Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Sunday Morning Address

Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2002
East Garden, Irvington, NY
Translation by Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong; Notes by Dr. Tyler Hendricks

[True Father began by asking True Mother to read the June 21 speech in Korean.]

The Blessing was July 3 and on July 4 we had an historic declaration. Centering on that, we had the declaration and determination of the saints. It was declared to the Earth and spirit world, centered on True Parents.

We are beyond any national organizations, and we are subject, so the object should follow and we can in that way set up the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Today is July 7. Please understand July 3 and 4. True Mother did a good job reading this morning, despite the difficult Chinese characters. In the Oriental society, we have symbolic words, a huge number of words. Chinese dictionaries have more than 50,000, almost 70,000 words. It's so big. We can understand the structure of Korean in 30 minutes. China has deep and wide ideas that they learned from the world. There are 1.4 billion Chinese, but they are not easy people.

We need to embrace the power of China. The Unification Church can do it, wherever they are in the world. We can digest their ideas, which are incomparable with those of other cultures. We can embrace and digest it. So in the spirit world and Unification Church, we can move on together, set the direction and quickly move on. There is no time. From now for the next 10-12 years, we are going to solve the world's issues.

The saints gave special ideas and support. Each organization, and Congress, and America, and the UN, should support the True Parents' teachings on the world level. So that is the purpose of the media. International news services give resources to all other media groups. They should speak out and make noise about the coming of the Messiah. You should recognize that kind of law; that's why God called you here. If you stand against the law of heaven, your ancestors will teach you. If you are against it, their future is destroyed, so they will reach that person suddenly from spirit world. Then from the spirit world they will reform and reorient him.

Anyone who ignores the heavenly law is lost. That time is coming. Even Unification Church members are susceptible to this condition, eliminated from the providential line. How are we going to fulfill our responsibility? Father, son, brothers and sisters; all should understand these ideas and support them. The good ancestors encourage and guide. Look at your brothers and sisters. Are any if them standing against the Unification Church? If so, you were kidnapped, and had to endure and wait until they understood God's heart and ideas. That was until today, but we are above the national level, so it is time to guide the world in the opposite way. So people should know the truth and all the heavenly ideas. Horizontally, the movement goes from the individual up to the eight stages, receiving persecution on each stage, then you receive blessings on each stage.

We meet as Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel, but now he protects and unites so that they can go to Heavenly Father together. They unite to embrace their mother. Many families in America have a stepmother. The father is in the archangel's position. The mother unites with the True Parents, and then with the children saves the father, who is in the archangel position.

Christianity is the bride religion, guided by the Holy Spirit. They worked to solve this problem for 2,000 years, to solve the Cain and Abel and mother/children relationships in order to restore the husband. These are three different ideas; and altogether create a difficult course. The messiah comes to solve them. So, follow the True Parents' guidance with absolute faith, love and obedience. But Christianity kicked out the husband, because Satan took away the man who is not ideal, who is evil. With such a man, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So the role of the messiah at his coming is to teach, guide and correct the man.

The man is a son of Satan and he plays the satanic role as a playboy, drinking, smoking, or practicing homosexuality. It leads to divorce and misery for the wife and children. Such men didn't accomplish the idea of peace and love. Who is going to bring it? False parents set up the wrong way, so True Parents must come to restore the satanic culture and ideas. The Messiah educates the woman first, then the children and husbands, with true pace and true love.

Therefore, 70% of the Unification Church membership is women, because women have a better sense of how to connect with the Messiah. To me, the sisters here are younger sisters of True Mother. We can reorganize the family. Since 1960, I set up the progression of blessed families, Twelve different levels were developed on the world level. Then we grew to 360,000 and on continuously, to 360 million couples. I paved the highway, so anyone is free to go the way of Heaven and of God.

No man, other than I, is a true husband, true brother and true father, fulfilling all the positions that Eve lost. When you join the Unification Church, you feel as if the True Father is a true brother and your fiancée is like your brother. You can thereby restore the four realms of heart. You forget all men and connect only to me, as your brother, fiancée and husband. Then unite in conjugal love, have children, become parents and go to the grandparents' position. This is the life of the woman, the principle way for women. Without it, there is no meaning to life. She needs to receive her grandfathers' love, father's love, husband's and brother's love. Without that she is resentful.

So I look at all women as my fiancée. And sisters want their husband to be like me. Then you can elevate yourself to becoming a true mother, true wife, true grandmother, etc. I am the only perfect Adam. You cannot correct your ideas and behavior in the spirit world; you have to do it here on earth. You have to make 3 generations on earth. Satan destroyed all God's ideas. Centered on you and me, we can restore these things. This is the formula by which you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. June 21 was a special rally, centered on the number 21, for the safe settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. It means God and True Parents united. Then comes safe settlement; living together. God comes to earth to live with you. So, attend True Parents more than you attend your husband and king. Then God and True Parents come to your house and live with you. Then you can enter the Chun Il Guk.

Your graduate degree has no meaning here. All that maters is how you attend the parents of heaven and earth. You cannot deny the messages of the saints. They were fighting with each other until True Parents came and gave the blessing. Now is the time when there is support for the earth to move in one direction, with one goal. Now billions of spiritual beings have received the blessing. The leaders of nations also made a resolution: from now, the false parents will be overcome on the earth and the world of resentment will be left behind.

They are determined with a new declaration. It happened in spirit world. If earthly people go another direction, they may eliminate us, by sickness, strange diseases by which you gradually lose power and die. So you should welcome this message from the top saints. So what can the Unification Church blessed central families do?

Learn to move in a circle, then let God kick you like a soccer ball into the goal. Totally unite with God. Korea is now famous, reaching fourth in the World Cup. Young people need to burn their energy with sports, art and martial arts. How can we destroy the Mafia? My idea is to teach martial arts from kindergarten to graduate school. All religious leaders should study and master martial arts. It is a way to cultivate the mind.

That's why all leaders should graduate from UTS. Even if you do a business, if you do not go to UTS, you cannot unite mind and body. God wants the mind to dominate the body. True Family members, such as Hyo Jin Nim's couple and Hyun Jin Nim's couple, all go or have gone to UTS. The course they study is very important. Then directly dominate. When people fall, they fall below the growth stage. If your body is that level, how can you compete with Satan? The power of love in immature young people makes the body connect with Satan and satanic love. That's why in the last days, all conscientious people want to dominate their body.

We have to live in the world of conscience. Liberal ideas cause people to leave the church. Freedom leads young people to a dead end. Nothing is left to connect people to God and the truth. This is a world problem, leading to immorality. Who will guide them out of it? This is the last days. Other than the Principle, there is no solution. Only one person, True Parents, know and understand how to stop youth immorality and family breakdown. Satan is fearful in front of true love and the truth.

You should know how to develop. You know the course of the fall, and how to unite mind and body and you can grow up and develop. This is the heavenly law. We can embrace the satanic people and bring them to God's side. We can save even Satan. Who is going to stop the quarreling between God and Satan? I stopped it, based on true love, true life and true lineage, to restore the original sons and daughters of God. Even Satan is happy with the work of True Parents, because it ends the struggle with God and clarifies one direction. Then follow with absolute faith, love and obedience.

I established the reality of all people residing on one level, like the surface of water, with all the saints and criminals being blessed. The first becomes last, the last first, like the incoming and outgoing tide. With circular movement, the water circulates. As the time passes, the high tide becomes low tide.

True Parents saved God and Satan. Who was going to save Satan? God asked to True Parents to save Satan. Even God followed what I said. Satan also expected True Father to save him.

Now mainstream Christianity is declining and all religions are struggling. We are going to save all the people; that is the heart of God. God even wants to save Satan. Then we can establish a peaceful world. Only Unification Church members can make harmony. We received the inheritance. Even Satan then can help the blessed central families. Then we all become kings and queens. Amen! [Father encouraged us to shout Amen loudly.] If you say it loudly, all the dying and sleeping spirits in hell will wake up. Say "Ahhhh" for 10 years, 100 years. Ah = "all" and "men" means humankind; we can liberate all people.

We cannot zigzag; there is one way to go for everyone to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Once you enter, you can zigzag all you want. To enter, you need one mind, one body: il shim, il chae, il yun (one heart.). Your reputation matters nothing. You need to educate God's grandchildren. Does anyone in America resemble God's heart? No. Totally deny yourself. All your parts are divided into two and the two sides are quarreling with each other: two mouths, two eyes, etc. You need to cut off the bad side.

What is the quality of your seed, as a man? Your leaves blossom and you plant that imperfect seed, so you cannot expect perfect, ripened fruit. You need the perfect seed. That person needs to come on earth and you need to engraft to him. After that, we do not need certain books. Only Divine Principle needs to remain. The Emperor Nero presided over the burning of Rome [at the start of the Christian era]. We have to burn out everything of the satanic world. To preserve it, however, I created holy salt. But the ideas should be cleaned out, so you can become pure people. In spirit world, they pledged to follow the True Parents.

Did you determine and pledge to follow True Parents? You have to do it now, so please indicate your willingness. America was founded by the Pilgrim Fathers. The first Pilgrim Fathers failed because they founded themselves on the crucifixion, on Christianity as the religion of the resurrection, with no nation.

Teach the people, because we haven't established God's nation yet. We will restore Japan, Korea and America. We will kick out all satanic power and ideas and establish God's culture. We can unite the three nations. Where does the power come from? Then Germany. "OK" means "open kingdom," not "open kitchen." After that, you can go your own way, and accomplish your own ideal. We can thereby resolve great resentment. We can move and accomplish the will of God, and enter the House of Jehovah, and be sons and daughters of filial piety, set up the nation, be its citizens, be exemplary sons and daughters, and set up a world of peace. Then you will never ever perish. We will be cleansed of all ugly things of the past. We need a new determination to live a new, exemplary life. This is international, all the world's people will declare this simultaneously.

Say, "I want to be a good filial child of God, and set up a true family. God will dwell in my house for eternity, and it will never change. Everyone is brothers and sisters in the next world."

You should educate all the Christian churches and then the spirits will enter there and educate the Christians who are opposed. There are billions of spirits there. It is easy to solve. Americans think that America is the best country. It's time to determine this resolution in America, for the sake of all countries connected with America.

We have to unite Christians and Muslims. [Father spoke to Japanese missionary wives about reaching Christian pastors.] You can do it in six months, but without a strong determination, it can take six years. Because you did not fulfill your mission, I had to prolong the providence. To fulfill your mission, you have to run with single-mindedness. You have to emigrate to America. Solve the problems standing in the way to immigration to America.

If you have 20 to 30 pastors supporting you, you can do anything. If you worry, heaven cannot solve the problem. No matter how big a mission I have, I don't worry about anything. I just focus on one thing and don't worry about anything. Pastors are poor, so you can show them the way to become wealthy; then they will be happy.

Then you can bless your children in exchange marriage with your enemy's children. If they multiply, in three generations. You will run strongly. You should work, day and night. Japan has a good reputation for cars and nice women. If you intermarry with Americans, you will have nice families and a good reputation. In much of the world, families are fighting. If you immigrate to America, you will have an exemplary family.

[Father had Dr. Chang Shik Yang read "A Cloud of Witnesses."]

Many people called as a result of this ad. Many asked for more information. It was published in the major papers of Japan and Korea as well.

Now you can go back to your place and announce this to your tribe. The world should be unified based upon this. Please join in prayer.

[Dr. Yang offered a closing prayer.]

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