Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Sunday Service on July 28

Sun Myung Moon
July 28, 2002
East Garden, Irvington, New York
Translation by Rev. Dong Woo Kim

Father spoke rapidly at first on all registered families going either to Korea or to their hometown.

If you don't have a hometown where God exists, then you should go to Korea. Once we establish that position, then hundreds of millions will begin to move, worldwide, centered on God and True Parents' tradition. All people, regardless of religion, will line up to attend True Parents in Korea. We don't have a second-generation, based on the second-generation, God will establish...

America is not your homeland, even if you were born here. Korea is. If you Americans think you should live here because you were born here, you are wrong. Your concept is rooted in the satanic world. You shouldn't live in your satanic hometown. Ignore your concept regarding your homeland. Centered on blessed central families we have to establish the new home country.

The Meaning of Registration

When should this begin to happen? From August 1. During June, based on Korea, Japan and America, centered on the 20`" anniversary of the Washington Times, God made this new movement. So I declared from June 21 the unity and settlement of the parents of Heaven and Earth, and on July 3, centered on Christianity, we blessed the tribe and blood lineage of Christianity. We had to bless at least 6 relatives and 6 congregation members of all the Christian ministers who had been blessed, so we blessed a total of 1.8 million couples that comprise a Cain and Abel second-generation. This restored the father-son cooperation. Based on that, the next day the 226`" anniversary of America, which means that America passed 225 years, I could proclaim the new start of the new era.

I proclaimed the resolutions from spirit world on that day. Centered on Jesus Christ, no one could make one world or one cosmos, Christianity could not build the unity of Cain and Abel, but I showed how to accomplish true love. I showed this by blessing the satanic people, Hitler and so forth. With this standard, God was able to love the most satanic people under the satanic dominion. That is why Satan could not resist the truth and had to surrender naturally. From that moment, a heavenly world, separated from the satanic world, could emerge and make unity, centered on the family. That is why all blessed central families could stand in the position of Adam's family before the fall.

Centered on True Parents, you as a blessed central family are in the original Adam's position and from there you have to restore your ancestors, so that they can move to the same position. That is why I allowed all blessed central families to participate in the registration workshop and blessing. All blessed central families should thus become one and start to establish the 2d Israel.

Therefore, there are no enemies, and all saints and sages in spirit world are totally united. Next year, at True Mother's 60' birthday, I will invite 2,000 leaders to receive an award. To be qualified, you need to keep the standard.

In the secular world, the wealthy have used God's property, but it has to be returned to God. That is the meaning of the total living offering. All ownership, especially that of American people, should be returned to God. Once it is offered, then we establish the condition that God possesses all things and He can give it back. That is the meaning of being the 2d Israel, of America as a Christian kingdom. If America can stand on that point, then God can accomplish His will centered on America. This is why I made that proclamation on July 4, so that all American blessed central families could stand on that foundation.

The Original Hometown is One Place

So you have to offer your life to True Parents. Korea, Japan and America should become one and go back to the homeland. We have to show humanity God's nation, the original hometown. It must be one place, not many places. Even though you were born in and are living in America, you have to seek the hometown. The homeland providence from there will spread worldwide. In True Parents' name, you have to offer your current nation to God. After we establish the model of God's nation, we have to spread it out and restore all countries to God., This is the meaning of the Chun II Guk.

These three nations become one, centered on True Parents, then focusing on the UN providence, we have to go back to the homeland, Korea. The unified peninsula of Korea is the 3` Israel, True Parents' nation, God's nation and the nation of all blessed central families. You will become king and have kingship. True Parents are showing how we can get the kingship. I have proclaimed the unification of Heavenly Father and True Parents, centering on unity and completed settlement.

So now is the time to reverse everything. The previous lineage will be reversed, with parents becoming children, grandparents becoming grandchildren, and so forth. That's why we have to go to our hometown. This has to happen centered on our homeland. So we have to establish this family standard. Once you participated in the registration workshop, your wife received a mission location in Korea, and it is time for all those registered couples and families to gather in Korea and create a substantial restored country.

You should bless 36, 72, up to 777 couples among your tribe. This is the meaning and purpose of the tong ban kyok pah ("breakthrough in the neighborhood"). After that you have to make twelve tribes. We have to make the safe settlement on the worldwide level. It started on the family level with Jacob, and it is time for us, now, to center the worldwide providence, restore the 12 disciples, 72 elders and 120 followers.

Until now, Satan was the elder brother, so now is the time to reverse this. The false father took the world. His internal desire is not just to kick out God, and God's desire was not to kick out Satan. God wants to keep His creation eternally. The model of the eternal world is in the family, where the ideal of true love is spread out and creates the ideal relationship between parents and children and all family members. To do this, love your enemy.

America should follow True Parents because they have true love. Once we establish that situation, centered on the model of the ideal family, God's blood lineage should be bequeathed. Abel and Cain cannot marry, but their descendents should marry.

The way of reversal for true love is for the richest country to go to the poorest; thus, America should go to Africa. In the past, the richest nation was the predator, with weapons and power. We have to reverse this, or we cannot possess God's original standard. The last time I visited the University of Bridgeport, I made a calligraphy, reading "The total change of Heaven and Earth." I made the same one at the headquarters building of Asia.

True Parents' Birthplace

Beginning August 1, God and Satan both expect True Parents to make the ideal world. Instead of Abel and Cain separating and fighting, True Parents are proud of matching and blessing all these people. Centered on that, God's ideal world finally is able to come.

So, what is the Family Pledge #8? God's love and human love totally should become one. [Father used one brother's head and scalp as an object partner to explain that the unity of husband and wife is the foundation for God's hometown and restored kingdom.] America is not God's country; it is only True Parents' birthplace that can be God's country. It is because the True Parents connect the love, life and lineage of God.

Who can make perfection? Not God; not Satan. True Parents. [Discourse on how complicated Americans are, and how complicated thinking leads to free sex, homosexuality, etc.] Do you have the power to stand up and tell Satan to hit you instead of the American people? As Jesus said, you let your family block your simple direction of one way. Also, American cultural conventions block the way.

I lift up the throne of God, who is sitting in a depressed state. I pick Him up from underneath and surprise Him. I bring back everything to give it to you.

Hoon Dok Hae: "One Motherland and the Unified World" in The Way of Unification of North and South.

American members, sell everything, like the Israelites sold everything to go to Canaan, the home country. This movement [of the Chun II Guk, apparently-ed.] should start from Seoul, through Pusan, through Japan and to America.

Today is Sunday. You have no schedule today and we have time. I'm going to leave to Korea tomorrow and I don't know when I'll come back. I called all Korean leaders and missionaries to come back to Korea, based on August 1. All registered couples with a mission in Korea should come to Korea. Where is your hometown? It is where you were born. What is the hometown of God and True Parents? It is the place True Parents were born and where they delivered their children, where the True Family can live together. It becomes a tribe and then a nation is established from that tribe. That nation should be God's country and Adam's country.

The ancestor is not a woman, as in Japan. Women have no seed. The man has the seed, and through it, generations proceed forever. Who is first, man or woman? Centered on man, woman should stand. Eve fell first. That's why God has to restore a man first. God has to prepare a country to receive him. That was Israel. But they failed to fulfill that responsibility. So God was not able to implant the seed on the national level. I matched and blessed all nationalities in order to make one nation.

[On the Korean leaders in Japan.]

[On the virtues of the Korean language.]

Now the top political leaders of Korea, Japan and America are in difficult straits. The Korean president may wind up in jail. They realize they have to find a relationship with God. During World War 2, how many Korean were forced to fight to the death for Japan? Centered on God, I have to reverse everything. I will use the Pacific Ocean providence and island federation for this, centered on Hawaii. Japan tried to take Hawaii by force, and failed. Succeeding by other means, 70% of Hawaiian leaders now are married to Japanese women. When a Japanese woman appears, American men, as the archangel, love her. They cannot ignore also because of her economic power. Especially black people naturally love her.

We are constructing a railroad from Chile to Argentina ... Japanese scientists made the observatory on Kona. It has a huge lens. Through it, we can see 450 million light years. Perhaps we can see the origin of creation and origin of human beings. Then we can be better than God, because even though He created everything, He couldn't restore it after the fall. But True Parents, as human beings, are doing it.

With a cell phone and satellite, we can connect to and direct activities all over the world. This scientific development is supporting God's providence in the last days.

There are almost 700 newspapers in America, and the Washington Times and UPI should lead them. Almost 1,000 media people gathered in London and agreed that the combination of the Washington Times and UPI should be the leading newspaper and news distribution organization for world peace. Reuters cannot compete; it will take them time.

What about in China? Japanese members are about to finish their doctorate course at Sun Moon University. When I give a direction, these different organizations can unite with me; then I can give an idea and they all can move in one direction.

Service for Peace is service for true family, service for true love. Without true love, there can be no peace. The messiah is the one who knows God's secret and the satanic secret, and can subjugate God and Satan at the same time.

God and Satan

Now we must educate people, starting with congressmen.

How many saints' testimonies did you read at the SFP rally? (13.) No one wanted to do that. You have to focus on that standard. We have to use the spiritual resolutions, whatever we do. Use it for Hoon Dok Hae.

The loss of spirit world means the loss of God, which connects with the loss of the family, tribe, nation and world. So without the spirit world, you cannot restore the ideal family. True Parents are the mediator between God and Satan. To do so, the messiah should know the spirit world completely. If some so-called expert about spirit world tries to explain, they will be befuddled. Satan should surrender, or he will be kicked out. Examining the True Parents' situation, Satan cannot help but surrender.

Once a murderer is known, he cannot move freely. I've been working this way, and will push the nation and government. How can I mediate? By going the opposite way in front of God and Satan; opposite both to God's favorite way and Satan's favorite way. Once Satan's crime is known, Satan will run away. So I instigated fighting between God and Satan, so as to expose Satan before humankind and cause him to run away. I blessed saints and murderers. That point was what God appreciated and Satan appreciated. Without unity between enemies, there is no way of peace. God agreed and Satan knew about it.

How do we make unity between God and Satan? Through that which they both like. What is that? The sexual organs. But they have different concepts about them. Satan likes them anytime, regardless of the person reaching maturity or not. What about Catholic priests? Some of them abused the sexual organs of young boys and their own.

For Adults Only

You like your wife's sexual organ, right? Once a couple's sexual organs become one, they hold on forever. What is the woman's sexual organ? Man and woman each have only one sexual organ. Is it the same, or different? The sexual organ is very complicated. To see it, you need your children. You women have a hidden desire to see and so forth the man's sexual organ. You cannot do it with your father or brother... Woman likes the simple sexual organ, and man likes the complicated one.

You receive the seed of your father, so you are your father's nationality; your father determines your identity.

Wives, take the love you have for me and transfer it to your husband. Husbands have to learn how many minutes it takes for your wife to come to an orgasm. Learn from the cats and pigeons. When they love, they sing to each other. [Father imitates the sound of a cat moaning.] Some women don't know how to love their husband. So her husband just waits for seven days, forty days. As a wife, you have to stimulate your husband. Otherwise, you cannot have a happy life as a couple. When the flower blooms with good fragrance, the bees and butterflies gather. You have to make yourself a beautiful flower, or no man will be attracted to you, regardless of your age.

Make love in the manner of cats, pigeons, whales, and fish. Do fish have sexual organs? [Father recommends National Geographic videos to learn about the love relations of various creatures.] Human beings should represent all kinds of love before God. By representing all things, you will never become ill, because heavenly fortune will protect you. When you eat something, keep the feeling of love while you eat.

Love is first. With love you rear your children. Love is the most important reality by which to dominate everything. We can make an endless number of movies and videos about love.

The Priest's Offering

[Father wrote on the board: "Seek the nation and justice."]

The religious life should focus on this point. This should be the nation born before the fall. It will be established through sacrifice of the central figures. Those who are ready to sacrifice are the patriots. Only 8% of a fish's eggs reach adulthood. There are a great number of sacrifices.

God reserves His greatest affection for the one who creates something from nothing. God likes the priest who takes everything and offers it to God, and does not keep anything personally. Having no individual wealth is the way of the priest. Then wherever he is told to go, he cannot say no. He has to have a righteous life, accepting the condition of being offered to God. The nation needs this kind of priest. This is why the person should not have a salary. He should present all the members as his offering to God. The priest-our church leaders-should go that way. In 30 years, I never brought money from America to Korea. I never used any for my individual purposes. Who can follow any other kind of leader?

I brought Koreans and Japanese to come and sacrifice to work for America, not to take for themselves. So you have to obey those leaders as an offering. The offering has absolute obedience, or God cannot receive it.

[Father kyung bae'd to show us the example.]

You have to learn how to sit and how to offer the kyung bae. As sinners, we should sleep on our side, because we cannot hold God (sleeping on the back, facing up) or the earth (sleeping on the stomach, facing down). How can you sleep comfortably as church leaders? How can you sleep comfortably as sons and daughters who have not restored your parents to Heaven? You have to start your daily life with prayer and go that way every minute.

Because of the lack of standard of American parents, the families are falling apart. When the wife arrives back home, she should report to her husband. The American style is not the heavenly way. The major point of parents and children relationship is love, life and lineage. It is time for God to receive the sons, to accept the fallen son. But without the blessing, we are not really filial children. The eldest should be responsibility for the younger brothers and sisters' marriages. Also he should go the way of the patriot and saint.

Even externally, people can see the family that will become the center of the village and inherit the blessing. Father will make things scary but also interesting. Scolding scares us but it is his recommendation to change us for the better. The key point is how we can practice life for others, true love. Please free yourself from your concepts. The exchange marriage time is coming. Cain and Abel's descendents should become one; it is time for that. Russia and China should become one, and then become one with America. That is the responsibility of the top leadership right now.

Be An Original

We should make the owners' union and workers' union. They can make a prize for whichever does the best.

We have to focus on tong ban kyok pah, based on the family. It is the quickest way to establish God's nation.

You need to develop a new heart, not just a new brain. Don't imitate; be an original. From 50 years ago, I made a blueprint of the origin, and I predicted that an Internet newspaper would emerge and that all print newspapers would perish. I am sensitive.

Women should be careful about a church leader who dresses well, or they will fall. But I am different, because I teach you as a daughter. Whether you are young or old, our relationship is that of father-daughter. I want you to receive God's blessing as a queen. Your final goal is to establish God's nation, worldwide. From now, we have to... Young people should gather as Sun Moon University's department of Pure Love, to keep purity. The imperial family of Japan will not be able to find a pure spouse anywhere other than from that school.

What does God like most? The sexual organs, and that is what Satan likes most as well. Satan likes them anytime, but God likes them after fulfilling certain qualifications, not just anytime. He likes the sexual organ of Adam and Eve, not animals. God and Satan like blessed central family's sexual organs. Each side wants to possess them.

In the fallen world, the modern world, people do what they want with their sexual organs, but in the ideal, one's sexual organs fit with those of only one other person-their spouse. In the fallen world, people try to kiss anyone, but they cannot if they know the heavenly principle of one subject and one object. If a man kisses a woman's chest, will her husband not care? What about kissing her hand?

Husband-Wife Discipline

At our meetings, we sit in rows with men and women separate. This is the principle point of view, but the outside world mixes men and women. There is no clear boundary. Rest rooms are also separate. You have to keep the law centered on God, not the satanic law, but God's law. Once you have the blessing, you have to keep a discipline between husband and wife. Once you have children, you have to make an appointment to make unity and make that relationship to produce more babies. Once you have sexual love, you have to make some regulation. Otherwise, what is the difference between a blessed central family and an animal?

[Father addresses one blessed husband:] How is the international blessing? [Fantastic.] You don't sound so convincing. [FANTASTIC!] You try to make love and your wife kicks you out. [Father is a prophet.] Not a prophet; I heard it from someone; from your children.

I kept purity while enduring so many attractions, so many fascinations. I never even touched a woman's hands, in Japan, Korea or America. Even the CIA sent women to seduce me. In San Francisco, a CIA woman tried, failed, confessed and left. I have trained myself to keep purity. Even in my twenties, I was so energetic, it couldn't bear it, but I maintained purity. Once I was requested to go naked and lie down, but I had trained myself not to have love. Japanese women brought money and gifts, and sent letters written in blood to show their love, but I never responded. I asked them if they had their parents' permission.

There were so many, and I wonder where they are now. One woman got in my bed while I was sleeping so deeply; she made me naked and wanted to have love. I awoke and told her I am not a normal person and cannot move my sexual organ. She finally left. She surely has respected Koreans for the rest of her life. I came here not to enjoy my life, but to set a standard.

At that time, Japan prohibited marriage between Koreans and Japanese. But now when they marry, genius children are produced. When I think of the Korean women who were mobilized in Japan for the war, I cannot move. At a movie theatre, a beautiful woman came up and took my hand. We both were surprised. I overcame by focusing on a self-consciousness of my mission. I had to put my desire for women to death. I could not suffer death at the hand of women. I maintained the awareness that I have to create the first family of humankind.

The spiritual people came representing ancestors, with engagement rings. But that does not mean actual engagement.

7,000 Clergy

Eighteen years ago, I educated American pastors with books and videos. We used eighteen tracker trailers to carry them to the shipping depot. There was a rumor among Christian ministers that I was the king of evil, so if they touched the materials they would go to hell. But while I was in Danbury, I could educate 7,000 pastors. The number came from the time of Elijah. It is the number of those who did not bow down to Baal. Then at Jesus' time, 7,000 people had to unite with Jesus. Then within three years, he could have become True Parents and given them the blessing. So we had to restore 7,000, a condition of unification between myself and 7,000 people. I set up that condition and tried to make a flat place. Oneself alone cannot set up a condition of indemnity; I had to set it up with those people.

[Extensive talk about the sexual organs.] Why did God make the sexual organs? Because of true love. The motivation behind God is true love. It starts from there and ends there. Inside is the creation of the ideal family, relatives, nations, the world and cosmos and even the Kingdom of God.

So we have to analyze the question of whether God has a bride's (?) attributes. It has the same value at the beginning, on the way and at the end. The place where everything is combined and harmonized and brought into equal value is the sexual organs. The value of the individual, family, the tribe, the nation and so forth are all the same to God's heart. This is the completion harvest of the Christian world. The sexual organs are the palace in which it all is combined-the individual love, family love, national level love etc. This is like water that connects with itself throughout the world. Water from any country goes to the ocean and resurrects together. The clouds do not fight. They welcome and receive each other. Then they rain down upon the satanic world, which needs the water. Unification Church members are like the clouds of water. Water never takes a rest. God organizes it.

[It is difficult to catch, but Father is speaking at length about what I guess seems to be the relationship between the number of and presence of children and grandchildren, and sexual energy when one gets old.]

[In this part, True Father often added to the usual three terms, love, life and lineage, a fourth term, "family," with the new phrase being true love, true life, true lineage and true family.] The sphere with seven points, counting the seven, has an eighth point, the vertical point that pulls the center. It is a soccer ball. There are no boundaries between the different positions, and they all are of equal value. Each is welcome everywhere. The father in this situation is an absolute father, absolute parent. But fallen people do not have absolute parents. With absolute parents, an absolute race and absolute nation are no problem. They cannot separate ever. There is no divorce, homosexuality, free sex or fighting there.

Absolute wife, unchanging, unique and eternal wife-even God cannot change her. Her armpits smell good to you; her everything tastes good to you.

You Are the Key

[About grandparents' love for their grandchildren, with their senses taking, and captured by, a one-way course toward their grandchild. About this love transferring into the spirit world.] The three great subjects all want it and all parties appreciate in value with each passing generation. The foundational feeling is that God is my parent.

If you do all this, you get a certificate, signed by Satan and me. The UTS president did not get it. Then you can pass through every gate in spirit world with no key-you are the key. That ideal world has been waiting for thousands of years for God and True Parents. True Parents are the head and you are the tail.

The concept of absolute faith, love and obedience essentially means the concept of how to create absolute sex. When you become absolute, your love partner appears.

Satan is the first enemy of God; your parents are the second enemy; you are the third enemy (third generation). From your perfection as a true Adam, you make a net to reach out to your relatives.

[This leads to a discussion of the creation of the Chun Il Guk, by people from 190 nations coming to Korea, and the importance of the three-day passage from July 29-31 leading up to August 1, the new start.]

The most fearsome enemies are those of the Jewish, Christian, Japanese and German people. [Long discourse about the creation of the American nation from Protestant European immigration.] This history peaked with the conclusion of World War II.

Now we need to restore the youth of America, and this was accomplished with July 3 and the ministers blessing 6 couples of their young relatives and 6 of their young congregants. Now the youth can make unification all throughout the Ivy League schools. Then a meeting of 2,000 or 2,400 top leaders of government, ministers and (?) and [the point may be how the work in America is reaching a conclusion and can jump to Korea]. Then the spirit world comes into play and even the communist world comes to center on True Parents. And you are becoming the True Parents of the next generation.

[About the Sun Moon Peace Cup, with Pele and the FIFA working toward this ideal. That is the way to bring the Islamic world into oneness with the rest of the world. So the nation welcomes me, the churches welcome me, the athletic world welcomes me and the soccer world welcomes me. We will have all kinds of Olympics, including competitions for dancing, singing.]

[Father envisions Bush announcing that America needs the ideal family way, which it will import from "that miserable country, Korea." But it will be called "career," as in "successful career."] America is losing power. Black people should not follow white people. They should follow me. In the middle of them is Farrakhan, who is working with Father, and white people don't like it. (To one brother:) Do you like or don't like? ["Yeah, I like."] You are too light, not serious. You are just following along without thinking about it. I am a righteous man, I push out.

[Against the American attitude of one nation (only) under God.] It should be one cosmos under God. America has one vote at the UN, the same as any poor nation.

True Parents' soccer team has 13 members-11 plus God plus True Parents. [About the success of the Uruguay team, behind which is our support of the leading hotel, bank and fishing operation in Uruguay.]

The world media king is not me, it is God. In the second position is True Parents.

(Father spoke from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m., exactly eight hours. He rarely sat down and there was little Hoon Dok Hae. It was a hot day, and he drank virtually nothing. He spoke at least 50% of the time in English. At the end, he seemed full of energy, not tired in the least. These notes of course capture but a fraction of his content. Your scribe hopes that eventually all of the speeches contained in this volume, and more, can be translated into English from the Korean. I further hope that we all may even begin to grasp and fulfill the mandate of True Parents at this time, our moment in history.)

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