Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
December 15, 2002
East Garden
Translation by Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong
Notes by Tyler Hendricks.

Dear UTS Alumni,

Make hay while the sun shines. Here are two sets of notes from East Garden this morning, first Rev. Jenkins' (UTS '77), and second mine. His are more complete, but mine are also interesting.

Father's speech this morning was a beautiful message on why we as owners of Cheon Il Guk must unify our mind and body.

He proclaims victory for Dec. 7, Hawaii Amb. for Peace and Chicago Banquet.


All religions are one. You must become citizens of Cheon Il Guk. You must unify your mind and body. That is why we must have 40 day or 120 day workshop. If you don't succeed how can you go forward. You cannot. Heavenly Father cannot approve. What is the way, the Way of True Love. Way is True Love. Output should be bigger than input. That means it becomes bigger and multiplies. It increases and develops. This is the True Love action. Whatever the action it is True Love Action. What is True Love like? It is much bigger. True Love is to unify the physical and spiritual world. God is my Father. Heavenly Father is near you. Then you are so close to Heavenly Father that you become His representative and then everything begins to revolve around you. Everything revolves around you this way. Mind or mindset becomes True. Each person, man or woman and how we accomplish it is important.

Parents and children need to unite. Parents must unite their mind and body. If you understand filial piety then you understand the root of True Parents. You must recognize True Parents. You want to be connected with you parents and be close to your parents and follow your parents way. Filial piety would have all of the children unite as one. When we meet we move on together.

God created Adam and Eve. How can they develop and multiply. Father remembers one couple in the middle east had 36 children. Then they look at Mother. She gave birth to more than 12 children. Each citizen has character there. How will we move on. They give back to the love of God and then they can be blessed. True Parents know the best way to invest. Based upon True Love Father will invest and then prepare and then overcome and move on. Father gives ideas to the central person and then they don't do correctly then they don't bring the result. But still they develop. If they follow Father's direction they will grow. If you have perfect unity between you mind and body then you don't feel any uncomfortable things. You don't understand and follow the heavenly way. Even when the baby is in the womb there is such an uncomfortable way. Already they received valuable nutrition. They really feel to stay in the womb. But that is not the principle, this is the law of the Universe. Then you must prepare the way. We need circulation. Somebody likes spring, somebody likes the spring and the fall. You can adjust yourself on all different seasons. That means they can experience different things. That's what God likes. Then what will the future be like. Everyone should travel all over the world and experience the different seasons. The places like Italy or Korea, peninsula nations, where there are clear four seasons. These kind of people are easy to unite.

How can you unite your mind and body. You have the mind and the body. You have a mind type person and a body type person. What does the blessing mean. Blessing centered on True Love. If you mind and body are united and your husband and wife are united then you can receive Jehovah the one true God. Your mother and father unite together and love and give you life. That's where God's love, life and lineage connect there. Then everything comes from God. Recognition must come from a higher place. Not from yourselves. Look at the human body and how you can grow up. What is the age of the children. It is the age of the parents and the grandparents. People will follow that role of the Universe. Lineage is important. If you deny you lineage you lose your value. You can't deny your lineage. Love me or serve me? True Love is that it loves and serves others first. That's why you need a Subject / Object relationship. The individualism in America promotes the idea that I can live by myself and not have relationship, yet this is against the law of the Universe. If a mother has milk to give and she doesn't give it the breast becomes swollen and feels pain. Therefore without subject in the giving position. Who does God resemble. Man or woman ? Which love organ does God have? God resembles both man and woman with dual characteristics. The main question here is your mind quarreling or not. Do you still quarrel. How about your friend. Do they go up and down and go through different feelings. I look at the face of a woman and man. Woman is so smooth. Woman would look bad with hair on the face. Look at man. The face changes as you get older. Man's nose grows and gets bigger,

What is correct, take and give or give and take? Give and Take is correct. Giving first. Western philosophy. There is an order in things. Even in the west there is an order. What is it? Father and Mother is the order, not Mother and father. Elder brother and the younger brother.

How about from a spring. If it keeps giving water it gets filled again and again. Somebody receiving and somebody giving back. If Father kept blowing out he cannot continue. They must receive also. Must give and receive. Father and Mother demonstrated holding hands for prayer. Fathers hands are right hand palm down, mother's left hand palm up. Father's left hand palm up and Mother's right hand Palm down. Then there is giving and receiving. Then there is circular harmony. Then the love organs should have give and take. That is fearsome and most serious. Why the pair system with two eyes. All my five senses. Some people want to keep separate bank accounts then they will perish. Someone only wants to receive will also perish. Their center is no shadow. The idea that Father explained. Live a life where the light of God shines on you and you cast no shadow.

If you give and give then eventually the person receives from them. What do you need. The unity of mind and body. Man and woman are to have that kind of role.

Is your mind and body united. Gambling, Drinking then addiction comes. Mind follows body. That is no good. That is the plot of evil behind that. After drinking all kinds of evil comes, especially sexual. I look at humankind. Free sex has pushed this country to the bring of destruction. Think about it. That's why we have blessed couples so that we have some way to go. Father knows the gambling ideas. Father knows the dark side of Las Vegas. Father wants to save those people. Everything about modern people doesn't connect with Heaven's tradition. They fight, quarrel then they have bad relations with their spouse and their children then they are rejected by society. Then they commit suicide. If they do this they go to a very bad place. They misused their love organ by destroying themselves.

Do you need True Parents. Father wants to give everything to the people. Father chastises you then everything is open. If you receive that kind of chastisement and gratefully accept then God can be closer to you and you can grow. Dr. Yang what if I chastise you. How about Michael Jenkins. If I do you will grow. Without indemnity, what did you do.

How much you did America make money. How much did America do to make money. Americans are always asking for help. If you do that way, then you will never develop. When you develop on your own then you learn how to cross the river and then you overcome and become the master. Whatever you receive, then use Father's direction to develop yourself many times more. You will feel that God is my Father and my parent. This is what God wants to do. To use you to develop your family and descendants. Such a joyful moment. White people would learn how to be close to God. If they married Black people they would touch God's heart. If you marry among enemy people you will inherit God's heart and kingdom the fastest way.

Hyun Jin's speech

Yesterday in Chicago, Father gave a very harsh treatment to the clergy. Because he loves them. He hit them again and again and again because he is treating them as a true son. He hit them in the eyes and in the nose and in the mouth and even in the love organ. Then they responded with love and didn't run away. So they will become very close as true sons.

You can then increase your ideas. Father does Hoon Dok Hae to check to see what he promised God. If he sees something that is not fulfilled he will order Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang or Mr. Joo to immediately fulfill.

Now has come time for qualification. If you mind and body are not united you cannot come to East Garden. Sometime Father will decide the qualification to come to East Garden. If you understand, Father whole resources gave to America. Father wants that the American president to recognize God's work through Father or otherwise there is no way for America to go. Father stays healthy through exercise. That's how Father is going.

Father goes fishing and catches ideas for the providence. The view of mountains is the most beautiful from the river or seashore. Korean people don't look to burden other people. Father never fails to educate. Today's speech is from Heung Jin Nim. Young Jin Nim died, Hee Jin Nim and Hye Jin Nim.

Father's sent HJN to SW. Seung Hwa was held. As soon as it was over Father prayed a prayer for unification. Heung Jin Nim is a general of the SW. If you don't put in your effort then how can Father serve you. Father, no matter what is the situation, Father can analyze and understand in 3 hours. He can then find the way to bring back to the original position.

Father invested and sacrificed his family. He must now take care of True Children. Because Father is very clear about how to connect in the way of the principle. Father, one day will go to the spirit world. Nobody can change this idea.

How difficult is the way of True Mother. To overcome cultural and language and all barriers and to give up parents and children. True Mother is very important.

This is amazing time. This is the third Sunday. Father passed through Chicago and is now preparing for a new start. That's why he wants to give Heung Jin Nim Opa. What is the birthday of God. What is God's favorite day? Marriage day. Is God married?

Mother even tastes the poo of her baby by accident. That is true love. What ever Father had he gave it to leaders, not to his children.

Heung Jin Nim is in the position of the Elder brother. What we need to understand. How we can make the foundation of heaven and earth. Most important thing is lineage. Only by serving and helping others can you go the way of True Love.

(Dr. Yang read the testimony from Heung Jin Nim and then the letter from God.)

I did these historical course - December 7th, Hawaii and then Chicago then I will go on to the 26th God conference. Now is the Era of Salvation. You don't even need to repent to receive it. You must now center on Father's teachings.

You must prepare to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This must become a ShimJung culture.

Dr. Yang will report on Dec. 7th. Dr. Yang's Report: I feel like the last two weeks have been two years. Heung Jin must be appreciated. Let's applause for HJN.


If you pour your heart in you can open the door for you to go the right way. This is the law of heaven. Heavenly principle. You don't know your face yourself. You must totally unite yourself. You can prepare yourself more. You can know the structure then. You can become a special envoy. You must be more prepared and developed than the saints. Without can you ignore this idea. You should be the owner of the Cheon Il Guk. Should have that determination and set your mind that way. If you ignore them you will have no way to go. You should be clear. You can prepare well. Peoples marriage need to be prepared properly. You are now preparing the family living place in the spirit world. This is like a special marriage between you and the spirit world. How will it move to the next step. The way you are living has nothing to do with the proper connection to the spirit world. If you know you can be owners, if you don't know you will be Kicked out. Through Hoon Dok Hae Father has shown what is right and what is wrong. Father is so serious during Hoon Dok Hae time. How about you. Father must accomplish everything.

All mainstream national leaders must come to the 43 day workshop in Chung Pyung lake. If you send more people it is good for America. We should encourage more young leaders to join the workshop.

Since December I have been intensely focused on giving out everything before the end of this year so that we can make a new start. December 7th, Hawaii and the Chicago event with clergy and the God conference are historic events. The three events we just concluded were victories. Dr. Yang please report.

Dr. Yang's Report:

December 7th - First there was the 144,000 Clergy blessing this year. The number was very very important. Similar meeting that Jesus had 2000 years ago when he sought to end the OT age. Father met Christianity through the 144,000 and ended the NT age and began the CT age. July 3rd was the 2nd Generation blessing of he ministers. Third blessing was September 14th and to transcend beyond 9/11 and bring unity between Moslem and Christian.

December 7th was a most meaningful day. Reconciliation between Japan and America. And the Moslem and Christian and Jews must reconcile. The morning of the Blessing we had a most significant symposium. Then at the blessing national level clergy Rev. Dr. E.V. Hill stood with True Parents and gave an address at the blessing.

The Moslem leader was Imam W. D. Muhammad, leader of the 3 million member Muslim American Society. He was so humble to True Father and told Father that he had been practicing Father's teachings for the last 3 years. Bishop Floyd Nelson, he joined April 27th Blessing and could accept True Father. Ministers went church to church and were rejected and persecuted. But they continued to testify and they brought over 1000 couples that overflowed the Crystal Gathway Marriott. It was a glorious day of blessing.

Hawaii: Top level leaders came. Senators and beautiful top leaders of America. This was the Ambassador for Peace workshop: Father came and spoke the first night and shocked everyone. Then Father came and spoke at 5 am. Father made trinities. How effectively do they come together.

The Divine Principle was going to be given separately but Father unified the workshop into one. Korean, Japanese and America listened to lectures all together. These Ambassadors for Peace were deeply inspired.

Chicago True Family Values Banquet: Rev. Jong Bok Hong, Rev. Su Won Chung, Rev. Do Won Kim laid the foundation for the Clergy work in Chicago. Rev. Jenkins was there as an AFC leader and he completely united with Bishop Kim and together they developed an incredible foundation of the clergy that reaches both the religious and the political realms. President Bush sent his National Family Week proclamation. House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert sent a beautiful letter of congratulations to True Parents. The Governor declared True Family Values Day and the Mayor recognized True Parents. Father strongly asked, do you know me? Do you know who I am. Bishop Stallings gave a most tearful introduction to Father as the Lord of the Second Advent. Then Father gave a 2 hour address including 30 minutes of reading. Father was welcomed and received by the clergy!! It is absolutely a miracle. Chicago family did a great job creating the foundation for Christianity to publically support and accept True Parents !!

Father's speech was a fire talk. The 152 ministers who just finished the Divine Principle workshop were sitting all around True Parents. He scolded and judged the second Israel so they wouldn't make the mistake of the first Israel. He said this morning that he did this so that they could become True Sons. It was a great victory. One minister who couldn't understand throughout the DP seminar completely changed from the "passion" that Father had when he gave his talk. He came up after Father's speech and said, "I believe, I believe."

Divine Principle Seminar in LA and Chicago: Both were incredible victories. About two thirds of the clergy are signing the resolution affirming the Clouds of Witnesses. They study advanced Divine Principle. They have very difficult challenges. To accept Jesus didn't come to die, that the fall is a sexual fall and that John The Baptist failed. These are difficult barriers to shatter. But through the lecturing of Rev. Schanker, Rev. McCarthy and Rev. Jenkins along with Rev. Daugherty were our lecturers. We developed new powerpoint slides that convey the principle in a most powerful way. Bishop Stallings, Bishop C. Phillip Johnson and Rev. Edwards also gave messages that explain the principle and the clergy can understand.

Also, Dr. Yang gives a special presentation of the works of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Also a 7 point presentation on why Father is the Messiah.

True Father Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Sunday Morning Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden / December 15, 2002
Translation by Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong; notes by Tyler Hendricks.

True Father:

Blessed ancestors in the spirit world are like one family. Their greatest anguish is that they could not attend True Parents on the earth. Therefore they are pushing their descendents to attend True Parents. If you are not attending truly, you should expect difficulties in spirit world. We need a workshop for mind and body unity for blessed couples. You need to make the foundation of absolute faith, love and obedience, to receive the heavenly blood lineage.

Your five senses have to unite centering on living for the sake of others. That way, the output is greater than the input. Therefore development comes. The true world gets bigger in that way. True love action is growing.

So you become the owner of true love, a representative of Heavenly Father, and have dominion. The mind is inside and body is outside, and they move together. All activity centers on true love and moves.

Children unite mind and body and then look for their parents and parental ideas. Subject partner and object partner need each other. Without their partner, they have no value. Give and take action should develop centered on true love. With the right heart relationship, the children naturally follow their parents, so there is no need to emphasize filial piety and loyalty. True love comes from the parents and the children naturally recognize it. Children are the fruit of the love, life and lineage, so they naturally live more for their children than for each other. Then the children grow well, with their conscience developing correctly.

The most important thing for Cheon Il Guk citizens is how to bring mind and body unity. You should know the meaning of hyung sang / sung sang in the Divine Principle.

How do mind and body unite? By use of money? Of power?

If you deny your lineage, your existence on earth has no value.

An individualist is a person who has denied his five senses.

The senses exist for others.

The question of how to serve and give to others is very important.

Those who change all the time cannot develop friendships, and even lose their own existence.

Which do you say, take and give, or give and take? First, give. That is the way action develops. It is the law of heaven.

There is a certain order, whether in the east or the west, of father and mother, elder and younger, and parents and children.

The subject partner gives everything, filling the object, and then the object partner returns an idea to the subject. When you receive, you should give back. Then the circulating action comes, that never stops.

When True Parents give the blessing now, they face each other, with True Father's right hand holding True Mother's left hand, from above, and True Mother's right hand holding True Father's left hand, from above. By pulling each other, back and forth, the parts of the body line up with each other.

If you just want to receive, you will perish.

If you don't have unity of mind and body, raise your hand. When you have an addiction, your mind follows your body.

If you do not think about unity of mind and body, the universe cannot accept you and you have no place to go.

Even Heavenly Father ignored me, as I liberated every step on my path. Was it an easy way? Now wherever I go, Heavenly Father likes to follow me.

By being chastised by True Parents, you become the second owner. Chastisement means inheritance.

Without indemnity there is no restoration. How much indemnity have you paid? I support you day and night. If you develop a school putting priority on your own salary, that school will perish.

Feel close to God, as close as with your father and mother.

If I gave you a billion dollars, could you tithe 30%?

If people love me even when I hit them, they receive more blessing.

To liberate the resentment of man and woman, a spouse is needed. To liberate the resentment of parents, children are needed. Love comes from the partner.

I exercise for seven minutes and then can survive for 24 hours.

When I felt I was right, I would never yield, even to my parents.

Without your mind and body being united, you cannot come to East Garden.

If you do not invest your effort, how can I help you?

Wives, encourage your husbands based upon Heung Jin Nim's message.

The indemnity is paid, so I can take care of the True Children without any accusation.

Hoon Dok Hae:

Dr. Yang read Heung Jin Nim's message from True God's Day, 2002, which has been officially translated into English and we assume will be available.

True Father:

Would a son give wrong ideas to his father on True God's Day?

Hoon Dok Hae:

Most blessed couples thought that the victory of True Parents would protect them.

True Father:

Woman cannot decide to have an abortion.

In relation to spirit world, you are like students who did not prepare for their examinations. How can you ask me to save you later?

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