Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Practice and Manifest the Family Pledge

Sun Myung Moon
July 17,2002

You have to become those who practice and manifest the Family Pledge. Could you do this? There is a phrase "to seek our original homeland;" but what is our original homeland? It is not the place where we can go by airplane. We need to have a clear idea. It is the house of love where Adam can dwell with the deep unity of original mind and body of Eve. And the husband is the house of love where Eve can dwell. When both husband and wife live for the sake of others eternally centering on true love, God can come and dwell in the family. Everything is made of the pair system. There is nothing that exists by itself. What is the core teaching of the Unification Church? It is the ideal family. God lost the true family, and all things grieve over the false love. So, we have to look for the true family with true love. Everything like parents, brothers and sisters, tribe, race, nation and world became the enemy of God. Then, there is no other way for the fallen world but to go to hell.

Your life until now was not a true life but a false life. Unless you can attain the unity of your mind and body, your life is false. When you pray for God in the morning, you have to pray, "May my mind and body become one without struggling today." How can you make the unity of your mind and body for a month? This is important. You need to know that you became a fallen monster. The bone of the family is the Family Pledge. When your mind and body and husband and wife become one centering on true love, God comes to live there. (From Flash Report issued by Japanese Missionary Office)

Excerpts of Father's words about Family Pledge

From "True Family and Family Pledge" Japanese version (Kodan News)

You have to learn the Family Pledge by heart day and night. Today you can practice one sentence of the Family Pledge, and live it. Then you can check whether you could live it or not. Even if you could not today, you have to fulfill it tomorrow. As you eat food to grow in daily life, you have to eat the heavenly food to grow by reciting the Family Pledge and checking your life with the measure of the Family Pledge. Those who have families should be able to recite the Family Pledge. If not, they are false families. It is the standard for your family, and if your family is not one with the Family Pledge, your family is a failure as a family. Understanding this, parents who are able to become masters, have to learn the Family Pledge by heart and teach it to their children part by part in detail. And also they have to lead many people around them to agree with the Family Pledge. (287-130)

The Family Pledge includes the phrase, "by centering on true love." A true family always has to live on the basis of the unity of mind and body, the unity of husband and wife, and the unity of parents and children. When you will go to the spirit world, your life on earth will be judged by the Pledge. To pledge like this is a fearful act. If you pledge, you have to live following your pledge. If a father does not live following the Family Pledge, the mother and children have to be responsible for him. It is a natural result that when husband and wife become one with their minds and bodies being one, their children can unite their mind and body. Without this, it is impossible that true love dwells in the family. God cannot dwell in the place where there is no true love. This is a logical conclusion. (270-324)

The Family Pledge is a record of True Parents' victory through fighting. It is a record of a victorious tradition. You have to apply this traditional fact to your life, and criticize yourself everyday to make yourself a manifestation of the Pledge, until the day when we attain the realm of cosmic liberation. When you recite the Family Pledge, you have to criticize yourself centering on the Pledge. Thinking that it is a voice from heaven, you have to check yourself whether you are practicing the Pledge or not. If not, you have to eliminate your wrong parts. You have to warn yourself: "You rat! You joined the Unification Church to destroy the Church." Have you ever thought these things? (301-80)

To finish the mission of HSA-UWC means to enter a new age when the mission of religion finishes and human beings do not need salvation any more. It is the first time when religion is no longer necessary in human history. The Family Federation tries to make an ideal family, fulfill God's Ideal of Creation, and create the heavenly ideal world. (April 8,1997)

The Family has to settle down. Until now, religion dealt with the realm of the individual. There is no religion which dealt with the realm of the family. Everyone who sought religion threw away his family. But the age is different now. Every religion has sought the salvation of the individual, but there is no word of the salvation of family, salvation of tribe, or salvation of nation. The Unification Church seeks the salvation of family, nation and world. (279-259)

From the providential viewpoint, the age of the providence of restoration finished. After the age of the providence of restoration, we enter the original ideal world of Creation. What "the age of the providence of restoration finished" means is that the fallen world where Satan dominated everything finished, and it starts the age of God's direct dominion over the world of heaven and earth. Therefore, the Unification Church proclaimed the Family Pledge. Secular people do not recite the Family Pledge. Everyone cannot recite the Family Pledge. Eight chapters of the Family Pledge include the phrase, "by centering on true love." What does it mean? This is the phrase by which we can say there is no relation to the satanic world. (263-194)

What is the common phrase in the Family Pledge? It is "by centering on true love." Without true love, we cannot have a family because mankind fell. You need to know this. Originally, those who do not have true love cannot have a family in front of God. The fall means that its love is rotten.

Then what is true love? It is love which is connected with only God. In the secular world, there are individual, nation, custom, tradition etc, but true love is not connected with these things. It is connected with only God. (274-195)

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