Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
April 5, 2002
East Garden, Irvington, New York
Translation by Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

[NOTE: This speech contains what I believe to be a brilliant proposal regarding the rebuilding of the World Trade Center. I hope that we all can consider this proposal and how we might support it and help make it happen.]

You should take ownership of the report from the 120 Christian saints and Heung Jin Nim's report, and prepare for life in the spirit world life. If you have knowledge of the spirit world and prepare seriously here, then your life will develop harmoniously here. First, unite your mind and body. Then prepare for registration. If you don't know, you will be in trouble. There will be an examination there.

(Mrs. McDevitt reads Heung Jin Nim's text.)


You are church and organization leaders. You have a certain responsibility in the organization. You should understand how to achieve success in your area. You have no weapon. We are organized to move on. You participated in the total liberation yesterday, of one heart, one mind, one body. The spirit world tries to get God to directly dominate you and guide what you are going to do. That way we can prepare the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in heaven.

In that way, we can inspire all national leaders, presidents and congressmen to give the Total Living Offering Fund to God. So you should embrace your nation and offer everything to God. That way you will be as you were before the fall and accomplish everything you should through indemnity. Then you will have the right of ownership. At this time, you have no ownership; it is from other people. It is not pure, but satanic. You offer it all back to God, then when God accepts it, True Parents redistribute it representing the three ages. Then it becomes public property that you cannot abuse.

It all should be offered God. There should be no shadow; but the straight shaft of light, 90 degrees. If you move one degree, you create a shadow. It is time to tear down the wall. Then the territory of the authority of the blessed central family [is settled], then your heart and mind are clear and you become a clear citizen of the Cheon Il Guk. The goal is achieved then.

It is time to pray and get more strength. You pray that you are not a true blessed central family and that your mind and body are still fighting. You seek the spirit that God had before creation: absolute faith, love and obedience, and then invest totally to create the world. This is then eternal, absolute, unchanging and unique power, and like high pressure moving into low pressure, God's abundant blessing moves into you.

The universe is huge, 20 billion light years across. It is time to set up these ideas as the ethics of the global family under God. Under that issue of God's protection, we set up the Chaju Guk, cut off the root of sin, and move to the next age. So now it is time to set up these ideas. That is why I have given you everything, and you need not hesitate at all. I am so and so blessed central family. Then you are in the position of a king and the cabinet ministers will support you in setting up the Kingdom of Heaven.

Set up the relationship with your children, as parents. Then there will be no more indemnity, no more persecution. It is time to move on to this kind of place. Knowing this fact, it is time for you to go to the top. Even if you visit ministers, meet the top ones. Then encourage them and convey the ideas clearly. That is your responsibility.

Heung Jin Nim is general of the spirit world. It is the time for total liberation from indemnity. That is why we have Heung Jin Nim's report. If you don't believe it, you will be judged. Whenever the spirit world message...

Today begins a new tradition, of those who can totally unite the physical world, the spirit world and your ancestors. This is their time to support you, wherever you go. Then you can bring the victory and give glory to God. I pray for you, amen.

This morning I have stated these things. Carefully listen and put them into your heart, mind and body. Then, everything will be possible. In your mind, even any piece of doubt should be eliminated. Move on toward absolute faith, and you will bring the victory. Have no quarrel of mind and body; absolutely understand this. Let's go back to Heung Jin Nim's report. He is the general of the spirit world, the great elder brother.

How about American people? What is your nationality? [Cheon Il Guk!] Don't say you are American, or Japanese. You are a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. Forget your degree; some use degrees to abuse other people. You are children receiving love from parents. Work for the sake of the nation, world and Heavenly Father, and the animal, mineral and insect world. Have that kind of heart.

[Continuing with Heung Jin Nim's message from January 1, 2002.]


It is similar to just after World War II, so this is a crucial time and we have to accomplish the will of God by 2010 or 2012. So you have to migrate back to your hometown and find our own nation, especially in the 2nd Israel, America. Leaders will stand up, at the UN, and we have to renew the UN, where we have worked the last couple of years. Now the time is ripe; the time is up, to go back to the original nation, centering on the chosen people. All satanic nations should support the true nation.

It is like a war to find our own nation. Please understand South Korea and North Korea, that were divided, north and south, east and west. We have to bring it back. It is time for exchange marriage, to tear down the walls on the family level. We have to exchange Satan's blood lineage and set up the realm of liberation. Set up each person in different stages. Unite heaven and earth, there are no different levels here. Total indemnity and liberation. Now Satan has stepped back and is even supporting God's providence. The blessed central family should stand on the frontline, in Abel's position to find God's sovereign nation.

In an army, your background doesn't matter. An army has an order and a spirit of absolute faith, love and obedience. Move forward on the foundation of the victory of the parents of heaven and earth. I prepared and paved the way, so you can run and move on. I made the tunnels, so now you can move at the speed of your car. You can prepare in order to move at a faster speed. The spirit world will support the blessed central family, and True Parents' love for the sake of others. It is time for settlement; the settlement is the nation.

But we have no nation or world. We are stuck. What can we do to open the way? Each continent should compete with each other to move forward and bring God's ownership to settle there. It is time to unify South Korea and North Korea. All the patriots are spread all over the world. Divided, they have no power. It has been this way since 1945. The North deceived Russia to get power.

That is why the Christian churches and leaders are against True Parents. The time is up for that. By bringing other Christian ministers, they can receive forgiveness from God. This is the first true spring in human history. There is no Satan around; whatever you want to do, you can achieve. You can influence leaders, such as the governor and congressmen in your state. They can come to DC (on the 27th) and then go back and influence America to build God's fatherland.

Everyday, think in your mind about how to expand my ideas and apply them. You didn't go the indemnity history, but I did, and you are the Second True Parents and can go and expand God's territory. You can gather people in, and later they will understand it. Even an evil man can do a simple thing. It is recreation. You can be in the position of owner and connect all things to God and True Parents. It is time to offer everything to God, to achieve the goal.

It is the time to march on with the authority of princes and princesses. You have the authority to clean up the unexpected things. Have one heart, one mind, and one body. You have this responsibility and spirit world is watching you. What is your desire? It is to offer America. It is a nation into which you and many immigrated to form a country. You are the Protestant children.

Centered on True Parents, it is time for settlement on earth. That was the purpose of yesterday's ceremony. Yesterday was Dae Mo Nim's birthday, 89-90 years old. Hoon Mo Nim is united with her. It was the total liberation of 6,000 years of providential history. You must accomplish the total living offering fund. The material things are not yours.

We did not yet offer the nation to God. True Parents and Heung Jin Nim are in the same position as God and Adam. It is time to offer the family. The family must be united. Did you make such a happy family, with the four realms of heart and three kingships? You should try to accomplish the Family Pledge. You should live for the sake of others and accomplish the world of shimjung culture. Then we enter the new Completed Testament Age, based on absolute faith, love and obedience.

I am thinking about rebuilding the World Trade Center, centering on the religious leaders. Each nation should collect a fund from the people to pay for the rebuilding. The world's religious leaders should do this, in the name of WANGO. Then, if it is built by the whole world, who will destroy it or hate it? It will be a symbol of peace and the whole universe. Then the government will support 70%, and (?) 30%. Do it quickly!! The five races will equalize through this activity, including all continents. Before God created Adam and Eve, he created the universe. Don't worry if we have no money; money is there. Rebuild the World Trade Center, centered on the religious leaders.

America owes me billions of dollars. Rev. Jenkins, when will you pay it back? [Now! Everyday!] I haven't seen the money.

Tarrytown means "tell town", which means the "speaking town" that will tell the world about True Parents because I lived here. I bought land here for a university, to connect with Unification Theological Seminary (UTS). But we have UB, so we can sell this land and use the proceeds, for example, to help the young people through a school in Hawaii.

Among the National Messiahs, who among you graduated from UTS? (one-Kim, Ki Hoon, I think) Who paid for it? Yourself, or the church? Who has children over 18? Send your first child to UTS to study theology. If you don't, you are not qualified. When you go to your continent, go to the bottom and witness to the people. Show how True Parents do it. For that reason, go to UTS. Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim graduated from UTS. You were first and second in your class-you were too good. But you did a good job.

I authorized the church to give a scholarship to 36 Christians to support their study. Over 1,000 students of our own church received scholarships, so now it is time to support members of other churches. You should study!

Father asks everyone if they have the Unification Thought book, and another book-a textbook about Unification Thought (I think from Dr. Choi at UB.) I am comparing the two books -- Dr. Lee's and Dr. Choi's. I compared and asked him to make a correction. Dr. Lee's book is very thin. You can sit down in the bathroom and read it cover to cover in 10 or 15 minutes. If you study it and make a system, logical and clear, you can move people's hearts.

No one thought or dreamed about a woman being the president of Sun Moon University. I asked all Japanese members to offer everything to this providence. They are keeping close track and they become the benefactors of Sun Moon University, to make it a great university. It is not easy to be in the position of the mother nation.

If we restore America, we can influence the world. There is only the skeleton of the Christian spirit left here. [End of notes; I had to leave before it was over.]

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