Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Day of All Things

Sun Myung Moon
June 12, 2002
Reflections and Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins

The Night before True Day of All Things:

Dr. Yang and I arrived at 11 pm at Chung Pyung and immediately went to True Parent's general room on the fourth floor where Father has been watching the World Cup. At Chung Pyung, Dae Mo Nim prepared True Parents living area directly based on instructions from heaven. The dining room is very beautiful medium light green carpet with very formal dining set. The furniture is French Renaissance ivory in color with beautiful gold trim. The dining room has a huge picture window which stretches its whole length. From the dining room you can see the mountain (the mountain you look at just to your left when praying at the tree of blessing) across the small bay next to the training center as well as the main body of Chung Pyung lake. It is a breathtaking view. In 1997 there were only tent barracks on the property and a small stone training center built by Father himself with early members. . In the earlier years you could only get to this area by boat. There were no roads. Father held the first workshop there in the small training center. While Father intensely prayed for the providence there at Chung Pyung there were only a handful of members. Now whenever I go in the dining room I can't help but think Father's prayer in those dark times when no one knew the providence and he stood alone in this dark world. Still at that time he predicted that one day Chung Pyung would become an international training center in which the whole world would visit. Father's prophecy has come true.

As soon as we arrived Dr. Yang was asked to report. He gave a brief overview of the impact of the 144,000 couple blessing on the Religious leaders, particularly the Christian leaders. He testified as to how Rev. Dr. E. V. Hill stood strong in the face of opposition and came to the blessing and now testifies on video tape that Jesus is with it and you don't even ask if his name is included because wherever Jesus is got it going on he will be there.

He reported as to how we are marching to July 3rd with confidence and hope and expectation that True Parents miracles are occurring everywhere. He also told Father about the Second Generation leaders that are now joining in to lead the July 3rd Blessing. Pastor Barrett's miracle have affected Christians throughout America as well as the story of Bishop Stallings and his blessing. But we were all surprised that Minister Torrey Barrett, Pastor Barrett's son had such a miraculous healing of his marriage when Father reached out and joined he and his wife's hands together.

Minister Ishmael Muhammad, son of Elijah Muhammad, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King III and Rev. Dr. Ralph David Abernathy Jr. have given their support for the July 3rd blessing. Dr. Yang reported that we are blessing every church, one by one to fulfill Father's direction that each of the 144,000 should bless 12 couples in their congregation and then expand. This gives us the 1,728,000 goal for expansion of the blessing through the 144,000 Clergy Couples. Dr. Yang reported that this will take until the end of the year. Dr. Yang then reported on the Washington Times Banquet and details concerning the Governor that attended and many other of America's highest leaders. Father was especially interested in the fact that CSPAN broadcast Father's speech over and over throughout America. There were Governors, U.S. Senators and great men and women of God. Dr. Yang then showed the photo album of the three conferences. The Points of Light, Making the Dream Real (Leadership Conference focusing on the contribution of the Black community to America.), Korea, Japan and America in the Pacific era. Father looked carefully at each page of the album with a warm smile. Dr. Yang presented the details of each conference carefully. Father was very comforted by the development going on in America.

Then Dr. Yang presented the 50 State 52 City We Will Stand in Oneness Commemorative books covering every testimony, proclamation, Ministers speeches and key photos of each and every stop of the 52 city tour. Father looked at this historic record with such a deep sense of joy. Father said, "This tour grew out of the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship."

Pledge Service

The offering table was unique and significantly different from past offering tables. There were an abundance of beautiful green plants that were at the front of the table almost covering the view of the fruits and vegetables on the table. 7 White Candles stood before the table on Silver Candle holders about 3 ft. high with the Candles standing another foot tall. The fruit and food for the offering were extremely beautiful but smaller in quantity. Behind the altar were the thrones of our True Parents used in the Coronation ceremony for God's Kingship. They were upholstered with red patterned material with rich Gold trim on the wood.

Rev. Kwak led the ceremony.

Father and Mother entered with serene holiness and beauty in their holy robes. You could feel the calmness and inner peace and great stability and surety as True Parents walked out. First Father came and then Mother. As they stood in front of the altar Father lit the 7 candles. First he lit the center candle, then the one on the far right then on the far left. Then the next to the right and left and again. All 7 were lit. They then stood in front of the altar and bowed to Heavenly Father. Then Father took his place on the throne behind the altar and True Mother bowed. Then she took her place behind the altar. Then True Children bowed, then second generation then all who were present. Next the 3 primary nations bowed. Korea, Japan and America. Then representing the continents of the world. the Continental directors came and bowed. Then the major religions were represented, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Bhuddism, Confucianism. Then the representatives from the democratic Abel world and the communist Cain world. Then Dae Mo Nim (thru Hoon Mo Nim) representing the Spirit World bowed with other representatives of the physical world.

True Day of All Things True Father's speech.

Rev. Jeong Ok Eu the Director of Japan gave the opening prayer:

(Brief summary of his prayer.)

Beloved heavenly Father, because of the fall of man everything you desired was lost. True Parents Ideal and all of humanity were lost. Your creation was lost and all was destroyed. Through your long sad course of restoration, you recreated every condition that was lost at the fall.

Finally True Parents have come and fulfilled and restored all the conditions lost in the Garden of Eden. Through True Parents suffering course your heart was liberated and you could experience the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship. Now all is liberated and True Parents could now establish and proclaim the Cheon Il Guk. We are grateful for you sacrifice and victory.

Rev. Chun Hwan Kwak: Hoon Dok Hae.

True Parents prayer and speech from Day of All Things years ago were read by Rev. Kwak for HDH.

Then True Father spoke.

Father's Speech:

Why are you applauding? In our Unification Movement. We have made many many declarations centering on God's will and which way to go. They are all 90 degrees perfectly vertical and perfectly expanded horizontally.

Satan tried to destroy everything that was expanded horizontally. We are now establishing God's ideal against the work of Satan. Because of God and the 90 degree principle Satan cannot win. Satan has to acknowledge the principle in practice.

As True Parents established these declarations Satan had to acknowledge. Parents Day, Children's Day, The Day of All things. This was something only True Parents could do. Because Adam failed, Adam has to restore. All the things of creation must say or acknowledge that all these proclamations are True. You cannot just follow my words. You must follow my actions. The word can move everything when it's practiced.

Mind and Body unity is first. Then what - conviction centered on God. When the mind and body are united then you will be protected by the Creation. When mind and body aren't united then your mind and body lie to each other. Looking at the body we can't see the mind.

Can you go to heaven without Chung Pyung? What is Chung Pyung? You need Chung Pyung to go to heaven. This is the altar and the offering on the offering table is the Moon Family. You need your altar, Altar of husband and wife, Altar of Children, altar of family.

Father spoke with the Japanese:

Before the Meiji revolution there were no sir names for Japanese. You have no clear root. Your names were made up from wherever you lived. Under the pine tree.

God needs an altar. An altar where everyone can fit. The editor and chief of a newspaper interviewed me at the Korean Headquarters. The head of UPI and the head of all the Washington Times can be replaced if necessary. Media must be used to promote God's will. Is this good or bad.

The Japanese media has persecuted me for 40 years. They should repent and pay indemnity.

The sexual organ is the Palace of Life , Love and Lineage. The sexual organ can create life love and lineage and it's misuse can completely destroy everything. It can create orphans and widows. This is the palace of love. Japan must go through this correct path. When you have the right lineage then your final destination is heaven. How can human beings restore this.

Women are precious. Are women more precious or men more precious. The honorific. The husband may say, you should listen to me. You have to know the substantial existence. When women go to sleep you don't need clothes do you. They have smaller bones, yet bigger bottoms and chests. Without these cushions you will be crushed by your husband. Why are the hips of women big.

Summary, those who live more for others can even sit on top of the head of God. Do you fight, husband and wife? Man was meant to be born and to follow God. You should love each other absolutely. The highest thing and value for the husband is the wife. The highest thing of value to the wife is the husband. If you are always fighting means that you are going against Unification principle. Just hold your tongue. Sometimes however fighting can be good. Sometimes its because the wife wants to donate to the church and the husband doesn't. However, wives should be wise at this time and just smile and be loving and the donate for God's dispensation.

Sometimes you fight because of the fact that I gave you spouses that are different from you. They are complimentary. That's why sometimes its good to fight. A smart wife knows how to collect money. When I look at you I can tell if you are a patient wife or not. The patient one wins. In the World Cup - Japan played Russia her the worst enemy is Russia. The fact that Japan won through the soccer team which represents the second generation means that centering on the second generation they were able to overcome their enemy.

About 40 years ago the environment was full of borders. When I proclaimed Day of All Things before heaven the world was impossibly divided. Still I made this proclamation with the confidence that these walls would come down. No one could see that then. If I had passed away at the time when I proclaimed True Day of All things then my heart would not have been passed on to anyone. This tradition would have been lost. How desperate was God to protect me.

Who's been in the movement for more than 40 years. Rev. Oyamada's background is that of a monk. His face is that of a monk.

Before God you must have children that are praiseworthy. The love, life and lineage of the parents had to be connected. But because Adam and Eve couldn't keep it they lost it.

There are bitter persimmons and sweet persimmons. To change from bitter to sweet the branch of the bitter persimmon tree has to be grafted onto the trunk of the sweet persimmon tree. Then it will produce sweet fruit. This is the way it is with religious life. We must graft onto the lineage of God.

A young daughter was about to be married. Just two days before the wedding she was violated and kidnapped by gangsters of the Satanic world. This is how it was with God when Eve was taken. His precious daughter was taken away from him. You must love God's lineage more than your own lineage. Then you can return back to God.

You must graft everything on to the correct tree and then bring all together on God's side.

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