Other Words of Sun Myung Moon's Family

Sun Myung Moon's Family


Sun Myung Moon and Sung Il Choi's Family

Sung Jin Moon / Dong Sook Kim

[Sung Jin Moon: Father's son (1946- ) through his first marriage. Sung-jin Nim was born the year Father went to North Korea, leaving his family behind in South Korea. They did not meet again for another six years.]

Shin Mi Moon / Hyung Jin Lee

Shin Il Moon / Shiori Kunitoki (Aug. 28, 2006 Blessing)

Shin Sook Moon / Hirotaka Otsuka (Aug. 28, 2006 Blessing)

Sun Myung Moon and Myung Hee Kim's Family

Hee Jin Moon

[Hee Jin Moon: Father's son (1955-1969) who died in a train accident. Father called him the Unification Church's first martyr. He was blessed to Hye-shin Lee, a blessed child in the spiritual world.]

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Jan Han's Family

Ye Jin Moon / Jin Whi Hong

Shin Bok Moon / Yeon Sun Yu (Aug. 28, 2006 Blessing)

Shin Goon Moon

Shin Hwa Moon

Shin Choon Moon

Hyo Jin (Stephen) Moon / Nan Sook Hong (Hyo Jin Moon's first wife)

Shin Jung Moon

Shin Young Moon

Shin Gil Moon (spirit world)

Shin Ok Moon

Shin Hoon Moon

Hyo Jin (Stephen) Moon / Yeon Ah Choi (Hyo Jin Moon's second wife)

Shin Chool Moon

Shin Heung Moon

Shin Yuh Moon

Shin Soon Moon

In Jin (Tatiana) Moon / Jin Sung (James) Pak (Park)

Shin Myung Moon (Preston)

Shin Kwon Moon (Rexton)

Shin Sun Moon (Ariana)

Shin Yul Moon (Truston)

Shin Pyung Moon (Paxton)

Heung Jin (Richard) Moon / Hoon Sook (Julia) Pak

Shin Chul Moon

Shin Wol Moon

Un Jin (Christina) Moon / Jin Hun Park (Un Jin Moon's first husband)

Shin Yeon Moon

Shin Ji Moon

Un Jin (Christina) Moon / Rodney Jenkins (Un Jin Moon's second husband)

Matthew Jenkins

Hyun Jin (Preston) Moon / Jun Sook Kwak

Shin Won Moon / Jin Hwa (Shinwa) Yoshida (Blessed August 29, 2006)

Shin Eh Moon

Shin Joong Moon

Shin Ha Moon

Shin Yea Moon (spirit world)

Shin Kwang Moon

Shin Hyang Moon

Kook Jin (Justin) Moon / Ji Hye Park

Shin Ah Moon

Shin Rae Moon (pronounced Nye)

Shin Soo Moon

Kwon Jin (Nathaniel) Moon / Hwa Yun Chun

Sun Jin (Tiffany, Salina) Moon / In Sup (Alexander [Alex]) Park

Young Jin (Phillip) Moon

Hyung Jin (Sean) Moon / Yeon Ah Lee

Shin Pal Moon

Shin Man Moon

Shin Goong Moon

Shin Joon Moon

Shin Dook Moon

Yeon Jin (Katherine - Kat) Moon

Jeung Jin (Victoria) Moon 

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