Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Hoon Dok Hae at Chung Pyung with TF

Sun Myung Moon
June 12, 2002
Notes by Michael Jenkins

Hoon Dok Hae:

Michael Jenkins:

Religions have the idea of the fall but don't understand that this is the root of the mind and body being divided. The power of the physical body has always been stronger due to the fall. The external world and the physical world have been striking the religious world throughout history due to the fall. As soon as you understand clearly that God exists,

Father's words

This is the most important point. Men try to make peace without God. How can we understand God. That is the most important thing. What is God. You must know God. From now the 21st century's main focus must be how to understand God and then how to connect it to humanity. We don't need God - this is the view of the western world. You must support God's heart. Centering on God how can we meet God's heart. You don't know about the ideal world and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. After that how can you connect with God and all humankind. Every leader has always made the mistake of not allowing God to be the center. Forsaking this center. You must put God at the center of everything. Do you understand. This is the most important point.

Hoon Dok Hae

The central figures chosen by God should bring a unified world of peace and happiness. Centering on God's love, only then can we be happy and peaceful. If there are tribes nations and individuals who are central figures should make sacrifices to expand the unified realm. If a nation wants to be a central nation, it cannot avoid sacrificing itself for the sake of the world. There should be one central point. One central being. Without these sacrifices the world of happiness can't be realized. Even after they are being sacrificed they can't imagine that they are being sacrificed. There should be happiness, peace and the ideals that we all want. There must be unity between the mind and body. In the last days we have the last obstacle that we must enhance. In order to overcome the last obstacle you must find the essential being who can find God's happiness and peace. In the time of Jesus, God's son had to be sacrificed. In the complete testament age, God's children had to be sacrificed. Without children you cannot have God's peace and happiness in the world. If you did not sacrifice for the sake of peace when you had blessing Satan will accuse. Through suffering and sacrifice and hardships you will be able to come closer to God. There is an amazing message that Jewish people expected that the Messiah would come to bring peace. Jesus said the complete opposite, " The Son of Man did not come to bring peace but to bring war. Unless you establish the foundation for peace on the family level, then you have to fight on the church or community level. Without sacrifices you cannot truly give to other people. The sacrifices you make are a clear expression of True Love. God exists for love. The messiah, the central figure wants to find the way to solve all of the problems of the world. He is in the position to purge away all the evils of this world. Only religions can bring True victory. The second coming must bring the entire unity for all of humanity. When you look at this world you can't see the heavenly Kingdom in this world. The patriots shine through even when difficulties are present.

Those who died for the sake of the nation are memorialized.

Jesus prayed for those who were killing him. Without suffering and the pain of giving birth you cannot find the nation and the world centering on God. The messiah is the one who can establish the original homeland. In him is the original homeland centering on God. Jesus and the King of Peace. Jesus came to realize peace but said that he didn't come to bring peace but war. What he meant was that people should revolutionize themselves and go to war with their bodies and with evil.

Anyone who tries to realize peace will face enormous difficulties. God promised that he would send the Messiah to bring happiness on the earth. He could find a woman who could be his object. He came to the world to realize the heavenly kingdom but he was opposed and pushed away.

Father to Dr. Yang

Take down the crosses in America. Michael Jenkins - do you understand. In the course of substantial things. You are supposed to pay the price symbolically. Jesus is the Father and the church is the bride. He is the bridegroom. Jesus came on the earth to bring unity on the earth. Jesus came to bring unity. Everything starts from the family. Even he was to restore the whole world but when he lost the family, he lost everything. Jesus is the king of peace. Now he has come to bring unity. He is supposed to teach God to the righteous people. Jesus was to bring victory. Today, if you can't handle this kind of mission responsibility you cannot bring peace to the world. We are in 4 dimensions now and must be able to work in this realm. You can't escape. Even if you ask Jesus and Heavenly Father not to come to you they will still come to you and through this the inevitable course towards peace will be established. We are living in the time when the SW is no longer separate from us.

Jesus was to open the way to peace.


From now on to bring unity the nations should not fight against each other. The time of fighting is over. You cannot control the world by force. America is trying to fight the biochemical terror problem with war. They can't do it.

Only through peaceful methods can we bring peace. Sports are very important to bring unity. First is martial arts. Second is Olympics. In 1988 the Olympics were held in Seoul. Through this 12 years ago we established the World Cultural and Sports Festival. Why does Father mention about Won Hwa Do, Olympics and then Soccer.

What is soccer - kicking the ball. It means kicking everything. It means kicking everything by your foot. To kick everything evil away. I was persecuted so much for starting a soccer team in Korea. Now the team is at the top. Why the people don't use their hands when playing soccer. Why only feet. Why not use everything. Today, soccer, Sun Moon, like the woman is the reflection of the man. Woman doesn't have any life. The woman has menstruation every month. Western woman has to say that she is more tough than the man. This will never work. Sun is the Father, Moon is the Mother.

Why does the woman have the womb. For the sake of receiving the seed. Then to have the baby. Only when man puts the seed in the mother's womb can life come about. Man's responsibility is to give the seed to the woman. The key to woman's womb should only be held by the one husband. Absolutely, only one. When you see that the eyes are two. They become only one. Lips, two become one. Ears two are there to hear. The body is always working to harmonize everything. We have two hands together and when they work together they can develop things.

Man is to plant the seed in the woman's womb. What does the woman's womb need. Man gives the seed. The woman receives the seed. Then the child comes from that union. Then based on this both man and woman can love the child. As you know children inherit from the Father and Mother. The Unification church members know about the kingdom of heaven. Many policies develop that block heaven.

When I tell politicians that there won't be any politics anymore. We are leaving the age of politics. In Europe there are many forms of politics that create division. English, Russian, German etc. different politics cause division. Who made politics - Satan made it.

I'm going to make professional teams in every country. Age 13 to 24. I'm going to train those young people so that they can beat today's world champions. The college league. The age starting from 16 to 24. I'm going to train those young people. From the Asian realm I will develop the hobby business. Fishing and hunting. In the Olympics there is the 100-meter running. At night, you should create the defense system to strike against evil at night. Many times the systems of power are only to deprive others of power. Tae Kwon Do, Won Hwa Do and Judo. I am making a new martial art to combine all three. All should learn martial arts. If you have this you will have the help of the Spirit World to protect you.

Father received so much criticism when he founded the Little Angels School in 1963. People said the unification church was just playing, singing and dancing and wasting time.

Boys and Girls are deeply attracted to each other. Father picked our spouses for us. When I said that the Little Angels would go to America and perform people laughed.

Now the Little Angels and Universal Ballet are respected. Now when I start the world wide soccer association. People will laugh, From now the Martial arts and sports art and performing arts will be the base for world peace. I'm making a World Peace Cup. We must stop the fighting. I'm not a businessman who is buying and selling players. With Pele I could move the world very quickly. I'm planning to make a soccer team in every nation of the world. The top women's team should challenge the top main team. Woman must be able to beat the men even in soccer.

The day after tomorrow there will be women coming from three nations. We should have a woman president of Korea. We must train a woman president from the Unification Church. We should make one Presidential candidate from our church this time. You should all exercise and do martial arts. Hyung Jin Nim is very interesting and has mastered martial arts. Martial Arts, Olympics, Soccer. These three are needed to bring peace. The rules should be changed in soccer. I'm thinking of all the possibilities of soccer that should be changed. You should start exercising your legs and you hands.

Each nation should make your soccer team. All 185 nations should have these soccer teams.

All leaders must declare the power of the Spirit World. Even if you go to prison. You must teach about God and Spirit World. In the Spirit World there are those that contribute to the course of the world. If you don't you are dead. If you work hard, the good spirit world will be you protection and guide. What have I been doing. The good Spirit World always supported me. Only without the help of the SW was I able to come this far. With your relatives and your ancestors together you must work hard. You must reveal the reality of the Spirit World.

White people - you have done what ever you wanted to do. You are proud of your positions or persecutions. I trusted you. You must change. You want to do whatever you want that's why the Unification Church didn't develop. Now I'm raising the second generation to replace you.

Soccer can unify everyone. In a short time they can unify all the people in the world. I gave you money to do these things. I will make champions in the Olympics and champions in soccer in the World Cup. If you think that you can't do it then just take your bag and go. I have trained myself to be God's representative. Soccer ball is very honest. If people were honest things would go quickly. Wherever the soccer ball is kicked it will go. People are different, they are always changing. How difficult it is for God's will to be accomplished.

It's very serious work to be the leader of a soccer team. It's more serious than when a man receives his wife for the first time. The church leaders should become the leaders of the soccer team. Even if you rest and sleep it should be made in this direction. If the Unification church is like a soccer ball it will go. The Unification Church has so many bumps and lumps. All the power is based on a 90 degree power of perfect balance between the vertical and horizontal.

I believe that African's can hide themselves by wearing black uniforms. When I met Pele. The black people have been carrying the cross but now the time has come for them to be blessed. They must really work hard and excel. The time has come for them to be blessed. Black people make excellent players in soccer. The legs of black, white and Asian are different. You should be the champions of carrying the cross of the Unification Church. Is night longer or day longer. How you thought about that. More days or more nights.

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