Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

The Day when Families of Ideal Creation Start to Settle

Sun Myung Moon
Oct. 3, 2002
From Kodan News

Summary of True Father's Words on the 15th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World (Oct. 3, 2002)

Summary of True Father's Words at the Pledge Ceremony

(True Parents appointed Rev. Kwak's family to the Representative Family.)

True Father's Words to Rev. Kwak

You have to guide all families as the representative of church priests, tribal families, and Ambassadors for Peace. You have to make the spirit and physical worlds follow my direction. True Parents stand on the top as the representative of Heaven, and you have to show a model and make a tradition to attend True Parents. At a starting point of Heaven, this tradition has to settle down on earth. Chung Hwan Kwak (Rev. Kwak) has to show this model, because you are the center of 36 families.

(Rev. Kwak's family, Rev. and Mrs. Kwak and their elder son Jin Man Kwak, bowed to True Parents as the representative of the priests of the church, tribal leaders of all humankind, and Ambassadors for Peace who correspond to nations in the world.)

True Father's Words

You have to welcome this appointment, because this is the starting point of the heavenly way. Heaven and earth, the spirit world and physical world welcome it.

True Father's Words at the Family Pledge

You have to start today with a clear conviction that the Family Pledge is a pledge of my family. You have to settle down as a model family of God's ideal of Creation with one heart, one body and one mindset. The rally for the Settlement and Unification of Parents of Heaven and Earth finished, so we proclaim this start on earth. So, today is a precious day. Today is 15th Foundation Day, and 14 years have passed. Every thing has to be done following the heavenly program.

Cheon Il Guk has to be attained by 2012. Knowing how busy heaven works, please strengthen your determination to start to work. Until now, Father passed 8 levels from the individual level, and performed the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship. Today is the starting point of the inheritance of all history to your families.

With these meanings, when we recite the Family Pledge, families in heaven and on earth recite it together. You have to go to your hometown. Like Family Pledge 1, we "seek our original homeland and establish the original ideal of creation, the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven." You are central families to do this, so you can never follow the secular world as representatives of heaven. If Korea had become our homeland, we could have organized a new interracial family, tribe, and nation. But, it is not attained yet, so today you have to start as core families.

It is serious. It is not the time when we repent. The age of repentance has passed. From now, a blessed family can start a family just after their blessing. It does not mean that you became free, but you have to attend God in the more original position. In this original situation, you have to create a foundation of family, tribe, and race on which God can work.

It starts an age of big migration. You have to attend this ceremony understanding these things.

"God is the parent, teacher, and lord." This word should be taken seriously. It has to settle into your family. As God and the 5 Saints made a resolution in the spirit world, you have to report and make a resolution on earth. That is reciting the Family Pledge.

Each family is a family who make a heavenly tradition in front of the Parents of Heaven and Earth representing the religion you came from. So, when Jesus prayed, he prayed in the name of "Blessed Central Family Jesus." It is a serious fact. Don't say unnecessary words, which makes Satan happy.

It is an important age of reformation. Don't have your own ideas. The time when you could say, "I want to do what I like," or "True Parents, please let me do this" has passed. From now, everything will be done through the Law. It is not a time Father can decide. Now we have to practice the heavenly program through the heavenly constitution and law.

The spirit world is an unified world. I opened the borders between hell, paradise, and heaven, and made a highway. Now is a time of reformation. You have to put your affairs in order, and follow True Parents. You have to recite the Family Pledge with a mind that today is a historical day of beginning and proclamation.

One Heart, One Body, and One Mindset

Summary of True Father's Words at the Commemoration Service

(Hoon Dok: True Father's Words on Oct. 3, 1988, Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World)

Cheon Il Guk is the nation where two persons become one. Wherever you are, let's live with God with one heart, one body, and one mindset. What you should make a decision about on this historical Foundation Day is to decide that you add your value to the value Father left. You should be more excellent than your ancestors. One heart, one body, and one mindset. (??????) Heart (??and body (??should unite into one (?) as vertical and horizontal respectively.

"Nyeom" ?? means today's thinking, and mindset. Analyzing this Chinese character, it means "Today's mind."?? and ??You should live with husband and wife's sexual organs becoming one. When you go to the heavenly world, you will be judged by the one who would be the lord of your sexual organ. You have to enter the bone marrow of love with one heart, one body, and one mindset. The place where one heart, one body and one mindset can settle is your family. Today is the first day when your family can settle and become good ancestors like Parents, and create a model of love by which your family can be extended to our descendants' families. So, we are cerebrating today. TP fulfilled everything. True Parents' heart is one heart and one body, and God's heart is one heart and one body. But your mindset was different. Mindset originates in the family, in the circumstances of daily life. Now, if you attain the settlement of the family with one heart, one body and one mindset, everything will be liberated. Then religions and schools are no more necessary. You can see and learn what you want through the internet or TV in your house. Now is time when you can bring museums with you on CD-ROM. With one heart, one body and one mindset, you contain a "Chip" of heavenly law in the computer within you. Then you will become the liberated subject, the liberated prince and princess of heaven.

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