Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
December 12, 2002
Kona, Hawaii
Translation by Hee Hun Standard
Notes by Tyler Hendricks

To an audience of Ambassadors for Peace from Korea, Japan and America, Peter Kim read a message from Heung Jin Nim, delivered True God's Day, January 1, 2002. Mrs. Hee Hun Standard read an English translation that had been prepared, which I could not obtain. Then True Father spoke.

Hoon Dok Hae:

Satan surrendered at the September 9, 1999 ceremony ("ku ku jeol").

On the impossibility of people of different religions contacting each other in spirit world. The differences in thought manifest as cliffs, chasms, avalanches, etc. But True Parents have brought this to an end.

Ascending in spirit world is like climbing through fog around the top of a mountain. The higher you get, the more dense it becomes. You are tempted to return to the valley. Finally you break through the fog to the crystal clear atmosphere at the top.

Blessed couples should examine themselves every hour to see if they are truly becoming citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Any level other than the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world has fighting in it. Also, lower levels are filled with people of the same type, so it is not interesting. Where you find your place is determined by how you lived on earth.

The Kingdom of Heaven will be opened only when True Parents arrive here. We will all enter on that day.

God and Satan cannot intervene in the decisions of fallen people. Only when a person makes a condition for God can God intervene. We need to make indemnity conditions in order to liberate our ancestors.

In recent years, the spirit world has changed for the worse. God expected blessed couples would make unity with God in heart, acting with absolute faith, love and obedience, but when blessed couples did not act they way, they made conditions for evil spirits to come into them. You have so many evil spirits in you, and you do evil actions and have so much fallen nature.

As times passes, you will see the difference between the lives of members who liberated their ancestors and those who didn't. Those who liberated their ancestors will have more easy and comfortable lives.

Everyone must go out and witness to True Parents and teach the Divine Principle, so that everyone can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The number of members of absolute good spirit must increase.

Evil spirits appear in the guise of good spirits and lead astray members who are partially spiritually open.

Sometimes evil spirits, including your ancestors, are found in a physical person's body, sometimes wandering around the earth, sometimes somewhere in spirit world. So Daemo Nim has a difficult time to find them.

Most people are captured by evil spirits as soon as they die. I leave them alone in that place of hell until they realize how terrible it is there and they repent for their wayward life on earth. Then I call them to my workshop in spirit world and they hear lectures. Lectures are presented differently than on earth. They can really see the lecture, actually happening on a screen before their eyes. They witness it all: the fall, all the suffering, warfare, and the brutality of the fallen lineage.

After they see this they repent deeply and cleanse themselves of their sins, pulling it out of their body, I let them go to their new, proper home, which they enjoy so much. Then they hear a lecture on the meaning of good and evil, by Gi Suk Lee and then lectures on the providence of restoration by Rev. Hyo Won Eu. Again, everyone can see exactly what is explained in the lecture on the screen. Another lecture explains how hell was established. All the lectures lead the participants to self-reflection, to remembering what we did that was wrong, cleansing ourselves, and being sent to better and better places, and that gives everyone increased hope and makes them work harder to cleanse themselves. As time goes by, we get better and better.

Rev. Chung Goo Park teaches about True Parents' life course, how True Father comforted God when in Hungnam prison. He explains each condition of indemnity made by True Father. Also he explains to True Father's sermons and the blessing. All these things are displayed on the screen to the side of the stage.

Experienced lecturers from the church teach the lectures on Jesus, Resurrection, Predestination and Christology, illustrating them with images on the screen. After 100 days are over, the spirits go to Chung Pyung Lake to receive the blessing. All their sins have been removed except for the original sin, which is removed through the holy wine at the blessing. Now they do not have even a trace of sin, therefore Satan and evil spirits cannot approach them. They are so bright and fragrant. They will enter the Kingdom of Heaven with True Parents when they arrive.

Then they return to the training center in the spirit world, where Ho Chul Chin gives a 40-day workshop on blessed family life, how to attend True Parents, and what their descendents are doing on earth. They receive practical education on the nature of evil spirits who are infecting their descendents, and what to do about it. They are serious because those descendents, who still have sin, were the ones who liberated them. They receive education about tong ban kyok pah and the Chun Il Guk. They learn how to guide their descendents to contribute to God and humankind, and to create the four realms of heart and three kingships.

After God's Coronation, good people will prosper and evil people will decline, not prosper. God is now been set free to travel to the earth and work in person.

True Father:

Do you know the significance of the word, "True Parents"? I have made indemnity conditions all my life, so when I give a direction, everyone should be able to follow it based upon the indemnity I have paid.

Korea represents the father nation. Japan represents the mother nation, and America represents the son. So we should work centered on this island (Hawaii). The world should be guided by parents. We should not struggle over denomination or religion. Many Koreans have been affected by (?) the major religions on the Korean peninsula. Democracy has complex problems, and the Middle East and Asia have serious problems.

Japan can be compared with England as an island. England did not fulfill the mother nation's responsibility, nor did France fulfill the archangel's responsibility. So we should bring together America, England and France so they can fulfill their responsibility. They should have become one at the end of WW II. Because they failed, Japan replaced England.

The role of Christianity is crucial. The son who has inherited everything from the father should protect the mother. So, centered on America we should unify the world. The world should restore the True Parents that were lost. The mother nation should be worldwide along with the son's nation.

The nations that should have received True Parents at the end of WW II, centered on Christianity, failed. The world could have united at that time and God's providence fulfilled. We are to build a unified world. Because of failure of Christianity, the world divided into Cain and Abel, and they were not united. Their disunity was the same as mind and body disunity. Once mind and body are united in one person, that unity needs to expand from the individual to the world

If England, America and France had united with the True Parents, then everything unknown about Christianity would have been revealed. But as it happened, they had no chance to understand God's providence. Christianity brought partial unification in spirit world, not entire unification, and the same holds on earth. Spirit world is not the center; everything must be done first in the physical world; then it can be carried on to the spirit world.

Who opposed God's providence (post-WW II? Pre-WW II, many Koreans were living overseas, working for Korean independence. Christianity and the Catholic Church did not fulfill their responsibility. How old was I then? I could have restored the world in my lifetime. God could have sped up the providence and He could have restored the original family that was lost at the time of creation in the Garden of Eden.

Christians believe that the Lord will come in the air, but that will not happen. Human beings inherited fallen lineage; that must be cleansed first on the earth. Then we should inherit God's kingship. Fifty-seven years have gone by since WW II. Prosperity came to America. When the leaders of that time were young, we should have been able to bring victory and joy to God. But because they did not accept True Parents, they could not attend God physically or spiritually. The Kingdom of Heaven is where we can attend God as the King of the universe.

You may think you are successful, but unless you know True Parents, you cannot become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. We need to restore the society, nation and world. Then we can say amen.

Do you think the report we heard from Heung Jin Nim is false or true? Those who believe 100% or 1,000%, or a billion %! God does not believe in people. But if you believe this report to that extent, well, how many percent do you believe? Those who believe a billion %, raise you hands. (Many do so.) I can see you are very ambitious. You want to embrace the world and universe. Do you think that you are blessed for coming here?

You should have a sense of pride over your presence here, thinking that because you are here, this workshop has become very successful. Tomorrow, I'm leaving here. I wasn't planning to come back to meet you, but because of my love for you, I came back. [Applause] I wanted you to know about spirit world as much as possible. This morning's report is true. I want you to learn about spirit world. I feel responsible to educate you about it. This is true, and it all must be conveyed to every corner of the world. I hope you live up to the standard of these teachings. You need to make an explanation. Drinking, smoking - this is no good.

Would you drink or not? Raise your hand if you don't. You should set a standard. If you drink, what you are thinking and doing will not be normal. Sometimes I think I should get totally drunk to see what it is like, hook up a hose from a winery.

The report from my son in spirit world is really true. God would have been watching him make his report, so how could he tell a lie? It cannot be. God is watching what he is writing.

We need to know our original hometown. The spirit world and physical world have a mind and body relationship, inside and outside. When we are united mind and body, we can live for the sake of others totally. The body will carry out everything we decide in our mind. Once the mind and body are united, nothing can go wrong. We can become citizens of the Chun Il Guk. So, all the blessed central family members belong to one nation, the Chun Il Guk. It means the nation where two people become one. It is where there is no opposition. If mind and body are united, we are already living in the Chun Il Guk. Are yours united? Your parents and children? Husband and wife? Your relatives? We should bring oneness to the subject partner and object partner relationship. Everything in the universe is in a pair system.

You must believe what was reported this morning. Have belief and faith. I did not reach that level automatically, but had to go through stages, beginning with servant of servants. We have to go the same way. Without a father and mother, we are miserable. Some say you get brainwashed just by looking at me or just listening to me. But the mind does not work that way.

We need to understand why I am doing this to you. Everything should be turned upside down. There has to be a change. Here is a shocking thing for me to reveal: God gave me a harder time than Satan did. He did so in order to show that I am willing to follow Him no matter what, to the extent that Satan defends me before God, saying that God has treated me hard enough. That is the kind of course I have to go. Based on that, I could subjugate Satan and God could trust me totally. So now whatever I do, God is always with me. When I turn around, He turns around.

We have to increase the number of Ambassadors for Peace, to hundreds, thousands and millions all over the world. For this to be done, we should live for others. Even if we sacrifice our own material things, life or family, we should be willing to go that path, because true love requires a kind of sacrifice. Those who are willing to bring the victory, raise both hands.

We should work for the nation, not just for our sons and daughters. Our family is to live for other families. We can become the seed of world peace if we sacrifice that much. We can take a picture together. On the basis of the picture we take with you, you can become True Parents to other people. Those who promise to do so should take a picture. Usually I do not like to take a photograph. You don't know how lonely has been the path I have been walking.

You are the Ambassadors for Peace for the Kingdom of Heaven. We take a picture not just for the sake of a picture, but to commit yourselves. Will you do it sincerely, or in a fake way? We should be willing to live for others more than anyone else, for God's nation. The more we live for others, the greater we become. Jesus died on the cross for all humankind. When we did Hoon Dok Hae, Jesus was here, present with us. We are to return all the glory to God, while willing to suffer and struggle. Do not expect to go an easy way. Be willing and grateful no matter what happens. I have been going that way. It is best for everyone. We need that spiritual power sufficient to strike down the bomb that is flying through the sky, spiritually. I hope you can become that kind of person.

When we talk about heaven, we include earth, and when we talk about man, we include woman. Neither side can exist without the other. Because there is heaven there is earth; because there is man, we have woman. Based upon woman being there, we can talk about man. Do not violate this law. You men: were you born for yourself or for woman? Man was born for women, and women for men. Women have big hips and men have a bigger upper body. It relates to function. Woman's body is for the sake of the child. Also, the complimentary shapes are for harmony and balance. Without your partner, there is no harmony and balance in the world.

Why are children born? They are for parents, and parents exist for children. Because there is below, we can talk about above. Because there is left, we can talk about right. Front exists because there is back. A nation comes with many families. A father makes us think about mother. There is a big father and there are small fathers. All small fathers need to be educated. The question is whether we will become a big teacher or small teacher.

God is the King of all kings and Teacher of all teachers. The glory of the nation and school can be mine. There is nothing that can live alone; everything exists in pairs. What kind of a family does God have? He wants one on earth, not only in heaven. If we love each other, we can become greater. We should be able to embrace east and west.

You have two eyes, not just one. Two nostrils; two lips. If there is a black person, there is a white. Without black, there is not white, and vice versa. If there is someone high, there will be a person low, and they should come together. As long as women live for women, men will be miserable, and vice versa. We should live for each other; then everything will go well.

Father and mother must come together, and man's hand and woman's hand. The left hand represents women and the right hand, man, and they must come together. Jesus left his home at 30, but he really wanted his mother to take responsibility. At 27, he wanted her to fulfill her responsibility. Again, I want you to know that man was not born for the sake of man. You have to think that man should live for the entire world. You need to understand the importance of the woman's role.

When man and woman come together, how do they unite? What if a woman had convex and man had concave? That would be a disaster. Woman has a special place for a baby to be born; it is like a palace. Does a man have that organ, the womb? Man has sperm but does not have a womb. Only when sperm is placed in the womb can there be life. Man represents heaven and woman earth, and they are subject partner and object partner, and heaven exists for earth and earth exists for woman (?). Man moves around a lot and woman is more stationary.

Can a man relate with many wombs? No, just one, that is eternal, absolute and unchanging. Satan tried to destroy this. But the seed of God must be given only to one womb. Then God's children can be born. So women should not act casually but should behave themselves. Many men and women like free sex, with a single life and casual relationships. Such people will perish.

A woman's menstrual period is not for herself. Do not abort your child; he or she may become the king of a nation. Your organs are not for your own sake. You should be able to carry a heavenly prince in your womb, and live a life worthy of that. You suffer a lot when giving birth, but you have to understand how important and sacred that task is. So, do you think you can fool around with men? God is not happy at all about that. There has to be just one man for one woman and one woman for one man.

Do you want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven or hell? If you are not living the right kind of life, you will not go to the Kingdom. As God's children, we should be able to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Everything is in circulation. If something goes in, something should come out. We should have love towards God, our father, husband and son. Even God exists for others. No beings were born for their own sake. What good is it if God is alone? So we must go back to God. When we walk, step first with your right foot. Forward, backward, in and out, everything circulates. That is how the energy for true love is generated. It is how this world and we in it can exist forever. It is how God can be eternal. We should be an eternal person who lives for the sake of the world.

All human beings are God's enemies in the sense that our blood lineage is defiled. But God still loves us, regardless of where we are coming from. The time will come when everything will go back to God.

As Ambassadors for Peace, you have a grave responsibility. America is the second Israel. Unfortunately, America has not been doing so well. If it does not go the path of God, it will decline and eventually perish. Remember those who died for God; remember the Christians who died for the sake of America's victory, because America has a mission to fulfill. Black and white should live for each other, and Christians and Muslims also. We need exchange marriage.

Is it possible, or impossible? Don't ever say you live for your own sake. Parents and children, husband and wife, all live for the sake of the other. Even if you collapse while going that way, you have to go that way. Will you go this way, or is it only empty words?

I will soon reach 90. Some of you are old and will go to spirit world soon. Be serious about living a good life for your remaining years. We don't have that many days left to live. We have to prepare to go to spirit world before we go. I want to liberate you and have you go to a good world, back to God. I want you to do the right things for the liberation of God's fatherland, the eternal, unchanging world.

Do you really think that you need me? I can be insensitive about the pain that I have to endure. Regardless of skin color, we have to live for each other. Israelites are not totally white. Christian ancestors endured many tribulations and trials. God suffered greatly because He had to love His enemies. He had to love Satan who took away and violated His children.

Some here complain because you could not sleep well. You complain, "You brought you to Hawai'i but didn't let us sleep and was could not escape from this hotel. What kind of title is this, Ambassadors for Peace?" I brought you here because I want you to live for the sake of others. I have no ulterior motive. I want you to do the right thing, live a righteous life, and be the best champions of the world. You should determine to go this way; there is no other choice.

People want to see me, not because I am handsome, but because I love God, humankind and the creation, and want to bring everyone back to God. I want you to become the mainstream of the world. Before you go to spirit world, you should fulfill your responsibility. If you are willing to do this, raise your hands. You are good at raising your hands, but I want to know if you are really going to fulfill your responsibility.

I will leave tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., and I didn't decide whether to do Hoon Dok Hae with you tomorrow or not. It is up to you, because I have to live for the sake of others.

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