Hoon Sook (Julia) (Pak) Moon (wife of Heung Jin Moon)

Letter to True Parents for Father's Day

Hoon Sook Pak Moon
June 17, 1984

Hoon Sook Pak Moon, February 4, 2011

Dear Father and Mother,

I wish you, Father, a very Happy Father's Day and I wish you, Mother, a very happy celebration for Father's Day. I am alone in Korea and I miss you both very much. I miss all of my brothers and sisters in East Garden, especially Jeung Jin Nim. I know the children are growing up very fast. Even though I sometimes feel lonely in Korea, I am trying my best to represent you and True Parents' Family.

Dear Father and Mother, we are doing our utmost to fulfill the fast and prayer vigil as scheduled without compromise. All of the Korean family is taking their turn to do the prayer condition together at the Korean East Garden. Heung Jin Nim's spirit is very strong here.

Dear Father and Mother, the Universal Ballet Company is coming along very nicely. We are looking forward to the Grand Opening on July 13-16. I wish very much that you both could be here with us, but that may be more of a blessing than we could hope for. But please be with us in spirit no matter what. We always feel your presence.

Mother and Father, I am sorry I can't write a letter to you too often. Please forgive me and please still love me. I am trying my very best to be True Parents' daughter.

We pray every day for your victory and vindication. Please accept my prayers and love,

Hoon Sook Moon 

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