Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Speech and Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
December 8, 2002
Grand Ballroom
Sheraton National Hotel
Washington, DC

Bishop Stallings - You have changed. You have become strong.

The Resolution of Jesus and the saints is now read. Rev. Moon is the Savior and Messiah.

What does it mean? That he is the True Parent and central figure of all religions. Only on the foundation of the Savior and the Messiah can he be the True Parent. Do you really pray seriously about whether it is right or wrong? It doesn't matter whether they are coming from God or Christianity. You don't have to say Amen three times just one long time. It is Stallings (plural). You should be more powerful than Stalin. Do you need a savior, Messiah or True Parents. Only after you lay the foundation as the messiah and savior can you become True Parent. There is only one central set of True Parents. They must fulfill their mission of bringing everyone to God. Now there are a lot of struggles going on in the religious world.

Do you know how much trial and tribulation I had to go through to achieve this role. I had to go through many tests. Now we must live centered on True Love. No one should live for the sake of themselves. We must mobilize all the religions together. Everyone must be able to follow the direction from True Parents. Everyone on earth should be able to proclaim this resolution themselves. We all have ancestors. We should be able to pray while calling all the saints of this region and area and work with them. Now if we really try we can receive revelations. We are living in that age, the age of Cheon Il Guk. If we are truly heavenly citizens the spirit world will cooperate with us. The prayer that we should make should be to bring Cheon Il Guk on earth. In order to educate this. We must proclaim this kind of resolution. Proclaimed by Jesus, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Confucianism.

Martin Luther, do you think you envy Martin Luther or does he envy you. Martin Luther envies us. We have to be totally serious about this matter. You have to set a higher standard than him. They envy us so much even though they have a high position in the spirit world. John Wesley made the Methodist church but should you guide them or should they guide you. Do you think that the people following these resolutions should prosper or perish.

Karl Barth. We should be able to guide them. Some of you have studied theology and should be ready to lead them. When you go to the spirit world there should be nothing to fear. David Livingston. Jonathan Edwards. John Smyth. Once you are blessed and we must live up to the Kingdom of Heaven. John Harvard. St. Augustine. Horace Underwood.

The 120 disciples of Confucius were next.

(Then the celebration for the 25th anniversary of the Unification church building in Washington, our Mother church for North America.)

Rev. McCarthy presented a PowerPoint presentation on the history of our church in Washington, True Parents were featured and video was shown of our dedication ceremony on December 4, 1977. It revealed earlier pictures of Korean, Japanese and American saints who attend True Parents. The big difference was that most were thin and had hair!!


It was not easy to bring the religious leaders together. The time has come for the Parents religion. This is the time to unify all religions. It is like God has been in prison. How do we liberate God. God has been toiling so hard. We must understand how hard God has been toiling. We are supposed to be God's children. We came to have Satan as our Father. Today we are trying to bring all people together. Koreans becoming like Americans and Americans becoming like Koreans. God has been working for the restoration from the individual level to the cosmic level. God had to use many different religions. We now have to prepare solely for building God's Kingdom. He has been yearning for the day of liberation. When we God to be liberated from the prison.

That could not be done automatically. He had to lead the providence by the principle of indemnity. When the invisible foundation is established then we must make the visible foundation established. Jesus, Muhammad, Confucius, Buddha all did the right work however they could not liberate God. God was so lonely. Some of these great saints didn't even know that their mission was to liberate God.

Father had to go through this course step by step. Liberating God on each level. This culminated in the Liberation of God through the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship. Here God was totally liberated. Father started Hoon Dok Hae and Father wanted to educate you with God's truth. Particularly Father wants you to understand the spirit world. That is something amazing. You don't know what is going on in the spirit world. Now in the spirit world those founders are so happy. God wants to build a relationship with those spirits in the spirit realm. Now the time has come in which we can work with the saints and the ancestors. But early people do not know what is going on. They don't know about God's coronation. They call God our Lord and yet in reality before the Coronation ceremony it was really Satan who is ruling the world.

No one knew what to do or what to offer to God. Based upon the foundation laid in the past. Israelites should have built the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus could not build the Kingdom on earth. After the crucifixion he brought victory through the resurrection however he only went to paradise. His brothers (Israel) had to wander throughout the world shedding so much tears and blood.

America, England and France were to bring a great victory for God after WWII. England as the Eve nation was to play a crucial role. However because they were not totally centered on God they could not embrace the entire world. The dispensation then switched to another providence.

How about America. It is so corrupt and fallen. Family breakdown and immorality is rampant. If America continues this way it will be destroyed. Many are living like animals, just following their carnal desires. The corruption must be cleaned up. The Christian ministers are responsible. They should have stopped this corruption.

Even God is testifying that Rev. Moon is the True Parent. Some called me the Messiah, Second Coming, but that is the only the foundation to become True Parents. Although I was pushed to the front line where I could have been killed, I never ran away or gave up. America, unless they listen to me, they will decline. Unless we really go the straight way, things will not work out. We should be willing to die hundreds of times. Jesus, when he was crucified lost all of his disciples. They all ran away. Many people did the same thing to me. When Satan really understands the life of Rev. Moon he will finally say, God that is enough suffering for him. As the commander in Chief I have to lead all the world. As the commander, if he gives up, it will forfeit the blessing. There are many stories in the Bible, the prodigal son was an important story. God didn't like how the brother that stayed behind treated the prodigal brother when he came back. Father couldn't complain in any way in his course. Do you understand. That is how he could hold the liberation ceremony. That is the thing that God has been looking for so long. You blessed central families should be blessed or punished. I don't want you to be punished. That is why I gave you Hoon Dok Hae. Don't make excuses, sleep less. This is done for you. As you do this you will gave your own foundation. We have to be qualified to be called Cheon Il Guk Chuin. Men must stand firmly on the ground and people will testify for you. I can meet all the top leaders of the world. Rev. Moon will not perish. I am the one who can help all the nations of the world. You may hear something like this the first time. If you are from the CIA then you can study and you will know where I'm coming from.

Many John the Baptists. My responsibility for America is finished now. Communism is no longer a problem Then the next challenge is to bring Christianity and Islam together. That's why I have brought Muslims and Christians together for the last 40 years. Now do you understand. What is the conclusion. Physically. Has he had his own nation. We do not have good sons and daughters. The blessings in the Unification Church are now for all religions not only the Unification church. We need to offer one nation to the world and to God. Judgment means when you go to the spirit world. Stalin, Kim Il Sung and all communist leaders are suffering in the spirit world. They are in trouble.

Now we must have a nation. God's nation. Billions of people on earth and in spirit world should come back to God. When Jesus said it is finished, people didn't know what that meant. Jesus lost the chance to build the kingdom. America doesn't its role. Black and White, Africans and Europeans, Asians, should not fight. We should bring equalization to all the nations. In the past, the soviet union controlled many people. Now we should bring them all together. Each month we should be willing to bring God's kingdom. Now many are taking it easy. Just believing in Jesus will not solve all the problems. That's not what Jesus wants, he wants to build God's nation. He wants you to become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. We need princes and princesses of heaven and earth. You Americans, don't be proud of your technology. What about immorality and homosexuality. That's why we have to spread God's message. Those who are confident to pledge that they will go this way applaud. You applaud easily.

The purpose of Christianity is not only to save the individual but also as the Bible says we must build God's kingdom. We have been living like separate grains of sand. We must come together as one. Those who need God's nation raise you hands. Black hands and white hands its all the same. If someone is dozing wake them up with a poke!

We talked about God's coronation ceremony that God was very happy.

Father then read his speech Gods Ideal Nation. (This speech will be available later today. it is the address that father will give at the Ambassadors for Peace conference in Hawaii). I will record only a synopsis here.

God will seek a combination of the original Israel that he sought. It will be a combination of the Judaism and Christianity. Where can we find such a nation. These nations should all be corrected. We do not yet have God's nation. We don't have the possibility to register as God's nation. Living well with honor and glory are not so important. We must establish God's nation.

We have to bring all religions together. Jesus did not seek to bring Christianity as a fragmented religion. We must live on the earth as citizens of this heavenly nation. Good parents, Only when we bequeath such a tradition will a nation emerge in which God's blood and sweat can live on. If we don't do this, everything will be in vain. All of these will go in vain. If there is no nation, it will all have been for nothing. The establishment of God's nation is our most important task. Are you truly qualified to build this heavenly nation. I can say something harsh sometimes because I'm the True Parent. Without God's nation we cannot receive his love. We cherish God's nation because, there we can find a love that will not perish and is not random but is eternal and unchanging. If we possess riches it should be guaranteed that they belong to the Cosmos as well as to us. Heaven and earth can share our joy. We didn't become that kind of person yet. Because of the stained fallen lineage. Everyone without exception must live a life completely as one with God. You now must establish such a nation. It is the task of all people. No one has accepted that their ancestors family, tribe and nation will support this. You must take with you to the next life the qualification that you will take that way of life with you to the next world. I have no interest in the things of the world. For the sake of that single day, you might rest. Even if it requires someone doing it from another nation. If America can't do it I will have to find another nation that can do it. He may suffer for any number of reasons. Why did Rev. Moon suffer because he wasn't smart. No because he wanted to accomplish God's will and find God's nation.

Without a doubt the children of God's direct lineage will carry God's full and direct authority. This Kingdom will recognize Communism and Democracy as failed. We should be lamenting the fact that we should be in this kind of nation.

All people share a common purpose to accomplish the will of God. All religions work together for a common purpose. God established Abraham and Sarah. Through sacrifice. They did not know that Haran was the place where they were to live. Many Unification church members don't understand their course and therefore they complain. Jacob had the conviction or qualification. Jacob had absolute conviction. I don't talk about too many things that Jesus said. He said he is the only one who came with that kind of key point in which he could talk to many human beings.

The Messiah comes to bring about the unity of all of heaven and earth and to bring God's Kingdom. The state of the fallen world will pass away. America can go the way of Israel. When the Lord comes again will America make the same mistake that Israel has made. God sent his beloved sons and daughters to establish this one nation, but there was no foundation upon which to create the heavenly kingdom. Even if God sacrifices us, and sacrifices our clan societies and nation he will be brought to one world. That is indicated in the family pledge. This is extended to the family clan people nation and the world. As God carried out his providence, to save the whole world.

God told us to seek after His Kingdom and righteous. This cannot be accomplished without the cooperation of Human beings. God said that we must seek for his kingdom and his righteousness. It is not a matter of money. God's desire to establish his kingdom is crucial. God desires to be harmonized through the creation and true human beings.

Jesus was the first son who had the desire of accomplishing everything after 4000 years of preparation. He came within the Jewish nation. Many nations were on Satan's side. If the Israelites had followed Jesus they could have conquered Rome and made a new Kingdom. They should have formed a worldwide foundation. Jesus died prematurely, centering on this 3 year public life he tried to indemnify everything. Because Jesus was killed Christianity could only form a spiritual foundation and the Israel lost their nation. If you don't believe this pray about it.

Do you thing America is such a Christian nation. The Lord who comes again must restore the 4000 year providence. Jesus came to establish a nation. One nation. He established it only in spirit. If his disciples were willing to die with him he would have lived. Christianity would not have to go through the course of bloodshed and death. That is why Christianity doesn't have such a foundation on the earth. That's why the foundation has not been built on the earth. The nation will center on God's Kingdom. After Jesus crucifixion it took 400 years for Christianity to overcome Rome. If Jesus had lived it would have been accomplished within 40 days. Jesus was killed. Then the disciples and martyrs all had to shed blood.

Now the time of martyrs has ended. Jesus is awaiting in paradise. We need to know that he has not gone to the heavenly throne. We would have gone to heaven as blessed families. We have to go with our children. For Jesus to dwell in heaven, he had to establish a family and rule over a nation with God's sovereignty. Still he is waiting for his Kingdom to be built.

God has worked through a new religious movement. All denominations and all religious bodies are fighting. So now, we go beyond that level. We restore God's kingdom. Respected religious leaders, as America enters the third millennium we must bring the Kingdom of God on the earth. Amen.

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