Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

True Father's Meeting with the 12 Christian Leaders

Sun Myung Moon
September 16, 2002
East Garden

Meeting With 12 ACLC Clergy Who Are Working On the September 14th Blessing

I realized that we must have one philosophy or thought. No religious leaders can do this. Don't focus on your position with your denomination. Focus on going through the spirit world to get to God. If you don't know God's will you may be crying out in the future.

Some of you may have come just to see Rev. Moon to see what he looks like. All countries are afraid of me. Why. Because I have the truth, this is why everybody is scared. You have to break down the denominationalism. You must break down Godism. You must listen to me. Bishop Stallings and Bishop Johnson do you put the black Jesus in your church and the white Jesus in your church. Are you ready to absolutely die for your faith.

America doesn't know where it should go. Without knowing the spirit world, God testified to Father Moon but people don't like it. In the spiritual world you must know what to do.

The religious leaders have completely united centering on Jesus in the Spirit World. You have to know the truth. You have to understand the truth. Your churches and deacons may resist you but you must overcome by holding on to the truth. Until now, so many points came in which spirit world tested me. You will be tested.

The fact is that the spirit world they feel desperate and urgent. The world is made up of heresy. You must be humble and honest. You should go down to a more humble level than the Japanese Missionaries. Please don't try to stand in a certain position to gain members.

How many of you are true persons, wherever I go, I try to expose God's teaching to the ministers. You don't have the philosophy that is necessary to make the world like God. I have established the ideology to unify the world. I'm this kind of minister and this kind of denomination, don't be proud and do that.

You need to commit yourself and understand God's word. You have to understand the blessing. You must spread out the blessing. You each need to get 120 couples.

You must stand in the Abel position in sight of God. You have to embrace the Cain side. If you kick Cain out they will not perish but they will grow in opposition. You must digest them with True Love. You must love your enemy.

From the President to the ministers. There are so many ideologies and so many are against me. They tried to destroy me but I was never defeated. America pushed me down but I only expanded and prospered. Who is the center of the saints? Jesus Christ is the center. Buddhists will say its Buddha. God must be the center.

God sent the Second Advent. The True Parents. Centering on the True Parents then all should become one. For 30 years I have called all the theologians and challenged them.

You have to live a certain way. The Japanese missionaries left their families to save America. America is the center of Christianity in the world. You must be more owner than Japanese missionaries. You must keep what I'm telling you now.

America made a separation between North and South Korea. Communism is the fruit of Hellenism and America and South Korea are the fruit of Hebraism/ Christianity. I tried to deal with the original point. I went to the Soviet Union and met Gorbachev. I met North Korean leader Kim Il Sung. Our people worked to elect the President in Korea. Our people helped elect Reagan. America stepped into Korea and now America just retreats from Korea ? or should America help Korea. Because America made the division in Korea, how can it retreat and leave it that way? In 1951 Truman fired General MacArthur. That was a big mistake. If he didn't do that then Korea wouldn't have been divided. Unification is imperative for all Koreans.

Up until now America has a spiritual connection with Korea. Because of that America was able to stand as a superpower. Because America has that kind of relationship with Korea to defeat communism then America must be involved. American religious leaders must go to Korea. America abandoned Vietnam now America must restore this failure by helping in the reunification of Korea.

America must continue with this effort. Even if the south overthrew the north and made one country the war will not stop unless we solve Communism in China and Russia. This is something that is possible only on a global scale with religious truth.

Korea will not be able to liberate itself. It cannot be done without the help of Japan and America. It is within the realm of possibility that I can do this.

If Christianity becomes one with Unification then America will be saved. I fulfilled my responsibility toward America. I brought 144,000 ministers into the blessing. If you don't fulfill your responsibility to unify Christianity then all of Latin America will oppose America, how can we stop it or deal with it. Religious leaders must repent. I have set the clear standard of Blessing to save America.

The population of China, India is over 2.5 billion. Do you know how many are there. America can't win against them. Along as America opposes China there is a problem. After 10 years, China will be stronger.

You must solve the homosexual problem. It's your turn. It's your responsibility if people are opposite me. Do you stand with me? (Clergy Response: YES !!) While you are focusing on your one church or one denomination I have been focusing on World peace. America and Japan should be responsible for Korea. That's why I sent the Japanese missionaries to America. You have to pay back 100 times. You must send the missionaries out from America to the world. Everybody knows that you must send missionaries out. If you focus only on Christianity you will perish.

I have to think of my own way to go back to my hometown. You must stand to save this nation. Where will be the center of this pledge. The three men, the thief on the right, the thief on the left and Barabbas. Buddism, Chritianity and Islam are being mixed. These religions came to America one by one. This kind of heavenly connection comes when the missionaries come to your church. The three are being mixed. The Japanese missionaries stand in the position of Eve and the ministers stand in the position of the Archangel. They can't forget the feeling of meeting the missionaries. The ministers are deeply moved by the Japanese missionaries and don't want them to go. I influenced America through the Washington Times and so many different activities. Do you want Father in America. (YES!! The ministers responded).

America went to Korea to make unity but Korea is still its divided.

You know the words of Father. Father doesn't want America to perish. Why are there so many denominations? There is only one Jesus. Do you think if I was a white man that America would oppose me. No. Bishop Johnson you have a big responsibility. Billy Graham opposed me. Rev. Johnson you should go to Billy Graham and help him understand.

In the CAUSA movement. We made unity of Christian ministers. If we make all the Christian ministers unite then the president of this country could come from them.

Who will be the next president. It will be the one who obeys God.

I made exchange marriages between enemies. Jesus shows us how to love enemy. The exchange marriages between Japan and Korea was exchange marriages between enemies. Once you keep this way you will never perish. All the saints in the SW follow me now. I'm not a false speaker. The SW protects me. Christians should marry Moslems.

The Last Days are coming to America. Be careful. Those that oppose Rev. Moon will perish. Since I came here, I didn't get anything from America. Not for me but to save the world. Until the third generation, you should become one. You cannot hold God's blessing to your lineage. God will condemn those who practice homosexuality. Because God has protected me, I have survived here.

It will take several years for you to understand Rev. Moon's thought. Eventually all the universities in the world will teach my thought. Father laid a strong foundation in the world in the Media. Father is planning a strong Internet based media. It won't take long. We can come up with a fundamental resolution for world peace. If you want to come to lead this effort for world peace Father will support you. Your denomination fights you but eventually through your faith and expanding the message through the media they will change.

The Vatican is mistreating one leader but Father doesn't attack the Vatican but is patient. If he struck the Vatican the Communists would like it and point out the discord between religions. Therefore Father is patient and loving.

The KGB and CIA studied Father and know he is working for the benefit of their people. The CIA knows that Rev. Moon is good for America. Father has still not used the power of God. He is withholding that power. Even if there is difficulty or trouble in your life, don't worry just march forward. What is wrong, where is the mistake here. Challenge that person, and say who is doing more for God than Rev. Moon.

About Clouds of Witnesses: Don't you think that Father prayed deeply and calculated with great thought about the clouds revelation? Do you think that Jesus and the saints in the spirit world obey me? No. They obey God. Because God ordered them to do it they support me. They obey God. They didn't come together in the Spirit World just because Dr. Lee called them -- only because God called them. The 120 saints in the spirit world will help you. They need someone on earth to reciprocate this truth.

Rev. Kwak:

Father expressed his incredible love for you. In many cases Christians missed the opportunity to guide America. His concern is that you really stand up and dedicate to save this nation. This country is the example country of the world.

What is his heart. He did not speak just logic. He spoke to you from the bottom of his heart. Still my understanding is not enough. Please meet together and research more.

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