Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

To the ACLC Executive Committee

Sun Myung Moon
March 22, 2002
12 ACLC Clergy Present
Translation by Peter Kim, notes by Michael Jenkins

We have to know how the Spirit World is working. Father has continuously pursued that goal. Once we save the families, America will automatically be saved. This is the special privilege and right of heaven.

Father wants to see you become better than himself. America and the United Nations should work together. If we are in Abelís position we must save Cain.

Those in the position of Abel should sacrifice themselves for Cain. You must work to save the Moslems. You must work to save the white race. There are only 850 Million white people. What if the Asians and Blacks all got together, what would happen? Therefore, wherever we go, who ever we meet, we are all brothers and sisters. We become the heirs and the central persons. Father has been living his life in such a way, living for the sake of other people. You must offer your life. This is why Jesus teaches that for the sake of your friend you should be able to offer your life. In modern theology they say the fall took place because of free will. If that is the case, there is no way to restore humanity. What is the meaning of True Love? Any thing does not exist for itself, but for the sake of the larger whole. When it comes to God he is not living for himself. Dr. Barrett when you were alone without your wife, there must have been lonely times. God was lonely. Without his partner He is lonely. God is lonely. Joy cannot come if we are alone. The pair system can produce the atmosphere of joy. Do you understand? Living for the sake of others. Were you happy when you were alone? Black, yellow, white - there is no difference.

We have the same feelings. Who made national boundaries? Satan did. Who made the divisions of races? Do you want to remain as a widower? Do you want to be a widower? For 6000 years God has been alone. Please understand the suffering and pain that God felt for all these years until he found True Parents.

The Christian world must look at the contemporary situation. Look at America. Who can save this nation? You have this variety. God has to save this situation. True Parents have the answer. The Christian world does not know what to do. Who can save this kind of situation? They took a position against Rev. Moon.

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