Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

True Parents' Hoon Dok Hae and Sunday Message at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
November 10, 2002 5:00 am
Translation by Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

[At 5 am, True Parents and True Family came into the main room at East Garden to lead the Family Pledge. Rev. Kwak led us in reciting the Family Pledge. We began each verse with the words "Chun Il Guk juin" and then the usual "uri kajong un cham sarang ul joongshim ha-go." Then Rev. Kwak (not True Father) offered the representative prayer, and we sat down and Hoon Dok Hae began. Mrs. McDevitt read from The Way of Unification of North and South. Father said that we should know about this.]

[Hoon Dok Hae]

Father recognized Mrs. Erikawa, who was present, for her 3 years and eight months street preaching in front of a university, suffering severe persecution from communists.

[Hoon Dok Hae]

True Father:

I went to Korea (referring to October-November of this year) and worked with the Ambassadors for Peace more than three times, preparing ideas. Behind what I am doing are the providential ideas. God and I are working hard. You cannot just throw away history; you have to open it and apply it to your life. That is why we need Hoon Dok Hae.

We need the House of Peace and Unification of the Family of Heaven and Earth. We have to educate all the Korean people. They do not know who they are, from the family level to the world level. Do you think America or Russia can take this responsibility? Only God and I know the idea. I am doing it now, preparing for the future.

There are many young people here. Are you connected to free sex and immorality? If you are, God will judge you. I spent 30-40 years here; my golden years were invested in America. So America is responsible to recognize me. I received persecution here. The American government cannot ignore me. The world expects to be unified centering on America, to create one unified world. To accomplish the goal depends upon the extent to which my ideas are applied.

You are the bodies of spirits. This generation can go down to the bottom, upside down, and bring it to a new Heaven and Earth. If you want to go to the top, you will not go anywhere. Go to the bottom. More than any other people, you Americans should work hard and cross the borderline of hell into the Kingdom of Heaven. To do that, you must determine that no matter what difficulties appear, you will keep going.

Each family has ownership of the Chun Il Guk. Each of you tend to understand the providence according to your own nationality, but from now we have to understand it on an equal level, the level of the Chun Il Guk family. Measure yourself by that standard. I am prepared to prolong the work for ten more years. American leaders, you must know this idea. I do not know how much you understand.

[Hoon Dok Hae]

Our lectures should be centered on the textbook, with a chart.

[Hoon Dok Hae]

These ideas emerged 12 years ago, when I had the system of ideas. But the former presidents of South Korea destroyed the system. Now I have reconstructed it and hence am sending out women to the village level to reconstruct the system. From November 12, women leaders' workshops will begin. We will mobilize thousands of women to move South Korea in the heavenly direction. I prepared this and then came here.

The time is up. We have to prepare our own nation. South Korea and America have no owners. The president is not the owner. The Republicans won and are so proud and do not realize the Unification support through godly education over the years on the grassroots. We have created such a grassroots foundation.

You young people should learn how to influence society as soldiers of the movement. If you sit down with nothing to do, you will accomplish nothing. If you do something, you will inherit the fortune of God.

We lost such a wonderful foundation 14 years ago. Now we have to rebuild the tong ban kyok pah foundation. If we cannot, I may give up my Korean nationality. American youth, you look at me, but if you do not save America ... You have to do it at the cost of your life. You have to save the American family. If you clearly know the tradition but do not practice it, then you should perish. If you know it, you have to apply it on the tribal level. If you don't, your life is worth nothing.

You sleep and nap, and the sun comes up in the morning. If you sleep, you do not recognize that the morning has arrived. In that case, you will go down and turn into fertilizer. When the sun rises, you should welcome it as a new start with a new idea, and connect it to God. America is the second Israel. Think how to mobilize and guide your tribe.

If Jesus had connected with the tribe, as their priest, connected with the religious foundation, then he could have connected with Rome, sending an Ambassador for Peace. Now we have prepared several tens of thousands of Ambassadors for Peace. Their role is to educate the top leaders in their country, so that they will recognize where the world is situated providentially.

After crossing the mountain, we enter the new Heaven and Earth. Without that foundation, it will be difficult. You must determine yourself to educate clergy, 144,000. On December 7 is the blessing. I will totally support your efforts with Japanese missionaries. If your Ambassadors for Peace cannot do it, it is a shame upon America.

Beyond the darkness, we should welcome the new sunrise. You should forget America and embrace the whole world. I have forgotten the Unification Church in order to embrace the world. This is how to overcome hell. If you cannot overcome hell, you will perish. Those who criticize are kicked out. Then you will enter the Jericho castle, and use all resources, power and energy, with one mind to shout out.

Recognize yourself. Tighten your belt. Connect beyond your nation. Recognize who you are and your responsibility, and march forward.

[Hoon Dok Hae]

As you hear this speech about the unification of South Korea and North Korea, or east and west, think about how you can connect or apply this idea to your life. There are 6 billion people on the earth and each has to recognize their counterpart in the Unification ...(?) You don't know how to use this idea. The idea of the Lord of the Second Advent; the term "True Parents" started from the Unification Church.

You are attending the True Parents and have that concept. This is an historical matter. You are uniting your mind and body and parents and children with no boundaries in your family. It is such a unified environment that will move the family, society nation and world. How can we overcome? How can we bring the unique idea, the foundation representing Heaven and Earth?

You are princes and princesses of Heavenly Father. It is such an important idea. Now True Parents have come, who can re-organize and recreated the reconstructed ideas. This is not simple. It is not only a concept; we must do it. A human lifetime is less than 100 years. It is impossible in human terms, but by connecting with God it is possible. You can connect with the ideas and destroy the fallen nature that leads to a divided husband and wife, parents and children and mind and body.

Only God and Satan know. Because Satan knows; he should be set back. He motivates the fighting on every level. The Buddhist idea of bringing back peace ... God knows the solution , but Satan is against it. As you do not know, you are quarreling in mind and body and in your family. In that crippled situation, only by centering on God can you restore unity. God can show a better way than you.

No one understands God or the purpose of religion. Presidents do not know their responsibility. Then all layers of ways emerge; only God knows. But Satan can destroy it. Religion has developed for 6,000 years from the position of slave, through eight stages. This is the history of religion. But finally God has to take responsibility, and the religions that do not know the will of God go their own way. Then even thousands of years pass and they cannot reach their goal.

Judaism, Christianity and Unification Church are centered on bringing in the Messiah. They represent the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. The Completed Testament is perfection, representing the unity of husband and wife and mind and body. You absolutely unite with God through the Messiah. It means to unite with God's life and lineage. That is the fate of humankind. The Messiah is the Savior, to save all humankind.

False parents planted a false lineage and the True Parents plant the new one and clean up the old one through eight stages and restore all things. The new comes in through True Parents.

The religious realm is Abel and the political realm is Cain. They are always against each other. They developed into national levels. As Unification Church members, are you united in mind and body, or divided? You should stop that fighting within, and center on God's blood lineage and say, "That is me. I am the son or daughter who has received God's love, God's lineage and all kinds of ideas. That seed is connected to me." How much do you recognize that idea?

Because of false parents, there are thousands of boundaries. God and True Parents came and started at one point, with God as my Father, with my husband as my elder brother and my wife is my elder sister, elder daughter. Then they come into oneness in the family. This is to go the opposite way from Satan, connecting to True Parents love and life and lineage. You should have that self-recognition.

Your mind gives you direction. It has to tell you to follow absolute faith, love and obedience. God's mind and body do not struggle. The starting point is one within God. In the position of prince and princess, it is your starting point. Then, totally united as husband and wife, God will come to that center. That is the blessed couple. Without that foundation, you cannot develop. That way, you perfect your family. Beyond the filial piety and loyalty, you can go forward as saints.

[Father drew a grid with inverted cones, meeting vertically, centering on the y-axis, at their tips. The upper cone is the true, the lower is the false. They are exchanged. Every level of the lower cone is to be denied. At the bottom is hell. All the levels on the lower cone are divided by boundaries. There are sixteen boundaries in all, with a pair, internal and external, on each of the eight stages. Similarly eight stages go up on the upper cone, Then each stage above is connected with the corresponding stage below, and turns it upside down, or brings it right side up, as it were. In the process of explanation, Father drew vertical lines along the x-axis, right and left, extending up and down to the perimeters of each level of the cone. Then, in a separate upper cone, Father drew concentric circles at the top of the cone, with lines going from the extremes of each concentric circle down to the x-axis. Then he drew a line meandered among the parallel lines, representing God freely traveling throughout the cosmos.]

Are you, Unification Church leaders, exchanged [i.e., have you made the transition from the lower cone to the upper cone]? Are you not connected to smoking? to dating? Your mind has to dominate your body, or you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Because of the fall, the top side went down and lower side up, and ...

How fearful are these ideas; how important. So you should be correct in exchanging. Living here on earth, you have to cross the boundary and discover oneness in yourself. You have to recognize your position and exchange with the corresponding level.

Motion is not created through maintaining your ideas; motion is created through give and take action. So, there aren't any boundaries. If a wife has a boundary between herself and her husband, without paying attention, she is making ... We should tear down the boundary from the individual, family, tribe ... until Heaven and Earth are united as one. Integrated with the virtues of filial piety, patriotism, sainthood and divinity.

Are you loving your spouse that way? Are you a true husband, a true son of God? You have to offer everything to True Parents. If you have possessiveness about your own things, you are still connected with the satanic culture. Women lost their true bridegroom. Now I have come. From the bottom of your heart, you should connect.

[It is 8 a.m. and I close the laptop with regret, in order to return to Barrytown to prepare for Sunday service. Later I was told that Father's speech continued for another 45 minutes.]

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