Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Father's Prayer, 2002.4.27, 3:15 P.M.

Sun Myung Moon
April 27, 2002

Beloved Heavenly Father,

Today is the second year of the Chun Il Guk nation. It is 3:15 P.M., April 27, 2002, at the Sheraton National Hotel in Washington, D.C. Here are the chosen and important religious leaders of 189 nations who are connected to the 144,000 clergy couples. I deeply appreciate that Father allowed for this 144,000 Clergy Rededication Blessing ceremony.

Father! Because of the Fall, humankind lost the original ideal of the Garden of Eden. Through the Unification Movement, You were able to restore true love, true life and true lineage. And then on the foundation of Your true blood lineage, we can establish the representative ideal True Family.

On this foundation we can connect to the historical Adam and Eve and then establish the ideal of true love in heaven and on earth. Through this foundation, these ministers will become ideal couples, having ideal children and then they will become ideal true parents. Centering on these God-centered couples, You can multiply beautiful children and establish three generations that are connected in love by the blood of the true lineage, in the form of the ideal family.

Father! Because of the mistake of the first human ancestors at the top of the growth stage, humankind has been trapped in the fallen realm of resentment. Not only have our first human ancestors suffered, but also You our beloved Heavenly Father as Creator and True Parents have deeply grieved at the tragedy of the Fall. God and humankind lost the realm of complete joy and fell into the tragic realm of broken heartedness. To solve the tragedy of the Fall, Heavenly Father, You set up the course of restoration through indemnity.

Father! You spent 6,000 years through the Old Testament and New Testament Ages until the Completed Testament in the present time. You have finally reestablished the condition for the return of complete joy through the True Family, which is the ideal of the Garden of Eden by liberating all broken hearts.

We cannot imagine how hard You our Heavenly Father have worked behind the scenes of human history establishing the foundations necessary to restore Your original ideal.

These religious leaders stand here receiving the benefit of the Blessing through the unification of heaven and earth which is to be of one mind, one heart and one body with the Heavenly Father which is a state that was lost because of Fall. Through the eight stages of restoration beginning with the individual, family, clan, tribe, to the nation, world and cosmos, they can reach up to God.

Father! The wild olive tree of the Fall has been cut off and engrafted into the True Olive Tree establishing God's love, life and lineage. Through the power of God's omnipotent, omnipresent omniscience, the victorious triumphant foundation appears on earth through the True Parents.

Through the foundation of indemnity achieved until the accomplishment of the eight stages, True Parents have set up the conditions necessary for the voluntary subjugation of Satan which in turn set up the foundations necessary for the liberation of God through the Coronation of God's Kingship Ceremony so that the whole universe could connect to and receive God's love directly.

Father! You allowed the liberation of the ideal and the substantial establishment of the Chun Il Guk nation. We now have the structure and form of victory through the establishment of the autonomous ideal nation, which contains the essence of the spirit of unification, that is our way back to the kingdom of God in heaven and on earth.

Father! Today this blessing establishes America as Second Israel and restores the failure of the First Israel. Centering on victory of God's Chun Il Guk nation, we could restore the failure of the Israelite ancestors in the Old Testament Age and then we could embrace the failure of the Roman Empire in the New Testament Age. Today as we enter the Completed Testament Age, we could unify Heaven and Earth. Then we could assign the ambassadors of peace and the chief priests in the Unification Movement.

We deeply appreciate the grace of the Heavenly Father that allowed for the registration of the liberation the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. Upon this foundation today You, Heavenly Father, allowed the Blessing of 144,000 clergy. Together with the 144,000 clergy, let's go marching forward to the Kingdom of Heaven with hearts of absolute filial piety and loyalty.

Thank you, Heavenly Father for allowing these ministers to gather in this moment and show their determination and heart of filial piety and loyalty. Please accept the hearts of these ministers who are determined to be one mind and one heart and connect to the realm of the heart of the Heavenly Father. Through this way we can connect to God's true love, life and lineage and develop the filial piety and loyalty of the saints and holy sons of God through the foundation of the perfection of the ideal family on earth.

Father! These ministers, the loyal family of God, will spread out and deliver Your love to all the corners of the whole universe. They are like a tree of ripened fruit being offered so that You can experience the essence of True Love.

Heavenly Father, I deeply and sincerely pray today for the gathered 144,000 clergy so that they can receive the eternal blessing and promise of God. All these ministers followed the way of heaven as expected by God so as to become part of the family of absolute filial piety and loyalty saints and holy family of God.

In the name of the True Parents I report,

Amen, Amen, Amen.

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