Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

43rd Childrenís Day

Sun Myung Moon
November 5, 2002
Seoul, South Korea
Notes by Michael Jenkins

Dear Leaders and all Families,

Happy True Children's Day. Here are my notes from Father's speech.

Please complete your burning ceremony immediately.

Let us bring total victory as Blessed Central Families and citizens of the Unified Nation of Cosmic Peace. Cheon Il Guk


About 3000 gathered at the Su Taek Ri training center in Kuri City on the outskirts of Seoul.

The training center is a huge beautiful auditorium on the Il Hwa factory grounds. There is a stage upon which the offering table sits which is carpeted with perfect red carpeting. The carpet of the whole auditorium is pink and looks new. The stage is trimmed both above and in the back drop with a very deep maroon curtain with rich gold trim. Father looked absolutely ageless with a dark blue suit with a cream colored shirt with a beautiful red and dark blue tie. He has settled into a vibrant unchanging appearance. Mother looked beautiful with a dark maroon suit of a felt texture with a rich velour appearance. Her sleeves were multicolored (light brown, maroon, and patterns) of a finer material. Her dress matched her sleeves. Mother looks magnificent.

About 3000 can sit comfortably on the floor, maybe more. The Elders of the worldwide movement assembled there preparing with prayer. There are large television screens placed on each side of the auditorium providing all with very good views of the proceedings. The offering table was traditional with the brightest colors of fruits and cookies and all kinds of beautiful foods representing all of creation. Seven candles were standing before the altar.

Rev. Kwak led the 7:00 am pledge service. This time pledge was done in our dress clothes and not Holy Robes. Father and Mother entered in a quiet serenity and began lighting the candles. First the center candle then the one on the far right, then far left and back and forth until all seven were lit.

Then Father prayed. Then True Parents offered their Kyung Bae to Heavenly Father, then Father took his place behind the offering table and True Mother bowed. Then representing all True Family, Julia Moon and her son did Kyung Bae. Then the second generation bowed. Then all the congregation did Kyung Bae.

Next representatives of three primary nations, Korea, Japan and America did Kyung Bae. Then representatives of all the Continents on earth (The continental directors). Then representatives of the major religions, Christianity, Confucianism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism. Then representatives of the Free World and the Communist World.

Finally Rev. and Mrs. Kwak as the central representative couple of all Blessed Central Families gave a very deep and tearful prayer of the realization of the grace that is coming from our True Parents and the incredible amount of sacrifice they have offered, which none of us can fully comprehend. With tears the whole congregation began to weep. On the conclusion of the Prayer, Father was smiling with incredible love to Rev. Kwak and to all of us. Then Father distributed the offering table to the True Family, then to Mother then Father and then Father and Mother asked that everyone be given something from the offering table. This concluded our pledge service.

True Fatherís 9 a.m. Address:

Rev. Jeong Ok Yoo gave the representative prayer. Please allow us to fulfill our responsibility before heaven. We must find our homeland and find the ideal garden of Eden. Thank you for the grace given by our True Parents to realize the time of the Cheon Il Guk. We pray that this can be a time of glorious day of celebration.

Then we had Hoon Dok Hae.

Rev. Kwak will read the Hoon Dok concerning True Childrenís day.

Rev. Kwak:

Rev. Kwak read the 40th Childrenís Day Speech of True Father. (1999)

Summary from Fatherís words.

No one understands my heart. Someday it will be understood that all of history revolves around the conditions I have made. I selected Japan to be the Eve position even though she stood on Satanís side. Japan was devastated after World War II yet in the last 50 years Japan has become an economic superpower. Someday it will be understood that the economic prosperity that flowed to Japan was because of me. From now if you donít follow Rev. Moon you will be struck by heaven. Japan is no exception.

The course of suffering of True Parents has included being criticized in every way, even as dictators and yet they overcame this and all accusations. Even when people try to oppose this they cannot oppose any more because it is heavenís will. Then when True Parentís call will you respond? You should be grateful for the instructions that you receive. Godís nation that we hope for is based on Godís love. We must become citizens of this world. We must become citizens of absolute love. These absolute sons and daughters are the citizens of heaven. We need citizens, we need land and we need sovereignty.

We must protect our national land. You must have people, land and sovereignty. The national messiahs of Japan were the first to pioneer that Pantanal to create this Heavenly place. If I say to the Japanese members to go to South America with only your underwear you have to go. There are 36,000,000 types of insects in the Pantanal. There are thousands of original fruits. You have to love this area so that it can become Godís nation.

American and all nations will get worse if they donít understand the importance of the family. Children have to set up the condition. Father and Motherís relationship is unchanging. Now Godís nation and sovereignty is what we must organize. Godís love and sovereignty is unchanging. We must organize that. Only the Absolute, Unchanging and Eternal can be organized like that with Godís sovereignty. It is now the time for Godís nation. We must offer the tax for Godís nation. In front of the parents of Heaven and Earth we must pay tax. If we offer for the nation, then we can engraft to Godís nation. Now is the time of the salvation of the tribe, nation and world. We must believe in absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience. If you do that you can complete this. Christians will come to the Unification church. The total living offering you can offer. Unificationists that donít understand will become poor. If you follow my words you can live. With one tenth offering of Japan we could establish South America. Just a small land of Japan can support a big land in South America. The realm of the fourth Adam is what we must proclaim. If I order anything you must follow with Absolute obedience. Amen.

Fatherís prayer in the 1999 speech

Dear Beloved Father, when I reflect on the historical path of indemnity, it was a sorrowful path. We must proclaim absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love. This must be based on 7 generations of each family achieving these ideals. Each will establish the tradition of Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. May you accept our total commitment to achieve the sovereignty of God in Heaven and on Earth. The many saints of history walked the path of indemnity and restoration. If they didnít take responsibility then we could not fulfill. Today we have childrenís day and we can liberate your regret. We sincerely ask you to be comforted by this day. This is not a general meeting but an historical meeting of your children who are attending to comfort your heart. We are sorry to those from many nations and histories that could not have the opportunity to show their love to you by attending True Childrenís Day. Please comfort the sorrowful heart of those who didnít have the chance to attend you on such a holy day.

We must make this a day of Cosmic liberation. We are deeply grateful to you for your love and eternal blessing. This day must be a meaningful day and memorial day in front of you. Many nations and tribes that exist throughout the world we pray that we may give our love to you. We pray that we can overcome and win over the evil power. Please make them into a condition of historical value. We pray that it will be a blessing to the Cosmos.

In the name of True Parents Amen.

Fatherís speech:

This was the speech of 1999. As I listened to it, it really had the contents that God is most concerned with. Since October, the events that we held have cosmic significance.

First we must establish the nation that is centered on Godís will. Because of the fall they could not settle under Godís sovereignty. Everything is centered on the will of God. This declaration was made on October 21 at the rally at the Sun Moon University. The Unification of Heaven and Earth and Harmony Rally. Who could hold this rally? Only God could do it. Heaven and Earth became one. The holy fire burning ceremony was held to burn away the remnants of the past. In October it was the time to clear up all the past history. Heaven and Earth, harmony and all of the blessed families on earth who were liberated could be brought together.

This was a great connection between heaven and God. In this battle between the Elder and Younger brothers in history we achieved restoration and liberated Satan. The nation of God has to be reestablished. The world was liberated from fighting. Standing in the position of the Elder Son. If you have a religious world that would be Abel. The Non Religious world is Cain. Now all the problems have been solved in the spirit world. Now there must be a resolution and liberation of Abel and Cain on earth. Throughout history Cain attacked Abel and through much bloodshed, Abel was sacrificed continuously to save Cain. Through the indemnity course the Abel son was restored to the Elder sonís position. Therefore religion is restored to the Abel or Elder Sonís role.

We must become families of filial piety. We must set up the order of the Heavenly Families. 36, 72 and so on. In the shape of a race we must go forward.

The Declaration of Liberation must be made. Satan was resentful because of the fall. All of this has to be resolved so that the spirit world can be established centering on the 8 stages, from the Individual, Family, Tribe all the way to God. We must all become one to build this world of the ideal. On this earth and on heaven we must have this direction. The fact that we have this kind of content with truth is so significant. We have to know the false content that was represented by Satan. False content was introduced and God was kicked out. This is why we have interdenominational activity and Interreligious activity. Everything has to be burned form the individual to the family level. Centering on the Blessed Central Families. In order to complete the blessing we must have the burning ceremony. All the representatives of your tribes must have been restored. Please help them to build True original families. By knowing this and putting it into practice can you say that you are a Unification church member.

We must destroy all borders. Between all nations and peoples. Men canít do this. Women canít do this. We have to be happy when God is happy. Centered on God, you can go directly to heaven. With the advent of Science we are able to abbreviate things. Even if Satan tries to have secrets and have missiles and so forth, everything is revealed. Through the internet and technology no one will be able to hide their evil. Everything can be exposed.

How old am I. 83!!! From Godís point of view Iím 38. Iím still in my youth from Godís viewpoint. We must understand that the design of God is that man and woman must come together as one. God designed concave and convex. They are meant to become one. God has been hoping for a certain nation. Who is the master of the sexual organs. God is. Do you like something that your mind desires or what your body desires. Which one is in charge. We must take out the root of evil. The root must be pulled out that causes the body to dominate the mind. You must build your body as Godís temple so that God gets excited to come visit you. What is the moment that God wants to visit. It is when you and your spouse become one. Everything is relative, even your eyes and your nose. Everything is in rare form. The treasure of all treasures, even if God doesnít instruct you must do right. Are the blessed families in this state? Does the point in which the compass goes change from day to day. North is always north. Can your eyes go without blinking? There are certain things that are absolute. You must set the compass of your family in the heavenly direction. We have reached a new stage, a new time has dawned and the world will come under heavenís dominion. . No matter how complicated the world is. Regardless. Go the right way. Regardless of whatever difficulty you or your family may face, we must not turn back.

Do you look back on your past? Women have a tendency to do this. You must be careful. Who loves the child more, the mother or the father? Even if the mother requires many things of the husband you canít look back at your past and long for the past. When you start in heavenís direction there is no need to look behind. That is the time we are in now. Donít look back.

Why is there a blackboard here? What do you need? Breakfast, lunch and dinner? Is that what we need the most? What do we need? We need Sovereignty, land and people. This is the most important thing. People are love sick, even if she is ugly, a man who loves her will want to get together. Korea and America are the same. We have to make people that are flourishing. Do you have to flourish step by step or at once?

What if I bless you all again with a different spouse? Would you like it? People who are lovesick for True Parents will you go to hell or heaven? You will go to heaven. In the Unification church, what is the most valuable thing that humanity and history desire. They desire True Parents. Where are True Parents? Do you want Grandpa and Grandma True Parents or young True Parents? Will you kick out your old True Parents for the young True Parents? In the spirit world you can be your young age. What ever you want. Therefore eternally you will have your young True Parents in the Spirit World. (Everyone cheered).

Even if I donít have beauty but I still donít envy beauty. If Japanese donít center on wealth they have the right to lead the husband. If I miss lunch time I will be scolded by True Mother!! To be the Lamb of God I must be scolded!! (Father and everyone laughs). Is there any fighting with True Father and True Mother? Did you ever see it? No. Do you think Father and Mother quarrel? If I said we donít I would be lying. But a great husband is one who forgives his wife if she is wrong.

I want to say some serious words. Father writes on the Blackboard. I want to make a mind revolution. I always want to make a revolution of the mind. Do you understand. The revolution means, upside down. Even if two generations suffer it is better for them if it makes the mind go through a revolution. Father continues to write on the board. Cheon Il Guk. The Chinese characters for Cheon Il Guk has two people uniting to make one unified nation.

Did you finish to register. You must settle 12 tribes in Canaan. You must be united as your original purpose. Korea has no owner or master. Can you create Father and Mother by election. That is Satanís strategy. Democratic process is a problem for the tradition of Parentism.

Two people united can complete the cosmos (That is Cheon Il Guk).. They represent the cosmos. The Family Pledge will change. The Family Pledge has a master. The Cheon Il Guk was created by True Parents. The new nation was created. I have completed my words. I have explained what I wanted to say.

Conclusion is simple. Why did I do the Coronation Cermony? Why did I do that? Cheon Il Guk represents the peoples and the Safe Settlement. We cannot change this. If you follow great people you will never perish.

50 each from America, Japan and Korea. Do you want to know what your ancestors land is like. You have to visit Korea to understand. After going over all the peaks you will understand. The land of peace and Unification. Peace and Unification will be established. Everything is equalized. Everything is in a new age. Arrival of this age. The peace and unification of Cheon Il Guk . Declaration of the Announcement of equalization and the establishment of Cheon Il Guk. If the religious leaders are brought together they must respond. If the Ancestors are brought together they must respond. When you pray. You must pray that this kind of age has arrived. You have to live in the correct way. What is our desire. To stand in the same position as God. Godís essence is to participate together. I am the Way the truth and the life, Jesus said. What was Jesus desire to stand in the same position with God to live as one with God to do all the works together with God to live in peace, freedom and happiness. If you go the nation will follow if you are like this. Through my family.

Equal establishment means that everything is the same. For Godís will to be realized it means that everyone will move forward. Everyone must move forward and make a new start. If Iím the Messiah, representing Heaven and Earth. We have to build heaven. Can you have the awareness of True Parents. When you feel that God is with you then you can become the Messiah and then you can become the True Parents. That is why I stress the awareness of True Parents. No matter how long this period is you can have confidence. That is why, if you have a nice environment and you live in wealth, do you have the heart of God? Wanting to stand in the position of God? Until now how much have you yearned for this position. Automatically you can seek for perfection. You can follow the light even in the darkness.

You can have that kind of heart and be grateful to God. All the universe is my textbook and all the universe supports me. If you can feel this responsibility you can inherit the Cheon Il Guk. People who are spiritual sometimes see me going through hardships. They see how much I suffered to become a filial child. The way has been paved. However, there is little time. You cannot survive just thinking about yourself or your family. . Even if Iím in the spirit world and you feel that you are always participating with the spirit world, and with your family and live together with God with the consciousness that God is always with you. If you have the conditions for victory you can go close to God. We have to become loyal subjects.

A person who is always grateful will always give joy. This is the 43rd Childrenís day, we must have the determination that we are going to make a new start. We are going to be absolutely filial children for thousands of years. Otherwise we cannot take part. You must have a heart that is greater than the lovesick feeling. You must have the heart that you can say to the people follow me and they will follow. Because of your heart.

Fatherís Prayer:

The second year of the Cheon Il Guk on True Children's Day when all of creation and the children come together. We declare the age of Equalization and the establishment of the peace and unification. After the Holy Burning ceremony please visit each family directly.

We pray that everything can be established with equalization and peaceful establishment of the Cheon Il Guk. We pray that everyone becomes one and gives all glory and honor to you. God as the Parents who have liberated all of earth and heaven. Please bring us to the point where we are not embarrassed to stand before you. That we can move with you as one. This is not a concept. But is a reality. Amen.

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