Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
November 12, 2002
East Garden, Irvington, NY

Dear Families and Brothers and Sisters,

Here is a very serious message Father gave as to our responsibility on the neighborhood (home church) level.

Father is using this strategy as the key to Unify N. and S. Korea.

Father's fervent concern now is the Second Israel and the development through the December 7th Blessing. Then to develop the consolidation of all of our educational efforts through the Amb. for Peace.

America and Christianity must assist Father now to find God's nation.

Father needs a nation. The time is serious. He said that we are on the edge of victory but that it is a most dangerous time for if we don't apply the most concentration right now we will lose this historic moment.

Thanks America.


MWJ [Michael Jenkins]

Hoon Dok Hae EG November 12, 2002

Father's Words:

We must understand the significance of Tong Bong Kyok Pa. America is in night while Korea is in the day. America is always slow to understand Father's will.

We must organize Tong Bong Kyok Pa in America. Father started this in 1988. Korean Presidents didn't listen to Father, now they are gone. Now Father has started a major education of Top Women Leaders as Amb. For Peace. This is a very serious providential responsibility. This is crucial. The same thing should occur in America and Japan. Women leaders are important.

Father has authorized 1,000,000 books to be published of the Way of Unification of North and South to educate the Korean people.

You must establish Tong Bong Kyok Pa. This is crucial. You must be a good object and not go your own way. Do you understand Dr. Yang? You are responsible. Do you understand Michael Jenkins? America can't go its own way. Before Father goes to the Spirit world we must accomplish this in Korea, Japan and America.

That's why leaders must nurture their followers and members. You must educate the people and nurture them whether in the church or in a company. This is so deep and wide. Father received the revelation of the spirit world concerning the Olympics. If you organize well and educate well then the organization will go. Who will lead the Unification Church in the future? How can you lead if you are blind? That's why Father has laid down the pathway desperately to establish the highway through Hoon Dok Hae.

Eventually the society will change centering on Father's words. Where can we achieve the family. Unification Church, has many different kinds of people, they bring satanic ideas and bring all kinds of confusion. Only through the principle can you straighten things out. Now in Korea, the top Women leaders, including the wife of the candidate of Korea. We are continuously educating them. All women must mobilize to restore Korea. Is it going on in America? It is a very urgent situation. All members should work to focus on God's providence. We don't have UC sign any more. Now we have the FFWPU. That means we have the responsibility of the whole world and all religions.

Father no longer gives the public prayer. Now others are responsible to pray representing True Father. . God will connect you and bless you. Dr. Yang, America, needs education. Now the time is very dangerous and serious. Now this time of education is here. CARP leaders, you should hold this book and use it for education. If you just use your own idea, no fruit will come. If you don't have clear concept of Spiritual World no fruit will come.

Judaism failed. Christianity failed. Family Federation must accomplish. If we don't we will receive judgment. We must go back and pick up Judaism and Christianity's responsibility and save them. Your own knowledge idea and will not bring fruit. Father says everything is done. Now the time for Peace, Equalization and oneness has come. This is the time of Cheon Il Guk. How serious is this time. Father wants to work centering on the top people, the presidents. But they rejected so Father had to go to the bottom. The last 20 years there has been nothing but serious battles and development preparing for the Cheon Il Guk. How about you. You must deny yourself, your family and your nation at this crucial time.

How about America? Is it secure. People have lost God, they don't know what they are doing. They can't protect this nation with materialism. The NGO's were lost. Father gave them the principle and a way to go to influence the world. Without that they are just drifting aimlessly. Centering on True Father. The final goal is to save the nation. Father went to prison and made this kind of foundation. If you don't connect to Father's ideas you will fail. You must spread this message. This is the last chance to embrace Korea.

All people are like criminals before heaven. How could Father bless saints with murderers? Do you know what Father is doing. You CARP leaders. Do you know what is going on with Father? What Father is doing day and night? How can you know which way to go if you don't study what Father is saying and doing. Tong Bong Kyok Pa is absolutely necessary and important.

Jim Man, Kim Jin Woo. Do you know this way? This is not a negotiable way. What Father did is an eternal foundation. The only way you can prosper is to fulfill your responsibility before True Parents. The only way is to follow Father's ideas. You must connect to the way of Cheon Il Guk. True Parents alone developed the Tong Bong Kyok Pa. The tail follows the head. Father is the head. From now on, we must focus on the Family. You must bless and educate your tribe and establish 12 families in your tribe. Anybody here, you criticize Father's direction thinking that you can do it better in another way? Now is the time to connect to all this way. Japan is very difficult. Father already declared since 1994.

Father wants to clean up America. America is Sodom and Gomorrah. This is a warning to you. You must clean up America. This is advice and a warning. Father doesn't consider wife, family or anything else before I finish liberating God.

We must restore the 2nd Israel. At the year 2004 Father will cross the 33 year mark of Father's ministry in America. Did you do the Resolution rally? Do you know how serious Father had to be to connect with the concept of this rally and to establish it. How many people are against True Parents. Who remains? All the opponents are gone. Father overcame a CIA special investigation that lasted for 6 months. They concluded that Father is good for America.

All you and your children must understand what Father did. This morning before Father came here he shared how to develop the Olympic games. Do you come to destroy the movement or to build the movement. I hope you can go the central support course. Father tried to keep in the whole. Did the spirit world come to realize this on their own. No. Father brought them to this point. Now Father is spreading and proclaiming the Clouds of Witnesses but there is no real opposition to it. Do you young people understand?

The important thing is, how can people become children of filial piety. Mr. Peter Kim you have responsibility. You should know your responsibility. Important thing is the nation, centering on God. God's nation. Do you understand? You need the cornerstone to build the big building. This is the last chance. This is crucial. Only Father knows.

Now the movement of winning the district and the neighborhood is crucial. To move God we need the Tong Bong Kyok Pa. You have to understand. The reason for the South Korea's failure was that they couldn't make a neighborhood level. They just had rallies, coming and going in the streets. Once you leave the rally there is nothing left. No network. North Korea is rooted in the neighborhood level.

America will come to the end without this kind of foundation. Their mind and body must connect. Each position and your own mission is there. What is your love and your mission. Now, I taught you and you can understand. Because you are slow to understand then I have to educate you again and again. How much do you contribute to the fund to accomplish this. Any organization, this should develop. This is a families idea. From now, the Unification principle will become more clear. If you are a child of filial piety then why don't you know what your parent's are doing.

Now the education of 5000 Ambassadors for Peace is going on. Women are the key. Japan, Korea and America must mobilize for this purpose. Did you prepare the list for all Women leaders. America must follow the same pattern as what Father is doing in Korea. Restoration of the individual, family and so on. I will fix this idea. Restoration of the individual family tribe and nation. Father gave this idea. Each congressman needs 30 Amb. For Peace.

Father has prepared a foundation that is greater than anything that has been done by any political leaders. Father waits until they recognize. What about 36 couples? What did they do to save the nation. What are they doing? I'm wondering? Not only the neighborhood level but he town (Gun) and the (Li). The roots must go all the way down to the district and the neighborhood. District centers on the family. This will determine the foundation of the nation. America, Russia, China could not come up with these ideas. Who did it. Rev. Moon did it. Look at Korea. Look at Seoul. You are owners. You are the owners of Cheon Il Guk. Sodom and Gomorrah connects to their own ideas. Nothing will develop that will connect to God. Abraham left the way. Abraham went the way of absolute faith love and obedience. Then that way they bring it to a clear identity.

Father is united. How much do you understand. You connect with Absolute Faith, Love and Obedience. One mind one heart and you must have these absolute ideas. God himself invested everything for these ideas. In order to bring the substantial ideas. God creates the orderliness of the ideas. Absolute love and obedience. Who gave those kind of ideas. Adam and Eve should have had these kinds of ideas. Dr. Yang, you and your wife are in the same situation. If you connect with God properly, that is God's ideal of Absolute love. Absolutely we have the total input of ideas and love from God. You go through a whole cycle of 360 degrees where you give total sacrifice for others. Grandparents and parents sacrifice everything to show the tradition to the children. Then the full cycle will require that the children eventually will return all to God. And the God will give all back to the children. Absolute faith, love and obedience gives all. God gives and forgets. What is the next step. You connect to God and True Parents. How will you pay back. From the small point to circulate these ideas. These ideas can receive this kind of concept. What did you invest? You must contribute fully to True Parents. That way you understand fully. You must have the give and take action that is coming. The whole of the faith of God is coming. God is in front of the object before heaven and earth. Everything is going down. Everything is put on the front with God.

The way is that kind of idea. That eternal concept is the give and take action. You give everything and everything comes back multiplied. If you don't support and give to True Parents then you say you are going to love the world? That's a crazy idea.

America is Sodom and Gomorrah. That's how Father feels. When I leave America will it automatically clean up? Please understand what this is. Father has a most clear idea. Here is America. All races gather here. How will we influence them? Centering on their own idea? Centering on their own idea? Their ideas conflict and don't lead to loving one another but rather to the division and hatred of all races. Can we follow their ideas. We must introduce God's idea. Father explained very clearly this morning.

This is a very important and serious message. This is a most serious battle and war. We are at the point of winning the battle. Now Father is considering how to offer the victory to God. The key to everything is that we must establish one nation. We must unify N. and S. Korea. You can't do this through politics. You can only do this through education. The problem of America is Family breakdown and immorality.

Father knows his responsibility. Now they must perish. That kind of serious judgment will come. We must know our responsibility.

Now what do we need. National Pledge? No. There is no ownership there. We need Family pledge. Our family, as owners of the Cheon Il Guk. The family level is the central level. Heavenly Father gave everything through True Parents.

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