Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Ceremony for the Total Liberation of 6,000 Years of Providential History

Sun Myung Moon
April 4, 2002
East Garden, Irvington, New York
Translation by Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong;
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

[Before the ceremony, Rev. Hong informed me that this morning, Father announced that we are now in Year 2 of Cheon Il Guk, today is lunar February 22, 2002, (02/22/2002) and the ceremony will take place at 10:22:22 p.m. (22:22:22). This gives us twelve instances of the number 2. It represents the liberation of "2." This means that two can become one. This reverses the fall, which prevented the two from becoming one. The essential meaning of Cheon Il Guk is "two become one," referring to mind and body, husband and wife, parents and children and God and the world.]

[This morning at 8:22 a.m., which was 10:22 p.m. (22:22:22) at Chung Pyung Lake, True Parents prayed. Hoon Mo Nim with Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim were praying at Chung Pyung Lake at that moment.]

[At 9:55 p.m., True Parents entered the room, and conferred with Rev. Kwak and Rev. Dong Woo Kim. There was a very large offering table at the front of the room. I would estimate some 300 members, many of them National Messiahs, church leaders from across America, and local members, were in attendance.]


Now we can invite the spiritual beings. (Father prays.) Beloved Heavenly Father. Today is 2002 April 4, at 10 o'clock, the 22nd of February according to the lunar calendar. We started this ceremony in Korea fourteen hours ago. To connect the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israels and unite America and Korea, we carry this out at the same time on the same day, as two become one. This eliminates resentment and allows you to settle here, establish True Parents and indemnify the Old Testament age, New Testament age, and Completed Testament age and resolve the han of God.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve started the fallen lineage and all human history suffered in pain as a result. Now True Parents have come and set up God's lineage. They have made the new foundation, centered on God. Now with one heart and one mind we go forward into the age of total blessing. We move on centered on Heung Jin Nim and spirit world, with Young Jin Nim, Hee Jin Nim, and Hye Jin Nim. We center on the saints and sages, especially of Christianity, who connect all providential history, interweaving the religious leaders and moving on to overcome the narrow and incomplete character of the religious world. True Parents bring the inter-religious, international idea into the realm of liberation, with everything centered on God and True Parents. Our responsibility is to bring this into reality. For this we make a new determination and new start.

Now is the time to set up the world and move forward into a new heaven and earth, centered on True Parents' total indemnity. This represents the perfection of Adam and Eve, through absolute faith, love and obedience. On this foundation we can eliminate paradise and hell and pave the way of the heavenly highway. All humankind can go this way to connect to your heart and ideal.

Please bless the world. Through the blessing, please connect the Cain side with the Abel side. You are the king of the Blessing. To guide and connect to True Parents, to return the spirit world this way, we depend on God. We can establish God's fatherland. We can accomplish the Cheon Il Guk, the age of the realm of history of the denominations, the realm of the liberation of heaven and earth, the essence of unification. Father, I deeply appreciate this declaration that allows you to set this condition.

Today, the 2nd year of the Cheon Il Guk, 2002, lunar 2/2, 22 hours, 22 minutes and 22 seconds, is the time of giving the blessing in Korea and Japan, centered on the central people, the blessed couples. In America, we offer this ideal with the four saints and four True Children in the spirit world. We receive the blessing, and each central figure is totally mobilized to set up your ordinance.

We come here this day to set up this offering and liberation ceremony. True Parents of heaven, Lord of absolute faith, love and obedience, Creator of one heart, one mind and one body, the heart of God. We have one bride, one family, under God. From there we can offer this glory on this day, at this moment, in the name of True Parents.

All spirit world: let the people know. Father, please guide this offering ceremony, in the name of True Parents. Amen, Amen, Amen.

[Everyone does a full bow.]

Korea is 14 hours ahead of us. We now will hear the report from Heung Jin Nim. As the 2nd Israel, because of the failure of the 1st Israel, America should try to accomplish and move into the realm of the 3rd Israel. Therefore this report is very important.

Report on the 6,000 Years Providential History Total Liberation Ceremony

(Rev. Kwak reads Heung Jin Nim's report.) As the son of True Father, I'm always feeling shame and sorrow. How I can give you more happiness and attend you better? As True Parents, through the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship, I believe that you have done what you desired. But humankind must overcome more barriers. True Parents you worked so hard to take the burden from humankind. How can we pay you back? Only by being grateful and thankful for your idea. Your victory paved the way for the providence. On that foundation, the blessed couples must take responsibility. But because of us, you are still working hard. We have not gone the way of true children.

I want to offer the background of this day. Due to the fall, Satan expanded his power and ideas. God always uses central figures. Therefore whenever a central figure arose to pay indemnity, Satan put up a barrier. Satan developed his activity to attack God's people and to destroy them. That's why the central figure on God's side could never accomplish his own plan. Satan destroyed it.

God could accept only Abel's offering, but Abel was too arrogant, so Satan interfered with Abel's side and Cain killed his younger brother Abel. Noah made the 120-years condition by building the ark. He should have offered a grateful prayer to God, but he was arrogant. On that condition, Satan attacked Noah through the second son, Ham. He felt the emotion of shame and encouraged his brothers to go the other way.

Abraham then set up three offerings, and Satan attacked through those three offerings on the basis of Abraham's failure to divide all of them. In Moses' time, the Israelites should have united with him when he set up the 40-days fasting condition, but the people complained and Satan invaded. The people made the golden calf and worshiped it, and Moses became angry. Thus Satan wrought the failure of the central figure on the providential side. Satan then attacked and destroyed God's plan.

Jesus' time saw the same pattern. The priests stimulated the people to think Jesus was not the son of God, and John the Baptist did not attend Jesus. Satan's activity lay behind this. Satan always develops this way. So Jesus went to the cross. At that crucial moment, the central figures could not support Jesus. Satan always invades and destroys.

In our time we bear witness to the ignorance of the Christian leaders and the people who interfere with and persecute the True Parents. Atheists and communists inspired the incarceration of True Parents. They are always trying to cut off True Parents' activity. Satan attacks the blessed couples, and as a result many of them failed. Later some turned and even attacked the True Family.

So for 6,000 years, Satan always acted in this way in order to destroy God's providence. We understand that this is why today, during the 2nd year of the Cheon Il Guk, a day that contains twelve 2's, centering on the four True Children in spirit world, all the spiritual beings were invited to Chung Pyung Lake. We marked the evil spirits.

The providence is prepared for the central figure to bring back all the providential central figures to Chung Pyung Lake for this total liberation ceremony. Therefore good will get stronger from now and evil will decline. The all transcendence, all immanence, all abundance and all sovereignty of God can act in heaven. It is now time. True Parents' power to offer the liberation of God is the condition to do this total liberation ceremony at this moment. True Parents have paid the indemnity to liberate God. Therefore, we can carry out this ceremony.

Now all blessed couples that unite with the heart of True Parents in absolute faith, love and obedience can live well. But any blessing couple that follows non-principled ideas will perish. Dae Mo Nim invited all the people of spirit world to study the Divine Principle. We are tearing down the walls that have separated religions. We are living in the time that is prepared for us to unite with each other. All earthly people centered on the blessed couples can liberate their ancestors, and the ancestors can become the good spirits who participate at Chung Pyung Lake. The devils that stuck onto the blessed couples can be taken out. Then through education those people can become absolutely good.

The four different religious leaders' congregations can understand these ideas, based on True Parents' guidance given on 2002.2.2 at the workshop center in the spirit world. From this moment, they understand True Parents' activity and they desire to give the blessing to 144,000 Christian leaders. So all spirit people are coming down to support this activity. Now the blessed church leaders should unite with the good spirits to accomplish True Parents' desire and God's will. We will see a great change in heaven and on earth. In spirit world, we are moved by heart and heavenly ideas every moment. Now all blessed couples clearly understand. Centered on True Parents, they unite the physical world and spirit world. We make this special offering and coronation ceremony centered on True Parents. Please believe that we will try to do it.

[This message was received from Heung Jin Nim, today, solar 4/4, lunar 2/22, 2002, at Chung Pyung Lake.]


Let's have silent prayer. (Everyone rises for the silent prayer.)

Father's prayer: [Sorry, but Father spoke very fast, with long sentences, so the translation is rough.]

Beloved Heavenly Father.

Today, the 2nd year of the Cheon Il Guk, 2002.02.02, solar 04.04, is a special day for Dae Mo Nim. Dae Mo Nim and Choongmo Nim [restored?] the failure of those in the mother's position, in the Old, New and Completed Testament ages. At this moment, centered on Chung Pyung Lake, on Dae Mo Nim and on the position of the True Children, Heung Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim, Hye Jin Nim, and Hee Jin Nim, and united with the four saints, all the blessed righteous people understand. On that basis, they receive the blessing of the True Parents. Then all blessed couples in spirit world and physical world unite to indemnify the Cain and Abel relationship, centered on the parents of heaven and earth. [They are] inter-religious, international, interracial, "inter NGO," and are resolved to establish God's fatherland, with absolute faith, love and obedience. With faith in God and total unity in True Parents' original true love, life, and lineage, we can establish the foundation that we lost in Adam and Eve. We can establish the national foundation with absolute faith, love and obedience, living for the sake of others, giving and investing and forgetting, with God's love and heart. Resembling God, we are newly born in the position of children. I deeply appreciate this moment.

Unification brothers and sisters are reborn with true love, life, and lineage. The first and second generations are now connecting to the third generation. These are not just words, but this is the fact of facts, with the authority of God. We can set up from here the foundation of the individual and family, and connect to the whole spirit world. Spirit beings can come down to the earth to move on and support in this time, the time to liberate all people on earth. This time is now.

Today, lunar 2002.02.02, we tear down all the walls of spirit world and equalize all the spirit world centered on God and True Parents. Right and left, brothers and sisters, all are equalized with one heart, mind and body, creating the realm of one family centered on God. This represents the tribe and nation and the position of the messiah. It is God's time to fulfill the messianic position, by the coronation ceremony of God's kingship. Everything is in your hands. You are the all transcendent, all immanent, all abundant and all sovereign God. You can totally dominate this and liberate all creatures from the depth of sin. I create; I am beyond; I can totally embrace. Come into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in heaven.

So far, Lucifer and evil spirit powers come, join and support this time of liberation. Everything is done well, on earth and in heaven. All blessed couples totally understand and join together. We work based upon this ideal at Chung Pyung Lake, with assistance from heaven and now on the earth with the coronation of God. Now we move on to the coronation ceremony of True Parents' kingship, and then the total living offering fund.

The children born on earth should be persons of filial piety, patriots and sons and daughters of God. Those people are to liberate all humankind, liberate all religions, and liberate political society and the NGOs. Now is the time to move on to the new world and the new heaven and earth. We declare the age of the autonomous nation and the special liberation and completion of God's time and age. Centered on God, all humankind becomes one family.

Please bless this time and idea. On the report of Heung Jin Nim, we, the people on earth, can take responsibility for big things and be responsible for the Cheon Il Guk. It is time to open the peaceful world. I, True Parents, offer this idea. Amen. Amen. Amen.

[Father prayed very loudly and there was great applause. This prayer was very fervent from True Father, and at several points many people shouted out.]

[True Parents cut the ceremonial cake. Then True Father called four representatives each from Korea, Japan and America. From Korea I saw Rev. Kwak, Rev. Joong Hyun Pak and Rev. Do Soon Yim. From Japan I could see Rev. Hiroshi Inose and Mrs. Erikawa. From America, it was Rev. Jenkins, Rev. Daugherty, Rev. Schanker and Rev. Andrew Compton. Father made four groups of three, and each group received a big plate of food from the offering table and was sent out into the night to throw the food to the four directions, as far away as possible, even beyond the East Garden property. When they departed, Father spoke.]

History moves forward on the foundation of indemnity. Offerings are the key indemnity. It is not easy to overcome the number nine. That's why God has less than 1/3 and Satan's side more than 2/3. So God's side has to pay the 10% tithe. In the time of indemnity, 10% tithing is very important. You receive a salary, and to make it right you offer money clean and fresh from the bank. If you do so, your life will never suffer difficulty. The important thing in the religious life is indemnity. Offer the most important thing in your family to God. For example, offer ten percent of your jewelry to God. Share the other 90% with your tribe, as a legacy. If you give it to your children, they will quarrel over it with each other. From now on, the practice of parents bequeathing to their children is not the right idea. Your wealth should be offered to the nation, not to your children.

What you gain in your life, offer to the nation. One beautiful tradition in America is that of wealthy people giving away their wealth to the society, not to their children. I am this way; I offer everything to the world, to benefit the next generation. The ideal of the Unification Church is to serve the world. So, in response, you should support the True Family, just as the archangel should have protected the children of Adam and Eve. The blessed couples did not fulfill their responsibility, so the True Family is in trouble.

Whatever Satan takes, I can restore to its original place, at any moment, with no problem. Of the four True Children in spirit world, three are sons and one is a daughter. They are totally united, one Eve and the three sons representing the three ages. These are principled numbers. They couldn't fulfill everything during their earthly life, so now young people cannot think of ... young people are growing in the spirit world. We should memorialize them. The spirits of babies who died are growing. They reach above 16, then, when I give the direction, they receive the blessing. That comprises 100 million couples. Even previously married couples receive the blessing in the spirit world.

The second category of couples, that of Noah, consists of couples who are only half settled. Those who receive the Noah type of blessing just lived together but were not married. Those people gather together and are blessed. Then there are the pure couples. It is just like the 36 couples; there are three different types. The third type is that of the Jacob couples. They are the seed of all human descendents. The others are impure or divorced. The central position among the 36 couples is that of the Jacob couples, the pure couples. The Previously Married Couples are representatives of the Old Testament age; the Noah couples represent the New Testament age, and the Jacob couples are pure, representing the Completed Testament age. All this is set up only through True Parents. Then safe settlement can come, in this way, on the earth, and those blessed couples will connect with the Kingdom of Heaven directly.

Now is the time to settle the three types of couples. There are many cohabiting couples in America, couples who want no children and just live to enjoy each other. They unite with the Jacob couples. All three types unite.

The 72 couples are centered on Moses, as were the 72 elders in the wilderness. In Jesus' time, there were 72 disciples and 120 followers, all connecting with the disciples that numbered 12. In Jesus' time, the 120 followers connected with the Holy Spirit, the mother spirit. They have no physical foundation, but just a spiritual foundation here on earth. But Israel had a substantial nation. Christian people were just wandering, shedding blood wherever they went. Tearing down their ideas and nations, shedding blood, they tore down the walls. Christians are sacrificed everywhere. They reach to the national level. Those nations are America, England and France, on God's side, and Germany, Japan and Italy on the evil side. There was a secular spirit in Italy, and Hitler said he was like the messiah, and the Japanese emperor acted like a messiah. All of that connects with Satan's side. And they used force.

France is in the archangelic position, England is the mother's position and America is both son and father. The allied nations won. On the foundation of that victory, the messiah came on the earth. Jesus lost the foundation on the earth and the True Parents returned for a 7-year course, 1945-52. He was to have unified Roman Catholicism and Protestantism with a one-day education and one-day blessing, as with the Ambassadors of Peace. It is a powerful weapon. It was prepared for 7,000 years. Now in one day Rev. Kwak visits a nation and blesses the top leaders.

The physical world does not yet totally see the value of the blessing. The earthly world is the Adamic realm and the spirit world is the archangelic realm. The ancestors are in the archangelic position. The body of Satan multiplied as humankind. True Parents, from age 16, made indemnity conditions and set the foundation for victory.

You received a conditional blessing, as the basis to be reborn through your wife. Your wife is in the mother's position and should give you rebirth as her son. She is your mother first, then your wife. The archangel could not fulfill his responsibility, so this restores it. That's why I told some couples not to start family life for seven years. But that condition is over now; it is no more. Look at the women over there... In some nations all the men are killed but the women and children remain, carrying the seed. Women paid indemnity, the men were in the servant level and they went through eight stages.

The three-year separation period, a public course, follows the period of indemnity. You can go on a parallel line, only by the foundation of True Parents. You cannot make it yourself. Women are part of True Mother's body. So all women are one, and all Adams are one. You all are one person. You are descendents of the archangel. Women are the bride; that is the point of Christianity. Christianity is the bride religion with no bridegroom. So the male ministers abuse homosexuality.

So society is looking for Eve, the bride. Three billion people, those who have the womb, are Eve. They should offer it to their husband. American women should offer everything to their husband, the bridegroom. You restore him from the position of false husband to the true husband, the messiah. He brings true love. That's why the Lord of the Second Advent comes, and why women should love him above everything, be so in love with him that they get sick. Even men should cry and weep missing Father.

So in the world we lost two people, one on Adam's side, and one woman. We have to bring them back to the world and take out the old lineage. Just pray for all people, then take out what represents each decade of your life. People miss True Parents in their thoughts and dreams. They miss their True Father, the true man. They never met a true man. That's why all women miss the true man. But they cannot meet the messiah and they end up abused and exploited. The dream of the fallen Eve is to meet the one person, the bridegroom. [In the fallen world, you marry having such hope, but] Even if you have a family, you soon hate your husband and he turns to homosexuality and free sex. Thus he becomes like an animal, and the human race is going down.

So the Unification Church gives a clear direction to women, to go from daughter to sister to queen. The messiah's role is to nurture women. It is mainly women who use the new technology, such as the telephone. They call all their neighbors, relatives and friends. Once they are on, they stay on all night.

True Mother is like you, but she follows the track of history. Three generations developed and were purified for the sake of creating her. Is it so? (Applause.) It required a three generations process to create her. In Korean history, women made trouble, but in True Mother's history, which is actually seven generations, each generation had one daughter only. You cannot just have any woman give the truth. Three religious groups connect and believe that the messiah is coming as a human being.

That's why Dae Mo Nim went through three churches. It is not easy to make that preparation. You do not know that, but [it relates to the fact that] three American women, white, black and Hispanic, opened their shirts to me and tried to kidnap me. I was scared. It is so important to keep purity. I can explain this, but two or three years would not be enough. But in spirit world I can share it all in a few seconds. This is a heavenly secret. Because of women, I have had a difficult time over several decades. Women, raise your hand if you like Father. Hey, what about True Mother?

Husbands: Don't complain if you have to sit down at night and eat alone with your children. You have been restored from the archangelic position. Which is stronger, my love for Mother or hers for me? American style, the husband loves the wife more than vice-versa. Don't show your strange way. If you go to spirit world you can find out how much God loves True Parents.

[Father talks with American women in front. About their cultural predilections and how hard it is to change 6,000 years tradition. How American women divorce their husband and hate their sons, and prefer the daughters. That's why this country will perish.] Why do I talk like this about women? If a nail is in a plank, how do we take it out? Hit it from below, and then claw it from the top. From now I can ask everyone to participate in a special training session, like the KGB in Russia, and survive it. The Unification Church members can do anything, but the problem is you women.

God's heart is expressed through the father of the prodigal son. The parents cannot hate the children. Therefore there is no need for hell. In America, what is the concept held by fathers and mothers? Do they put away their children and enjoy themselves? This is "couple-ism." It does not work in the Kingdom of Heaven. The family should live together. You are blessed central families. As such you are representatives of the True Family.

God follows True Parents. Why? Because God could not get Satan to surrender, except through True Parents. Are you better than God? You should love Rev. Moon more than you love God. Do you? If not, you should repent so much. "I am here at this liberation ceremony with God and True Parents, but I am so arrogant." Do you like these hard words from Father? Or do you want to eat the fruit of the offering table? This fruit is for spirit beings, not you.

How different you are from those in spirit world. God and all saints. You are here to connect to them, and you add [your own thoughts], then you beg to eat something. And you look at my age at over 80, and you use Father. Is this filial piety? No.

I think and pray during the fishing time.

Where is Sung Bok Lee? [In Denver.] I wonder if she and her fiancée are sharing one room or are staying in two. Actually, they should separate seven years; it is the formula way. I also want to support their children. But Father is in difficulty and is tired. I am the king of beggars.

Now True Mother says let's give rice cakes to everyone. Now I will throw out the fruit-close your eyes! [Father tosses some fruit.] The noble class of people does not do this, but it is a special day.

[A representative Korean comes forward. Father calls for the people whose birthday is on that day, or week, and the tallest person in the room-a tie between Taj Hamad and Sebastian Heumer, and gives them a watermelon or pineapple.] In Korea at the village market, at the end of the day they give away the remaining fruit. Then (somehow this leads to the next day more people coming to buy at the market). You should develop your strategy for witnessing like they do. If you have no results, you have to think about that. The offering is the condition to advance history.

[End of notes. The ceremony went from 9:55 p.m. to about 12:30 a.m. True Mother, and Jun Sook Nim and Yun Ah Nim sang songs, as did Rev. Kwak, and much fruit and food was distributed.]

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