Faked Words of the Moon Family

You Are In Favor Of My Proposal

Falsely Attributed to Kwon Jin Moon
February 25, 2011

In an attempt to make their words important the unknown author has deceivingly claimed to be Kwon Jin Moon.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Japanese Unification Church,

I apologize for surprising you the other day by writing an unexpected letter to you. Some of you may well have been confused. But please remember I had no other way access to you.

I must also express deep thanks to those brothers and sisters who have helped spread this letter at the risk of incurring various suspicions.

Because you are reading this second letter from me, I take it that you are in favor of my proposal. On that assumption I will write this letter.

First there is news for you.

I wrote in the previous letter that we were preparing a provisional “1.13 Office.” This has actually started. Our project’s formal name is “1.13 Project.” Call it by a pet name “itten-ichi-san” or simply “ichi-ichi-san.”

Now we have set up an actual office at a certain place in Tokyo-to and are making arrangements about who should be its representative, its address, its rules, etc.

Only, for the present, we refrain from publishing the actual address, phone number, and above all, the name of the representative. You may be unsatisfied, but considering the nature of this project, we cannot help it. For the present it has to be under cover.

But we have at least to have a formal blog for “1.13 Project.”

The blog URL is ameblo.jp/113pro/. At present we are using free blog service. Because of advertisements it’s hard to read, but please make use of it for collecting information.

For the writings in the blog the vice-representative of the project Mr. Takeshi Kamiyama is responsible. He is selflessly doing various works, including opening of the blog and writings in it.

He is one of my confidants. He is a person of a little unusual career. He is not a shikku. But he is, none the less, one of those who are most trusted by me.

Try and access the above URL to confirm the contents of the blog. There you will find Kamiyama’s self-introduction.

Although, strictly, he is responsible for the writings in the blog, I suppose there is nothing of his insistence that is wide of my insistence. So you may safely assume I myself am behind what he says.

So much for notice. Now for the core part of my second letter.

In my first letter I described my proposal and my mission. I can summarize them as follows:

<1.13 Charter>

Rev. Moon is reproducing (or re-enacting) the world-historical problems and tasks (social-international conflicts and troubles) within the short space of Unification Movement started by himself. On the other hand, he is developing all problems and tasks arising in Unification Movement, as, on a smaller scale, those of the three generations of True Family. Accordingly, if the three generations of True Family can fulfill the standards of the Principle and unify themselves, they can resolve all problems and tasks of Unification Movement and, in turn, resolve all world-historical problems and tasks, bringing them to close true to the Principle. We take the “2013.1.13 Origination Day,” also called “Dispensational D-Day,” to be the day to mark the finishing off of all human-historical tasks and the new start of history.

Origination of the “Origination Day” means giving a start to True Family’s three generations (true four-position foundation of family) that are to be the origin of One Family under God—the ideal of mankind’s eternal peace. This is exactly the familial four-position foundation of Rev. Moon’s three-generation domain. It does not mean the families of us believers. It is the Day we historically start constructing an ideal nation, at the same time with the unifying of three generations of Rev. Moon’s True Family.

To compress and enclose the fundamental problems of human history within a small space of historical time, and resolve them by representing them as the division of Rev. Moon’s three-generation domains—this is the core and essence of what must be consummated by “1.13, 2013 Origination Day,” also called “D-Day.”

1) We love from the bottom of our heart Rev. Moon as True Parent, and love Unification Movement proposed by Rev. Moon. 2) We believe it is the Unification Movement itself that should first be unified. 3) We wish from the bottom of our heart that True Children would fulfill the standards of the Principle, and get unified.

We strongly support such a point of view. This is the insistence and proposal of Rev. Moon’s fifth son Kwon Jin Nim, who deeply studied and decoded Father’s words spoken as the Bible of the Fulfillment Age. We strongly support this point of view, and take on ourselves outer and inner missions to help him fulfill his role and missions.

What do you think of it?

This is the mission of “1.13 Project” rendered into a charter, and a concise formal statement of what I described as my mission in my first letter.

In my previous letter I explained my insistence citing from Father’s words. I explained my mission, too, as rallying “7000 people who do not bow down to Baal,” founded on Father’s words.

So, “1.13 Project” is a materialization of my wish to rally “7000 people who do not bow down to Baal,” and provides a secure footing to me.

This is my footing as “Elijah = John the Baptist = mediator/unifier.” The point is that that footing must start quite independent of me, unknown to me. Such is the condition deduced from the Principle. And that condition is satisfied.

This project should have arisen, as it surely did, of its own free will, from a quarter that could not have known my wish. Only when that is done, I, Kwon Jin, can be said to have stood a hundred percent on my secure footing. This was opened by Mr. Kamiyama whom I introduced a moment ago, and his small circle was formed by those who received my first letter by his efforts.

These people are all historically memorable personages who wonderfully fulfilled those hard requirements of the Principle. I express my heartiest gratitude.

Here I have to ask you a favor.

You will have chances to meet Mr. Kamiyama in the near future.

When you see him, you may perceive a smack of Father or me about him. Then, you have a proper sense. But you may not sense anything like that. In that case, throw your doubts on to him.

You may be right in your own sense. When that happens, fortunately or unfortunately, you are seeing him in his disordered state.

He is human. In such a case, try to be warm and affectionate to him and restore him to his proper state. He is in an extremely delicate position. I think of him as really an ideal shikku. In a sense he is more of a shikku than any other.

Putting that aside, it was by Mr. Kamiyama’s help, in spite of difficulties and troubles, that my footing was built as “1.13 Project.” I cannot thank him enough. In the future I think this will be remembered as one of historical miracles.

“1.13 Project” is my perfect counterpart (spouse) domain through which I have to fulfill my mission. The “1.13 Charter” which I presented a moment ago is the proclaimed document of my mission offered from the side of my counterpart domain. It seems to me an excellent brief rendition of my whole idea.

Now, in reference to this “Charter” there are some concepts I would like to explain in more detail. These are two keywords “reproduction (or re-enactment)” and “liquidation.” Let me explain them in two parts: this ‘Second Letter’ and the next ‘Third Letter.’ This time the theme is “reproduction (re-enactment).”

I will quote some of Father’ words before I enter into explanations.

Family, 1999/2, p.14, Father’s speech from “True God’s Day”

No one on earth knows how sad it is to have to re-start the way of indemnity, for one who is destined to indemnify for the 4000 years’ history within the very short time of 40 years of his own life.

… if one who has lost heaven’s standard of blessing tries to restore it and return to heaven, all events that have happened in 4000 years of the dispensational history must be tried again by Satan, everything concentrated on True Parents. And that I have persisted till now in such a hard process without falling means how God himself suffered hardships to protect me. You have to know these facts. And if, in your contemplation of it, you look back on God’s history in His hardships, you are bound to know how it must have been a history of sadness, chagrin, and agony.

Family, 1995/1, p.10, No. 35, Father’s speech from “Day of all Things”

History of Christianity is the history of restoring the Bride domain. The United Nations is a world centered on Christian culture. Because the world of Bride domain opposed Father, it came to be necessary to indemnify for the 4000 years’ history beginning from Jacob’s family, within 400 years. But because Father cannot live 400 years, it must be done in 40 years of my personal life. It is an indemnity-restoration, within 40 years, of the 4000 years’ history.

Pastor’s Way, p.1095, Ch.9, “Spiritual Works and Dispensational Main Events” 2. Father’s Holy Wedding

As was the case during 40 years from 1960 to 2000, why must big commotions occur? The reason is because that is the period for liquidation. …After choosing Mother in this way, Unification Church entered into the time of women. The time of women is a time of tribulations.

The “1.13 Charter” captures and explains the above words of Father excellently. I mean the two concepts “reproduction (re-enactment)” and “liquidation.” Let’s read again the “Charter”

<1.13 Charter>

Rev. Moon is reproducing (re-enacting) the world-historical problems and tasks (social-international conflicts and troubles) within the short space of the Unification Movement started by himself. On the other hand, he is developing all problems and tasks arising in Unification Movement, as, on a smaller scale, those of the three generations of True Family. Accordingly, if the three generations of True Family can fulfill the standards of the Principle and unify themselves, they can set resolve all problems and tasks of Unification Movement, and, in turn, resolve all world-historical problems and tasks, bring them to a close true to the Principle. We take the “2013.1.13 Origination (Day,” also called “Dispensational D-Day,” to be the day to mark the finishing off of all human-historical tasks and the new start of history.

Origination of the “Origination Day” means giving a start to True Family’s three generations (true four-position foundation of family) that are to be the origin of One Family under God—the ideal of mankind’s eternal peace. This is exactly the familial four-position foundation of Rev. Moon’s three-generation domain. It does not mean the families of us believers. It is the Day we historically start constructing an ideal nation, at the same time with the unifying of three generations of Rev. Moon’s True Family.

To compress and enclose the fundamental problems and tasks of all human history within a small space of historical time, and resolve them by representing them as the division of Rev. Moon’s three-generation domains—this is the core and essence of what must be consummated by “2013.1.13 Origination Day,” also called “ D-Day.”

…. the remainder omitted…

The “2013.1.13 Charter” explains in brief: “reproducing” and developing the past as the present, the present as Unification Church history, and Unification Church history as the True Family problem. As I explained in my first letter, it is God and Father who have caused the present phenomena of division in the True Family.

We cannot it explain it by the common interpretation of dispensation prevailing in the present Unification Church. Nor can we understand it.

Why do God and Father deliberately divide Unification Church, and then, divide none other than True Family? Doesn’t Unification Church exist to unify the world and show the paragon of unification? If its pivotal center, the True Family, is not perfectly unified, then…??

Especially the True Family… Isn’t it the only proof to show to mankind?… What reasonably is the sense of deliberately splitting the center of unification that is supposed to lead mankind with the banner of unification and actually construct the world of eternal peace? It is unthinkable that God and Father should really be doing that!

People usually think that way.

Let’s read again the following quotation:

As was the case during 40 years from 1960 to 2000, why must big commotions occur? The reason is because that is the period for liquidation. After choosing Mother in this way, Unification Church entered into the time of women. The time of women is the time of tribulations.

According to this speech, the reason for occurrence of “big commotions” is “because that is the period for liquidation.” And it is followed by sentences “After choosing Mother in this way, Unification Church entered into the time of women. The time of women is the time of tribulations.”

In this speech duration of time is definitely shown: “40 years from 1960 to 2000.” I don’t quote in full here, but elsewhere it is said: “Having planned all and arranged all, we started the 40 years’ course to the year 2000.”

Undoubtedly, God and Father had planned and arranged what should happen during the 40 years to 2000, and carried it out. That is why I say Father is really a terrible man.

Here it is said we have “big commotions,” not, as it seems, small disturbances. The problem is when these “big commotions” occur. When was it that they occurred?

In the first part of the 40-year period? In the middle part? Or in the last part?

I suppose it’s difficult to answer this question. Yes, it was in last part. Strictly, it was after 1991. I limit myself here only to the conclusion. I will later give you the grounds for why I think so.

Next, this speech gives the purpose of those “commotions”: “This is the period for liquidation.” Commotions occur for the purpose of “liquidation.” Unless a “commotion” occurs, “liquidation” is impossible. That is to say, the time a “commotion” occurs is the time history is being “reproduced,” and unless history is reproduced by a “commotion,” it is impossible to liquidate that history.

It is my general impression that this is not very well understood by Unification Church members.

Then, what or who is the author of these commotions? Who or what cause them? You know it already. There is no room for argument.

The author of dispensational history is God, and Father who takes the place of God on earth. Who might be the one who wishes to reproduce and liquidate history within his lifetime, even by force, and perfectly restore it to the original plain ground? Who should this possessor of strong wish be but God and Father!

By the way, take one more metaphor here, which may be more difficult for you to understand. But let me deal with it in this second letter: “After choosing Mother in this way, Unification Church entered into the time of women. The time of women is the time of tribulations.”

This is a metaphor about us Unification Church members, who are characterized as Bride domain to meet God and Father’s needs and purpose. Unification Church is Bride-religious domain that God and Father created to reproduce and liquidate the failures of Judaism and Christianity. Here Bride-religious domain (Archangel domain) is likened to women (Eve). Thus, the 40 years’ history of Unification Church here likened to the time of women (1960 to 2000) is explained as “the time of tribulations.”

Why is Bride-religious domain likened to women (Eve)?

I am going to explain it more in detail later, but what is referred to as women or Eve in Father’s words does not necessarily mean the female. Actually in most cases it implicitly points to Archangel (spirit world) which is the counterpart (spouse) domain of Adam (earthly world).

It was an angel in the spirit world who caused Fall, and a human on earth who succumbed to the temptation. From the opposite point of view it means that, if the angel had fulfilled its responsibility, humans would not have fallen. However, usually in Unification Church schooling you are taught otherwise, because angel is treated as equivalent with “all things” and therefore free from responsibilities.

As you have probably already noticed, Divine Principle that is forced on us as absolute is not the real Principle. I referred to it in my first letter. I will do so later again.

In fact, Divine Principle taught at Unification Church might be called “modern-version Christian Principle” devised by Father to reproduce a unified world Christianity within 40 years of his lifetime. If you believe in it and evangelize it zealously, you will surely find the Unification Church as you find it formed. It certainly is a high-level Christianity incomparable to the past Christianity, but nonetheless, that is Christianity essentially ignorant as ever.

In order to reproduce a unified world Christianity which is Bride-religious domain, it was necessary to let you have Divine Principle and lead you to think it absolute for 40 years. God and Father jointly arranged it so, and forced it so. And this is the basic reason “big commotion” must occur.

Family, 1995/2, No.28 “True God’s Day” Let’s Succeed True Parents’ Victory Domain, p.63.

Divine Principle received Father’s appraisal page by page. Even if it is wrong, it’s not that I didn’t notice it. Some erroneous places that are found must be left as they are. I cannot teach you all.

Blessed Families and Ideal Heaven (1), “Blessing and Ideal Family,” p.802.

Do you understand Father? Understand or not understand? How do you understand? You surely know me by sight. Do you think I am a teacher who only can teach the Principle you can understand? The Principle that you understand is the Principle (Divine Principle) down to the time of Jesus. It is not the Principle of Father’s time. Do you know Father’s history? (“No…”) If you don’t know, what did you come here for? Could you become devoted children, or not? (“No…”) If you could not even become devoted children, how do you have rights to come and sit here?

Family, 2004/10, p.23.

You always have to try to find the counterparts of double-meaning words. I mean hidden senses of words. For creating double-meaning words, I am champion. I made them to teach how right the world of the Principle is.

Family, 2001/6, p.14.

You cannot do it by the rule of thumb. You have to use formulae to solve it. You have to do it as if you are solving a math problem. Do you understand? (“Yes…”)

The above words I have already introduced to you in my first letter. Father’s words are always told in double meanings and we are supposed to find their counterparts. We have to face them always asking whether they are about the “real Principle” or about the “Principle of Divine Principle.”

Otherwise, you will never be able to find out the right Principle Father really intends to teach. To the extent you are unable to find out the right Principle, you are bound to see more of the past Christianity reproduced and developed before you. Father’s words are devised that way—planned so as to cause “big commotion” at the last stage.

In this connection I will briefly touch upon the “shared responsibility of the angel of spirit world.”

Upon scrutiny Father’s words make it clear that the Fall on earth was caused by the spirit world’s failure to fulfill its responsibility. That is to say, the “joint responsibility” is not to be ascribed to humans alone, but it must be ascribed to the angel also. In that sense, it comes out clear that, strictly, the responsibility for the Fall must be shared between angel and human.

This is the real Principle.

There are a considerable amount of Father’s words to ground it. Since this is relevant to the core Unification Church question of Fall and Restoration, it cannot be left out half-way. So I will find some opportunity for its detailed explanation hereafter. Let it be remembered that because you find no reference to something in Divine Principle is no reason for rejecting it.

But you may say that is a theme too important to delay. I will only quote here some of Father’s words that are relevant:

God’s Will and the World, “True Parents and Ourselves,” p.160.

Satan cannot intrude into the domain of victorious archangels. Unless such a forbidden domain is provided, and victorious archangels come into being, Adam’s victory domain cannot come into being. …That is to say, in the Garden of Eden, Adam who is protected by Archangel who did not fall never falls.

God’s Will and the World, “True Parents and Ourselves,” p.175.

So long as True Parents don’t come to this world, poor Archangel on this earth, in tears, is helpless before God. It is the mission of Archangel to open up a way of indemnity. So, because Archangel fell before Adam was restored, he has a mission to complete Archangel’s domain according to God’s will previous to his Fall. Restoration is not a matter restricted to Adam and Eve. Archangel must also be restored.

Selected Father’s Words, Vol.55, “What We Have to Do Hereafter,” p.238.

Because Archangel could not fulfill his responsibility, and by causing Adam to fall, incurred such a result, God decreed one center on today’s earth, and is making people indemnify for the past again.

2002.3.23, at East Garden (This article was broadcast on Fax to all Church Centers nationwide.)

Archangel Fell of His Own Free Will
What caused man’s Fall? Not through his free will. Adam and Eve were people who were made absolutely to live for others, never to live for self-centered love. For all that, they fell. The problem was Archangel himself. … So, the warning “Do not eat the fruit of good and evil” was not for Adam, but for Archangel. What was Archangel supposed to do? He had to bring them up and protect them.

The following is Father’s words that testify Angel is Human!

Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon in Japanese (3), pp.258-259.

So, when you go to spirit world, you see some angels. They look just like humans. “Where did you come from?” They say, “I came from Mars.” “I from Jupiter.” You wonder: Were there humans on Mars? Did they fall on here, then? Not so. They are angels living in spirit world.

If angels bear responsibilities at all, they are far from being equivalent with “all things.” Then, they are humans of spirit world who have no experience of living on earth.

If these words were true, don’t you think Divine Principle would be blown off?

What do you think?

Do you feel a degree of commotion in yourself? If you do, you pass the examination. If you don’t feel anything at all, either you are not a well-taught Unification Church member, or you are a perfectly enlightened person.

Now, jokes aside, let’s return to our subject.

I will put conclusion to the question why religion is likened to the female (Eve).

From the point of view of the real Principle, the essence of man’s Fall is the problem of Archangel of spirit world. That is to say, Archangel was wholly responsible for it. It was this chief of angels who was responsible for the growth and perfection of Adam on earth.

This leads us to conclude that the “Archangel-religious domain” does not refer only to religion on earth. Rather, if we make a question of the first Fall of mankind, it was this Archangel domain of spirit world that should be called the first religious domain.

That is to say, the first, second, and third Israel was each compelled against its will to assume a position to reproduce (re-enact) the Archangel domain of spirit world, who could not fulfill the responsibility intrinsic to Archangel and could not bring up Adam to perfection.

I am defining the first Israel, in its true sense, as Archangel domain of spirit world. Then, what should I call this Archangel domain of spirit world? Because it preceded the first, second, and third Israel, I name it “zero Israel.”

What should be indemnified (reproduced and liquidated) for, in the truest sense, is the Archangel-religious domain, “zero Israel” of spirit world, and the actual Archangel-religious domain (Bride-religious domain) which assumed the responsibility on earth to fulfill spiritual standards was Judaism and Israeli race. I mean Israel in body and spirit.

God arranged the reproduction-liquidation of zero-Israel of spirit world to be done in the Judaism-centered first Israel. Therefore, there occurred a big commotion toward the end of Judaism and Israeli race. And because He dispensationally arranged Christianity as the second Israel to reproduce-liquidate the failure of the Judaism-centered first Israel, there occurred a big commotion at the close of Christianity and the democratic world.

Similarly, because God arranged the failure of the Christianity-centered second Israel to be reproduced-liquidated in Unification Church, a big commotion is bound to occur at the end of Unification Church and its believers as the third Israel (1960-2000).

This is the real import of the Bible beginning with the story of Paradise Lost. Father is in the position of historical God who cannot clearly tell the truth.

The tradition of the Principle of God who guided the history of the Old and New Testaments is strictly succeeded by Father on to “Complete Testament.”

Father cannot reveal all truths.

He, then, took on himself the fabulous mission of positing Unification Church as a united world Christianity and reproducing its history within a short space of 40 years, and for that purpose, he constructed the “Theory of Fall,” as a plain, easily understandable theory of man-woman problem, and led people to look on Adam-Eve problem as vitally important.

Spirit World (angel) did wrong to the earthly world (Man). This is the essence at the core of the expression: Eve (woman) debauched Adam. And this is the essence of Fall far more severe and grave than the man-woman problem emphasized and vitalized in Unification Church. I must here warn you that what I take to be as the real “Theory of Fall” is more difficult to cope with than the one taught at Unification Church. The theory of Fall deduced from the real Principle and endorsed by Father’s words far surpasses the two-dimensional man-woman problem.

This theory has the power of perfectly conquering not only the man-woman problem of the general public, but the same problem among the second and third generations of Unification Church members. On this problem I hope to have some opportunity to share ideas with you..

Selected Speeches of Rev. Moon, Vol.55, 1972/4/23, at Tokyo Church, “The Messiah and Ourselves,” p.39.

But however excellent he is, he is human. … The Messiah must be human. That cannot be denied. But he has three-dimensional contents. That’s the difference. The fallen man has only two-dimensional contents of the fallen domain, but the Messiah has three-dimensional contents.

Father’s “Complete Testament” is told not in a plane but in a solid way.

Now it’s about time to get into our conclusion.

Jesus said, “I am Bridegroom. You are Brides.” Apparently, it is not because all Christians are female. Clergymen are almost all male. Those who are called Brides here are not all of them female. This is a metaphorical expression in which the spiritual relation of Adam (earth) to Archangel (spirit world) is likened to the earthly relation of man and woman.

The truth of the matter is that the responsibility of Archangel (spirit world, which is female complement to male earth) was consigned on to the earthly responsibility of earthly woman. As I explained, human history has been developed as the responsibility to be fulfilled by the first, second, and third Israel. And this has been expressed as the responsibility of woman (female, Eve)—“Woman is responsible!” “Eve was originally responsible!”

Here let me digress a little.

From the very beginning, there has been “the sorrow (chagrin) of spirit world” which cannot be resolved until the perfection of earthly world. This is the Principle of creation. This is an irritation (of the spirit world) of looking at the slow awakening of the earthly world—various degrees of irritation of one who is waiting for a slow comer.

This mirrors the Principle of creation as regards the relationship of man and woman on earth.

Compared to man, woman is precocious physically and emotionally. She is in a position to have to wait for man’s perfection and ripening, and the perfection of woman consists in helping man grow and ripen as man. Woman cannot become perfect until that is perfectly done.

This is parallel to the relationship of spirit world and earthly world. It can be said that earthly world is Adam domain and spirit world is Eve domain.

Maturity in the spirit world is easy in space and time. What you think of or visualize is instantly materialized. It is speedy. And everything is so easy and so effortlessly materialized that it is difficult to have the sense of reality.

It is reasonably said that one year is like thousand years, even tens of thousands of years.

In contrast, space and time on earth is well defined. Whatever you do, it cannot be materialized unless it goes through the standards of the Principle of creation. That is to say, space and time is the standard. This accounts for the Principle of creation that spiritual ideals are controlled by earthly standards.

The relationship of spiritual and earthly worlds is symbolic of the process of ripening and perfection of man and woman. This is digression. I wrote it for your information.

Let’s return to the subject proper.

Jesus said “I will come again” and suggested the Second Coming. This refers to his second coming, that is, of Father. It was none other than Father that Jesus alluded to as Bridegroom. It all means that the Christianity of the time of Father’s advent, 1920 to 1945, was undoubtedly Bride domain = Archangel-religious domain.

Christianity, at its root, was something intended to reproduce-liquidate the failure of Judaism. What, then, was Judaism? It was Bride-religious domain supposed to receive Jesus as Adam. That is to say, Judaism and Israeli race were none other than the Bride-religious domain to which Eve, Adam’s reciprocal domain, was likened.

Father’s words are from the Complete Testament Age. So, Father is obliged to speak by suggestion, following Biblical tradition, on the basis of Holy words left by Jesus. Please remember, he never reveals all in clear words.

To reveal all in clear words is to reveal the real Principle. If the real Principle were revealed, Father could not reproduce Judaism and Christianity in his lifetime’s domain.

Father said, “After choosing Mother in this way, Unification Church has come into the time of woman. The time of woman is the time of tribulations.” Let me explain in place of Father what this really means:

He was saying in effect: “The purpose of my founding Unification Church within 40 years of my lifetime is to reproduce-liquidate Judaism and Christianity. Remember what was happening at the last days of Judaism and the last days of Christianity. Now the very last time (2000) of Christianity is drawing near. Prepare yourselves, because, as is anticipated, great tribulations (commotions) are going to happen.”

Yet for all that, what if we, actual Unification Church believers, are as optimistic as to believe and say “All seem to have ended in victory. So from 2000 on, heaven on earth must have started and we can hope for everything joyful and live ideal lives,” that is to say, what if we are all Christian-like, complacent believers, as most Unification Church members actually are…?

The truth of the matter is that, while giving us Divine Principle as an absolute book and Christianizing us to a moderate degree, Father is trying to let us know, somehow or other, the existence of the Real Principle. This is the scheme of “commotion” fabricated by him. What will become of us, when we find the gap between Divine Principle and the Real Principle?

Do you think a really big commotion will occur, such that we are taken aback? As a matter of fact, are you not feeling a great commotion already arising in yourselves?

By the way, by a commotion we mean a state of mind we experience when something we had believed in turned out false, or when we became aware of some fact that was out of our supposition.

It’s not dismay or disturbance. It’s commotion. …And it’s only introductory to the commotion that I am describing here.

Now, let’s have some reflections based on my explanations so far.

As you know, Christians usually have a view of salvation such as: “Salvation by the Cross! I have been baptized, so everything will go well with me.” “I am reassured. I have got peace of mind at last.” “We are forerunners. Let’s share this happiness with others and get them baptized.”

Perhaps you have some experience of having pity for Christians because of their old view of salvation, in your evangelist activity after learning Divine Principle. Don’t you?

As a matter of fact, the same last-phase Christian-like situation is happening to Unification Church toward the end of 40 years of Unification Church history. This is designed, and if it does not happen, the works done by God and Father will have failed! That is to say, God and Father have dispensationally so arranged that the last-phase Christian-like situation may surely reappear by around 2000.

Conversely, if the old Christianity had not reappeared around 2000, namely, at the last phase of 40 years’ history of Unification Church, God and Father would have been proved untrue. This is exactly contrary to the common view of value held by Unification Church.

It means that Unification Church members must look moderately Christianized when looked at.

If they had not been moderately Christianized, reproduction could not have been possible and resulted in victory. The truth behind Father’s declaration of “victory” is the fact that he won a great victory in reproducing a unified world Christianity in his lifetime. It was indeed a great victory!

Let me summarize the conclusion I tried to convey to you in this letter:

It was none but God and Father who planned, arranged, and wove history so that events that would make Unification Church members feel to be tribulations and cause a great commotion might occur, without its scheme being noticed by anyone. He is indeed a terrible person.

One of the tasks that had to be actually fulfilled in Father’s public life was, first of all, reproducing the lost 4000 years within 40 years of his lifetime, namely by 2000.

In fact, we should consider that we all are burdened with someone’s role who failed in the 4000 years’ history of Judaism and Christianity. This role of reproduction cannot be assumed by anyone but a person of very much similar personality. I say it, because to be elected is not something to rejoice over. Let me repeat. This cannot be understood by the common explanation given by the current Unification Church.

For all that, don’t you think this is all too pertinent an explanation for what is actually happening to Unification Church? Which understanding of dispensation do you think is more convincing, the one given at the present Unification Church, or mine?

In this letter I focused on the idea of historical “reproduction (re-enactment)” based on “1.13 Charter.” In my next (third) letter I will focus on the idea of “liquidation.”

“Liquidation” really gives us hope. It can safely be said that we are coming near the entrance to the paradise of liberation and deliverance.

I exhort you to read this letter again and again together with the first. The ‘second’ is always important. It represents a test. The number 2 has always been a crisis in history. I am writing deliberately to make it a crisis. Please read it over and over again.

So much for this time. I pray you take care of yourselves and live for others.

Kwon Jin Moon February 15, 2011 

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