Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Words Before the Official Washington Times Anniversary Speech

Sun Myung Moon
May 21, 2002

I believe you know who I am, but some people meet me face to face for the first time. Can you please raise your hands, those who see me for the first time. I'm 82 years old. Is there anybody who can challenge his age?

People say 'the founder of the Washington Times is famous in America'. But in which way is he famous? In a bad way of good way? You will find out tonight.

Think about the amount of love you gave to the newspaper the Washington Times in you loving country of America, and the amount of love I, the founder of the Washington Times gave to this newspaper and to your country America. Who's love is greater? Don't you have confidence?

I can confidently tell you that I love the Washington Times and America more than you do. Why can I say this? Why?

The reason I love the Washington Times more than you do, is because I pray every day that God will love the Washington Times and that God will love the American people who love the Washington Times and the country of America more than me, so that you can become better people and better families than mine. I can talk about the Washington Times all night. You know. But then you will still be here tomorrow. America is the central Christian nation of the world, therefor I like to give you a serious talk in a new dimension. I am 82 years old, so tonight I'm not going to give you a lavish talk.

Can you see me? I can not see all your faces. Even though I cannot see all of your faces, please don't take it easy, because the Spirit World is watching over of you, right now.

The first 10 years of the Washington Times were dedicated to liberate the communists in the cold war era. The 2nd 10 years of the Washington Times history, was to save the youth, from immorality and family breakdown. But the next 10 years is from today on; the Washington Times has the responsibility to educate people to know about God.

There are many famous people here, well known people, but they don't know God. I want you to know about God. Once we know about God, absolutely we can solve all the problems, we can find all the answers to solve the problems of the individual, the family, tribe, nation and the world.

You must clearly understand God. Yes or no. You know. Yes!

The second important point is about the Spirit World, the place where God dwells. People are ignorant about that. Do you know about the spirit world? God is watching over us now, and He is laughing at us, saying: 'If you are ignorant about the Spirit World, the other world, My land, you are bound to hell.' Is there anyone among you who can say 'I will never die?' What about you, what about the politicians? What about diplomats? What about religious leaders. Is there anybody who can say, you will never die. Without choice you will all die, and you will end up in one place. A place where you never thought you would go. That is our ultimate destination. Who can teach you about that place clearly. I, Rev. Moon, am the only one.

Is there anybody who really wants to know about those 2 points? About God and about the Spirit World? Can you show me your hands? I think those of you who didn't raise your hands, have no confidence in God. I may live another 10 years, up to the age of 92, but these 10 years will be dedicated to educate all the people of the world about God and the Spirit World.

Do you still want to know about it? People of the Washington Times, do you love your country? I do love the Washington Times, I do love America. Because of this 20th anniversary celebration of the Washington Times I want to give a precious message to everyone.

America represents the world, in particular the Christian nations, so that is why I am delivering this special message, in this particular time, in America. You have many ministers and theologians, but have you ever met confident ministers or theologians who could give such a confident message like I will give tonight. Please do not take this lightly.

[The official speech continues from here.]

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