Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
November 24, 2002
East Garden
Translation by Dong Woo Kim
Notes by Tyler Hendricks

Hoon Dok Hae: The Life and Love of Jesus Christ [This book in not available in English yet, to my knowledge.]

Hoon Dok Hae:

Why did God give Jesus to Satan to crucify? So that Jesus could win the surrender of Satan and win the love of God. He offered his body on behalf of all fallen people. In so doing, Jesus showed true love that is not present in the fallen world; therefore he could overcome Satan. Satanic love is always for the individual's own purpose.

The Jews believed in God and were seeking His nation based on their faith. God sent Jesus to accomplish this expectation. Therefore Jesus said he was king of kings, and the bridegroom of the Jewish people who were to be his bride. This was so that the Jews would create the realm of life, as a couple does through their unity in the family. Therefore Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would come down after the crucifixion. The Holy Spirit coming means that parental love will come to the people.

"The way, the truth and the life" means the way of love, truth of the cross, and the life of all human beings.

There was nothing for Satan to accuse in Tamar, therefore Jesus had a different root, a condition to restore elder son ship in the womb. He could proclaim himself as God's son without any condition for accusation.

God created Adam and Eve with soil, so the messiah, the second Adam, should have elements of the soil, like the original Adam and Eve. Therefore, he has to be born as a physical man.

Mary had absolute faith to receive Jesus in her womb. Those who believe in God should put their life behind it. Christians should go this way. Christians who do not put their life on the line for God and Jesus cannot open the door to heaven. Believers should practice absolute faith.

When Mary received the angel's revelation, she went to the Zechariah's house for counsel. Zechariah's wife, Elizabeth, was pregnant with John the Baptist. When Mary visited their home, Elizabeth testified that Mary was going to give birth to the messiah. This was her testimony to the messiah. Thus, the couples of Zechariah and Mary were central.

Jesus was conceived in Zechariah's family home. God has to abide by the principle of creation. He had already created the means to become pregnant, by the coming together of man and woman. So, becoming pregnant in Zechariah's home, who should be the father? Elizabeth was Zechariah's wife; in that sense, Mary was a prostitute, or, actually, second wife. The messiah should be the child of a second; this is related to the restoration situation. Satan took the elder, so to set His blood lineage God could not start with the elder, but had to go from the bottom to top. So He had to work through the second wife's body to create His son, Jesus.

So Elizabeth, Mary and Zechariah and John the Baptist should have served Jesus. This is why John is called Elijah. Mary was in Rachel's position and Elizabeth in Leah's position. In Zechariah's family, Elizabeth should have restored the failure of Leah to submit to the younger wife. By Elizabeth doing so, Mary could become pregnant. But later, Elizabeth could not "receive that situation." And the younger brothers and sisters of Jesus had the original sin because they were conceived in the normal way, not the providential way.

Jesus asked Mary to help him get married, but Mary could not understand that this was God's providence. What kind of person can be the center of hope? Jesus said he was the way, truth and life.

True Father:

Even so, he couldn't express or reveal that he was love itself. With life, the truth and the way, Jesus couldn't complete or perfect love. Perfection comes only by the completion of love. Without man and woman together, one cannot achieve perfection. Jesus could not go that way, but died on the individual path. He had no chance to have the feeling of love. He missed the most important fact, love. He should have expressed, "I am the way, truth, life and love."

In the last days, it is the same as in Jesus' time. The elder and younger should exchange positions. The second messiah should make his way from the bottom to the top, the individual to the cosmos, through indemnity. This is why I have gone the way of total indemnity. So even if the satanic world tries to kill him, he has to go the way of indemnity. As a child you get your parents' signature to go to heaven, through indemnity. You have to indemnify Adam's family and all central figures' families in God's history.

If you understand this, you can understand how difficult it is for True Parents to accomplish the way of indemnity. Historical central figures accomplished it conditionally, but I have to pass through the conditions and accomplish real restoration. Once I do, then Satan cannot help but come and surrender before True Parents. This is the difference between True Parents and all historical central figures. Once I do it, I can deal with all people throughout the spirit world and this world.

So you have to go beyond making conditions and establish the substantial foundation to restore your situation. I bequeathed the condition based on my substantial foundation, but you cannot even restore the conditional foundation. I stand on the foundation of the completion of indemnity, and you should be the princes who inherit this victory. As I go the substantial way of indemnity, you should go through the conditional level. If you can't, I have to gather you in spirit world and educate you again.

By establishing the substantial foundation through indemnity, ... Even if you believe in True Parents, you still have to go the way of "substantial restoration through indemnity." You can get into the conditional heaven, but it is not so easy to get into the substantial heaven. Without believing and serving True Parents as your substantial parents, even if you believe and follow, without achieving the perfection of attendance, you cannot do well in the substantial heaven.

Only on that foundation can God bless the descendents of the archangel. What, then , should you do? Once you believe and follow me, you cannot become one with True Parents substantially. So you have to go the way of substantial indemnity, by serving and attending True Parents 100%. Therefore Jesus said you have to leave your parents, brothers and sisters, and give all the wealth you have. Otherwise you cannot open the door of heaven.

You American members, what is your attitude in following me? Never look back on your life. How can you liberate hell? Only focus on your mission, nothing else. Then you can inherit True Parents' power and open the way to heaven. There is no owner of Korea, Japan or America. Who could be the owner to construct God's nation? Only True Parents. Therefore, as disciples of True Parents, you have to resemble True Parents. So don't expect to get salvation just by making a condition. You have to form a substantial foundation to get into heaven, centering on True Parents' teaching and experience. You should stand on the center to show the bright light to light up the dark area.

This is why I proclaimed the Chun Il Guk, the equality of the Chun Il Guk. Everyone has the same value and true equality. Those who achieve absolute faith, love and obedience are able to share true equality based on one mind, one body and one desire, achieving absolute faith, love and obedience. Indemnify the satanic boundary first by a condition, then get into the substantial heaven by going the way of substantial indemnity on this earth. Work the substantial indemnity way like True Parents. "Don't go the general way like other people in America." Confront the moment at which you put your life on the line. Passing through that several times, you can practice this substantial condition. In the past, at this kind of moment I was able to proclaim the victories one by one, and we are now confronted with the Chun Il Guk.

God's nation should be based on the Cain and Abel relationship. To form God's nation, the Israelites were Cain and Jesus was Abel. You are Abel and have to restore your tribe in the Cain position. Once you accomplish this, you will be able to enter the Chun Il Guk. Without establishing the family, tribal and cosmic levels, God cannot dwell in this world as heaven.

At the last moment of the history of restoration, the substantial way of indemnity should come, and centering on True Parents, all central blessed families should accomplish this way of indemnity. Even if heaven exists, if you cannot form the family and tribal levels of heaven, then heaven cannot connect with your family and tribe. You have to go dual ways, conditional and substantial. Now is the time to go the substantial way. This is the condition to be the owner of the Chun Il Guk. Chun Il Guk citizens should take responsibility for all the reality of the real world.

Human beings fell in a certain area, and so the blessed central families should possess a certain area, like the Garden of Eden. Take responsibility for it substantially, not conditionally. So far, following me, you accomplished conditions, but now it has to be substantial, in terms of the Chun Il Guk concept. So you cannot inherit True Parents' foundation just through a conditional foundation. To inherit True Parents' victory, you need a substantial foundation. Without restoring your nation, everything is a condition. Centering on the nation, Satan is against God. That's we have to form the nation as the substantial foundation. Then you will be a substantial citizen.

Your family should stand as Jesus' family and God's family condition; this is the concept of the Chun Il Guk. So you have to resemble Jesus' way, as he prayed in Gethsemane for God's will to be done, not his own. So follow Jesus' desire, centered on God's will. In Korea there is an election, and if one candidate just accepted me and put my name on their activities, then immediately God and spirit world would help them. So I don't want to be there. I want to educate all people in Korea; this is not political influence. In the future, all leaders will come to me and ask for guidance. So that's why I am publishing a million copies of a Hoon Dok Hae book. Meanwhile, I remain alone, like Jesus and Elijah.

If you can establish a strong foundation centering on Hoon Dok Hae, we can reach the national level. In a short time, the nation will come entirely to me. When you are 1/3 the way up the hill, everyone feels it is difficult, but later Heavenly Father will come down. So we have to fulfill our portion of responsibility. We have to indemnify all three eras, the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages.

So, are you ready to leave America, or do you want to live here? While you are working here, you can have your wife and children living in Korea for the tong ban kyok pah activities. There are no more conditions; you have to go the substantial way to inherit True Parents' total victory and get into heaven. Even theologians cannot discover this internal and hidden situation of Jesus Christ. This is a record from True Parents' and God's history, based on the internal, heartistic relationship between God, Jesus and humankind.

I am here to restore God's nation, so I feel it is time to go back to Korea. When that is done, everyone will unite with this. All humankind cannot neglect it, because how else will heaven start? Centering on the unity of mind and body, we can realize true love. No one will oppose this once they understand it. [Archbishop Emmanuel] Milingo should have kept his commitment, no matter what. Do you want salvation through conditional or substantial indemnity? You have to stand on the strong point as a blessed central family, and be able to reveal yourself as one who received God's blood lineage. God's blood lineage is not conditional, but substantial. Stand on it as a blessed central family.

To marry, the first condition is for the betrothed to believe in and love each other. Then absolute faith, love and obedience will follow. So as a blessed central family, you should accomplish absolute faith, love and obedience. These three elements are the most important points to make you a blessed central family. Then no matter who goes against you, you can keep your blessed central family status and your descendents will inherit the blood lineage of God.

I have set the example. The crucial issues is not how to make the model, but rather how long it will take to complete heaven. Both heaven and hell exist for the blessed central family. The opposite two worlds exist in heaven, so as a blessed central family, don't believe that you automatically will go to heaven or stay there. Some of you may go to hell in heaven, which is like a prison. Who are the citizens of heaven? Not the conceptual people, but the substantial people.

You know the teaching of Divine Principle. How many of you practice it? Unless you practice it, you cannot insist that you must live in heaven in spirit world. If you do, you may end up in the prison of hell in heaven. You must possess the "mutual realm of life and justice" or you cannot represent yourself as a blessed central family. This has to connect with God's value inside you.

Birds that do not have the energy to fly across the ocean will drop into the water and die. You are crossing the ocean and need power centering on True Parents and God, or you will fall into the sea.

I could bless saints and criminals based on my substantial conditions. Also on that foundation I could research about Jesus and Mary. How can you discover the destination? You have to find out and go, like an arrow, to your destination. How can we discover the target and then hit it?

It is time for all humanity to glorify True Parents. You may have your concept of me based upon 20-30 years following, but history has changed. I am 84, and it is time for me to make the conclusion for God's will on earth. Should an 84 year old work, fighting on the front line, or not? Everything we do as a blessed central family should be done for God's nation.

How can you read all my books without participating in Hoon Dok Hae? When I have time, I always go fishing. Why? Because when I fish, I forget my age and think of my youth. I think of my mission to accomplish God's nation. Centering on my hobby, I focus myself.

When I came out of Danbury, I wanted to unite 120 countries, but spirit world made me stop, and instead of making that unity, I started to educate ministers and VIPs.

Philosophers never understand God's heart and internal state. It is time for Marxists and Leninists to proclaim that I am the messiah of communists.

Whites have no perseverance; they want to go the easy way, and cannot endure. Once I depart to Korea, then America will fall into trouble. We have to set an anchor to hold the six continents. I have done that already, by myself. I have shown the way of the saint and holy son. Satan cannot say anything. God never taught me the way of restoration through indemnity. It is a principle, but whether people go the way of indemnity depends on the individual, not on God. I have set a standard for how to go the indemnity way. Whether you go or not, whether you accomplish your way of indemnity, is up to you. I cannot help you on that point.

Do you think God loved me, or did God persecute me more than Satan? Actually, God persecuted me more than Satan did. God cannot place His son higher than Satan places a Mafioso or some such. That is why God had to persecute me. That is why also I persecute you, just as God did me.

The world has changed. In the past, nations fought nations, but now individuals can fight nations, by making their body a weapon, or with chemical weapons.

Love is prior to belief. Before you believe me, you should love me. Centered on true love, the husband and wife live for each other. This is the original way to practice absolute faith, love and obedience. Without this, man and woman cannot flourish in the family. Do you practice that? Do you live for your spouse? Unless you live for your spouse 100%, love does not exist. Without love, parents are not parents. It is strange, therefore, for parents to divorce and then fight over the children. They both made the children. Who gave the seed? The children should go to the origin of the seed, the root. Then once a woman lives by herself, all kinds of seeds will be attracted. She is like a boat with no owner. False love is like a hobby love; it is dangerous. Many people love each other as if it were a hobby. Then they divorce. Love is not a hobby, not something you do if you like and stop if you don't like. With that attitude, true love never comes.

[Father asked Mr. Sato, head of Ocean Church, about today's weather.] When there is strong wind, it is good fishing. After a hurricane, fish want to eat. So, prepare for fishing. How many boats to do you today? [I can prepare four.] Why only four? [Others are being repaired.] So how many members can you take on four boats? [Including Father's boat, about 40 members.] If 40 can participate, I think many want to go. Raise your hand if you want to go. Who had a birthday today? None? Within a week before or after? About 7 or 8. How about those born in November? 25. Those who were born after October 13. Those who do not want to go fishing, sit down. The rest will go out today, eight per boat.]

Let us pray. [Dr. Chang Shik Yang offered a closing prayer.]

I have an appointment with True Mother, so I will stay on the ocean until lunch, but you have to catch a fish. Send all the fish you catch to Washington, DC, and have a sushi party there. Don't even keep one fish here.

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