Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

To the Clergy and Members at Hoon Dok Hae on the Morning after the Blessing Ceremony

Sun Myung Moon
July 4, 2002
Sheraton National Hotel
Arlington, VA
Translation: Tim Elder

(Reverend Jenkins reads the July 4 publication of messages from the spirit world, entitled "A Cloud of Witnesses," to be published in the Washington Times and papers in all fifty states and forty nations.)

We will have something greater than the World Cup games. Our church has been accused and opposed, but great things will happen and those who oppose us will be taken away by the spirit world. If you do not live up to the standard of what you know you have to do, you will be in trouble. People will testify against you, especially the leaders of the religions.

It is easy for you to study the spirit world now, because many things are revealed. It is not a lie. If you donít study and research it, and live up to it, you will be in trouble. What will happen to Christianity in the future? They will be looking for me. When I go to spirit world, I need to resolve things there too, representing Heaven and Earth. You represent many saints and sages in spirit world. I am the representative of all humankind. After learning from me, you should teach all other people. Those who respond will be mobilized; those who donít will be adrift.

Communists invaded Christianity because they didnít respond. You white Christian ministers have to understand your responsibility. You are responsible to reveal all the truth. If you donít you will fall behind. In the Bible, the first will be last, and the last first. Now we are at the time we have to do our best. It is our destiny. It is Independence Day. After this proclamation, I might leave America.

Jesus died on the cross, and it must be taken down now. He went to the cross as a result of human ignorance. Those who rejected Jesus bore consequences throughout history. In the same way, those who do not fulfill their responsibility today will nullify 6,000 years of history. Jesus fulfilled 4,000 years and was sent to unite the world, centered on the Roman Empire.

Now Christianity is dying and we have to revive it, and Christians and Jews have to unite. There are Jews here this morning, and in America many Jews are among the leaders of the nation. I, as the 3rd Israel representative, have taught the truth and you must fulfill your responsibility as I did. Therefore you need education and training. To know the spirit world you must study. I am glad there are Christians and Muslims here; I am glad, but you must not fight with each other. Are Jesus and Muhammad fighting in spirit world? No; they get along well. We have to unite now.

The purpose of religion is to create Godís family on Earth. After that is done, the purpose of religion is over. Adam and Eve lost everything, in one generation. True Parents have restored everything by indemnity in their generation. That is why I have suffered in America. Now is the time that people really ought to accept me. If they deny me, I cannot bless them. They will be accused in spirit world. They will question you. They know I have taught you everything.

I have reached the point, despite persecution, that I can make this proclamation. No one can say they didnít know who I claim to be. I am not here to meet a President, but to make the people of the world Godís children. Can a president do that? It is the most important thing. What could I do by meeting him? We have stayed in the same hotel, but he did not want to see me. I would not beg to see him. If he is not interested in helping Godís providence, I cannot push him to see me. I cannot persuade or force him; he has to be willing; he should voluntarily want to see me. I cannot force you against your will.

There are ex-members who came back to the church, quite a few. Saints in spirit world do not fight, but cooperate. They do not insist on their own way. Once we are blessed, everything is fulfilled. We have to bring an end to the fallen world once we are blessed. Enemies are to have their children marry. That way, we can dissolve grudges and resentment. Christians and Muslims should become one. Marriage is the best way to bring unity among enemies. That is how we can bring peace. It can be done in three generations.

When Jesus died, he asked people to love each other. Why? It is the way to liberate people, God and Satan. So we have to have interracial, international exchange marriage. Children of America and Russia marry together! So far, religions have taught individual salvation, but we teach salvation of the family and tribe. The nation consists of families and tribes. That is the key to human salvation. It sounds easy, but it is not easy to do. But we have to live up to that standard.

Even religions have been corrupt. But from now, we have to resolve and renew everything. If I do not teach this, I will be accused. The major newspapers will reveal it; itís not just an ad; there should be articles about it. It is so important and crucial, much more than who becomes president of the nation. A soccer game does not compare with this. The Koreans cheered their soccer team, the red devils. That means communists. I was concerned about this. Many women danced out of joy, and men were happy too, however, I was very serious. Especially young people were so enthusiastic. If something goes wrong, they can go in the totally wrong direction.

If Korea had reached number 1Ö Korea set a good example, impressing many people. On that foundation, they should prosper. I wanted to see something good come out of it. There should be many books written about what I said. In the library are many books by other authors, such as Marx, but those books will be forgotten someday, because they are not really truthful. They confuse people. But the Unification Church teachings are clear, and anyone who can distinguish right and wrong admits it.

I have been persecuted many years; people do not want to believe me. They see me as the leader of a religious sect. You have to go home and bring peace to your family. Adam and Eveís family struggled; Cain and Abel fought. You should restore historical problems. Often, women create the problems; 70% of family problems happen because of the woman. From now, mother and son must unite and bring unity in the family. If the husband is a womanizer, creating family problems, the mother and son have to move him to change and restore the family.

Elementary school children and middle and high schoolers have to do Hoon Dok Hae. They have to discuss the contents, to discuss whether it is correct. This discussion is the parentsí responsibility. You have to go to your hometown, restore unity of your family, and restore their position as Godís sons and daughters. Jesus came as the bridegroom. He wanted to educate all women, so that they could educate all the children and restore them back to God. That could have been done within 3 years, had the people listened to him.

But, he was crucified instead. How sad he was, when he went to paradise. he could not face God; he felt so ashamed. So God has been working so hard until True Parents came, and He brought victories to restore what was lost. I knew the Divine Principle, so you should know True Parents and our hearts and minds, and unite and then you can do the same thing. We should go beyond national boundaries and attend God as the King of the cosmos.

We have to not just pray, but also report our daily activities to God. He wants us to fulfill His ideal, as our Parent. He wants us to be better than Him. That is the nature of God. We cannot doubt that. People wrongly think I am using you, because they do not know who or what I am. The saints in spirit world know who I am. If you want to accuse me, go ahead, but first you have to know what I am teaching. Or you will be a fallen leaf, blown away. From the Bible, remember the story of Jesus cursing the fig tree that bore no fruit. Something like that can happen to those who do not know what is going on in Godís timetable. Know what is going on and inherit everything from spirit world. If you will do this, raise your hand.

In the past, we had a serious problem. If we make the condition of unity, then the problems of 9-11 will be resolved. Many fight because of religion. We have to go beyond that level of enemy relationships. The children of nations that have the Cain and Abel relationship should marry together. Cain killed Abel. We have to bring their children together by marrying them. Jews are the eldest, Christians are the middle, then Muslims, and the Unification Church is the youngest brother. I am representing the Unification Church and trying to digest the difficulties and resolve the problems, because I know the principle and what to do. I have been teaching people, through my example, how to solve these fundamental problems.

In that way, we can inherit Godís blessings. That is the solution. Can we solve the problem through the president? Can the president of a nation solve the social problems. No; often men seek honor, but unless this desire is God-centered, it will create more problems.

I teach to live for others. Money, power, time, I invest everything for others. But I was jailed six times and never complained. I followed Godís direction. Thus the condition could bring greater victory. Therefore we have to remove the cross and bring the work of resurrection. Then we have to fulfill our responsibility, uniting America as 2nd Israel. This nation must teach all religions including Judaism to fulfill their responsibility.

America was built on the foundation of Judaism, the 1st Israel, and Christianity. Now we have to bear fruit. The Unification Church members are in the realm of the 4th Adam. We have to stand in the position that can be higher than the saints of the past. That cannot be attained automatically; we have to fulfill our responsibility. We cannot just pray to God. You should be willing to do whatever God wants you to do. I convey Godís will, and what I tell you to do is not my personal desire. Many religious leaders live for their own sake, using religion for their own benefit.

This is the time to bring oneness to all. Even if I do not emphasize it, it will happen, because the foundation has been made. I inspired the creation of a university alliance, a revitalized UPI, Washington Times; I have brought them to the top, and taken responsibility for shaping the core American thought, because America is my elder brother. As the younger brother, I wanted to take responsibility for them, but from now they must take their own responsibility.

You know the amount of money Iíve spent here, but it goes beyond money. It is heart and effort. On this Independence Day, you understand this and be born as a new America. We have to build a new nation and celebrate a new Independence Day.

This is the way for America, Christianity, Confucianism and Islam to go. So you must quickly proclaim this. Whoever responds first, will be number one. Whoever does not do right, will be expelled by God. The nations must be brought together. This proclamation has been made and so you have to follow me. Those who do not will be like a fallen leaf. After the Jews lost Jesus, they suffered, wandering, persecuted. They did not think Jesus was so important.

They walked this course because they lost the opportunity on Earth to attend the Messiah. However, in 1948, with the help of America, Korea was given independence and Jewish people were liberated. During the Korean war, Manchuria should have been restored. Had that happened, communist would not have prospered, but America failed in that responsibility.

Whenever America was in difficulties, I helped. I spoke out against the Carter administration. Even now, Carter is trying to influence the world based on this past position. He should know right and wrong. I am not just a passerby. We have a great foundation in every field in America, and you should do something greater, or just pack your things and go home.

We have the responsibility to save the nation and world. Iíve opened the way; all you need to do is follow my lead. South Korea and North Korea should unite. No matter how smart or great you are, if you do not do Godís will, your life will be a fallen leaf. Do not be proud of yourself, especially white people. I am a frank, honest and straight person.

Some whites say that American Indians died because of disease. That is not true. They were here first; they are my cousins. If you do not fulfill your responsibility, the other races will surpass you. There are more non-Caucasians in the world than Caucasians. China and Russia look at the USA as their enemy. If they unite, it will be a problem. Those who want to help with this, stand up and show your resolve. Thank you. May Godís blessing be with you.

This is not just an American memorial day, but also one for all humankind and the world. This should be a new embarkation day. It should not be just another July 4; understand this clearly.

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