Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Belvedere Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
March 31, 2002 Easter Sunday
Translation by Rev. John Hong; Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

[Father began by explaining Cheon Il Guk in English, which was difficult to hear.]

Cheon Il Guk means absolute forever. One creation of humankind. Godís providential viewpoint. Taking rest time, united -- that time is the new era. We have to have new truth. Completion of restoration. Cheon Il Guk is that time.

Therefore, from now forget your past and prepare to welcome the new Cheon Il Guk. The spring of Cheon Il Guk. Perfection age will come with the spring on the earth, and that age is here. After that, harvest Godís kingdom. That is the so-called Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and spirit world. Thatís how you know this is a special report from Heung Jin Nim. Thatís why this year is very present.

Heung Jin Nim is the fourth child I sent to the spirit world. Centered on him and spirit world, the spirit world and physical world is reorganized and the mainstream is set up. Therefore we can cleanse any satanic environment and we can unite all races, nations and religions centered on God. On that concept we should unify the world; this is WANGO, the non-governmental organizations.

Dong Woo Kim

[Rev. Dong Woo Kim reads Heung Jin Nimís report to Hoon Mo Nim, given at True Godís Day January 1, 2002 at Chung Pyung Lake. Father said that this should be published as a booklet for the young people throughout the world.]

Thank you for opening the Cheon Il Guk and providing it to the world. We will live in true love and heavenly fortune. We will march forward to spread your word in the physical world and spirit world. True Parents gave the speaking tour in America and made a strong foundation for the Cheon Il Guk. All the spirits separated from the Unification Church members at the Chung Pyung Lake training center are being educated, receiving the blessing and attending another 40-day workshop as blessed couples.

The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship is your victory on behalf of God over 80 years of dedication. True Parents tore down all the walls. It relieved the han of God; His lamentation and agony since the fall. Because of your exemplary life, the entire spirit world is deeply moved and totally changed. Now humanity is also changed. Dear True Father and True Mother, we have done a lot in spirit world. We have a training center just like the one at Chung Pyung Lake. The liberation ceremony for ancestors and the blessing ceremony, which are going on at the Chung Pyung Lake training center, provide a great benefit to the ancestors. I hope that our work in the spirit world strengthens your foundation for the Cheon Il Guk on earth.

True Parents, you spent over 80 years to create the coronation ceremony for Godís kingship. In order to open the spirit world, you have gone through so much difficulty that no one in the physical world knows about. Because of that, you have won victory and that is why you could offer the Coronation Ceremony. So we want to be reminded about its significance and meaning.

When I joined the spirit world, I had much difficulty. I was still young, but True Father appointed me as the general in the spirit world. Originally, centering on True Parents alone, religious leaders in the spirit world were supposed to descend to the physical world and through their descendents testify to True Parents. But that atmosphere was not here when I arrived. They tried to understand everything based upon their own background, and did not want to understand from a new point of view. Evil spirits were dominating when I arrived. They were stuck with pain and resentment that they brought from the physical world and they lived confined by that. They have no deep heartistic connection.

True Parents, you came as the Lord of the Second Advent on the Christian foundation. Therefore you wanted to embrace and lead the Christians with Jesus into the Kingdom of God. Each religion has its own tradition and rituals and different ways, so it wasnít easy to unite them beyond their own religious territory. In order to establish the realm of unification among the religions, in 1999.12.4 True Father called the 4 major saints and key religious leaders to Chung Pyung Lake with Korean and Japanese church leaders and put them through a 40-day workshop. They understood who True Parents are and what they did. After that, they went through 100 day training in spirit world and received the Blessing. Through that, the 4 saints came to understand True Parents. True Parents educated and blessed the 4 saints and their disciples. True Parents opened the door to unite the religions.

Because of that grace, the door started opening and the difficulties I faced in the beginning were resolved. I could work as general, because of True Parents. In 1995, True Parents blessed Dae Mo Nim, Hoong Mo Nim, and others and thereby opened the door of blessing in the spirit world, and allowed us to give the blessing on that foundation I could have absolute power in the spirit world and start giving the blessing. It was possible because I could connect with the blood lineage of God and disconnect from Satanís, and connect True Parentsí victories in the physical world to the spirit world. So I am grateful that True Parents opened the door of blessing and restoration in the spirit world.

Jesus and I gave blessings to billions of people in the spirit world. A united foundation was established, centering on True Parents. In the physical world and spirit world we have united foundations now. 1998 we could move forward. Then because of the blessing of 3.6 million, 40 million and 360 million couples, the spirit world is rapidly changing. We can liberate the spirit world. True Parents made declarations in the Pantanal and Belvedere about governing both worlds on the foundation of their victory. This disconnects from satanic blood lineage and allows us to liberate the physical world and spirit world. Blessed couples in the physical world represent perfected Adam and Eve, standing in the younger siblings position establishing the realm of liberation. On this foundation Father declared the victory of the Parents of heaven and earth. Contrary to the time that Satan forcefully dragged people into hell, blessed couples now have the right to liberate people out of hell and give education and the blessing. Blessed couples from the spirit world could attend many ceremonies given by True Parents on earth. Until now, Satan manipulated both the spirit world and physical world, but now both worlds are supposed to receive directions from True Parents. The time has changed that much.

Upon this day, you gave me such a blessing to be called the Divine Son. So I will become the frontrunner to unite the blessed couples in both worlds. The remaining mission of Jesus to create Godís kingdom on earth as in heaven will be completed now, expanding the family level blessing. Whatever I do is based on the directions and guidance of True Parents, thatís all, so all grace should go to True Parents. From the year 2000, a big change took place in the spirit world, the creation of a new nation from last August, to tear down the walls. True Parents eliminated national boundaries and implemented the practice of true love life. The chusok and earthly festivals and celebrations took place on earth, establishing many different conditions so that the new world, Cain and Abel sides from east and west, north and south, physical world and spirit world became free and autonomous. These ideas can have dominion. We can set up one direction centered on God, the way of filial piety and loyalty. I thank you for all these blessings.

True Father, you visited Chung Pyung Lake again in 2000, and at a special workshop gave me a ceremony by which I could inherit the right of giving the blessing and connecting heaven and earth, giving me that authority. Also, in the year 2000, the registration blessing was given to the blessed couples. Representatives beginning with Heung Jin Nim , Hee Jin Nim and major leaders attended the ceremony. Through True Parents, centering on God, both spirit world and physical world united and started creating the world of heavenly culture. It was the anniversary of the liberation from Hungnam Prison. Starting from me, all the leaders of the religions started working together as one family. You elected me to do this.

You are trying to save humankind and liberate Heavenly Father. The day of total liberation was declared by True Parents on the chusok, 2000. It was a big day in the spirit world, because of the grace of True Parents, by declaring this on the chusok, I can move around freely in spirit world without any restrictions. Even in spirit world, it wasnít easy for anyone to visit other religious communities. In some cases there were big walls and obstacles, so we could not visit each other. But because of that ceremony that True Parents gave, I can freely move beyond religion and nationality and so forth. The ceremony of the total liberation was very important for us because without it we could not move around. People are stuck in their own religion and cannot easily unite with each other or visit other places. There are high walls and deep valleys, and they cannot meet. Now they can freely visit here and there. True Father knew this and paid all the indemnity conditions to tear down the walls.

In some cases, it is not really free; people cannot be totally free in moving, but at least they have a way to communicate and come and go. Also the declaration of the registration in the heavenly world and the elimination of hell and paradise were very important. Although we are not perfectly free, truly the realm of liberation came to us, transcending national boundaries and religious walls. The coronation ceremony for Godís kingship was the greatest day, the most joyful day, in human history. 12,000 people from all over the world participated in that ceremony. God and spirit world were so happy; they rejoiced. The presence of those 12,000 people means that True Parents paid all the necessary indemnity, and on that foundation, True Parents gave the right of being crowned to God. That is what it means.

I congratulate you, True Parents. You have been working all these years to help God claim his kingship of the cosmos. We cannot describe how big and great True Parentsí effort and love to God have been. I will do my best to serve and attend True Parents as much as I can. There were divisions between the mid-level spirit world and paradise. As we go down lower, the environment is covered by clouds or fog, so the light is dimmer and dimmer. As you ascend, you feel joy and deep inspiration naturally. No anxiety, pain or tears are found in the Kingdom of God. People live for the sake of others with no fighting or jealousy. It is the world of true love. No matter how well you lived on earth, if you did not receive the blessing, you cannot come here. Your life on earth has to be crystal clear. So we have to live centered on the teaching of God every moment. There are many levels in spirit world. Some people on earth think that there are only 2 parts of spirit world: the Kingdom of God and Hell. But no, there are many levels, more in the lower part than in the upper part.

On each level there are approximately the same type of people with same character, so there is no fun. In the lower world, everyone is suspicious of everyone else. Most people are in the mid level spirit world or lower. It depends on the level of life you had in the physical world. God is good and loving, and as you go down lower and lower, you will see less and less and will feel chilly and colder and colder. You encounter a lot of fighting. You can smell terrible things. A lot of people who committed suicide are there in the midst of snakes. People on earth do not understand how terrible is life in hell. If they had a chance to see it, they would never, never commit sin. We have to stay away from all the sins, from the original sin, collective sin, inherited sin and personal sin.

No one decides where they will go; oneís life quality sends you to a place in which you fit. We can color different levels of spirit world. The Kingdom of God is white, like a white clouds, no stain, bright fields. Lilacs and animals playing, brighter than crystal. It is fresh, cool and comfortable. You can feel deep emotion, freedom and happiness. You donít need to talk to each other, but can communicate by just looking. Only harmony. Only those who have received the blessing can live there. So you should like a pure, crystal clear life, smiling with bright faces. So, blessed couples, check yourselves and see if you qualify to be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. As we go down, the color becomes darker and dimmer -- like gray and brown, dark gray, to pitch black. The Kingdom of God is bright, as you go down closer to hell, it is darker and darker. The people on the different levels have different brightness, depending on your situation. As you go down, it is more uncomfortable and more homogeneous type people. They doubt each other, fight each other, make factions. Once you get rid of Ö you will go up to the Kingdom of God; if you donít, then you remain closer to hell. On earth you have to separate evil spirits and develop your original nature. If you have money on earth, you think you are free, but in spirit world, no matter how much money you had, it has no meaning.

To get to heaven, you need to practice absolute faith, love and obedience.


All things come from Godís love, it all belongs to God. By absolute faith, love and obedience we can dominate it. God created you, and all things for your sake. So you have absolute faith, love and obedience to deal with a guide all things. That way you can be in the position of absolute faith, love and obedience. [Father has everyone repeat absolute faith, love and obedience in Korean and English.] Western people you know how to follow but not how to be obedient. Before creation, God used these three ideas, because everything is born of Godís love, therefore we need absolute love. God invested His love and life, with no concept, and we are objects of God. Usually, subjects want their object to be better than them. So God had that desire for us before we were created. That means, we should follow absolute faith.

Love exists on different levels, birds, insects. Love is totally to obey. Highest spirit world connects on with absolute faith, love and obedience. Only for the sake of others can live there. Why? Because God is that way; He inputs and forgets. Touch it, and you are His true object and this sets up the parents and children relationships. Okay? [Okay.] Okay means "open gate." Absolute faith, love and obedience is very important to consider this morning. All things follow absolute faith. Without it, you cannot be in the position of ownership. Thatís why couples need absolute faith, love and obedience, absolutely believe each other and love each other. Also, brothers and sisters. Elder brother is in the position of God and parents; so what is the problem? The younger should follow the way the elder brother says.

Absolute faith applies not to just a church, but to the whole universe. The universe was created by absolute love, too. Look at your two eyes; a pair. Man and woman are the pair system, each with their own sexual organ, so you cannot succeed on your own; you need to meet each other, as a pair system. Cheon Il Guk means two people totally unite, then that kind of individual, family, nation, we call Cheon Il Guk. Among nations, there are elders and youngers; they are all connected and the younger should follow the orders of the older ones. This is not just the Unification Church, but the Principle of Creation. Even the small, simple blade of grass needs to connect with this.

If you do not trust your doctor, you cannot be healed. So you need absolute faith. God forgets Himself in His investing, and so do true Adam and Eve. Then there is only peace, no disagreements, and God is one who forgets everything. God is the parent who sacrificed to give and serve for tens of millions of years. So He is the great king of kings, our Heavenly Father. If you go somewhere and proclaim yourself -- God cannot even like that personís shadow.

So I become that kind of person and have a spouse and children, and my children grow up from children to adulthood, to marriage and silver age and go to the Kingdom. God prepared the whole earth to house this lifestyle. So, absolute faith is acclaimed by Buddhism and Christianity. Then all children and grandchildren come out to welcome the father.

[Speaks on the natural world, the lower eating and cleaning up the waste or loss of the higher level creatures. This is not dominating; it is just practicing absolute faith, love and obedience. Ownership is decided by love. Whoever the love a cat most, owns the cat and is willing to put up with the necessary cleaning. To be king of cats, means that you love cats more than anyone. Even skunks come and hang around.] You donít need to use the Bible; just Divine Principle. Only I can interpret the Bible correctly. There are a couple of hundred denominations in America.

If you graduate UTS, leaders should take out the church symbols and put in the family system. If you graduate UTS, you become a leader and to be a leader you have to go to UTS. You need education to be leaders.

God was like a prisoner in handcuffs, and I have released Him.

[Weather, climate, is the cause of the different skin colors.] Whites search for good grazing land. Orientals sit and prayer for good weather. So, whites have long legs and Orientals have short legs and large hips. They look at the wall, so their face become flat. The Unification Church is the medium to harmonize the various parts of the world. How many of you have visited at least 3 countries? 12 counties? This is the characteristic of the Unification Church. You can make friends in many countries. We are friends with Buddhists, Muslims. We can be friends with everyone, and we can even marry Muslim people. Because of the fall, divisions came about and everything is stuck. You cannot move forward. This is no longer just a white peopleís world. They have already failed, also Spanish, Catholics and Protestants have failed. The purpose of religion is not settlement. They cannot settle in the name of the nation. There should be the exchange marriage, with all kinds of people living together. Then no fights and the Kingdom of Heaven comes to 180 nations.

Your organizations are not for their own sake, but to liberate God. That is why I founded them, including UTS. In that way, they can educate your children to be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Our second generation has to follow that pattern and tradition, or they become trash that we throw away. Your children should be sent to UTS. Then, whatever your background and major is, you should go to UTS. You leadersí children should follow that formula course.

Do you have absolute faith? Do you have the faith necessary to change gender? That is the meaning of celibacy. They give up the manís right and womanís right. If we give them one week to do free sex, will they stop then? But if they are educated, then within one week it will all stop -- free sex and homosexuality. In my life, how many women tempted me? Many white women tempted me in the western culture. But I know the standard.

America is a chaos of free sex, mothers living with their son and having relationships. I know all of this, because I gave the blessing to everyone. I want to clean up and purify this and bring it back to God, through absolute faith, love and obedience. You should have greater faith and love than the creation. Otherwise the president becomes a murderer. I fish every day and never eat the striped bass that I catch. It is for the poor hungry people.

Before you go to Africa, learn how to fish. With a large, medium and small rods. They you can feed people and then teach them how to fish. Then you can make friends with everyone.

Today, rain has come and I want to catch the big striped bass to offer for the new month of April. Parents Day will be April 13 and some want to catch and send the biggest fish to Korea and offer it at the holy day. In the 70s, I hunted in the mountains throughout Korea.

Father announces the matching of YSB with Rev. Dr. CK. Please answer; have you decided he is your husband? [Yes.] Have you taken this lady as your wife? [Yes.] You are 82. Can you love your wife? Can you do the manís role? Make her happy. Can you? [Yes.]

The sexual organs -- the concave like a cup below, receiving from the convex above, dropping down and making a sound. Cats make sounds, all the physical world makes sounds when the love is coming down. Like drops of water. The life, love and lineage come together horizontally and mix when the love comes down. It is an exciting sound, exsssss-sss -- sssiting! Stimulating! Does God have the same experience? God makes a big sound too.

What is divorce? The Chinese characters -- one thousand years, uniting -- something like that means marriage. Meaning of darkness, man lost woman is darkness; man meets woman becomes brightness. Looking for the true woman, day and night, this is history. The righteous person to connect to the world with a thread, tying it together, is marriage. This is a very deep meaning that we cannot divorce so we should to teach it to the young people.

On absolute faith, man and woman were created, so they need absolute faith. Once animals reproduce babies, they never divide. Sake, in Japan, means salmon, liquor, and a third meaning. Unification Church is a small group, but if we move quicklyÖ we can be strong and powerful in our hit and pierce the goal. [Father confers with elder Koreans on the translations of various words associated with the wedding feast, clothing, dancingÖ] Man and woman naked, loving each other, is the original phenomena of the spirit world. The original bright love of God. Dancing at the marriage celebration without any clothes, and make a relationship with each other with no secrets. Mind and body totally disclosed. When you meet your spouse, do you wear clothes when you have sex, or naked? Even 80 years, old, you kick away your underwear. What the founder of the Unification Church, Rev. Moon, explains, people misunderstand, but God understands. God visits the coupleís relationship. Does He do so as a general of the spirit world, with a big retinue, or just naked? God is a naked general. Sweat comes. As founder of the Unification Church, Iím educating you. The animals come out to listen to the love song.

How many times do you want to marry? One time or twice? [One.] Why are you laughing? You should say one, and be serious. Did you pay tuition for my teaching? The soldier who is on the way to the battle, when the battle ends, receives the same honor as those who actually fought. When a line turns around 180 degrees, then the end of the line is first. The ones in front died, and the ones on the way are the survivors. They win because they had a ticket for the bus to the front line. The younger members step over the fallen bodies of the old members, on your way to the feast. That is how we equalize the spirit world.

On Unification Church tithing going to support Africa, serving them and ending hunger. Nothing works for world peace other than my ideas. I told a Senator from Utah that I would help him to save America, and he laughed. But you elder members have held on over the years. The indemnity law is that if God gives the direction and you follow, you can win your life.

God is the first generation, True Parents are the second generation, and blessed couples are the third generation.

[Speaking to sisters in front:] you quarrel and lose everything. We can end quarreling and bring the Kingdom of Heaven. Eyes, bosom, back -- man says, I need you, and woman has to be ready. In the animal world, does the male follow the female or vice versa?

Iíve wanted to do many things that I couldnít; that is my resentment. Do you just fritter away your time? 1965, I visited 48 states in 40 days, sleeping in the car, never in a motel, 12 hours a day driving. We divided into three teams to make $40-$60K, to pay for the event. I invested a lot to save America. The results in the most part are secret.

In Korea there are only about 20K ministers, so 144K blessing of ministers in America is significant.

[Father chooses people who have birthdays in March and July, the seventh month, to participate in fishing today, and it turns into a tournament, with prizes for the biggest fish, and another tournament is announced for April 9 (?).]

We didnít finish Hoon Dok Hae. I trust what my children send from spirit world. We should clearly understand Heung Jin Nimís report, then tomorrow the 120 saints of the OT and NT ages revelations should be read. We then need one language and culture centered on God. That is Godís idea. The center concept is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. That is the pillar. Absolute faith, unique faith, unchanging and eternal faith. Absolute, unchanging, eternal and unique love. God dwells in the palace. This the fatherís place on which to stand. It is the center of the family, tribe and nation; the center is the family. It is the model form, the real parentsí form, real husband and wife form, real brothers and sisters and children. I donít know how many times such reports will come. You should understand, who is Heung Jin Nim.

You should prepare a savings account of at least $10,000. Get into the hobby life, the "RV system," which means traveling around and living in the RV.

Dong Woo Kim

Father is doing a ceremony today to conclude the first three months of this Cheon Il Guk year. That is why he chose the members to go fishing and you will participate in the ceremony.

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