Cheon Il Guk, the kingdom of heaven on earth, is so important and great, satanic forces focus their all-out attacks on True Parents and the True Family. And on every such occasion True Children have become the sacrificial offerings and have gone to the spirit world. Again, on July 19 last year, Satan's attack reached True Parents themselves. However, True Parents dramatically and substantially resurrected through their victory of true love, and in doing so, brought Satan to surrender.

The twenty-sixth Day of Victory of Love, which celebrates this great victory, is more significant and meaningful than any other year. I sincerely offer my humble congratulations to True Parents, Heung Jin nim, the commander in chief in the spirit world, and the other True Children in heaven and on earth, for the victory of their true love.

As unworthy as I am, I have done my best over the past twenty-five years to look after Heung Jin nim's family. Whenever I danced, it was with Heung Jin nim, and through dancing I have earnestly tried to express the glory of God and True Parents. True Parents founded Universal Ballet as a memorial to Heung Jin nim, and this year we are celebrating the company's twenty-fifth anniversary. Universal Ballet has grown into one of the best ballet companies in the world, which was only possible because of the grace and support of True Parents and of Heung Jin nim in the spirit world.

I will do my sincere best so that Heung Jin nim's true love is elevated to a higher dimension through the Universal Ballet. I pledge to devote my whole life to serving and attending True Parents and to living my life to the fullest, upholding Heung Jin nim's spirit. With this pledge, I would like to end this brief memorial address. Thank you. 

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