Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

April 9 Conference Call

Sun Myung Moon
April 9, 2002
Translator Rev. Doo

On Tuesday evening, April 9, during a conference call, Father in Korea gave the following special words of encouragement to Regional Directors

Dong Woo Kim who is in charge of New York, representing the East Coast, and Baek Joong Ku from Los Angeles and others, are you all there? Please listen carefully. All churches linked to the 16 Regional Headquarters as their centers must be brought into equalization and uniformity. Do you understand what I am saying? All missionaries should be mobilized and organized in balance so that throughout the 50 states 144,000 church leaders, ministers, can respond. In this way, no matter what, you must fulfill your goal, even going beyond your initial goal.

If you bring better results, surpassing your original goal, you will be able to meet more than half of the church leaders in America. Through this outreach a worldwide level educational system, transcending any one political party or ideology, based upon a genuinely religious and spiritual perspective, can be developed upon the mighty foundation of America. This nation's highest leaders, including congressional and state level legislators, should be brought together, so that the church body and the political body can cooperate, moving forward in the same direction. The Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, after setting the direction for the world centered on the Headquarters of WANGO, should be at the center, working to harmonize and systematize these divergent thoughts and points of view into one. Do you understand?

All of you should know this. What you are now responsible for is virtually nothing. It is not worth a living tooth. You should look toward being able to stand as living presidents, representing 16 regions or nations. You must be totally united in mind and body, centered on the ideology of one mind and one body. In this way, you must mobilize Heaven (Spirit World), being vertical before one parallel standard.

The one mind and one body ideology, already established in the Spirit World, can connect vertically with True Parents on Earth. Once the standard of one mind and one body ideology is established horizontally on the Earth, then the Holy Spirit on Earth and the Holy Spirit in Heaven can mirror each other, starting from the same point and bringing the same result, on the average. Through this process in Heaven and on Earth, due to the name of the blessed and liberated family, the Kingdom of Heaven, the realization of Peace on Earth, will be open. Amen. Do you understand?

In what era are we now living? What is happening now is something that is happening for the first time in human history, after many tens of millions of years. So we should not miss this chance, and whether we are coming from the Kim's or any other clan, all Korean missionaries and Japanese missionaries must break the record of human history. The question is: How can we leave a legacy that we can be proud of as a people who participated in such a historic time? We have now entered the age of competition.

Hence people in the Spirit World are striving to be ahead of the blessed couples on Earth. But earthly people must be ahead of them. Do you understand? Earthly people are in the position of the elder son. They should establish the tradition of attending the father and the flag of the nation. So earthly people in Abel positions must restore the birthright of elder sonship, reaching perfection on the level of their own daily life and that of their family. By doing this we can bring both Heaven and Earth together as the basis of lasting peace, looking toward the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is our glory and honor to be given the historic opportunity to build such a foundation at a time when all blessed families of the Unification Church Realm throughout six continents are humbled and prostrate in front of Heaven. No matter how many others may long to stand in our position, they cannot. But now we who are living on Earth are in a position to fulfill the longing and desired of all those on earth and in the Spirit World. We must not waste this precious position. We must not fail. We should help them inherit the position of elder sonship through our attendance to True Parents. We can represent them in expressing their patriotism and kingship, and fulfill their duties of loyalty and filial piety as saints and holy children. In this way they can exercise the abilities of Junche, Junban, Junkwon in the original family where the Parents of Heaven and Earth can rest.

May the gate of One Kingdom uniting Heaven and Earth be open! Amen. Please join me in saying amen as well.

Accomplishing the Blessing of 144,000 Clergy Couples should not be a big deal. We should reach more than double that amount. 1800 missionaries came from Japan, but the D-day is not remote. And thus they should continue working for two to four more months. We should bring all Hispanics and Asians together and establish the Federation for Hispanics and Asians. Afterwards, we should also break through to move the white community and sing songs of the Blessing, putting a sign on the Family Church.

All of you, both in mind and body, should be totally united with the cosmos as persons of prayer, and obtain victory. So True Parents are now giving you an order to go to battle. Amen. Can you say Amen? Louder, I can't hear you.

Now the time has come when all leaders of the world are coming together. In a time like this, unless we bring victorious results, we cannot be called alive. Without seizing this moment of opportunity we will become like corpses. So you should not miss this historical moment, but become the frontrunners of victory with one mind, one body and one thought. God desires that all of you will march forward with courage and strength. Amen. Please do your best for your given mission. Please keep this in mind.

I will let you go now, with the hope that you can break the record by the time I see you again.

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