Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Sunday Morning Address

Sun Myung Moon
July 14, 2002
East Garden, Irvington, NY
Translation by Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong; Notes by Dr. Tyler Hendricks

How many are here? (220) Are there more men or women? (Women.) It is the age of women. Around the blessing time in 1960, many high school girls joined. As of yesterday, one and a half years have passed since the Coronation of Godís Kingship. In 1970, I mobilized wives for three years. That was the second such mobilization, and I said that the third mobilization would come. The family must go into the Kingdom of Heaven. Today we are in the settlement age of unification and safe settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

All the spirit beings have proclaimed and sent their resolution to earth. On earth the same declaration must be made. In the family, the husband and wife and parents and children should totally unite, and the family should attend God as their Parents. Then the children grow up, enter into conjugal love and become parents. Originally this was the path for Adam and Eve. Their true children and descendents would have spread out to the whole earth.

We lost that foundation. What is the fallen Adam? Jesus desired to fulfill the ideal of true Adam, and he sought a wife. But it failed, and 2,000 years passed and now we are trying to accomplish the true family for the third time. True Parents came to earth to give the blessing to all humankind. The wild olive tree is engrafted to the true olive tree, and we can expect the new fruit. Perfect fruit will allow us to develop to the next step.

God will automatically accept that fruit. Thatís why women should stand up to save the nation. Thatís why those high school girls joined. But the community did not recognize them as responsible for their decision. People instead blamed me for brainwashing them. Their parents persecuted the movement. They didnít like their girls being single and going out all over the country. In the 1960s those unmarried girls received the blessing. Later they stood up for another mobilization. They did not have enough space for their babies. They asked their relatives to take care of their children, and even left them in orphanages, and all blessed wives went to a public mission. The family foundation was offered up, and the households were so miserable, and it was done in order to save the nation. It was a three-year course.

Each blessed couple has to prepare to do this. Thatís why I declared safe settlement in June, and 70 million people around the world participated, plus the spirit world made a total of 700 million. You donít feel existence of spirit world, so you are numb. Now we are carrying out the international, inter-religious blessings. The big nations are against me, like Brazil, although we want to give the blessing to them even more. Thatís why the autonomous system, restoring one state, Ö a state of the USA is like a nation. Centered on True Parents we can unify and make the safe settlement.

But we didnít have loyalty and filial piety. So, after June 21, all blessed couples should be true, recognize fidelity and holiness. You cannot go all the way to the Kingdom of Heaven by following Jesus. Christians are waiting at the doorway of Heaven, in a waiting area called Paradise. True Parents will make one group and everyone will enter together. Adam, Eve and the archangel fell in the garden, and did not show themselves before God. Now is the time to introduce and embrace the ideals of loyalty and filial piety.

Adam and Eve became enemies to each other, and this created disorder in the way of heaven and of humankind. Now centered on the Parents of Heaven and Earth there is a new order: Heaven, earth and blessed central families. The spiritual beings are here to support us. Who is going to stand up for this? Women. Women unite the family. After World War II, American women took the queenís position, and this was so that they could welcome the Messiah. Centered on England, America and France, Eve, Abel and CainÖ Hitler was Satanís side; he killed Jewish people.

[On geopolitics, Japan and the island nations.] Asia and Africa are like brothers, North America and South America are like twins. [About Americaís 226th birthday.] Uniting all the religious leaders as one mind and one body to support the True Parents. The June 21 rally was so significant. The five saints sent Godís letter to True Parents. Who will proclaim this to the world? Women will. 70% of religious members are women. Who will unify women? The Lord of the Second Advent, the True Parents. They will represent the king, father and husband. He came to embrace and unite all women. The Messiah comes and they prepare and attend the marriage feast. Then they make three generations of Cainís side and Abelís side, and they intermarry. But they didnít, so I am proposing exchange marriage.

Next, we need unity of mind and body. Without it, you cannot go forward. Right now we have a serious problem of disunity of mind and body. How can you say you have filial piety? You have to unite in your mind the family, society, nation and world. Religions centered on God. The blessing is next. You are supposed to marry your enemy. People of the same nation or culture are marrying each other, and that is not right. If you do that, you are against Godís providence. The way of humanity is wrong and should be changed. Exchange marriage, with elders supporting youngers and parents serving children, turning everything upside down. We also are turning marriage upside down, through the exchange marriage.

This is a serious idea that has come to Earth. But no one was following this idea. All womenís love should unite with me. The 36 couples should not think about their own family, but how to save the nation. How about America? Will it go to Heaven or hell? Americans, do you understand? You have to make a new determination. You have to bring results, and occupy Satanís world. God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

[From here my notes are very sketchy, just picking up what seemed explanatory points. True Father spoke mostly in English through this part.]

Who took the fallen action first? Woman. She must indemnify it.

On how things might have worked out around 1946, through True Fatherís grandfather working with the nascent Korean government. An American general in KoreaÖ About how the Americans turned against Father, because of this general (?).] I declared that I was the owner of the Second Advent, and that everyone should follow me. Rumors spread. Then the communists rose up against me. Rumors that members were saying that I am their grandfather, etc.

How can the American people re-again? Not manís power, but Godís power. Media power.

About the American disregard for blood lineage.

If American women go to Harvard, etc., America will perish.

The conclusion: we are in a new age and we are going to uplift women and children. We have the ability to mobilize internationally, centered on God. I will unify the women, and they will have to place their husbands second so that the Messiah is the central man, and I will educate all women. America is a Christian and bride nation. American, German and Japanese women, absolutely follow my ideas. God is testing me; to see if I can mobilize all the women of the blessed families to build the Chun Il Guk. It is my responsibility to fulfill that.

[True Father had my wife and I come up and kiss, and kiss again, and instructed her to make me happy and serve as a great seminary presidentís wife, and to kiss again more strongly, so finally I picked her up and swung her around and we kissed while twirling, and Father said okay.]

On mobilizing oneís family and tribe.

Hoon Dok Hae, from the Chapter seven, Section four, The Way of Unification of North and South (in the four volume, 80th birthday set it begins on page 409; in the 15 volume Hoon Dok Hae series it is volume 2.2, page 159)

On the wives mobilization

From now until the end of this year, we will bless the entire world.

Hoon Dok Hae: Prediction of third womenís mobilization to unify Korea.

America is not yet Godís nation. Go back to your hometown and bless those people and within thirty minutes you can move their hearts. The blessing is the prime way to solve the problems. Missionaries go back to your hometown and your brothers and sisters remain there to carry on the mission.

Raise your hand if you are ready to go work on the frontline. All American families are mobilized. Connect with the schedule of God. Your family situation is of less importance than this. All women are mobilized. Husbands, donít ask who will take care of your kids. Husbands, just let your wife go and support her totally.

Exchange marriage between North Korean men and South Korean women.

Women who go this way, their names will be in the Book of Life. Follow Father! [half response] You donít have power this morning. We can share Divine Principle with communists.

I expect 2,000 wives to mobilize and I want to see who are the loyal families. [Something to do with how this relates to True Motherís 60th birthday, which comes next February.] Connect to the nation and world and liberate the foundation. One thousand men and one thousand women. I will give an award to those representative families.

Then more people will follow those peopleís standard and han, numbering in the millions.

Still we donít have families, because we donít have a nation.

On the divine retribution for those who do not obey, into an endless hole and God will never call you. He will even tell me not to go there to save you. Because you already got the chance to uplift yourself and rejected it.

Without God, America will perish. No matter what, we will establish the Chun Il Guk. They may not understand it at first, but they will have no other possibilities but to follow. If the world does not follow my ideas, difficulties will only increase. Will you follow me? [Yes.] It is a challenge even for me to do it. But will you do it, anyway? You have to, weeping, praying day and night. If I did not take up the challenge to do it, could the American president do it? No; there is no one else; thus the importance of True Parents. True Parents have the authority and power of God. God waited a long time and prepared the Moon family.

If you donít believe this, I can say no more and I have no more responsibility. Am I a true messiah or false messiah? God must decide. After 6,000 providential years of struggle, I ended the quarreling of God and Satan. Do you believe that? If I give this direction, can you take it lightly and just lead your own life?

Rev. Kwak is in charge of the world level, and the church is under Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins. We donít need ten different leaders. Make the organization simple and clear.

You are elder to Jesus, because he is a blessed central family like you, but you have attended True Parents on earth. Therefore you even have to guide him. You should do better than Jesus, Muhammad, Confucius and Buddha; as Jesus said. You top leaders say yes, but do not follow me.

[Father asks Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang, and a top DC leader, to come to the front. He asks for Rev. Jenkins, who is in DC, then states that these four should be united into one. He strongly encouraged the DC leader to work with Rev. Kwak and Rev. Kwak to take total responsibility.] This is a warning, with a thousand, million years of seriousness. Day and night, you must follow the direction when it comes. I am going back to my hometown. Bless those people and invite media people. Centered on Hyun Jin Nim, go with him together to meet President Bush. This is the whole point of the project, without accomplishing it we can close it down.

I have prepared for the last 20 years. Dealing with the CIA has been such a difficult course. These three leaders have pledged in front of me. The Washington DC foundation could not take responsibility for the UN. I donít need any explanation. Whatever the situation is, fine, Iíve already given the direction.

The key point is the recognition of the messianic mission, of the person of the savior. How much do you recognize these things, and how proud of it are you? You should recognize it more than I do.

Through exchange marriage we can bring world peace. Those who donít go that way will not receive the blessing. Even if I deny this mission ten times, I cannot get away from it. America, Japan and Germany are against me. To save them I gave them the exchange blessing. Are you truly blessed? If so, your mind and body are united. Otherwise, you are false. You might say you are a leader of the Unification Church, but I will say that I donít know you.

Liberated women, follow Fatherís direction. Your husband and children donít understand. It is a serious matter for people who donít take an objective position to God. You will perish spiritually. I see the enemyís children in difficulty and agony, and we have to save them. You have to stand in the position of the mother. Even barefoot, go out in the field and offer your life. Are you original wives? Or are you full of your own desires? Your own desires will be an obstacle on the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. Maybe if you hadnít heard this, you would be happy, but now youíve heard it.

Three years to seven years. If you donít follow my will, but go your own way, you may regret when you find out if Iím right or wrong. Are you connected with Godís love? I wonder. Itís not easy to be recognized as a blessed central family.

We need to declare that Kim Il Sung is a false god. It is time to tell the American leadership that if they do not embrace the way I have demonstrated for world peace, I will give up on America and leave this nation. It is not a matter of politics and negotiation.

Hoon Dok Hae: On the third mobilization being the final one.

After Hoon Dok Hae, True Father asked Rev. Jung Og Yu to give a testimony from Japan and then pray.

Jung Og Yu

Japanese members are working hard to fulfill their responsibility, thinking it is not harsh because it is True Parentsí will. We are not doing as much as True Parents want. We have responsibility for True Motherís 60th birthday, because we are the mother nation. Internally, everyone is well-prepared.

A woman brought a jar from Chung Pyung Lake, which would move back and forth without being touched. She showed her unbeliever husband. It flew up chest high and touched his chest. That made him accept God and spirit world.


Now is the time for the spirit world and physical world to work together to bless your tribe. To find Godís nation, the whole family should mobilize. Centered on God and the five saintsí resolution, we can read more Hoon Dok Hae. (Itís the "Cloud of Witnesses" text.)

Spirit world did not recognize True Parents until now.

Spirit world is in position of Cain, or, younger brother position.

Woman is like the moon, reflecting the light of the sun, the husband. She should be a flat, true mirror. She has no light of her own. If his light is bright, she becomes shiny in the love relationship with her husband. She can eventually even become a 100 or 10,000 times brighter than the sun, by connecting to the stars. I expect to see these shining blessed central families who are emitting light like the sun. Men are the bones, women are flesh. This illuminates the children, who should grow to have mind and body united.

I never held the hands of my children, but I can embrace my grandchildren, and restore my childrenís han that way.

Professors follow Hyung Jin Nim because he knows what happened in their family the day before, by spirit world.

Three years ago there was a 40 day workshop; this year maybe an 80-day workshop and then a change in the leadership of Korea, Japan and America. To change leaders every four years is good. It brings in different shapes and ideas. Then you can go to another nation and have new experiences, learn things, get spiritual children and meet the top leaders. Doing this on earth, you can settle easily in the spirit world. Tomorrow morning will be a leaders meeting. We donít need to have a big number attend.

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