Other Words of Sun Myung Moon's Family

True Parents Family Names and their Meaning (Including family poem)

   Men                                  Women

Born in Korea

1. Hyo Jin Nim - Filial Piety            Ye Jin Nim - Word of God
2. Heung Jin Nim - Ascend                Hye Jin Nim - Spiritual Beauty
3. Hyun Jin Nim - Manifest               In Jin Nim - Virtue
4. Kook Jin Nim - Country                Un Jin Nim - Grace

Born in the USA

5. Kwon Jin Nim - God's Authority        Sun Jin Nim - Goodness
6. Young Jin Nim - Proclaim              Yeon Jin Nim - Physical Beauty
7. Hyung Jin Nim - Everything Goes Well  Jeung Jin Nim - Heart


1. With Filial Piety Based on the Word of god
2. ascend to a spiritual level of beauty
3. manifest virtue
4. then you can claim the country based on god's grace
5. We'll establish God's authority based on goodness
6. when we do we can proclaim glory and beauty on earth
7. with that done everything will go well based on god's heart.

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