Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Sunday Pledge

Sun Myung Moon
Sheraton National Hotel
April 28, 2002
Translated by Tim Elder, notes by Michael Jenkins

There can be only one lineage in the Garden of Eden. The 144,000 couples blessing was an incredible victory in history.

At Jesus time this would have been the clergy of Jesus and would have covered Rome and the world with. Rome was very corrupt at that time. Because the first Israel couldnít accomplish their responsibility we had to wait until the True Parents came. Simply, this can only be done through the blessing. Now everything can be restored through indemnity. Everyone has to be grafted onto the True Parents.

Blessed couples in the Unification Church have to inherit that tradition. Yesterday was the transition point to accomplish that. Through the Unification Church members Iíve asked God that every wall can be broken down. That the age of Absolute faith, Absolute love and Absolute Obedience. Now that is accomplished. Your position or property is not an issue. You have to be grafted on to that realm. The Cain realm who murdered his brother, the unity of these two must be completed. Then the realm of freedom can be established. The Coronation Ceremony for Godís Kingship is real. True Parents are working harder than anyone else.

You must go beyond the realm of loving your enemies from the cross. It is your responsibility to stand in a position that is higher than any Patriarch or King. You must establish a family that represents the vertical and horizontal. If you put your roots down you can establish the rooted lineage of Godís eternal Kingdom. When they go to the spirit world they know your names. Everyone who attended True Parents on earth. The Korean and Japanese kings and all other kings will testify and bow down to you.

Weíll be in an age where we can do everything that you please. To become one and unite with the root and become one lineage it is very important. We have this responsibility. When you have a completely smooth foundation you can accomplish all of this. There is no need to speak.

If you do something against your conscience you will a receive a thunderbolt. We are in the realm of one heart and one body as the settlement of one mind. The root is important. The root has to go into the earth. The settlement of one heart and one mind and one home is to be accomplished. This all has to be repaid and restored. This is the 42rd commemoration of True Parents wedding anniversary.

This represents the Israelites becoming one with Jesus. Until April 2004. Have you forgotten that. National Messiahs, you must accomplish that. You have 12 steps of relatives. You must be responsible for them. Even if you have to force them. You must tell them to listen to you. The opening of the Heaven and Earth. All the five senses must be utilized. What is happening in Korea. They are putting their lives on the line to expand the Will of God town by town. They are gathering people and teaching them, starting with their relatives. Make it completely one. The 12 brothers multiplied by 6 make 72. Centering on the 12 Tribes this must develop. Without this we will be blown away. You have to have that kind of foundation not to be blown away. All your relatives, your Mother and Father can be restored quickly. They are there to repeat the standard of the twelve tribes. The world has to be reorganized according to this. Centering on the 12 then 72 then 120. 72 is 12 times the satanic number of 6. On that foundation Jesus could have gone into Rome.

If you donít accomplish your responsibility or not. Tomorrow, do it. Even if you donít do it now it will be ten times more suffering. Rev. Eu Jeon Ok. Regional leaders, stand up. Did you follow his direction in Japan. You must follow his direction. Heavenly law is very fearful. Are you Koreans or Japanese. If you keep doing this way. Your sons and daughters will have a difficult time.

This country has to become Godís country. The Washington Times must prepare the environment. The University Federation has to accomplish that. The Younger and Elder Brothers should unite. If you keep doing that way you will be destroyed. You must complete the way that you will survive.

We have done the religious leaders in the past.

Now we will hear from the spirit world. Receive these reports and use them to restore the nation. Professor Yoon. If the three professors had become one then we would have accomplished everything in 20 years. Professor Yoon, are there any Unification Church members among your children.

Remember, Mr. Joo, you said we donít need anything but one paper. If the four people can become one then centering on America the world can be educated.

Show the model in Europe, do three places and then let others do the rest. Rev. Kwak, Rev. Yang, Mr. Joo must open the gates for Hyun Jin Nim. Mr. Joo, you must bring 500 people. We want to create a world wide organization. Who is going to do this. Who is going to be responsible after I go to the spirit world. Do you understand.


This is not the time to worry about the clothes you are wearing. There hasnít been a single second in which I donít think about Godís will. You have to become the elder brothers. The evil spirit world was opposing the providence, now they have a way to go. It is an incredible thing that this training center was built in the SW.

Confucius always taught that you should never be closed to new truth. Now Father created the Clergy movement and now created the IIFWP. All of these people are trying to use. If you donít follow the principle you will be accused by the four saints. Are we just playing around or are we serious. We must commit our lives. This is very serious. You must be better than Confucius and better than Jesus. You can understand the heart of Heaven and the heart of parents. These people waited 2500 years to hear the Principle. When you go to the Spirit World you will be expected to know this.

We are determined to accomplish this way. I have been very careful about Church money. Why should True Parents have to live that way. You have to be better than all the religious leaders. You must be better than all of them. You must not deny the spirit world. You must understand Fatherís words.

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