Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

The Root of Struggle between Christianity and Islam is Abrahamís Family

Quotes from Sun Myung Moon
Compiled on September 14, 2002

Brief Explanation of the 9/14 Blessing by Dr. Chang Shik Yang

At the coming blessing on 9/14, we have to bring reconciliation between Christianity and Islam. Since America is on the national cross, this will be the restoration through indemnity of the 9/11 tragedy last year. The root of this struggle is the struggle between Sarah and Hagar who were wives in Abrahamís family. (Genesis 21) Sarah should have embraced Hagar and her son to connect them with Abraham. (From Flash News on 9/8)

The Root of Struggle between Christianity and Islam is Abrahamís Family
True Fatherís Words about Islam
From "Way of Unification" and "True Parentsí Speech 300"

At the time of Jesus' crucifixion there was a thief on the right and a thief on the left, and in front of Jesus was Barabbas. The term right-wing or left-wing was not derived today. What was planted in Jesus' time now has been harvested as right and left wings. The left-side thief said to Jesus, "If you are the Son of God save us,". He denied Jesus. The right-side thief said to the left-side thief, "Of course, we should die because of our sin; but this person should not die because he has no sin". He was on the side of Jesus, overcame difficulties and defended him. Therefore, the thief on the right went to Paradise with Jesus. We know this from the Bible. What kind of person was Barabbas? He was saved by Jesus, but he was against Jesus. Therefore, such a cultural realm should emerge. This is the Islamic realm. Islam, on the one hand has the Koran, and on the other hand, the sword. That violates the tradition of a pure religion. Islam believes the Old Testament, but it spread wrongly. (53-188)

Who is Barabbas? He was supposed to die, but because of Jesus, he survived, isn't that true? The Arabic realm is today's Islamic realm. Islam came from Christianity but afterward deviated from the religious tradition. They are the Cain-type world religion, the Barabbas-type religion. If people did not accept the Koran, they were put to death. (50-224)

Which country is like Barabbas? It is the Islamic countries, holding in one hand the Koran and in the other the sword. That is not the essence of real faith. They are fundamentally wrong if seen from original religious teachings. Islam became the internal side with Communism the external side. (69-112)

If the democratic world defeats the Communist Party and that declines, they, in cooperation with the Islamic realm, will again attack the democratic world. What can stop this? The democratic world is wondering about this problem; they do not have a center, so they do not know where they are going. They will become like a reed in the wind. Only the Unification Church can become the mast and anchor line for the democratic world. (60-226)

Abraham is the ancestor of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Each of them emphasizes that he is their ancestor. However, Why then do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam fight each other? It is because they do not know why Godís will put Abraham as a central person. If they knew Godís purpose which is to save the world and create one interracial world, they could not fight each other. (96-73)

Why did Barabbas emerge? (Ishmael) was born through the mistress of Abraham, and was in the position of Cain. Cain and Abel were divided as symbols of Satan and God respectively, and struggled each other. The wives of Abraham, Sarah (Abel) and Hager (Cain), fought each other, and became enemies. But, originally they should have united into one. If they had united into one, God would have worked through them. An original wife and a mistress fought each other. Finally, Sarah chased away Hager. Barabbas emerged because these two divided persons in the positions of Cain and Abel could not unite into one even in Jesusí age.

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