Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Hoon Dok Hae and Leaders Meeting

Sun Myung Moon
July 15, 2002
East Garden, Irvington, NY
Translation by Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong; Notes by Dr. Tyler Hendricks

This section is just main points of Fatherís words, as I caught them:

The process and motivation of the fall defines the conditions for what must be restored. The enemy lineage. The pain of God. Now we are at the time of safe settlement, which is like a dream. We must feel the results of the fall deeply. It is time for repentance. Take on the burden of God.

Most important is the Family Pledge, and we each must substantiate it. It is the fruit of True Parentsí work and life, especially number 8. Fulfilling it resolves the resentment of God and the universe. This is not a game or a government policy. This is connecting Heaven and Earth. It is destiny, fate, to reach the father and son relationship with God.

Repent and pay indemnity. I am warning you. Donít think about it arrogantly. Donít be proud before God. I spent the entirety of last night in prayer, and I could not find any true children of God. It is very serious to restore your tribe. You should be a new flower in a new garden. Donít try to come up with new ideas!

Heavenly fortune is going to black people, beginning with Simon of Cyrene. Pele represents black people, as does Minister Farrakhan, and Muhammad Ali. But they do not prepare for the winter; they are like grasshoppers, not ants. The black churches connect to the spirit of God, as opposed to white churches, which are cool and cold. Think of Milingo and Stallings. Blacks and native Americans are my cousins. Polar bears are individualistic. Whites are scared of my unity with blacks and brown races.

Hoon Dok Hae: Reciting the Family Pledge, one by one.

Rev. Kwak, stay here and take care of the Continental Directors from here, who should carry on your blessing work. Our DC leadership, you should introduce Rev. Kwak to important people, and use your foundation for the providence. Even though I leave America, my spirit and ideas remain. My June 21 declaration is crucial. I said, take down the cross, and that the Jewish leaders of Jesus day should have welcomed him as the Messiah. It is my belief that the current suffering in today's Israel could end if Jewish leaders would fulfill that original responsibility. Dr. Yang must inform the ministers about all of this. All Christianity must repent and then they can survive.

Exchange marriage signifies tearing down national boundaries. The Bible tells us to resolve our enemy relations before going to pray. Also I extol marriage with the handicapped. The Unification Church members are closer to the secular world in this area.

It is a three-year wives mobilization from now. The wife and family of three generations. Educate people and give the blessing. Already I directed to mobilize wives to Korea every six months. And an award will be given for who blesses their tribe, on True Motherís birthday. Sell your house and go to Ö Korea Ö your hometown Ö Africa Ö Invite 500 billionaires, and bring them to meet Mr. Bush, Sr., Mrs. Thatcher and Mr. Gorbachev. Educate them for world peace and unification, centered on America. Establish the Kingdom of Heaven through such leaders. Use their money to build schools. My father put money aside to take care of beggars.

Hoon Dok Hae: Reading of the Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship, and the June 21 Speech.

From here the notes are more complete:

The question is how to realize the mission of the Messiah and True Parents. We, blessed central family and tribes, should figure it out. This is our destiny and task. Whatever the circumstances, we should overcome. Based on that, we should read Hoon Dok Hae carefully. It is the first time in human history. We are going to proclaim our resolution to totally support True Parents.

Whatever the circumstances, we must accomplish. You cannot ignore this. This fallen world is upside down, but whatís right is right and whatís wrong is wrong, and we cannot mix them up.

Hoon Dok Hae: The resolution by the founders of the five major religions

We are going to chase away Satan, so read it loudly.

The spirit persons look at you, the earthly blessed couples, as their elder brother. The spiritual beings are your younger brothers and sisters. So they have so much expectation and pain. To connect the archangel side, we have to chase away Satan, kick him out. How long will we wait? Centered on God, we will restore the elder sonís position. Once we set the nation in Korea, everything is finished. Everyone in the world knows Rev. Sun Myung Moon, but no one really knows.

They made a resolution and pledge to accomplish this idea, so you are the same. You are standing in the elder brotherís position.

Hoon Dok Hae: Jesusí statement.

If this is true, how wonderful, how great.

Hoon Dok Hae: Peter and Paul.

When we are awakened by the ideas, we convert our religion.

Hoon Dok Hae: Calvin

His followers are the Presbyterians. Visit them, talk to them, challenge them to follow. You can even challenge the nation to follow these ideas, and even the UN to agree with them. Then the whole world can follow in a short time. The spirit world will take care of those who are against this resolution. Even the satanic world as well as the saints are moving in one direction, for one purpose. If you understand these ideas, bravely march forward, supported by the archangels.

Hoon Dok Hae: Luther, Wesley, Ö

You blessed central families, you leaders, should pledge like these people have, then the spirit world will follow you. You can move across the enemy battlefield as an itinerary worker, and not stop, just keep moving and attacking the target. We can make the noise that will change the whole world. No one can be against this idea. You have to judge it, figuring out right and wrong. I know everything in the spirit world and will take responsibility. Centered on God, they prepared this pledge and resolution. All destiny is connected. Everything is started anew, all seeds, the universe, can be recreated.

We can make an undying seed and plant it. Like on a farm, we can multiply the seed to spread it to the whole world. The nations and other entities will be cut off and engrafted. Thatís what we do if we follow these ideas. Then we create the Garden of Eden as before the fall. We can restore, itís not as simple as before, butÖ God will accept it, and you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven, so go ahead and do it. The new seed.

In the Pantanal, we need to build fisheries to feed humankind. Among ten, two or three can survive and multiply. The seed is totally united and survives. Everything is natural, a natural farm. All new grass and trees. Natural things are growing. Itís a natural museum. For that, a huge area of land in the tropics or the artic is needed. The Pantanal is good for that. It is full of water, but we can create dykes like in the Netherlands. I will start this. Then, who will take responsibility after that?

I should prepare the holy ground, and connect irrigation activity and make the ideal garden of well being in the Pantanal. Are you continuing the work there? (Father asks someone.) The newspaper can investigate if there is a problem there, and publish an article about it.

Hoon Dok Hae: Karl Barth

He died in 1960; heís a major theologian. He published more than 60 books, and then said, "God, please forgive this theologian," and tried to burn all his books. He says that the Divine Principle is the main theology.

Hoon Dok Hae: Livingstone

Donít even deviate one iota from the pledge. Pledge to follow these ideas; donít put in your own opinion. I have gone this way my entire life. Why am I going to the Pantanal, or to Hawaii? I went to difficult places since the 1960s, to the seven seas. Now I am going back to the original place. I went to the oceans and mountains to find and restore Godís fatherland. I want to accomplish this.

Hoon Dok Hae: Livingstone, Edwards, etc.

Underwoodís son and adopted daughter were against the Unification Church, and this explains to some extent the opposition in Korea. We shouldnít sit quietly as if nothing had happened.

This is not an assumption, but is the heavenly constitution being set up, determined and declared. True Parents are beyond the constitution; the constitution is to protect their country. This has been developing for 10,000 years, so donít put in your own ideas.

Hoon Dok Hae: Confucianism

If you do not connect with these ideas, then you are an obstacle. I am concerned about this. You should be able to declare this way, and proudly receive the spirit world assistance. If you donít, you will be terribly ashamed.

Hoon Dok Hae: Confucianism, and Father does not speak for the rest of this document, and then the reading shifted to the 120 Communists, then the Letter from God to True Parents.

We have to declare this everywhere, especially to presidents and leaders. Especially, Korea, Japan and America. Centered on this, America must influence the whole world to go in the right direction. We wish the leaders, would give a public letter. This would spread the influence. If it doesnít want to do it, we will directly go to all 195 embassies, . Our members will do it. We will send a public letter. Then top quality members will visit the embassies, and Capitol Hill, and introduce these ideas and issues.

Then an inter-religious, international, interracial movement of the people will move in one and direction, and this will bring a victory in a short time. Then we will contact all American leaders and ask for their assistance in spreading it to the world.

The church leaders here, set up these ideas and a reference letter, or a proclamation letter, from top government leaders, then it is much easier. If possible we can use the newspaper company. We convey these ideas joyfully, and move to the next step. Then a variety of newspapers will publish these ideas. Quickly develop these ideas.

Now it is lunchtime. This morning, we recited the Family Pledge, the Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship, the Unification of Safe Settlement, and the Five Saints Resolution. All the leaders are here, reciprocally with all humankind. We can set up our mind. (Yes!) Follow that content and these ideas, and spread them to the world. We can explain and use educational material. May 21, June 21, the warning to America, again, the people of Israel must recognize Jesus and True Parents as the king of their nation. Otherwise, they will lose the blessing. Christians must take down the cross from all Christian churches; Dr. Yang should pursue that activity.

The teaching of True Parents is absolute truth. All nations follow and support it. Use their embassies and influence them. The American top leaders should support by a letter. Now, True Father will now offer a special prayer.

Beloved Heavenly Father: Passing through all history with the sadness of God and the Universe, we know the will of God. I know the will of God, the determined mind, the path from the individual level through 8 stages to God. I am humble, and God always pioneers, moves and guides all humankind. I followed your guidance and direction.

Now is the time to open the bright, shining world. Now we can consider the True Parentsí advice and ideas. In front of you, Heavenly Father, how did I convey these ideas to the leaders? Standing here, determining our minds to proclaim to the world. Through this way, on the triumphal foundation of spirit world, settle the Kingdom in Heaven and on earth, and bring the peaceful ideal world. We can settle it here and establish it. The Unification Church has not enough power to influence the world. Such miserable people, please forgive our pain and suffering.

You blessed the new Adam and Eve with such a deep desire to restore the Garden of Eden, and accomplish it from the individual to the family and the Kingdom in Heaven and on Earth, and to unite together in one mind, and connect all nations. This would be the base to bring the victory to you, to connect it to you, and make your land.

Centered on the spirit world messages, we become one. We want to become citizens of the Chun Il Guk, and united together move on. We are brothers and Jehovah is our Parents. We are the same blood lineage, please allow us this ideal, with one mind and one heart, and with that idea we can safely settle here.

We receive all your ideas and guidance, and remember all these beyond nation and religion, embracing humankind. We ask and determine to embrace humankind. Safe settlement, weíve been with you so long. Heung Jin Nim, and saints and sages, influence and direct the True Family and True Children, and lead to unification, unification, unification. We will bring in this ideal and accomplish it on earth, as a result of these ideas. Bringing peace to the world and glorifying spirit world.

Bring the victory eternally, and we participate in all these ideas. In the name of the True Parents, I deeply pray and report. Amen, amen, amen.

If you are determined in these ideas, the three nations of Korea, Japan and America can influence all nations into one goal and one purpose. I really wish we can make it and do our best.

[Father asks that we publish all his declaration speeches in one volume, and to share and develop these ideas.]

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