Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Report from East Garden - True Parents' Arrival and Joyful Gathering

Sun Myung Moon
November 8, 2002 10:00 am
Translation by Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong
Notes by Tyler Hendricks

Rev. Peter Kim:

On September 30, True Mother's American speaking tour ended and True Parents left America to go to Korea, so they were gone exactly 40 days. We arrived in Korea for the October 3 holy day and October 4 Day of the Victory of Heaven. Foundation Day was at Soo Taek Ri, with 5,000 gathered. We did Hoon Dok Hae reading Father's speech from last year's October 3 holy day. Father said that everyone present should save part of the cake, rice and fruit from the offering table, note the date, and bequeath it to our descendents for thousands of years. That is the value of the moment we are in.

It is time to dash toward the providence of 2004 and totally accomplish it by 2012 if 2004 is delayed. Everyone there made that determination. True Parents emphasized il shim, having one mind, one mindset, and one heart, not even one degree deviated from God. It up to us to unite mind and body centering on the will of God and True Parents. The practice of absolute faith, love and obedience brings the result of one mind, heart and mindset.

A new heaven and earth begin today, on the Foundation Day of the Victory of Heaven. True Father spoke of the holiness of the love organ, and how abusing it is like stabbing oneself. So keep your purity by controlling your love organ.

On October 4 and the following days, 2,000 world leaders gathered together at Soo Taek Ri. Leaders should have economic power, to support their own ventures, the power of persuasion, and the ability to share God's message with the world. A priest of God embraces the entire environment. It is time to harvest the 6,000 years of God's suffering and liberate True Parents. When God created, it was an "omnipotent, absolute, perfect creation."

Even if there has been one degree of deviation every year, after thousands of years the creation is completely corrupted. The ideal to perfect the creation is that of the parents' love for children. That defines the way of heaven, being absolute, omnipotent and unchanging.

True Father spoke of one global system of media and education. Then on October 5-6 there was a meeting of Ambassadors for Peace, 2,000 from throughout South Korea, at Chung Pyung Lake. Father explained the meaning of the providence and responsibility of the Ambassadors for Peace. Dr. Yang gave an inspiring report from America, as did Rev. Kwak on the blessing ceremonies held by the IIFWP worldwide on the national level, in detail. Also they heard of the development of the Hoon Dok Family churches in Japan, and Rev. Hwang's blueprint for development in Korea.

One Ambassador for Peace was so inspired that he called his wife to come to Chung Pyung Lake to join him. Finally, True Father called for Tong Ban Kyok Pah (local tribal messiah activism to break through in the neighborhoods). Father called us to create trinities of families including one church representative (priest), one Tribal Messiah blessed couple, and one Ambassador for Peace. Father called for education of the Ambassadors for Peace to the same level of faith that the ACLC ministers' reached at their workshop in Maryland. The members should create classes on the local level for that. The Ambassadors for Peace don't know our church tradition, so True Father invited them to the Sunday pledge ceremony and Hoon Dok Hae in the Chung Pyung Lake temple. None of them opposed it. Their former emotional distance, with the attitude that "we are not Unification Church members," dissipated. For most of them it was the first time. They felt we are one family sharing one destiny. They developed pride in True Father and our movement.

October 10: Father explained about the Resolution Rally. The saints centering on Jesus made the resolution about God and True Parents. On earth we are having different levels of resolution rallies, and Father said we need the rally on every level from the individual all the way up the eight steps, culminating in God. This goes together with the Holy Burning Ceremony. Also, on October 7, Father directed that Hoon Dok Hae move to starting at 5 am. This is the time of burning out your old life and starting anew.

October 12: Father went fishing in Korea, and directed that a building be built on a certain location for education.

October 14: The 52nd anniversary of liberation from Hungnam prison, and 3rd anniversary of the liberation of the spirit world [I hope I got that right‹ed.]. Rev. Kwak read Hoon Dok Hae and we shared our determination to offer to True Parents and God all our appreciation. Father shared deeply about his experience in Hungnam labor camp, foretelling that one day, people worldwide by the millions will visit that prison site. It will be the place for training the people of the world, so we should have a workshop center there. How? By establishing the absolute true love kingdom on earth. We are now crossing the river and strong waves are coming. There is only one way to succeed, and that is to cross quickly. This is the last moment of the entire Providence so don't make any mistake in your thinking. Don't hesitate, but quickly cross the river.

October 16: Rally of the Harmony of Heaven and Earth. We divided Korea into sections and local leaders and Ambassadors for Peace gathered at Chung Pyung Lake or Sun Moon University accordingly. Father's speech was on God's Fatherland and One World. We did one hour Hoon Dok Hae with the spirit world message, and then Father spoke. He focused on the Korean leaders and Ambassadors for Peace. It is now time for all Korean people to unite, connect with the will of God and establish the Chun Il Guk. We should seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, as Father used as the foundation of his message that Bible verse. From this day, we need new traditions. We have the special Holy Burning Ceremony of the Unity of Heaven and Earth. It is a new tradition. Each family has done it, and if you didn't, you must do it.

The Ambassadors for Peace followed Father's direction and burned whatever was most precious to them, connected with the secular world. It is your living offering to God. For most it was the first time to do such a thing. Some had nothing, and wrote on a piece of paper and burned it, or burned their tie. All priests, tribal leaders and Ambassadors for Peace did it. Buddhists are familiar with this kind of ceremony.

October 20: The third (?) rally was held on the grounds of Sun Moon University, gathering 11,000 people from the southern area of the country. It was a rainy day, yet there was this turn out. But the spirit world stopped the rain, 30 minutes before the event. The event took three or four hours. After burning everything, and lining up for the bus, it started raining again. Heung Jin Nim and Daemo Nim held back the rain. On the way back to Seoul, it was pouring heavily. We felt the spirit world's good support in that event particularly. We ate chicken at a rest stop on the way back to Seoul.

True Father called Rev. Jung Og Yu to the Sun Moon University event, and then told him to carry the event forward in Japan. Rev. Yu reported about the Korean community in Japan, which has always been divided by sympathy with the north and south. They are antagonistic with each other. North Korea established a university in Japan. Father invited the top North Korean leaders for a three-day workshop. They opened their hearts and minds and recognized the greatness of True Parents and Divine Principle. Then Father directed that we educate the lower level Koreans in Japan who are devoted to North Korea, and now those workshops are going on.

October 30: 580 Korean church leaders gathered and internally determined to fulfill all the directions that Father has been giving. At the end of the session, True Father called them all to Han Nam Dong. He explained about the trinity plan, with priest, tribal leader and Ambassador for Peace working together. Wherever you go, teach the lecture, not by your own way, but by reading the Divine Principle or using Mrs. Eu's charts. That way, people directly touch the original world. All church leaders pledged to do so.

More than 300 of our Unification leaders went to Pyongyang, in different teams. This was unprecedented in the last 50 years, and happened because of the benefit that North Korea receives from True Parents. The North Korean leaders believe in True Parents and do not deny God. Just yesterday, the last of the teams arrived back in the South. South Korea was shocked by this display of True Parents' power. The North Korean leaders trust and believe True Parents, and expressed this to the Ambassadors for Peace who went on the tours. The Ambassadors for Peace are eyewitnesses of True Parents' foundation in North Korea. Now they think that Rev. Moon is more than human, and that only True Parents can unify North Korea and South Korea. Many said that they would join the Unification movement.

Our hotel in Pyongyang has 260 rooms and is famous in North Korea, with good food. The employees are the most handsome and beautiful. Kim Il Sung visited 9 times, Kim Jong Il six times. They are bringing a profit now. Many foreigners stay there. England and other countries have opened diplomatic relations with North Korea, so the future of the hotel is bright. They visited the Pyunghwa Motors auto plant and saw how the North Koreans honor True Parents, a model for us.

Then they would travel three hours to Jongju, True Parents' hometown. Many of the Ambassadors for Peace went to their own ancestral hometown in North Korea. They bowed to their ancestors, weeping.

Yesterday the third tour returned. Among the group were several Ambassador for Peace couples, including one 72 years old, both with hometowns in North Korea. It was the first time in 50 years for the husband to return home. He fell down, unconscious, when he arrived there, with a stroke. He was taken to a hospital, but North Korean health services are so poor. No equipment, no oxygen, nothing is clean. Mr. Sang Kwon Park suggested to Kim, Young Soon, who is second to Kim, Jong Il, that it is no good for someone to die because of lack of health care in North Korea. How about sending him to South Korea across the 38th parallel? Mr. Kim had to call Kim, Jong Il, who approved. It was the first time for a tourist to travel across the 38th parallel physically, transferred from a North Korea ambulance to a South Korea ambulance. He was taken straight to a hospital in Seoul.

November 3: Rev. Kwak reported about the WANGO event in Washington, DC, and Dr. Yang arrived and reported on the one-week Divine Principle workshop for ministers. I guess you know about that victory already.

November 4: Rev. Yu arrived from Japan and reported on the Holy Burning Ceremony, and all the spiritual phenomena. For example, in Tokyo, they had a big fire and were taking it down to the river. They needed to make ashes, to burn everything completely to ashes. Father said to keep the bowl in which the fire burned, wash it and allow people to see the evidence of the burning. The miracle was that they took a picture of the stain in the ashes in the washed bowl, and there appeared the words, "1965: People Should Have Their Hometown and Nation. People who love their hometown can love their nation." [I hope I got that right!] It showed up in white in the black ashes. People were surprised and took a picture that Rev. Yu brought to True Parents. In another city, they took a picture on which the image of the candle stand remained on a table where it was, after it had been removed.

November 5: 43rd True Children's Day at Soo Taek Ri, on "The Revolution of the Mind (or Spirit)." True Father explained that from now we should describe, in the Family Pledge, our family as "the owner of the Chun Il Guk" ["Chun Il Guk juin-in"] Peace settlement of the unity of Heaven and Earth. Peaceful establishment of the unity and peace of Heaven and Earth. Father offered this declaration.

[This means that we should begin each verse of the Family Pledge with the phrase "Chun Il Guk ju-in in ur-i kajong-un cham sarang-ae joong-shim ha-go," which means something like "Our family, owners of the Chun Il Guk, pledge etc. etc." In other words, "our family" is now described as "our family that owns the Chun Il Guk." I expect that an official memo about this will come out soon, so don't take my word for it, but my family is doing it like this now, because we heard about it from a Korean UTS student. ­ Ed.]

True Father called 50 leaders from Japan and America. Fifty were chosen out of the thousand from Japan, and 50 from Korea, for a tour of the country. They learned about Korea and its culture. They left on the morning of the 7th. Fifty represents the foundation of each country. A friendship ceremony took place in which they became like triplets. So they should meet once a month, even by writing a letter (in Korean, only), and share their difficulties and blessings. Also they should have their children marry each other. Each trio took a picture with True Parents. Later we will build a condominium in which those leaders can live in the same place. They must speak and communicate in Korean; therefore they have to study Korean.

True Father: Those people are like a model. In the future, the world will follow this pattern. Within three years, all world leaders should study Korean.

November 7: True Parents left Korea. Before leaving, True Parents visited a place Father lived as a student, south of the Han River (Kook Suk Dong), where he taught Sunday school. He lived in a house, and Father met the family that owned [and apparently still owns] that house, and gave them gifts. It was so long ago, but they didn't forget Father. He forgave them and told them to study Divine Principle and receive the Blessing, and become members of the Unification movement. We saw how limitless is True Parents' love.

True Father: America has to bring this into balance, so you need to develop. How will you do it? Dr. Yang, please report.

Dr. Yang: Rev. Peter Kim explained Father's 40 days in Korea, and I would like to point out two things from that report. Father always supports America. The American president is very important providentially. In the recent elections, the government party (i.e., Republicans) increased. Behind the scenes were many miracles. This will support the coming years by solving many issues.

Righteous government leaders support Parents Day and always send letters of congratulations to True Mother and True Father's tours. They always attend events to support us. People who respect True Father's vision and understand America's responsibility regained key congressional committee leadership posts. We support morality and the family as the way of America's future. Many of our AFC and ALC graduates were elected, often in close races. Three of our members were elected on the state level. Their slogans are "Faith, Family and Freedom," and that America is a God-centered country.

Also Republicans held key governorships, against strong national opposition from the Democrats. One re-elected governor's web site, the day before the election, trumpeted the endorsement from Tiempos del Mundo.

The ministers workshop in Maryland was especially important for them solidifying each other's faith and commitment. We on earth have to advocate True Parents' proclamation more than spirit world does, and America is slow with this so I apologize to True Parents. But now the message has gone out to 50 million readers. How do we respond to peoples' questions? This was the purpose of the workshop, to equip the ministers to know "Who is Rev. Moon?"

We shared what True Father has done in the world and in America, and his life goals and ministry. We focused on True Parents' 80th birthday in DC and the American Century award. The theme of that event was "American Honors Rev. Sun Myung Moon on His 80th Birthday," with a beautiful logo. Tom Ward testified about the work to overcome communism, and ministers themselves spoke about the True Family Values movement. We will make a documentary film on the workshop. The conclusion is that Rev. Moon is the Messiah.

We thus could give the lectures very easily, based on Jesus' question to St. Peter, "Who do you say I am?" Peter's answer was that you are Christ, the son of the living God." "Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you." The Segye Times in New York published a front-page story about the workshop.

Also a major Muslim leader in Detroit has participated in recent blessings, and he published photos of the Blessing in his magazine, including on the cover. Also the Muslim Journal editor is publishing about True Father and wants to meet True Father. He is an Ambassador for Peace and is so proud of it.

One minister sent a letter to True Father, Dr. M---- from Brooklyn. [Dr. Yang read the letter, roughly as follows:] "This letter comes from one who fought your movement for 25 years. I didn't believe that someone who does not speak English could do so much for America. But after 33 years of teaching the gospel of Jesus, my life was missing something. I asked God, and no answer came. Last February I lost my father, and seven years earlier on the same date, my mother had died.

"Then, my father came from spirit world and told me that Rev. Moon can help me. I didn't believe it and fought it. Then in June, a lifelong friend, Philip Johnson in DC, spoke to me. I came here, and repent and ask your forgiveness. I ask for your blessing. Here I am, Father. All I can do, I will do for the work of God." She later gave a speech at Belvedere, and said she will change her name to Paul, because she had that Damascus road experience with True Parents. I'm sure she will be a filial daughter of True Parents.

One more, from Minneapolis. "I will never forget the 50 state tour. The lights went out, and when they came back on, you were looking directly into my eyes. That night I knew, I will die for you. You have given me so much and that is all I can say." They say that even if they are persecuted, they will support True Father. They know how we are courageous and bold to convey this message to all Christian leaders. Many ministers are kicked out by their boards, but none of them are hesitating.

This True Children's Day, we received True Parents' leaders meeting on the 6th. Father spoke of the restoration of the ocean, land and that this heavenly fortune is now connected with Korea. [Father traveled to two islands, one on either side of the Korean peninsula.] Huk Sang Dong is a beautiful island, and the eastern side is another one. My hometown is close by, and Rev. Yu is near another. In Korea, we have Tong-Il aviation, like Washington Aviation, with six helicopters. From our company in Seoul to the island is 1.5 hours. The island is like a miniature Soruk mountains. True Mother took photos and she is quite good; her pictures will be in the Tong-il magazine next month.

The islands connect the ocean providence to the land of Korea. Rev. Yu and myself took some fruit and dropped it from the helicopter. The islands are connected with the ocean providence. On the way back, Rev. Yu's hometown, the same as Kim, Dae Jung's hometown, there are hundreds of islands there. On one big one, Rev. Yu's relatives are living. His relatives and cousins came, and Father gave them fruit. Then we went to Mokpo and my hometown, 15 minutes away.

My hometown has 100 houses, with young families. My cousins came, and they put up a banner welcoming True Parents. It is the first time that a helicopter landed there, so the entire village came out and welcomed True Parents. Father gave gifts, looked around and returned to Seoul. That blessing was not for me, but it represented all members' hometown villages. Now that we have connected the tribal blessing, now Father can just give blessings from the helicopter. The villagers had a party until 9 pm. It is representing the hometowns of all brothers and sisters of Korea, Japan and America.

Father stopped on the way back at Sun Moon University. Out of 200 universities, its soccer team is #7 in Korea. It is very strong, and this time, the Sun Moon University team won the national league of universities, defeating Koryo, Korea and Yonsei. The observers wonder where the power came from. Now our Ilhwa team is almost totally #1, we just have to win one more game.

Father also has 2 champion teams in Brazil, and those players came to Korea to teach our college teams. A thousand students welcomed True Parents. They offered True Parents the championship flag. Now Father is connecting the soccer foundation with the movement for world peace.

True Father:

America is a big country. How will it move in connection with the will of God? The politics and economy make no difference unless it connects with the will of Heaven. That way, a revolution will come. So I have made a big pillar here on the land, with Chun Il Guk, with each person taking his or her own responsibility.

Dr. Yang offered a closing prayer. 

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