Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

God's Independence Day

Sun Myung Moon
July 4, 2002 9:00 am
Sheraton National Hotel
Arlington, VA
Translation: Peter Kim

To Family Federation families and guests

My message will be brief this morning. How long do you want it to be? Five minutes? Ten minutes? You won't decide; I will. There are millions of problems in the world, dealing with individuals and nations. But what is the most crucial of them? Ignorance of the fall at the beginning of history. What about you children? [Father addressed much of this speech to a group of Service for Peace volunteers, second-generation teenagers, who were sitting in front.] Do you know about the fall? (Yes.) When did it take place? Where they adults or growing up? (Growing up.) Just like you. What age were they when they fell? (16.) Those who are 16, raise your hands. It is a dangerous age.

Do you know about the fall? What is your position, then? Do you have the potential to fall? (No.) Do you know that in general, a woman wants a handsome man and a man wants a beautiful woman? For what reason? Is a handsome man or beautiful woman absolutely needed? (No.) What is the case? Do women need men absolutely, and vice versa? (Yes.) You unmarried young people, do you know about that too? (Laughter.)

People do not know, that is the problem. That's why the children in society do not know this truth, so we have to educate them about abstinence and pure love. You don't know about pure love, although you may teach about it. You have had no experience. What is the meaning of pure love? Should you be allowed to date? (No.) Don't you want to date? As soon as you go out of this door, you see children dating each other everywhere. Will you spit at them? Those who married yesterday do not need this talk; I'm teaching unmarried children this morning.

You adults represent the past; I'm dealing with the future. So I have to whisper to them. You have to keep absolute silence, and I will pour out all the truth. If you become noisy, I will quit. What's the meaning of the fall? Was it that they shook hands? Dated? What about their life? Were they moving around naked, or did they have clothes on? (Naked.) At 15 or 16, your body is becoming mature. Were they still naked? What about you? At 16, if you have to walk around naked, won't you feel embarrassed? Exposing your breasts and love organ? Don't you want to cover them? (Scattered laughter).

What about Adam and Eve? When they talked and walked, did they cover their important parts? When they looked at each other, I'm sure they realized that their bodies were taking shape differently. Don't you think they paid attention to that? What about you? Do you have interest in that? You are laughing. That tells me you are interested in it too.

When we talk about purity, what organ are we specifically indicating? Our mouth, hips, breasts, or love organ? (Love organ.) Suppose you live with a boy or girl together, naked since you were born, why would you suddenly pay attention to the difference of your body structure? Do you have an elder brother? Do you think they slept together or separately? Don't you think they talked with each other while they were sleeping?

You have to remember, there was no air-conditioning, so when it was hot, naturally they would go into the shade, and sit together tightly. All kinds of situations could have come about. Do you think their personalities were different from each other, or the same? As an enthusiastic boy, Adam would have been chasing things from the early morning, and Eve, being a girl, would have sat at home calling to him to take her along, because she couldn't cross the river by herself. "My brother, Adam, why don't you take me?" she might have cried. How would Adam have reacted? He might have said, "You stay at home and don't bother me!" If Eve was in tears, who was available to comfort her? (Lucifer.) The archangel, Lucifer.

Remember, he was also fully grown, but naked too. He carried both Adam and Eve on his back when they were children. While he was carrying Eve, or holding her on his lap, they watched the animals mating. Who was inspired more by the mating of the animals? As they watched birds, they could distinguish the male's behavior from that of the female. Are you male or female? (Male.) What is your role as a male? What about in the world of birds? What are the junctions and roles of male and female? What is the purpose of having male and female birds?

God created birds male and female because He wanted to see them love each other and multiply. You parents sitting in the back, don't be proud. I'm talking about the universal law. Where can God see more hope for purity, among the children or among the adults? (Children.) Answer clearly. (Children!) Then you adults, are you determined to keep your eyes on your children to keep their purity? Are you confident to keep the pure lineage, God's lineage?

It's a big problem. This is my warning. When you look at the animal kingdom, male and female mate, and next they give birth. Adam and Eve as children didn't know this, but the archangel knew. He was an adult. It was a learning process for Adam and Eve. They saw the birds mating, then later they saw the babies appear. It was a shock to them, but the archangel knew about it. When the saw the little bird following its parents, they paid close attention.

They finally realized that in order to multiply themselves, they had to mate. Adam and Eve didn't know this to begin with, but the archangel knew. He, who knew, set Eve on his lap and don't you think he started to feel a sensation? As I said, when Eve cried when she was alone, the archangel came to play a role to comfort her and calm her down. She sat on this lap and they both were naked, and maybe she was dozing. He realized that he had a chance to make a love relationship with her. Their love organs were very close. He could do it if he wanted.

What about you adult men? If you were in the situation, would your sex organ not get strong? (Laughter.) Don't' laugh. What do you think you would feel? You men are in the position of archangels, thieves. This is my warning. You men, do you have absolute confidence that even the most beautiful, finest woman in the world tries to make love with you, you would not blink? (A few yeses.) Again, this is my warning.

If you are interested in this type of environment, and keep your love organ in the proximity of such situations, you surely will have a disaster. Don't you think you will be attracted to this or that particular girl so that you can multiply children? The point is that they fell before they reached that level of thinking about having children. Once you reach 19 or 20, you get more mature and realize that you need a spouse in the future. But Adam and Eve couldn't reach that point, and they fell.

You certainly think about it, don't you? In the world of Adam and Eve, were there other boys and girls? There were only one man and one woman. What if Eve said, "Adam, I'll never accept you. I hate you." What would have happened? She had no other choice. Even if she said that, her body, her breasts and love organ, would be excited. Even with her eyes closed, she would not avoid jumping into Adam's bosom. If you make such a relationship, you destroy yourself, your family and your lineage.

I heard there are 300 young people working for SFP. Are you dating each other? You girls, do you think about boyfriends? (No.) Are you boys looking for girlfriends? (No.) If there are some boys or girls who are thinking that way, can we say that this group is pure, or scarred? Is it an intact, pure species? In the secular world, the parents watch their children to grow up and encourage them to date when they reach 16. Are they good parents? (No.) Absolutely, N-O. "N-O" means "nothing open." Both sexes, you have to say absolutely no when it comes to dating.

You can greet each other naturally, as by hugging, but girls have to protect their breasts and love organ, for your future children. Purity is about keeping oneself intact all the way. You should be protected and guided by your parents and siblings. Brothers and sisters should work together to keep purity, until you receive the blessing from God and parents. Then you exchange the most precious gift of your love organ with your spouse. Then God's blessing will be accomplished.

When you go through marriage, you receive your spouse: then are you wanting to give something genuine to your spouse, or something already used? Americans say, "I don't care if my wife is a second-hand woman." Will God condemn this, or welcome it? Will you welcome that or spit at it? What do you prefer? (Pure.) Look at your eyes. They are round. Your nose is protruding. What about your love organ? God created it for the sake of your spouse. Girls' breasts are growing for the sake of your children.

Then, if you really keep yourself intact and genuine, God will knock at your door and ask to dwell with you. The time will come that you will have to marry. So at that time your love organ has to be activated. Then Adam and Eve will say, Yes, Father. Will you say yes to God when He gives you that challenge? What about marriage? When the time for marriage comes, who should initiate it, you or your parents? (Parents.)

But the secular kids say that their parents have nothing to do with it, and they pick their own spouse. When children have that kind of nasty individualistic attitude, will God dwell with them? Will the boy represent God's sung sang and the girl God's hyung sang? No; He cannot touch them. That's why the Unification Church teaching is that children must protect their love until marriage, and then you need permission from your parents and ancestors to use your love organ. "Ancestors" means all of them, including God. The entire universe and cosmos should welcome your marriage.

At the time of marriage without the fall, at the moment of first love, that is the moment that the vertical parent, God, would have come to dwell with them, and Adam and Eve would have become the horizontal parents. That is where the True Parents emerge and the lineage emerges. True Parents' lineage. Adam and Eve were in the position to create this dual True Parentship, vertical and horizontal. Between these two sets of True Parents, vertical and horizontal, which set should feel true love first? Which should be the center? (Vertical.)

Remember, your mind and conscience are in the position to inherit vertical lineage from God, and your body inherits a horizontal lineage from your physical parents. But due to the fall, the vertical parents were chased away. Horizontal parents sided with Satan. This is the most fearful phenomena. That is the phenomena of the fall. That is why all humanity, the descendents of the fallen ancestors, became the tools of Satan. So this world is the dance floor of Satan. Our life takes place in such an evil environment.

If you children keep purity until marriage, and you find your spouse, the first moment you make love is the time God will come. It will be a sacred moment at which you inherit true love, life and lineage from God. That is the place your spouse will come as the king and prince of the Kingdom of God., and you will be the spouse of that prince and king. It is most sacred. In the holy moment, your spouse is coming to become absolutely one with you, will you question if he took a shower or brushed his teeth?

You married, older couples, must remember this. Even among you couples, each time you are ready to receive your spouse, you have to feel that you are receiving him or her for the purpose of creating true love, life and lineage. So you have no room to ask mundane questions such as, have you taken a shower, or brushed your teeth? This is such a fantastic situation I am describing about lovemaking within pure blessed couples. The wife is prepared like pure, glowing gold, and the husband is a precious diamond. By uniting this glowing gold and diamond, it will create the Kingdom of God. This will encompass the entire world.

If such a moment of lovemaking takes place, the entire universe will pay attention and be interested to participate. If you don't normally have this, at least once a year you should create the environment where it will be that sacred. If you can do that once, you can have hope to continue it. It is an honor to serve each other. The honor based upon the pure love organs should be like the honor of a prince and princesses of heaven. But in the fallen world, the husbands and wives who focus on the love organs are like dung-eating dogs, because they focus on free sex. This destroys the universal principle.

Even the animals spit at homosexuality and free sex. The animals feel such people are dirty. You shouldn't contaminate your entire body, any of the organs. You young people, keep protecting your body as a pure sacred body, all the way to the point that you marry. If you can keep this promise, and reach that moment of the blessing, then God will come to protect your marriage and you will have abundant blessing in your life.

Are you happy to hear my talk this morning? (Yes. Applause.) Since I am telling you the truth of God, if you believe it, then you and your children will become the world-renowned leaders who will lead humanity. The most difficult task in my life has been the man-woman relationship. The most severe test for a handsome man, especially, will be the most beautiful woman. When you are in deep prayer, as a boy or man, you may envision the most beautiful woman's naked body coming to love you. How can you control yourself? What if she asks you for a hug in your deep prayer or vision? Man by his own power cannot control love. God has to provide the power to dominate and control it.

Love should be ruled by God and God's principle. That is why my lifelong motto is, before I desire to rule the universe, I must rule myself and my own desire. What if you separate from your spouse for ten years, are pure, and Satan disguises himself as a beautiful woman, as your wife, and tries to seduce you? If Satan disguises himself as your wife and tries to seduce you, it must be Satan because the husband should initiate, not the wife. The love organs get excited, but when you think about the principle, you should be able to stop right there and return to a relaxed state. Keeping pure love is that difficult. And you should reach even beyond that.

What if you are in a packed bus or subway, and you stand next to an attractive woman. Do you feel like touching her hand or hip? (One boy shouts out, no, after a moment of silence.,) That means, K-N-O-W. You should consider that you have a love organ but don't know what it's for and have no feeling about it. If worst comes to worst, you can offer your body, do what you want, but I won't respond to your attempt. Because God has walked the course a hundred times more difficult than our course.

What is the meaning of the fall? It is the deviated love relationship, centered on Satan. From there, there have been conflicts on all levels. (Laughter among the kids. Father looks over and talks or queries.) After the fall, all was lost. There was no God-centered family on the Earth. The family should have taken root in God's love. That would have been a True Family. All of you here have to make a determination today, that no matter what the circumstance, you will have a root in God's true love, so that you can have True Children, and build a true society, nation and world. Root, trunk, branches, buds. No matter how difficult, I am determined to be rooted in God's love, life and lineage, forever.

Independence Day, the fourth of July for America. 7 X 4 is 28. It's a good day, a lucky day. Why? Our hand represents the number 12-four finger with three joints. The thumb has the dual characteristics of God. Put the thumb inside and allow it to be protected by the fingers. Both hands together means husband and wife protect God and become one. Right represents the mind, left represents the body. So we create 28 from the two hands. There is a saying that 2 X 8, 16, is the most appropriate age for marriage. So we put the hands together tightly, not moving.

We've passed six months of this year, six is the bottom Seven is rising up. When we have an absolute horizontal line, everything is equal. The world consists of pairs on every level. So there is always vertical and horizontal movement. brothers and sisters relationship is another angle. Above/below, right/left, front/rear. These relationships should be united, to form a sphere. The center of the sphere is God. That center is equidistant from every point on the globe.

Love is like the bone, and our body is like the flesh. When you marry, you should be able to form this sphere, on every level. When the world is fully occupied with such couples, it will become the Chun Il Guk, the Kingdom of God on Earth. Father and mother, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, in the family level sphere, or globe, The key is our family. We should be able to create a perfect sphere in terms of God's love, life and lineage dwelling there. The world is these spheres strung together. This will be the ideal world, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Because of the fall, our ancestors became enemies to God, and man and woman, brothers and sisters, and so forth become enemies. Enemy tribes, nations and world, and heaven and hell became enemies. What caused it? Satan's fallen lineage. We have to cancel, eliminate it, and drain the satanic blood and fill it with God's blood. That is why God has sacrificed saints and martyrs in human history. You inherited all that.

We still have this fallen blood in our bodies and organs, so we have to protect them so they don't get worse, and drain the blood out. When are you going to achieve absolute mind and body unity? If you can't you will be bound for hell. God's blood and Satan's blood cannot mix together. It is the difference of day and night. The body always takes the mind to the body's side, but you have to pressure your body to pull it to the mind's side. Then God will dwell with you.

Once we see the perfected man and woman, and they come together and create unity as husband and wife, then who else can dwell with them? God; no shadow of Satan can be there. In their holy unity, God's hyung sang and sung sang will dwell in them and create God's children. What do we need in order to accomplish that? True love. True life, and true lineage. You cannot create it by yourself. You need your partner. That is an absolute principle. God is absolute, eternal, unchanging and unique. So too are the attributes of true love, and of the true love couple.

When there is fight, the husband and wife blame each other. To solve it, one has to offer true love, living for others.

Who has thinner lips, man or woman? Which is more talkative? (Woman.) Since man has thicker lips, it takes him longer to say anything, but girls with thin lips can talk faster. So girls, be careful. On the street, women try to seduce men. Men, bad as they are, are more centered than women. A woman caused the fall, and girls inherit this tendency. So keep a lock on your lips; silence is better than talking. Don't talk too much.

In the case of a fight, if the husband shows the spirit of living for others three or four times, the wife will naturally surrender. Woman thinks about east and west only, but the man thinks about all directions. He is more round; the woman represents horizontal, back and forth movement. Who commits suicide more? (The crowd cannot decide whether men or women commit suicide more.) "M" representing man, represents mountains; "W" is deep, representing the ocean. They should be put together. When you make love, which takes the lower position? Concave should be on the bottom, because if it goes above, everything will spill out. Convex should be on top; this is a natural law. It is the same among animals and insects. No one can go against the natural law. You married couples, do you understand? (Yes.) If you do, applaud. (Applause.)

Five minutes became almost two hours. Remember, as you leave, that we are entering a different time period, a different era. In Korea, on June 21, I held a world rally under the banner of the complete settlement of unity of the parents of Heaven and Earth. In other words, we are entering a new era, in which we can live with God in our daily life. In attending the parents of Heaven and Earth, we need to be re-educated. Our house should fly the Family Federation flag. This is the sign... If you want to hoist your national flag, our Family Federation flag should be above it. It is like the relationship of the Senate and House of Representatives, and they should be one like Cain and Abel.

In Adam's family, Cain and Abel fought, and the entire world inherited this. We have to unite them. then we can inherit true love, life and lineage from the True Parents. Then Satan's love, life and lineage will be cut off naturally and disappear. Not just on the level of the individual, but the family. The blessed couple, therefore, is the most blessed thing in this world. Keep your family intact. Can you do that? (Yes.) I believe and trust you. I thank you.

I want to add one thing. The great four religious leaders and saints in the spirit world attended a seminar True Parents ordered, and gave their testimonies that all humanity should attend, serve and follow True Parents. (Applause.) Regardless of his or her religion, race or culture, in the spirit world everyone knows there is only one way, following True Parents' guidance. So now is the time that these ancestors are descending to deal with their descendents and anyone who goes against True Parents will lose the blessing.

God Himself is leading these troops, working with this world. Anyone who goes against this direction will bounce around like a soccer ball. You have to save your brothers and sisters first, before you receive the blessing, because you will eventually be in the parents' position. You have to give the blessing to your brothers and sisters of the secular world. You have to bring them along to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Once you are one with your brothers and sisters, then you have to reach your hands out to your mother, to bring her there. Eve and Cain and Abel should become one, and then bring Adam beck to his original position. This is the result or the unity of the children and mother.

If your father is deviating, drinking and smoking, and if you don't have the power to influence him, work with your mother and grandparents. Surround him and eventually he will have to surrender. That way you make the four position foundation. To do that, invest your whole heart. Eventually, reach out to your clan to the extent of eight generations, so your entire clan can enter the Kingdom of God together. This is the formula.

God is the first generation, Adam and Eve the second, and Cain and Abel the third. God wants the third that was lost by the fall. Three generations should unite. The entire nation should become as one church, serving God. The fall took place when Adam and Eve were young. So you young children are the ones who need Hoon Dok Hae, so you can keep yourselves straight. Middle and high school kids need Hoon Dok Hae more than their parents do.

If we keep this tradition and spread it to all Americans, then those destroyed families can be restored. Young children, Adam and Eve, fell first and that destroyed the family. So you, who are that age, have responsibility to restore that level, and eventually build God-centered True Families, to restore the world. You teenagers should become models and take initiative for Hoon Dok Hae in your family. Your parents will surrender within three months. But take three years if necessary, to reach your clan members.

Become serious about Hoon Dok Hae, God's words, and appeal to your parents in tears. Keep the Hoon Dok Hae tradition, and with it, build true families and create true children. If you expand to three generations, you will automatically enter the Kingdom of God. Your ancestors will follow you and mobilize to support you to create the Hoon Dok Hae tradition in your family and tradition. Don't worry about witnessing to others, just your family and tribe. That's how you can restore through indemnity. If your parents dropped the Hoon Dok Hae tradition, you are in the position to restore that failure.

Begin by envisioning that the US president and all the congressmen agree that the country needs my teaching to restore the nation. Then it could be done in one day. We could give them all the blessing, and they could go to Heaven no problem, in one day. We can apply the same principle to the world if the UN were to adopt this posture. It wouldn't take more than a week to restore all humanity.

But it will take some steps. First we have to unite the religions, beginning with the leaders, so that they will influence the government leaders with a loud voice. Because of the fall, we are all upside down, hanging by our toes. Through Hoon Dok Hae tradition, we have to straighten it out, restoring the fallen children who belong to Satan. Satan knows that I am thinking about this, so he keeps his eye on the people of the secular world. Your responsibility is to reach them so that they can follow God.

Youth immorality is a world problem. Who can solve it? Reverend Moon, with you. If all of you become a burning torch like me, there are too many people here, we don't need this many. If the youth are united, Satan can be chased out. So go back to your family and save your brothers and sisters, restore your parents and grandparents. If you parents feel you have done your responsibility to raise your children in the sight of God, then you take all this responsibility.

You must not follow the satanic tradition for the blessing. We have to restore the 2nd Israel nation back to God. Can you do it? (Yes.) All blessed couples are responsible to give the blessing. I will hold a blessing ceremony every three months until the end of this year. You should bring a couple to each one. There will be two more blessings before the end of this year. I am declaring this to Heaven and Earth.

All the saints in the spirit world have received this declaration too, and they have the privilege to come down to help us if we are serious. No matter what religion you may have, no matter what kind of believer you are, you cannot deny the declaration. If you are against it, your ancestors may react negatively.

Before they reach age 28, we have to be able to offer the second-generation to God in purity. By the time they reach 28, this should take place. Think about it: 2,000,000 couples received the blessing yesterday, worldwide. If they do their responsibility to reach 12 couples each, there will be 24 million couples, then if they continue it, there will be about 288 million couples. If you do it yourself, it will be impossible, but if you work together with your brothers and sisters, alumni and friends in the church, you can work together. You can give all your heart and mind to bring new people to the church for education. "Push" power is stronger than President "Bush" power.

Also, I am announcing that all the Korean National Messiahs are allowed to return to Korea to restore their clans and tribes, by July 7. But the Japanese missionaries are allowed to stay here. If necessary, you can bring your families here. You are in the position of mother, so you should be in this position. But there is one condition for the Korean National Messiah: find one person to take your place here: your wife, or a child, or someone.

This remaining six months of this year is critical. We should be able to bless every person in America. If we fulfill this responsibility centered on America, then all the nations of the world will reach that goal, and hence the world will become one family under God. Suppose all American families and children become Family Federation members like you. Then the rest of the world will love to have these children to marry into their clans, so in that way, the world will become citizens of the Chun Il Guk. Amen!

The evidence that this will come true is that the four religious founders will support you from behind. You cannot escape it. Jesus himself became my follower already, so naturally you, Jesus and all Christians will become my followers. Have faith in it and pray about it. Similarly, Muslims will follow Muhammad as my follower, so you should become like them, including your Cain and Abel type ancestors. If you believe in it with faith, and march forward, you will be successful. If you doubt, you will never succeed.

This is what I have done all my life, faced with opposition, and as a result today I have become the most successful leader in the world. This will be the case for you too. (Applause.) The most powerful bomb under the sun is the true love bomb from God and True Parents. It is more powerful than anything. Amen! (Applause.)

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