Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Father's Speech on 48th Foundation Day

Sun Myung Moon
East Garden
48th Foundation Day
May 1, 2002

Now is time to unify all denominations and all religions. One of the main reasons Christianity failed to receive Father in the 1950ís was due to how they are divided by denomination and against each other. President Rhee's wife was Francesca from Austria. Maria Park was head of Ewha Womenís university. Fatherís original name was Yong Myung Moon. Yong means dragon. Fatherís elder brother in Yong Soo. Father changed his name due to the providence. Sun is ocean, Myung is land. We restore the land and the ocean which then develops the heart. Thatís the essence of the work in Hawaii. One of the mountain is Choi Suk from Ocean to land.

The essence of this is to establish Godís True Family. We need to renew and develop the every family centered on True Parents.

We lost everything because Christianity didnít unite. Now the time has changed. Christianity is uniting now. Dr. Yang Chang Shik. Your name means bringing in new water and purifying.

What does Father want to do. The first Israel failed, but the Second Israel has succeeded to welcome Father. You are the responsible person to save the family. All you have to do is open your mouth and speak and the Spirit World will do the rest. We must keep purity to change this situation. Both Rev. Yang and Rev. Hwang fought against communism. Both have worked in Washington D.C. Rev. Kwak is the leader.

Seoul means sorrow or suffering. Somehow they are to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. The American continent and the Asian Continent are the two sons. In Hawaii a very high mountain and the deepest ocean. One of the largest telescopes in the world is there. You should be intoxicated with love for your spouse. How do you sleep together? Naked or not. Naked is best. Unification movement is so great because we understand the universe. Father desired so much to give the 144,000 Blessing to ministers. Father felt sorry to God that he was so late.

To make a high building you need a strong and deep foundation. We are melting all the elements of the Satanic world and making them into the cement for the foundation. Donít think about the easy or simple way. You must follow God and True Parents with tears, sweat and blood. Without conditions you cannot follow Father.

July 3, 2002, How many will you bless. 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 eventually we can embrace 100,000,000 families. England 70,000,000. Korea 70,000,000. All members are working so hard in Korea to expand to every neighborhood.

Father knows electricity well. Man and Woman coming together is a thunderstorm. At that time, no one else should be around.

If Father is one second delayed, Father repents immediately. You must report everyday. Sincerely and humbly report your effort. Eating, Sleeping, Playing. You need to report.

Before sleeping you should write down your daily report. 50 state speaking tour. All national messiahs should work more than Father did. Next 64 days you can work harder than Father in the 50 state tour. You go to the top churches now. You select the children of the pastor and bless them. Bless the Contract marriage. You can prepare the speech content. Use the body of Fatherís content. You are the quality leader of the Unification Movement. Donít think Iím good preacher or not. True Parents words can guide the way. Use Fatherís words and they will blossom like flowers. Big trees with fruit. Fatherís word has all power. One word could destroy a community. How about 64 days. Will you challenge this time. Then we must go to Korea and make the Tong Bong Kyok Pa.

To the Japanese Missionaries:

You should reply more speedily. Without translation you should reply. You should understand the clear language. If you come to love Korean Language, your brain will be more clever. Marry a Korean farmer and by the third generation a prince will come from that marriage.

Father arranged marriages of Japanese woman who graduated from college with a Korean man who only completed high school. That is Fatherís and Godís plan. Who is the wife of Confucius. She can be the headmaster of Sun Moon University. Dr. Lee.

To All:

Father had to overcome prison. He determined that he was going to love God and all the people. Even though his mother begged him to go a different direction. Using a hammer and then you can nail down the foundation. I need to wake you leaders up with a hammer. Rev. Eu? (Japan) you must be serious. You must create a fire in Japan then they can fulfill. National Messiahs if you give everything during this 64 days you can make an incredible spiritual fire in America. I want everyone to succeed here.

To go to Kingdom of Heaven we must have three stages. If you donít follow the idea then you are not qualified.

Rev. Kwak: HDK:

1985 Father liberated from Danbury. 1992. WFWP reestablished the Brides position. 1992? 30,000 couples - first stage (no opposition from the world) 1995? 360,000? International Foundation. National boundaries came down. We could open the door to churches. 60,000 blessing then. After that was the 3.6 million couples blessing in 1997. 1998 we did the 36 million and 3.6 totaling 39.6 million couples. Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, Absolute Obedience.

Fall is centered on Satan. Donít need any religion after restoration. All past failures are restored. International World level. Abrahamís failure, Moses failure, Jesus could not marry ? all this is indemnified.

Through the mother you can offer everything to God.

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