Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

One Heart, One Body, One Mind

Sun Myung Moon
October 3, 2002
Sutaek-ri, South Korea

Words of True Father at the 15th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World

If you look at the content of my words and my prayers up to now, I think that there is a big mountain of work for even True Father to do. What we need to in making a new determination is that in God’s heart there is only one heart.

God created all things in heaven and in earth with one heart, one body and one thought, with ilshim, ilchae and ilnyum. For whom did God create all things in heaven and on earth? Because God made the creation for human beings, it is the historical whole conclusion to be masters of the earth who can have the heart of God and bear fruit in having the duty of the holy son in front of heaven and earth as a filial son, patriot and saint.

Because the content worthy of proclamation, that was built by the content of the words of today and by following the changes of the ages, was not realized, what was realized was after fourteen years was the 15th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World, Cheon Il Gook. The meaning of Cheon Il Gook is the nation where two people became one. At the same time, it is the nation where the object has become one with the subject, the nation where body has united with the mind, the nation where the son has united with the father and the wife has united with the husband, where the younger brother has become one with the older brother...

Without caring about whether it is to the east, west or south, centered on the degree with 90 degrees, it is being in one heart, one body and one mind with God no matter where you are in the realm of 90 degrees. Do you understand? (Yes) One heart, one body and one mind centered on true love, you need to think centered on God, himself. Considering the other world, it is to invest for the other world with ilshim-heart, ilchae–body, ilnyum–thought.



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