Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Leaders Meeting on July 17

Sun Myung Moon
July 17, 2002
East Garden
Irvington, New York
Translation by Mrs. Hee Hun Standard and Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong

[On the vertical and horizontal parents we all have. Vertical is God; horizontal is our physical parents.]

[On the bones of our family being the Family Pledge.]

Our mind and body fight because we are not united with God. Our physical body is seeking satanic love. All the struggles come from mind and body disunity. Because of this struggle, husband and wife fight and people fight. It started from the false parents and false lineage. After the fall, human beings separated from God. So we should go a direction opposite from Satan, to God.

We Strike Ourselves

Sometimes we have to strike our physical body. Even when we did, oftentimes we could not go back to God. We tried to become one, mind and body. It is so difficult. The providence of salvation is so difficult. After coming into the church, we have been seeking the ideal, but we still have not reached it. Physical parents and spiritual parents should be united. If they were, there would be no fight. Therefore, even God is in difficulty.

For the accomplishment of this point, even the use of force is justifiable. It means we should strike our body in order to subjugate Satan, to go an order of reversal. Then we should love our tribe, our family; they have been divided and fighting. They have been denying each other; now we have to restore that. Then God's ideal on the flesh level and bone level can come together. The way it has been, cannot work. It has to start from the beginning and go the other way. We have to be willing to die; if we are, then we can go beyond death. It comes from absolute faith, love and obedience. Otherwise there can be no unity.

Adam and Eve should have had absolute faith, love and obedience. When there is absolute faith in the subject, then the object will have the same. The standard of faith is mind and body unity. Without absolute love, there is no true love. So that is the purpose of absolute obedience.

God invested into creation, including human beings, with absolute faith, love and obedience. As long as we give and give and give, we can never disappear. We should have a revolution. If we kill our parents, it is terrible, but we have to do something even crueler, in a sense, striking ourselves even more severely.

The Family Pledge is the Bone

The bones of the family is the husband and wife coming together. The Family Pledge brings them together... Should they be separated? No; we should totally obey, on the levels of individual, family, etc. We have to resolve these issues in our lifetime. Those who understand the problem can correct the situation. Then we can remove what we need to remove, and save ourselves at the cost of removing one part. What is the bone in our church? That should be centered on the family. It is described well in the Family Pledge.

When we recite the Family Pledge, are we substantiating it in daily life? We should bring mind and body together and be perfect according to Family Pledge. Look at #1: where is the original homeland? Is it in the air? It is deep in the heart, where our mind and body come together, where the original Adam and Eve were to have dwelt. The wife dwells in the husband, and the husband in the wife, and we can create a perfect family and God can dwell there. Everything exists in the pair system.

The bone-like thought in our church is the family ideal. What was lost? Not the church; it was the family. That's why false love invaded in every relationship. Heaven and Earth became enemies; parents and children became enemies. Such terrible things are happening in America and the world. We should know that all are to be equal with America. The president of America and an ordinary person in Africa end up in the same place, hell, because they live a false life, with no bone.

Unless mind and body are united, it is false; you are living a fake life. At the time that Heaven and Earth are coming together, we should realize love substantially, in dual structure, with physical and spiritual parents. Mind and body were defiled by the false lineage. That is why religions came into being, to strike the body and elevate the spirit and eventually bring them together. Religion is teaching us to become like a bone, for love, true love. True love cannot fight.

If we cannot love, we become like a monster. Our mind and body should be totally united. We should thereby be perfect. How can we overcome this world? It is like an enemy. We overcome centered on God, who is like a bone. We have been living a treacherous life, most of us.

In the family, we become like a bone by living the Family Pledge. If we fight mind and body, we will not be able to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. The way we live, we will go to Paradise on the family level in spirit world. That realm will be established in spirit world. Unless mind and body are united, it is like bones and flesh are divided. Then we cannot become perfect. We are in the last days now, so we have to clean this up. We cannot go to the nation, but to something more fundamental, the family.

Each of Us is Responsible

No matter what happens to me, even if my fingers are cut off, I cannot stop going this way. Have you ever thought about this, A.? Are your mind and body united? Are your mind and body united, centered on true love? [Trying, yes.] You have to unify bone and flesh. You need to know this. Because you have bones, you feel pain when you are hit. If you just have flesh, you won't feel pain.

You men and women are like thieves who stole God's materials. You are living like thieves, so can you go to the Kingdom of Heaven? The Principle teaches what to do. Adam and Eve fell in the growth period, at which time love was stronger than principle. How can we rectify this?

When True Parents came, I could educate people with the truth and bring them back, but each person has their own responsibility. If we become people with bones, then flesh like people will be attracted. This is not just a fantasy. What is the bone of the family? The Family Pledge.

After realizing that family, what will you do? We should become the master and king on every level, individual to worldwide. We should reach that, but we could not. That's why God indemnified this problem, through central figures. We should have those qualities, concepts and attributes: absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging. We have to unify God's attributes. Without taking action, we cannot reach perfection, ever.

A tree is growing every moment. It does not take a rest; it does not stop. Living means to grow without ceasing, through the four seasons. That is the nature of the natural world. Human beings should be the same. Not taking a rest. Measure yourself by that standard. You are trying to make the Unification Church enjoyable. Then are you growing up or down? [Up.] How much? [All the way.] How big? Like a flower? Do you have beautiful color? [Yes.] Everything okay? [Yes.] Your children okay? [Yes.] (Some question about his children and spirit world?) [Yes.] No! You are a thief. T-H-I-E-F, thief. You have to know that. An honest person cannot answer that way, "ye-ee-es." Is A.'s sound good, or my sound good? [Father's.]

We should become a human being with bones and flesh coming together, as God originally wanted. We fall into this kind of position. Husband and wife, brothers and sisters should become one. We talk about the 4-position foundation in our church. We should be united with the invisible, substantial spiritual parents and with our physical parents. We should become bone-like people. If not, then everything, all the dreams, will end up in vain.

I Will Go to Korea

Amen is not good enough. The beginning point is to deny everything, then go straight up, like an elevator. If it does not go up straight, we will not reach the Kingdom of Heaven. We have been living as we wanted to live. We should realize how difficult it is to unite mind and body. The more we want to go up, the more we come down. Why? Because of mind and body disunity. Even I have to struggle. But because of my conscience about my responsibility as the Messiah, on the different levels, the family, tribal, all the way to the cosmic levels, I could not give up fulfilling my responsibility. Now, finally, in front of spirit world the religious founders in spirit world resolve themselves to go this way. Now we have to go this way, no matter what. There is no choice.

It is proclaimed in spirit world. Nevertheless, if we do not go this way, our descendents might have to be thrown away. Think about it: so many people in the world are by-products of the fall. Spirit world can take them away. Communists, like Stalin, Marx, Lenin and others, will have to educate these people so they can climb up on their own. If you do not fulfill your responsibility, I will have to cut you off.

You representatives of America, and clergy, you should take responsibility. I will go back to Korea and you should take responsibility. Many times you reject Korean and Japanese leaders; you don't like them. Spirit world is trying to reach you. The ancestors are coming down to the earth; they will be educating their descendents. If we do not follow this, we might end up destroying our family and tribe. The reason I have forgiven you so far is not because of you, but because of your tribal members.

If our eyesight is perfect, how wonderful, but if something goes wrong, we suffer. Same with all senses. When we clap, our hands should come together to make a big sound. That's the way we should live, for the sake of others. We should not be the thieves of all creation. That's how we have been living. From now on, we have to change. The creation should be happy to be eaten by us.

When you look at the dirt, it should have moisture, light, without which nothing can grow. When the seed is planted, it cannot grow. Have you ever loved dirt, soil, the creation? Nothing was made for itself alone. I remember an acacia tree, when I was little. I wondered why God would make that kind of tree, with thorns. Because of the thorns, people would not bother it, and it could create honey. So everything has some reason. In the universe is a law. If we do not pass it, we will end up in hell.

Why Hasn't the Unification Church Grown?

We need to understand everything in the universe. That's why I have been paying attention to the ocean. I want to know everything about it. It is mysterious, a beautiful world with so many fish. Look at the National Geographic Society materials. When we love it, we have to protect it on behalf of God, to prevent species from becoming extinct. In South America we are trying to prepare facility to protect the environment.

Even if you become a president, still you cannot live a meaningful life according to God's ideal. Individualism is destructive. My children went to Harvard and gained educated. Hyun Jin Nim is very smart. Why has not the Unification Church grown? Because we ourselves are very self-centered. We did not invest ourselves totally for the sake of others. We did not have the heart of absolute obedience. Have you ever loved human beings and creation with all your heart?

We come back to the point that I brought up in the beginning; family pledge. We need to live it, and in that way become the king on every level. What greater hope could God have for us? He wants us to become royal families, liberated, kings and queens in God's family. Whenever we see things, we should consider them our own, and thus protect and take care of them.

You realize that what I say is true. I have not just been idle. I have been struggling more than anyone else. Whenever I go to rivers, oceans, mountains, I always feel I have to love them more than anyone else. I have always been this way. When I saw a whale, I wanted to catch the biggest one and offer it to God. I never thought of my own children when I have money. I am in much debt, but not because of myself, but for the world. If it is for myself, it is not forgivable.

If we become bone-like people, flesh-like people will come naturally. After family pledge comes the Coronation of God's Kingship. After that, the heavenly king and earthly kings have not been united. That is why I proclaimed the settlement of these two. We should bring the king on every level, especially in our own family. To be blessed with the True Family is what we are talking about.

Have you thought seriously about mind and body unity? We are in the river, but we have to go to the ocean. There is a difference between fresh water and salt water. We need to go through a revolution. It is a matter of life and death. During your life you have to fulfill this. Bone marrow; for this, we need bones. Are you the owner of family pledge?

Who Understood Me?

In #1, original homeland. What is it? It is the place that is deepest in our heart, where we become aware of God, our true self, and bring mind and body unity. But we have never established such a position and we should receive training for that place. We should be victorious. The original homeland, centered on true love.

You have to think about what this means. Do not just think superficially; it is a re-creation. After joining the church, you just wanted to reach a high position, but you were not serious about living the family pledge.

So we should become like bones and reach the bone marrow. What is next? The Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship. What is that? I proclaimed it, but no one among you believed it. You say yes. I had a 50-state speaking tour, and every morning at Hoon Dok Hae, even skipping breakfast, I did Hoon Dok Hae all the time even though people complained. It was three hours sometimes. When I heard such complaints, how did I feel?

No one understood me. This speech, the Coronation of God's Kingship, I wanted you to know what was going on at that point.

Many Christian leaders came, not by their own will, but by spirit world. Even Satan helped them, because behind it all was the proclamation of God's coronation. Many people got exhausted and wanted to sleep, but I could not do that. Many people were opposing, and I said, do what you must do, and I will do what I must do. That was my thinking. Were you serious? Have you ever thought about it?

Eight administrations in Korea opposed me. Still they do not fully support me, but they do what they want to do, and I continue going my way. I have been fighting for the realization of God's will no matter what difficulties I faced on the way. American women ignored me and looked down upon me. You want to live your own life, but you should not. You have to become like bones. When we have surgery, we have to repair something, but bones are True Parents, and often you are my enemies. A., I could think of beheading you.

When you joined the church, if you were willing to risk any difficulties, then you would be preserved in a museum and really appreciated in spirit world. But instead, many times people cause tears. Whether we are white or black, we should not fight. We should be men, owners of the universe. To save black people, I helped Farrakhan. If I hadn't, he would be miserable. White people did not support him. I didn't have a lot of money. White people didn't want me to support him, but by that advice, the Unification Church would be ruined, destroyed. We would fight and not reach our ultimate destination.

Sometimes I give harsh words; they are not to cause pain but to serve as a warning. Based upon it, you should resolve yourself to go the heavenly way. If we do not follow this way, America will fall apart, and another nation will replace it. What I am trying to do is necessary, inevitable. Amen. [Amen.]

Let People Know

Next is the settlement of the parents of Heaven and Earth. What could be more joyous news? Even the fetus in the womb shouted out, "Republic of Korea"! Wearing red shirts. They could go in the wrong direction. On the last day of the games, there was an attack from North Korea. South Korea did not retaliate; that was wise. I was grateful. Korea reached the top four. Turkey-what is it, the cousin of a chicken? Turkey won. 17,000 troops they sent during the Korean War, many of whom died. They are blood relations, therefore.

Through the World Cup games, many things were revealed. Before coming to America, I was in Korea. Leaders cannot live a free life. Without money, without people, they would be concerned. They need to use material properly, and people properly, or everything will be destroyed. You need to accept this advice. Go ahead and protest if you like, then I will ask you some questions. So, accept it unconditionally. [Applause.]

Bringing Heaven and Earth together through the settlement. We need to be better than Communists, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius and Muhammad (PBUH). After serving True Parents for so long, we should be better than them. We learned of the blessing before they did. We should learn the family pledge and establish an ideal family. But we are not in that position. We are like beggars and should be ashamed of ourselves and know where we are and know to behave.

We should make a resolution, and make and spread a message to all. We have to educate everyone. So, we have to let people know what is going on. We should go back to our homeland. Then everything will be over. Unless we attend people for three years, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So from now we should mobilize entire families for three years. That is inevitable. That is how we can restore the world.

Messiahship is Not Automatic

You have not been aware of this, but you have to come to your senses right now. People talk about me being the Messiah. It is not a matter of being called that, but of fulfilling the responsibility. I have been working on it for many years. It does not happen automatically. If I don't fulfill it, it doesn't mean anything. We should do everything possible on earth to save the people. I tried to reach out to every human being, through many means. Many have opposed me. What will happen to them? They will go to hell, but they cannot complain because I did my very best to educate them.

When I go to spirit world, I can do so many things. So, do you think I should live a long time on earth, or go there quickly? If I go to spirit world, things will happen so fast. No matter how strong it is, if one part of the world is struck, it will break down easily. Do you want to be part of it? [Yes.] Answering is easy.

So we should create bones. Can you call yourself worthy sons and daughters of True Parents? We need to reach out to the top class of the world and make them listen to what is right and wrong and what way we should go. We influenced public opinion. Will the next president be a Republican or Democrat? We do not have a good candidate. There should be one among the Unification Church members, but I am not sure if any of you can take that responsibility.

All Americans should be able to pray in the name of the blessed central family, and multiply God's children. Our ancestors in spirit world should be able to recognize and bow down to us. They should obey us, and everyone should be equal.

Family Pledge, Coronation speech, then the Proclamation of the Safe Settlement. Everything starts from living the Family Pledge. We have to bring our family and clan and tribe, and on that foundation, restore everyone. When we go to our own place, we have to meet the top people. A., when you go to Washington, DC, you should meet the president, like a heavenly ambassador with full authority. You should be able to influence him and bring him to God.

God created a free environment, and that's how we could survive so far. I have been fulfilling my responsibility. If you Americans fail, I will do it on my own. I met the ROK president last time I was in Korea. I met high-level ministers of government there. It was to save Korea. Some tried to stop me, but I did it anyway because of my love for my country. For many years the KGB and North Korea wanted to hurt me, but later on they guided me and told me that things have changed. That is ironic, after many years of opposition.

Recite the Family Pledge

The day before yesterday I fully explained the family pledge. Can we just play the recording of that? Who recited it? A woman must read it; everything should be read by women. It is time for women to be mobilized for three years; the entire family should be mobilized, including the children who are going to school should give up school. But they can't, and so on behalf of them, the parents should mobilize.

Father calls True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim and True Family to come, and recite the family pledge. Mrs. Moon recites it (President of WFWP Korea.) I won't give a lengthy explanation; it will take too long.

#2: Wansong means completion. Did you perfect, complete, yourself?

#3: We go back to the family and those who became filial children, loyal subjects, can reach God. When we look at God, everything is based on the 4 position-foundation. Centered on God, Adam and Eve and children create the 4 position-foundation. Without sons and daughters we cannot reach God. When we have reciprocity between subject partner and object partner, husband and wife, sons and daughters, we can establish the 4 position-foundation and in the center we can bring God. Then we can bring eternal unity and unification. We can bring the number 12, each of 3 stages having 3 levels, going through the 9 to reach perfection at 10, the returning number. 9 is a satanic number.

Ten, 1,000, 100,000, when we reach 10 million, we are at a substantial level. To be king, you need to go beyond 100 million. Then we can liberate God. So we need to bless over 100 million. If you have 12 disciples, multiply them to 120. I reached a higher level than that on the worldwide level. Then I could proclaim the settlement age. I did not do it randomly, just as I pleased. Without going through the 4-position foundation, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Americans are in trouble because they do not live as a large family. At least 3 generations should live together, restored. So we need to go from 12, to 36, to 72 and go beyond level of nation at 430 families. I direct you to educate people with this. When we go to our hometown, we have to restore all of them. It is so easy to reach out to the world via the Internet. We can reach everyone. All the information we need is accessible to us.

Back to Hometown

We have to go back to our hometown. When we have the hometown foundation, we can reach the nation and world. That is why I am asking you to go back to your hometown. On behalf of God, you can inherit everything, become a filial son and loyal subject to the nation, and fulfill your responsibility and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Centered on God we can build all relationships in all directions.

We can experience parental love, conjugal love and children's love. We should consider cousins, aunts and uncles, to be part of our family. They are a microcosm of the cosmos. It is the only way to equalize the world. We should create that environment. The 4-position foundation is to create bones.

The third millennium started with the number 13. #18 is the completion of Satan's number. Centered on the media, we need to spread the message and give out all the information. Through the media, we told people to remove the cross from the churches. As long as it remains, Jesus has no place to stand. He could not fully accomplish his mission, as a result of the people's failure. It was such a miserable tragedy, and it has been continuing for 2,000 years. It is so tragic; ultimately the Nazis massacred more than 6 million Jews. America helped Korea in the position of the 3`d IsraelĄ and through America Korea was connected to Israel. The three nations stand together as three sons. We should bring the three nations together.

It cannot be done by force, but these nations should cooperate with us to unite nations together. The resolution from spirit world is proclaimed, so they should align with it. The younger son must bring the elder son to God.

#5: Based on the resolution of God's kingship, we should become the first generation. We should liberate the earth. In Pledge #8 we read of absolute faith, love and obedience. So, up to #3, it is about restoration on earth. Without that, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We should create a large, extended family on earth. When we do that, it becomes the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

#5: Centered on spirit world, we have to facilitate progress everyday. No matter the religious background, from now on no one should pray in the name of their founder, but rather report in their own name as a blessed central family. That way we can unite spirit world and physical world.

Obedience and Liberation

#6: We become the representative of God. We have to liberate our own tribe. What are True Parents? They represent the family of God, and we represent them and connect heavenly fortune to our neighbors, which means our own tribe. We need to bring our tribe to spirit world. That connects us with the original lineage. That can be done through living for others. We need to establish the word centered on the culture of heart. We should build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

#8: It talks about the Completed Testament age. At the time of creation, God had absolute faith. He thought that whatever He willed, it would come true. That is the kind of faith He had. Absolute faith and love are unconditional. Without a partner, you cannot fulfill your love. Then we come to absolute obedience. We do not have our own concept. Everything should be done for others. Modern people do not understand this, so people accuse me of being a dictator because I call for absolute obedience. But they do not know what it means completely. When there is absolute faith, love and obedience, then God and human beings can come together in love, which is liberation and freedom.

The Family Pledge contains the essence of all teachings in human history. Unless you understand this clearly, you should repent. You leaders of America have been living carelessly, so you should be repentant. You should re-determine yourselves to become new people. A., did you reach completion in your family? [Yes (?).] When? [No answer.] You have to know.

Unless we complete the Family Pledge, we should repent and examine our lives. As the founder of the Unification Church, I should not be proud because I could not lift you up to the standard.

Hoon Dok Hae: Dr. Yang reads the Coronation of God's Kingship.

True Father:

Yang looks like a female lion. He trained many communists. He looks like a lion, so you should listen to him. Directions will be given you through him.

This speech was given in order to connect the first, second, and third Israels.

Rev. Sun Jo Hwang read the June 21 speech.

Rev. Kwak read "A Cloud of Witnesses."

True Parents Are Not Liberated

True Father:

Are you going to abandon America or save it? The second Israel's responsibility is to save the third Israel, Korea. The unification of North Korea and South Korea will lead to the unification of all Asia. This is beyond all other issues.

When you listen to these messages, realize that all the boundaries are torn down in spirit world. How great it is.

Liberate America into the realm of God. If you can't, then how miserable are the True Parents, who are not liberated. We need to set up the foundation on earth before True Parents go to spirit world. You can give this will to your children and tribe. Give them the ideas. Then we set up the foundation on earth. Then you can come back to earth from spirit world later.

This resolution, plus June 21, if it is not accepted, True Parents cannot even settle in spirit world. You need to accomplish your responsibility, set the condition here on earth. We are gathered, the leaders from fifty states, and we have the responsibility to mobilize all the American people. If we do not change the blood lineage, then God is suffering and sad. We understand our responsibility. I want you to attend True Parents and go over to spirit world and see the wonderful and great leaders, and hear their resolution-you should surpass their resolution. You directly attend True Parents on earth, with filial piety and loyalty. Whatever deeds you have behind you, gives you the basis to give advice to them, not them to you. You should lead them; that is my desire, my sincere request.

That is your miserable life and idea; how are we going to solve this? You cannot ignore this.

[To the academic leadership to unite all the Ivy League universities and presidents.] The students, Board, faculty and staff must know this. We have to shake up the campuses of the important universities in America, England, France, Germany and the entire world. We can mobilize them. Please make a plan and assign a person, especially an Abel-type person.

I will revolutionize the spirit world. You, as generals on earth, need to connect all people and liberate all humankind. What will you do to support God's providence? You will go to the highest place in the spirit world and have to guide other people. So, you determined, and I know it will happen.

Attend True Parents well; that is the desire of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Afternoon session.

Dr. Yang:

I hope you all can support the SFP activity in DC to create a new culture.

Rev. Jenkins:

On the foundation of April 27 and July 3, we have a good foundation in DC. The landscape is changing in America. Ministers are pretty strong right now, accepting True Father's messianic position. But it is challenging to give them the service experience in such a short time. Dr. Yang made a bold decision to cancel summer camps with one week's notice and ask all second-generation to come to DC. It is in light of the value of the True Family, although it caused problems for the blessed central families.

It is not easy to make the transition to the 4" Adam era, but to build the Kingdom of Heaven we are going to have to change. Heaven is not on earth yet. I see a foundation based on True Parents' course. 280 second generation came to DC. They have great power that becomes visible when they are united.

Hyun Jin Nim relates to us as our elder brother. We are not members of Unification Church anymore; we are members of True Parents' family. We should not project our expectations on him.

Since the Coronation Ceremony, and the 21-day and 8-day workshops, everything has changed. Incredible support will come from spirit world, centered on your mind and body unity with True Parents, prayer and preparation. [Dr. Yang reminds him to focus on July 26.]

The reality is, we're in trouble. We need all of you to come on July 26. But the blessed children are doing great. We have a breakfast meeting every morning at 7 a.m., and you feel atomic energy. They are overcoming the clique tendency and are feeling they are really brothers and sisters. They don't want to leave. There is a great effort to follow Hyun Jin Nim's teachings to live for others and serve.

The problem we have is time.

Working with spirit world

True Father:

Rev. Kwak, how many are working on inter-religious work? [He names them.] There are not so many. People should be dispatched to all the continents, and to the religious leaders. We should organize some activities for them to support the resolution. We have entered a new age in which we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Religious leaders must transcend their own religion, and come together and unite. We are responsible to bring them together and have them support God's providence.

Those in our church who can represent Presbyterianism, Methodism, Baptist church -- we need people to represent each denomination. Jesus had his followers from different denominations. That's how we can mobilize Christianity as a whole, creating one Christianity first. Unification Church members should help, lead and guide them to unite. We people on earth should make them resolve themselves and declare, based upon their prayer. Then spirit world will cooperate with them. Their ancestors will be with them.

Eventually we have to make a preparation even for those who do not believe in God. We should make a list for them, too. Centered on them, there are trillions in spirit world, and they should come down and help earthly people through returning resurrection. That way we can mobilize Christians in physical world and spirit world. People in spirit world should mobilize earthly people.

Even those in spirit world should be relating closely with those on earth, in terms of same heart and belief. We should thereby bring unification. We should organize something for this. We are in such an urgent time period. The earth should be connected to spirit world. Everyone should go the same direction. Even though we are living on earth, spirit world will be with us. Are you interested in this? [Yes.]

They Come Up with Their Own Resolution

The spirit world will guide and teach you what to do. That is my desire for you. Those who are working for inter-religious organizations should work on this. We have to call those spirits, and they should be blessed. Anyone working for this will be blessed. If we do this, won't spirit world and earth unite?

Spirits can give either medicine or disease, depending on our response. If we unite mind and body, there will be no more struggles. So it devolves to our responsibility. There is nothing about which to be busy other than this. We have to call and educate our relatives and let them come up with their own resolution. At the risk of our life, we have to do our best for this, everyday.

Once we proclaim it, how many people in each tribe will cooperate with this providence, will be part of the resolution of all people? You pledged that you would do whatever I direct; now you have to live up to that. All organization leaders should be able to organize; it is time for them to come to the earth. There will be a competition in spirit world. If we do it for 3-4 years, there will be a big change. So, from July 1 you should work hard and bless your own tribal leaders, VIPs, and members who will follow them, and they should come to the blessing and create their own resolution about me being the Messiah and so forth.

Then we can open the earthly kingdom. We should go beyond religion and nation. The five religious founders already made their resolution. They fulfilled their responsibility already. So, for three years we should be busy fulfilling this. Not recognizing if the sun is rising or setting. It took thousands of years to reach this point, but from here it can move very quickly. Should we just take a rest?

We should educate the presidents and professors of the major universities. Also governors. Will spirit world like us to do this? We have to do things so quickly. You never know what is going to happen with the Bush administration. He could get involved in a heavy-duty war. Some have wanted to help and some to hinder, and those who hinder eventually lose their footing. DC leaders, you should be very serious about this. Will you become known more or less by doing this?

[On a 120 media representatives' message.] I was planning to do this in the 80s. Those with Presbyterian ancestors, raise your hand. We don't need to reach all members, but the leaders of the denomination. From there we can establish a grassroots foundation, like tong ban kyok pah. Ask them how many people they can bring to a certain event on a certain day.

Meet, Greet, Bless

The Korean soccer team, the red devils, have served to make the ROK known throughout the world. If they had not done well, the country of Korea would have gone down. Fortunately, that did not happen. 7 million people in the streets; 40 million people were mobilized.

You should be able to shake up the royal family of Japan and make resolutions from all groups. We have no time to sleep or eat; we have to be serious. We will assign people now. I don't have to say more. You can be creative and organize. Start with your parents and relatives, and your own family members. We start organizations and finish quickly, like a burning fire. By that method, it shouldn't take too long.

You once were persecuted, but we can bring justice by bringing those persecutors back to God. Chun Il Guk, Chun means bringing two people together.

You can meet government leaders in the bathroom, greet them, and give them the blessing. Give them a present from your heart. You have to come up with a strategy. Help them in some way; help with the shopping. You can visit; come up with some kind of strategy. Come up with your own strategy to save them.

By so doing, when you bless them, how grateful their clan will be to you. What a good reputation you would get in the spirit world. You can even threaten people, not out of malice, but to save them. Out of true love, even force is justifiable. We need all kinds of strategies.

Visit your elementary school teachers, employers, and professors, everyone you knew. Catch a lot of fish in the net. You can become a royal family member and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Even if I tell you not to do it, will you? [Yes.] Even if I drink and rest, you keep doing it. And you will become part of the Messiah. Those willing to die will live. Are you going to miss this opportunity? Even if God asks you not to do it, if you want to be a truly filial child, loyal, then God will not really scold you. 1 just want you to be a Tribal Messiah of whom God and I can be proud.

For this, you have to come up with your own strategy. Am I looking casual in my countenance, or serious? [Serious.] We have to realize this. A Harvard doctorate doesn't mean much compared to this. I am not asking you to do this in order to give you a hard time, or to exhaust you. It is not to help me.

You are like thieves. Even if I tell you not to do it, you should be serious about it, and bring many people who are willing to proclaim resolutions on their own. Even if you sell all the properties for a new project in the future, like in Hawaii or a "heavenly highway." It cost millions to build this house we are in now. It took 7 years for us to complete it.

I've written down many things, but I am not going to go over them. I have many strategies and plans, to mobilize the Congress, for example. If America follows this direction, the entire world will change. Many other nations want us to come to help them. The Washington Times published the resolution, so it will not decline, but rise. You, a country bumpkin, joined the church and became the president of a university. If you do what I am telling you to do, you will become the greatest of all university presidents.

We can move everyone and do everything we want. The government leaders then would want to work with us.

To reach the 193 embassies, we need 65 or 70 people to cover three each. Those in charge at the embassies can reach the top people in their nation.

Rebuild the Twin Towers

Another matter is Muslims and Christians; they should not be fighting. Muhammad (PBUH) and Jesus are getting along fine in spirit world. We should bring peace between them, then peace will come, and we can rebuild the twin towers. Those religious people can contribute to rebuild it, and they can build a palace of religions. When that is proclaimed to the world, think what will happen. Then all of a sudden, the world will be unified. Do you want to see such a thing happen? [Yes.] That's why it's so important to work on this.

Another thing is to bring all the wealthy people in the world, to bring their wealth for God's providence. I'm thinking to give them Japanese wives. Will they like it? Out of 500 billionaires, suppose we can convert three of them. Their wealth should go to help humankind. Those who are millionaires, there are a million such people in America; say each one makes a $100,000 donation. A million times $100,000 can change the world.

You may not have done a good job in every mission, but with this mission you can succeed. I'm a capable person. You did all kinds of ungodly things, but I did not do anything wrong. You have to go beyond yourself. You may think I'm a kind of fool, that I'm stupid, but I'm not.

CAUSA, you have to bring South and North America. Reach out to your acquaintances. If you reach out, their ancestors will reach them in their dreams. You need guts. God and True Parents are asking you to do it, so there is nothing to be afraid of, because it is your way to the Kingdom of Heaven. Sweep all the schools. Turn your relatives, the nation and world to God's side.

Come up with a heavenly resolution. Then you will be welcome wherever you go; they will be happy to help you and feed you. We should be confident with what we are about to do. The flowers of happiness will bloom. Amen.

Witness to All Your Friends

I know you can do a good job if you focus on it. Do you want me to go over these memos for about thirty minutes? I won't cover all of them. Ten years later you can consult them.

It is possible to do this in ten years, but if we expedite it, it will take three years. Ten years is too long. We should do it in three years. Be like a tank. Do not fall asleep. Be serious about this matter. Be on top of everything and everyone. Through e-mail and through exchanging information, everything must be proclaimed. Newspapers, mass media. The four top leaders must discuss this matter. It is important. The time is right.

You cannot kill people or create enemies. We should bring enemies together, through marriage. God is the master and owner of the universe, and we have to live up to His expectation and dream of 10,000 years. If we do it, we will be remembered forever as the royal family.

Witness to all your friends, relatives, teachers, through e-mail, cell phones, you can give directions and things can happen quickly. We can build a heavenly highway and quickly equalization can come to the world.

So, I will keep my memo to myself, to consult, and I will look at it ten years later. I told you and there is no reason to hesitate. Are you going to do it?

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