Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Hoon Dok Hae and True Father's Sunday Morning Message

Sun Myung Moon
December 1, 2002
East Garden
Translation by Rev. Dong Woo Kim
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

Rev. Kwak led the Pledge Service and offered the representative prayer. Dr. Yang read Hoon Dok Hae. The Hoon Dok Hae began with passages concerning mind body unity; the purpose of religions to establish mind and body unity; the creation of eastern religions to receive Jesus; the role of Islam and Barabbas; the plan to spread the Kingdom of God through Rome and to the east.

Jesus' original plan was to establish the unity of Buddhism, Hinduism etc, but after the crucifixion, Satan's dominion was entrenched in Rome; therefore Christians had to go to Rome.

Over the last 2,000 years, Korea harvested the fruit of Indian culture (Buddhism) and Chinese culture (Confucianism). Meanwhile, Christianity went to Rome, then England and America, and finally to the Far East. So Christianity reached the place of the religions that were first prepared to receive the Messiah, to the place in which those religions reached their highest expression.

Because of the failure of Christianity, communism arose, centered on humanism, not religion.

The existing religions cannot overcome their differences; therefore a new religion, the Unification Church, has to arise in order to bring harmony among religions. We have to establish religious unity in order to make a standard for conscience. Each religion teaches a different standard of conscience, but we need one way for the activity of the conscience by forming religious unity. Unity cannot come through an organization standing on the right or left; the unifying body has to be the head position.

Prophecy foretells the existence in the last days of the right, the left and a third position, the realm of Barabbas. How can God deal with this? Even God cannot deal with it. Only one person representing God in this world can and should do it. Religious leaders should accept that they are in the archangel position; but instead they insist they are Adam.

The Unification Church has spread worldwide, so you can see Unification Church members from each nation, color and culture. So in the WCSF we can see the model of the ideal world. All processes to establish world peace are expressed through the WCSF, centered on Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the unification organizations (ICUS, PWPA, WMA, SCWP, WFWP, Interreligious International Federation for World Peace, etc.). The international blessing and the Unification Church show how people can create peace in the family, and peace in the family initiates the ideal of peace in the society, which leads to world peace.

I have been trying to not only teach the ideal, but to form the foundation to realize God's will. I teach an ideology, and at the same time have created the foundation to bring about substantial peace.

The conflict between the US and Iraq could escalate into a war between Christianity and Islam, which would turn into a race war. Therefore I do religious dialog and exchange marriage. This displays an example of people overcoming the division of color and religion. When this spreads, it will form lasting peace. This is more important than studying God's scriptures and doing religious ritual. The practice of peace is the most important point, centering on God's ideal and God's teaching.

It is time for the era of the family to surpass the era of religion. Once the model family was formed, HSA-UWC was no longer necessary, as it had fulfilled its purpose. Therefore at that time I initiated the Family Federation, to form the world of in which God's kingship could be realized.

True Father:

From that moment, the family became the center of salvation and peace making. I will explain the meaning of the "owner of Chun Il Guk": The owner is a unified individual, with unified mind and body. Once you achieve that, you will be able to be the owner of the Chun Il Guk. That is not your other family members' pledge; it is your own pledge. The family that fulfills the pledge should be the center of Chun Il Guk.

How can we become the owner of the Chun Il Guk? No matter what suffering we experience, we need to establish the substantial indemnity. We have to finish the indemnity condition to establish the substantial foundation. Once you have the Chun Il Guk as your own nation, do you need Jesus? Do you need True Parents? God, True Parents and Jesus should be owners of Chun Il Guk, and so should you. In terms of value, you are in the same position as they.

That is why I have walked the way of indemnity to form the ideal family, Now I will bequeath the entire foundation to you, so that you can become the owner of Chun Il Guk by yourself, like me. Hence we are in a brilliant time. Everything was lost in the family, and you can stand in the original position to restore the fall in the family.

As owner, you have to be able to expand and spread the formula of victory "on the horizontal foundation." Before I proclaimed the concept of the owner, there was huge indemnity to be paid. To be an American, Japanese, German family is of no meaning. You should become one nation, a people who have no concept of nationality. The Chun Il Guk is only one family, one country centering on Adam. There should be only one language, culture and concept. All should become one. It is time for you to inherit everything as one. Then you can be the owner of the Chun Il Guk.

To do so, you have to be able to establish the conditional indemnity then inherit my substantial foundation. One mind, one body and one desire are to be achieved. Then what do you do? What is the most important organization in the Unification Church? What is the most important foundation for the Unification movement? It was Il Hwa and Tong-Il. Il means one, hwa means harmony. It means doing everything with oneness--working together, eating together and so forth. The purpose of Il Hwa was to establish harmony. But the Korean government destroyed it. So, all family members are enemies before the Messiah. Although you believe and follow, you destroyed the Unification Church. You used to try to do God's will with your mouth, but how about your eyes, nose, head and your mind? Do you follow True Parents 100%? Are you ready to be the Chun Il Guk owner? Since I proclaimed the Chun Il Guk, you have polluted the position of Chun Il Guk owner.

So you have to figure out the original way and how to accomplish it. As owner of Chun Il Guk, from now you have to be responsible for the entire Unification movement, not me. If a business is in trouble, you have to sell your house to save it. To be responsible for the Chun Il Guk, you have to be the owner.

So you have to be clean up your concepts and your daily life. If you have shadows, you cannot be the owner of Chun Il Guk. How can you go with me to the Kingdom of Heaven? The spirit world made a resolution; can your family make that resolution? Can you be the true prince and princess in the spirit world? To be the owner, you have to be able to recreate the fallen world, as I did. You must be ready to restore through indemnity. It is the only way to achieve restoration. We have to be ready to pay indemnity. The more indemnity you pay, the more foundation you achieve.

In our church here today, more than 80% of the members are Japanese. Already the Americans have lost. Who should teach the theology of the Chun Il Guk owner? Only True Parents. You should inherit it. Your offering money, especially that of the Japanese, is only for the sake of the world. I have no debt to you. [Words on the mission of Japanese women, their absolute obedience, their ability to be blessed with Christian ministers, their willingness to move to America and give their life here.]

I do not want glory or gratitude. I began this work with suffering. I do not want to call myself True Parents or messiah. You know I am 84 years old, by Korean counting. In America, for such an old man to do something on stage is abnormal; it is not good. It is not time for me to work hard. I am not supposed to work on the frontline. But I cannot see any substantial foundation within you. So I am still working. In that sense, you have to be able to establish the foundation for the settlement, centering on one mind, one body and one desire.

Without changing your present character, you will never be able to form harmony. Without harmony, we cannot bring unification. So, you have to work to make unity by giving up your old character, habits and fallen nature. After one mind and body and desire, one harmony should appear on every level.

I am going to proclaim the absolute family this True God's Day, but I will speak in advance about it now. How can we make the foundation for the settlement of absolute love, life and lineage? These absolutes are concluded and settled in the family; hence we need the absolute family. This is the absolute blood lineage, settled in the absolute family.

Happiness comes from fulfilling one's desire, desire that is not rooted in fallen nature, but in true love. Shin ang means to have faith, but also to serve and attend. Without practicing attendance and service, you cannot be a true believer.

To complete the unity of the cosmos, God needed an object partner. That is why God created. It is time to reveal all the secrets of heaven. Are you are the family of a servant, or owner of the Chun Il Guk? There are many levels of religions: servant of servants, servant, etc. They all should conclude and settle in the family.

Even though your mind and body are harmonized, you still need your object partner. Hence God created Eve centered on Adam. Without love, we cannot harmonize two entities. So God put everything in Adam, His invisible heart, mind and love. Once God created Adam and gave him everything, God became empty. Adam represented the sung sang, the subjective position, the male part. To get an object partner, God should create Eve as the visible object partner. That is why man stands in the external, visible situation and woman is supposed to receive everything. So she is concave.

God wanted to put his male, subjective, sung sang point into Adam, and this in Adam was supposed to go to Eve, and then the two would make unity. That is why Eve is totally an objective being. The man is supposed to put everything into Eve, as subject to the object partner. Woman should achieve absolute obedience. Adam is subject, so he should be able to create the harmonious situation. So man is the center of harmony, and woman practices absolute obedience, because Eve is concave and is the conclusion of the creation.

That is why woman, to fulfill the mission of "the field," should respect and obey all male figures in the family: the grandfather, husband and son. Otherwise, she cannot accomplish woman's original responsibility. So she has organs in the body that enable her to receive everything. She has a womb to hold sons. No matter how many seeds a man has, without a field, he cannot get fruit.

Once a woman insists on herself and puts herself first, not dealing with the family situation but going out from the family, what will happen to the family? It will all be destroyed. This is the Principle of Creation. That is why you have to practice absolute faith, love and obedience, centering on God's eternal, unchanging ...

Even though you have so many difficult processes in your family life, you have to keep your family, or you cannot accomplish the model of heaven. In the history of restoration, God lost the original way to Satan. This is why the great people often came from not the primary marriage, but through the relationship of the man and concubine.

The reason for the woman's breasts is only to give milk to her son. What is the meaning of the son? He represents and resembles her husband, and also God Himself. So you cannot make love with anyone else. You have to keep absolute love, absolute sex. You have to keep a clean field. Why do you use make-up? It is going the wrong way, the attractive way, to pretend your origin ... (?). The high level woman does not need make-up. Rouge looks like dead blood. Eye shadow usually symbolizes a satanic color. All such people end up far from God. It is time to divide heaven and hell. Which side do you want to stand on?

The womb exists between the bones [i.e. pelvic bones]. Man's sexual organ goes between the two bones. So the woman has to practice absolute obedience in order to receive God's seed. You have to possess that concept, or you will lose the original situation. If you loved someone before you received the blessing, you should completely forget it. If you remember it, you will be caught in hell. You have to keep your holiness with your body. You have to keep clean.

How about Japanese women? I deal with women as if they are my younger sisters. I want to raise them to be mothers, grandmothers, and older sisters.

The total living sacrifice donation is the shortest way to restore yourself. The woman can connect the spiritual subject with the substantial subject by using your body as a field for three generations. Eve's love was the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, so women always stand on the borderline. If you stand of God's side and can conceive God's sons and daughters, representing God's substantial foundation in this world, then the more babies you have, the more heart and love you can possess.

Without sons and daughters, and raising them up, you can never understand the man's world and children's world. So you have to have as many children as possible [my wife told me that Father said "nine children," but it was not translated into English]. Jacob had twelve sons with four women. God does not deal with the process, but with the result.

True Parents are messiah, so I have to solve all the enemy situations; I can have no enemy, but only give blessings. You have to give the most significance to your marriage. You cannot exchange it with anyone. Your husband is your unchanging partner. No matter what happens, he represents your father, and you have to keep absolute faith, love and obedience with your husband first.

Women shake their hips to attract men. When you do it, it should be focused on your husband, with fidelity, and on God. You have to be able to accept everything from your husband forever, no matter what the situation. Woman's character generally is eager to receive, and man's is generally eager to give. So, in Korea, fathers-in-law do not trust their daughters-in-law.

The wife should have experience with the grandfather, father, husband and son, and with that love, the woman can be completed, perfected. By delivering children, women can make the condition to enter heaven. Without forming the family four-position foundation, women cannot get into heaven. This is the model of the family in the Chun Il Guk. Repeat after me: il hwa, one harmony.

Recently the Il Hwa soccer team earned the Korean national championship. Recently, all the soccer teams connected with me have won championships, even the University of Bridgeport. I am going to make a "bowl federation" (?). [Some criticism of sports teams treat people as commodities, buying and selling.]

Without the woman, the man cannot exist. The woman should go in the reverse direction, into the bone of the man, into his seed, and then together they go to God. Without getting into your husband's seed, you will never reach God. You cannot reach God by yourself, ever. So you need to serve all the males in your family. Then you can possess and return to God.

To be the owner of Chun Il Guk, you need to establish a foundation in your tribe, because your tribe is the foundation of your identity. It is your lineage, and your lineage is your foundation to go back to God. So, go back to your tribe.

By keeping purity, the woman can be the center of harmony. The man is the root. The husband puts in only the seed, but all the rest of the child's elements come from the mother. By going this way you can achieve the three-object purpose.

Women stand at the crossroads of hell and heaven. You have to keep your purity. Men work outside the home, so the responsibility for the children is with the mother. So once a mother complains to her husband before the children, the children will have a bad concept of their father. They think God will punish their father. Even though she has difficulties with her husband, she should be one with him to restore harmony. Then the couple can establish equalized value. So the family is vitally important.

The creation is the division of God's dual characteristics. So the couple is the union of God's dual characteristics. [On the precision and accuracy of God in creating the universe, and that human beings should have the same accuracy and fulfill their responsibility 100% or the family will be destroyed.] Your thought has Satan's root, so we have to reset our family.

You should keep your position as husband and wife. Don't envy the high position of lawyers, businessmen and doctors in the secular world, because in front of God, they cannot compare to you in value. You must be able to keep the discipline of restoration, or you cannot be the owner of Chun Il Guk.

Today is the first day of December, and I want to indemnify everything in the last month of this year. You have to be the true owners who have the concept of owners.

The era to save the individual is over. We can save individuals "in one night," but we have to go forward to save the family.

Hoon Dok Hae and closing prayer by Dr. Yang. Then Rev. Kwak gave a report on the Il Hwa soccer team.

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