Hoon Sook (Julia) (Pak) Moon (wife of Heung Jin Moon)

Let's Make Every Day a Day of Victory of Love

Hoon Sook (Pak) Moon
January 2, 2010
Day of Victory of Love, the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace

Hoon-sook nim and Choi Yeon-ah nim, both of whose husbands are in the spirit world, lighting candles; for the second year, following Hyo-jin nim's ascension, they jointly performed the ceremonies for the ascended True Children.

Our victorious King of Kings, True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Mankind! Members from around the world! Yesterday, we said farewell to 2009, a busy year with its share of difficulties, and we began Year 10 of Cheon Il Guk, together with our True Parents at the forty-third celebration of True God's Day.

Today we have gathered to commemorate the twenty-seventh Day of Victory of Love. I feel very honored to have the opportunity to speak in front of True Parents and all the members gathered here on this very meaningful day.

It is now twenty-seven years since Heung-jin nim passed into the spirit world and took on his mission as heavenly commander. Heung-jin nim is working hard day and night from the spiritual world to support the completion of True Parents' work on earth, so that True Parents may be glorified.

Twenty-seven years ago, Heung-jin nim was a young man of seventeen years. I didn't know Heung-jin nim that well when he was alive, but everyone felt he had a quiet, compassionate and thoughtful character. Also, he loved and cared for the members very much and always tried to live for the sake of others. He lived a life of devotion, often doing cold shower conditions; once, when had run into a sharp corner, ripping his pants and injuring his leg, he said in a small voice, "Than you, Heavenly Father." Heung-jin nim considered any injury he suffered an opportunity to set an indemnity condition before Heaven.

More than anything else, Heung-jin nim loved True Parents. Even when he was very young, his biggest concern was for True Parents' health and safety. Many times he would help the security protecting True Parents, and he was always quietly asking other members of the second generation if they were prepared to give their lives for True Parents. Being a devoted son, Heung-jin nim went to the spirit world as an indemnity offering for the sake of the heavenly providence centered on True Parents, thus substantiating his words that one should be prepared to give his life for True Parents.

Brothers and sisters, if you were sending your beloved child, whom you loved more than life itself, to the spiritual world before his or her time, would you be able to contain your personal grief and hold back your tears for the sake of God?

When True Parents sent their precious son to the spiritual world as an offering, they first thought of Heavenly Father. Every time Satan attacked the most precious true lineage by striking the True Family True Parents overcame their pain and sorrow, greater than death itself, and did not shed tears of personal grief.

Satan directly attacked the True Family, but True Parents offered Heung-jin nim to Heaven as a loyal and devoted son and by making the condition of uniting completely with God, shininaeilche isang, True Parents brought victory by overcoming Satan's realm of death through true love.

From this internal point of view, we can see that like the unbending faith and love Isaac had toward his father Abraham, Heung-jin nim had absolute faith and love for True Parents, and that True Parents' absolute faith and love for Heavenly Father was greater than their grief in losing their son.

True Parents sublimated, through true love, Satan's realm of death, where everything is destined to collapse, and upon that foundation, sent Heung-jin nim to the spiritual world as its Heavenly Commander; and by doing so gained the spirit world's angelic army, united the physical and spiritual worlds, and established the triumph of the Day of Victory of Love.

In 2009, with the publication of True Father's autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, the truth about True Father's life has been revealed to everyone in the world. When I read As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, I was deeply moved and felt tearful repentance to the bottom of my soul. Indeed, is there anyone else on earth who has offered his entire life for the sake of God, mankind and world peace in the same way as our True Father? There has never been anyone like him in the past, nor will there be in the future. There is only one King of Kings and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Mankind.

The Day of Victory of Love is the day when we honor and celebrate the victory of true love. As I read True Father's autobiography, I realized that it is not only January 2 that is the Day of Victory of Love, but that every single day of True Father's ninety years of life has been a day of victory of love.

In order to accomplish God's will, Father embraced the fallen world, and struggled with his physical being, his blood, sweat and tears, and Mother, at his side, supported him, without anyone knowing or understanding her offering of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Our True Parents are truly the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Mankind that God has sent, the King of Kings, the Messiah that mankind has been waiting for, and this has been revealed through True Father's autobiography.

Fulfilling our filial duty as children, we, too, should become victorious through true love by living and making each and every day, 365 days a year, a day of victory of love. In Year 9 of Cheon Il Guk, we celebrated the most glorious, awesome and historic day in which all of heaven and earth, all of mankind and the entire creation should rejoice. That day was the day the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Mankind were enthroned as King of Kings.

On the coronation day, the purpose of creation was finally fulfilled and Heavenly Father, who had been among us only in insubstantial, spiritual form, finally stood before us in substantial form. God has taken visible form. The invisible God and visible True Parents have become one, completely united in one body. Now God has become visible and we can directly attend God as our True Parent. As we hear God's breath and feel the warmth of His body, we can also experience the deep joy of God's heart.

We must realize, understand, and inscribe in our hearts that living in the same era and directly witnessing and being part of this historic moment is not only a great blessing but a tremendous and fearful responsibility as well.

The year 2010 has now dawned. This is the year when the glory of the King of Kings, of True Parents, can spread to the world, to heaven, to the ends of the earth. The establishment of Cheon Il Guk brings heavenly fortune, and the King of Kings, True Parents, can expand the will of heaven to bring new life and salvation to all the people of the world.

A little while ago, I led the Universal Ballet on a tour to Athens, Greece. Athens is one of the places where St. Paul witnessed and preached in the early days of the Christian church. However, even St. Paul, who became the cornerstone of the early Christian church, was not successful in witnessing in Athens and had to move to Corinth and continue his work there.

However, a few centuries later, Emperor Constantine declared Christianity the state religion and converted the Parthenon, the central temple on the Acropolis in Athens, where the Greeks worshipped their gods and goddesses, into a Christian church.

Could St. Paul or anyone else in his time have imagined that Rome, a city where Christians were suppressed, persecuted and even killed would someday become the worldwide center of Christianity?

When I heard these stories, I felt confident that the day is not far off when the Unification Church, which has been so strongly persecuted, will go beyond the national level and become a world religion that can truly bring the unity of religions before God and when all mankind will attend the King of Kings, our True Parents.

The time has come when the world cannot help but change. True Parents completed the last remaining indemnity with the helicopter accident in 2008, and they were crowned King of Kings in 2009. 2010 is the year True Parents will substantially rule heaven and earth. We are in the age when all people can receive salvation by receiving and following the King of Kings, our True Parents.

The only thing that stands in the way is that we have not recognized our own shortcomings and weaknesses, which means that we are still a burden and a source of worry for True Parents.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to True Parents, who forgive us and forgive us again, even though we do not deserve it, and who love us and love us again and again, even though we have no qualification to receive their love.

Although unworthy, I want to support Heung-jin nim, the Heavenly Commander, and I am committed to offering my most sincere effort to return ever-greater glory to True Parents during this New Year.

Today, on the twenty-seventh Day of Victory of Love, we offer our respects to True Parents, who have now become the King of Kings, and at this historic time, with a heart of self- sacrifice, we must become one with Heaven's providence, and with the faith that Hyo-jin nim, Hye-jin nim, Heung-jin nim, Young-jin nim, Dae-mo nim as well as the four great saints and all the angelic forces are with us, let us pledge our loyalty to and work together with the True Children who are here on earth to establish Cheon Il Guk.

True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Mankind! I humbly offer this message with my fervent hope that as the King of Kings you may be glorified and blessed with long life.

Thank you. 

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