Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Hoon Dok Hae Notes

Sun Myung Moon
November 25, 2002
Notes by Dr. Thomas Phillips

Today (ll.25) the readings on Jesus' course focused on Jesus' ability to make Satan yield. There were several sections on the "principle of love" by which Jesus was able to make Satan yield. Then impressive passages were read on the responsibility of Christians to be the representative of Jesus' body and fight with satanic dominion within the physical dimension. Often the passages spoke of the need to inherit Jesus' lifestyle and commitment to God. There were several pages of passages on the complications in the family that Jesus grew up in and their failures to attend Jesus as the Messiah.

Father interjected that Jesus was not supposed to go through the 3 great temptations. Originally someone within his own family or one of his disciples should have already walked this way. But Jesus stood alone and therefore had to walk the course of the 3 great temptations himself.

Father said that if you listen to all the contents on Jesus' life that Father has revealed you cannot deny it. It is very surprising that Father could reveal all these heavenly secrets.

God wanted to establish the ideal centered upon a tribe, but now God has to deal with many different tribes, nations, and cultures.

So the only way to restore this world and to go to heaven is to be together with True Parents. True Father revealed all of heaven's secrets.

Based on this teaching we need to educate ourselves in these principles so that we can purify ourselves and walk on the correct path.

You shouldn't just think that Father is one individual. He is standing in the position to represent Heaven and God's will. On any subject he can explain everything based on God's will.

You have to make sure that you are going to walk in the correct way. You should be conscious of acting on behalf of Jesus. You have to decide how you are going to act as a filial son and patriot for God's nation. 

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