Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Names of Mountains and Lakes around Chung Pyung Training Center

Sun Myung Moon
January 23, 2002

From this point of view, every body should know that this place is famous. The name Chung Pyung also is good. In Chung Pyung, actually everything is perfectly fixed so that a new start is possible. That is the meaning of the name.

"Cheong" of Chung Pyung means green and "Pyung" means level, doesn't it? It means green and level. Because all the works of leveling the ground are ready, it is always possible to start with designing and erecting pillars. The name is also like that. Chung Pyung (meaning green and level) will become Cheonpyeong (a loud laugh). I would like to change the name of this lake. Yet, I can not do that now. I can get into trouble if this lakeís name is changed into Cheonpyeong. But it will come to the time that the name of this like must be changed.

I made this training center in front of Cheonshimho lake (which means the lake of heavenly mind). This mountainís name is Seoninbong (which means hermit), and that mountain is Cheonseonsan (which means heavenly goodness), "Seon" means merciful or good. Teacher named these 21 mountains on the top of Seoninbong on July 10. Cheonindae is upward from here.

Some day, we will build the main building of the training center. Nobody can enter except people whose level of their whole mind is filled with sincerity or if they are special people who came to visit from foreign countries. We are making a holy ground to build the king's palace. There is a place which is about 5000 pyeong (1 pyeong = 3.3m) of ground level. Because I planned to improve the road condition along this mountain valley, from there I gave a name of Cheunindae. It means that God is leading. Like that, if we solve the meaning of these names, then it means an ideal garden. Do you understand? Because you can not see that place from here, whatever I explain you are like the blind but with eyes (a loud laugh).

From this point of view, we, Unification Church members came to buy this area which God wants. Every body should know these truths first.

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