Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

True God's Day Midnight Prayer and Speech

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2002

Translated from the transcript of Father's words from the original recording.

Father's Midnight Prayer

Loving Father! We have just concluded 2001, the first year of the third millennium, with its motto of the year, "May the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal will, which is the subject nature of true love, be accomplished through the liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth and children uniting in one mind and one body." Now we are beginning the second year, 2002, heading towards the year 3000. We are beginning this year with our new motto, "The complete settlement of Cheon Il Guk of freedom, peace and happiness, which is the ideal of the Parents of Heaven and Earth -- Mansei!" A new time to begin realizing the Nation, of Your ultimate hope, has arrived. We have declared a new era in which the ideal of the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity, Cheon Il Guk, is to bring the blessed families, who are attending the Parents of Heaven and Earth, the physical world and the heavenly world into oneness, and to settle Cheon Il Guk, full of freedom, happiness and peace on earth. I sincerely hope that this nation of Yours will be protected by You for thousands and tens of thousands of years and will forever develop into the realm of goodness accompanied by cheers of "mansei" for the complete realization of Your dreams.

Father! Under the banner of the providence of salvation, You have walked a path of tremendous indemnity throughout the whole of human history since the failure of the first human ancestors in order to clean up everything. Because of the failure of the first human ancestors who should have become true children to the Heavenly Parents and inherited the tradition of the True Parents, a history of agony, grief and resentment was left. But now everything has been cleared up. True Parents came to this earth and stood on the boundary line between God and Satan and by following the law of indemnity, they walked a path of suffering and hardship, against the stream, restoring the eight stages from the individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world, and cosmos, and have now cleared up everything completely so that the day of liberation could be achieved. Because of the victory True Parents brought through indemnity, the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity, which is Cheon Il Guk, could be established and we deeply thank You for this great grace in which we can greet the age where, attending God, we can settle on the earth.

At the beginning of the second year of the third millennium, we are truly grateful to have been given Cheon Il Guk, which can perfect the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth which will continue forever centering on the Parents of Heaven and Earth. We are grateful for the settlement of individuals, families, nations, the world and the cosmos in this Nation, and that we can have this age of liberation in which we can continue realizing the heaven of eternal freedom, peace and happiness.

Now, beginning from the second year of the new millennium, becoming sons and daughters of filial piety in families, and fulfilling what is required of patriots in nations, saints in the world, and holy people in the cosmos, we are grateful to have been given the grace to welcome an era where we can attend heaven, after having accomplished the duty of loyal subjects who can complete and offer the settlement of the exemplary family of God's ideal of creation, the settlement of the nation and cosmos, which are the hope and joy of God.

Today, on this day of new beginning, all the parents and children in the blessed families of the spirit world and blessed families of the physical world, have united together as one mind and one body for the sake of serving God, in order to establish the new tradition of Cheon Il Guk that You gave us to fulfill. We want to give all our hearts and sincerity.

We sincerely ask you to permit this to be a year in which we march toward the world of the victorious heavenly kingdom-the world of the liberation, freedom, peace and happiness of the heavenly kingdom, which will establish the tradition of individuals, families, nations, the world and the cosmos, and expand the way of filial piety and loyalty on earth.

Please freely receive all sons and daughters present here. Please love as the Parent of love, teach in the position of the Teacher and manage things in the position of the Owner for all the blessed children in the spirit world and on earth and their descendants for tens of thousands of generations to come. I sincerely ask You to permit us to meet at this time of the new year in the new millennium to proudly rededicate ourselves to advancing the world of the Kingdom of Heaven of nothing but goodness, freedom and liberation.

Please, God, enter into the sphere of our daily lives. In the fullness of joy, please be with our families, clans, tribes, nations, and the world. Please, may the settlement of Cheon Il Guk, the heavenly kingdom of freedom, liberation and unification and Your eternal blessing be with us, and guide us toward the world of Cheon Il Guk liberation with which you can find joy.

I sincerely report this and ask Your help in the name of True Parents. Amen. Amen. Amen!

Father's Words

The Chinese character Cheon (heaven) is made up of two characters: two and person, which together means "two people." Two people are indicated by two horizontal lines, an upper and a lower one. This implies that there should be peace in the spirit world and the physical world. Peace! That is why we use the words "cosmic peace."

In Cheon Il Guk1, the Il (one) indicates unification. Two people with love as their central focus. What was last year's motto? May the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal will be accomplished centering on true love... If there is no true love, we cannot accomplish the will -- the will of true love; the will of absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love.

That is Cheon Il Guk. It means the nation [Guk] in which two people [Cheon] realize complete oneness [Il]. It is where the cosmos and cosmic peace are found. It is the home of heaven and earth. Cosmic peace can be contained within two people -- between those horizontal lines. Cosmic peace and unification means that subject nature [referred to in the 2001 motto]. A man and woman in a horizontal relationship must serve God together. With God as the center of your focus, your minds and bodies should be one. You must perfect yourselves as individuals and as couples; and the parents and children in your families must unite. Husbands and wives must unite. Brothers and sisters must unite. All things can happen through the reciprocal relationship between two people -- subject partner and object partner. Without true love, a subject partner and object partner can never realize oneness.

True love should be in the center. It grows from the individual to the family level. It can then be at the center of the relationship between parents and children, and at the center of the relationship between brothers and sisters. Only then can a family be properly established. When a family is thus settled, Cain-side clans and Abel-side clans can make unity centering on the family. When there is unity between Cain and Abel clans, a people can be unified. Centering on the unity of a people, there can be a country. Centering on the unity between countries, a unified world and cosmos can come about. The cosmos must become the unified "nation" that can be completely united with God. There will be no obstacles to this, horizontally or vertically.

There are struggles between mind and body in fallen people. People fight each other. Everything is involved in struggles. Unity between even two people is hard. Husbands and wives cannot unite. Parents and children can turn into enemies. Brothers and sisters become enemies. That is how things are between people in the fallen world.

The Parents of Heaven and Earth are two people. Heaven and earth form a horizontal unity and connect through these two people on earth, and the Parents of Heaven and Earth can be established on earth. What is the ideal of the Parents of Heaven and Earth? Freedom! The ideal of the Parents of Heaven and Earth is the ideal of freedom. What's next? The ideal of peace. Everything becomes horizontal...and everything can move around as much as it wants, horizontally and vertically.

[Referring to the new motto:] What is the Cheon Il Guk of freedom, peace and happiness? It's not simply jeongchak (settling) but anchak (safe settlement). Jeongchak is not the right word. Jeongchak means moving towards a destination or goal and staying there upon reaching it, whereas anchak indicates settling down for a new beginning in life. May this be a new beginning heralded by ten thousand cheers. That is the motto of 2002.

Last year's motto was "May the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal will, which is the subject nature of true love, be accomplished through the liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth and children uniting in one mind and one body." Mind and body should unite within an individual. A husband and wife must unite. Parents and children, and then brothers and sisters, must unite. This is indicated by anchak.

You cannot leave anyone out. You cannot leave out your father, your mother, your son or your daughter. That is how the parent-child relationship works. After that, your children grow to create new hope of their own. Through their relationship, a husband and wife should safely settle with their blessed sons and daughters. After going through three generations, the complete settlement can be achieved. Complete settlement of three generations!

God is the first generation. Who are the second generation? Not Adam and Eve. Centering on the ideal realm of God, God is the first generation, and True Parents are the second generation. True Parents! Do you understand?

Because Adam failed-because he lost it all -- the perfect Adam must come to the earth and restore all the failures. So, God is the first generation, and True Parents are the second generation. If you become a part of the realm of the second generation centering on True Parents... Who took away Adam's sons and daughters -- the third generation? Satan did it. That is why True Parents must restore God's first-generation realm and True Parents' second and third-generation realms from Satan. They must restore God's grandchildren centering on the Parents of Heaven and Earth -- God's grandchildren, the true Adam's sons. True love and true life are essential for complete unity among the three generations.

When a father and mother unite centering on true life and love -- centering on God's true love -- they give birth to their sons and daughters on earth. Those sons and daughters are the third generation. The third generation that had been lost is finally restored through the completion of God's providence of salvation.

Then, who are in the third generation? Those sons and daughters who are blessed by True Parents. Do you understand? Blessed families, in Japan or America, or wherever they are, are the ones who have been blessed by True Parents as the third generation of God. They keep true love, true life and the true lineage of True Parents and continue on. Those blessed families stand in the position of the restored third-generation family.

Then, who are the chukbok joongshim kajong [central blessed families]? They are those of the third generation that settle themselves on earth. These representative families of the blessing that can settle on earth are the central families, the third generation. That is why all the blessed families in the world that have entered into the realm of the third generation have inherited that realm as chukbok joongshim kajong. You need to know this. Who is the first generation? [God!] Who are the second generation? [True Parents!] Who are the third generation? [Blessed families!] As God and True Parents are perfect, your couples should love each other as ideal couples of God's creation. As a mother and a father, you give life through your unity in true love and bequeath the blood lineage to your own blessed children. Your sons and daughters are in the realm of the fourth generation.

You must understand that the generation going beyond the age of the Second Coming-that is, the central families of the era of the fourth Adam are the blessed families, namely us. So who are you? You are the ideal two selves [spirit and physical] with mind and body united. Your mind and body must absolutely unite with God's absolute love at the center.

That is why I mention being a person of Cheon Il Guk. That means someone that has achieved mind-body unity based on God's love and stands in the subject position. If a man has achieved such a state, a woman should be his object partner with her mind and body united based on true love. If that man and woman were to wed, they would create a unified couple. If we divide up two people we get four people [each one's spirit and body]. Marriage means a man and woman becoming one. When parents are united, their children must unite with them. Those children must in turn unite with each other as true brothers and sisters. Such a family can settle as the third generation. This is the model of God's ideal of creation.

When a man intends to mass-produce a product, he first makes a prototype as a model on which the final product is patterned. Likewise, the standard model family should not change. You cannot leave out a grandfather from the model family. You cannot leave out a grandmother, a mother or a father. You cannot leave out a son or a daughter. In a couple, you cannot leave either person out. You cannot leave out any of the brothers or sisters. Everybody should be there. When everyone settles as model families, the world will be one of God's eternal blessing -- the world of peace.

The ideal of the Parents of Heaven and Earth is freedom. Freedom...then what? Peace. A husband and wife can be free. There are no obstacles between them. Freedom...and then peace. Peace horizontally and vertically. Peace for men and women. Everyone can be in harmony. What comes after peace? Happiness. Everyone can be full of happiness. Happiness. What is that? The Cheon Il Guk! That is the Cheon Il Guk God desires to have. It is the central nation of the ideal heavenly kingdom. Complete settlement of the Cheon Il Guk ...complete settlement.

Originally, I should have said it as "complete settlement and rest," but I left out the word "rest." Mansei for the complete settlement! You should not randomly say "mansei." May the Cheon Il Guk be the heavenly kingdom of peace, remain eternal and unchanging and always be one with God's hope and desire! Amen!

All things in this world are created in pairs. Even the particles, protons and electrons of minerals are made in pairs. The world of insects; the world of animals; and the world of people are all in pairs. Husband and wife are a pair whether we look from either side, from above or below, front or back. Everything is made in pairs. If everything moves in a harmonious circle, nothing breaks. Everything can be free, happy and at peace. That should be my family, my country, my world and my cosmos! Amen!

Two people should be one. Eyes, noses, ears and all five senses should be united into one when a husband and wife love each other; otherwise, true love cannot exist between the two. Only when two people make complete unity, can there be true love between them! You should say, "amen" to that. Do you understand? When you look at yourself, both hands and both legs should work together as one. Your mind and body should unite into one. What matters most? Unification. Without mind-body unity, you cannot have an ideal start.

Without unity, you cannot fit right into the vertical standard, horizontal standard or front-back standard. You cannot go anywhere. The most important thing is to unite your mind and body. Why? That is the way you can be one with God through true love, true life and the true lineage.

Are God's mind and body struggling against each other? If one is united with God, in that unified realm the unity between upper and lower, right and left, front and back should be realized. That is what the family of settlement would embody. All the families with those qualities should gather together and create a clan, a people, a nation and eventually the world. Through this proper formula the ideal of Cheon Il Guk can be completed in heaven and on earth! Amen!

When you wake up in the morning, wash your face and look at yourself in the mirror, your entire face should be in harmonious unity. If just one part of it is not right, it is a problem. If one of your ears cannot hear, that's a problem. If one of your nostrils is stuffed... If your lips turn 2 or 3 millimeters from their proper position, you cannot speak properly. Everything should work in harmony. Your ears, your hands and feet -- all the parts of your body -- must create a unified harmony. That is how you can be free, peaceful and happy, based on love.

Freedom! You cannot be free by yourself. Not even your nose would be free. You should create the Cheon Il Guk of freedom, peace and happiness in which your faces are full of happiness, and offer the Total Living Offering, saying, "I offer everything to God." That is your responsibility. You must offer the Total Living Offering as blessed families living in the fallen world. Everything was taken away by Satan. In the satanic world, God has found the right spouse for you to be able for you to create a couple. As a couple, you were able to have children thereby creating a family.

What does it mean to possess something? You can't possess anything as a part of the fallen world today. Your individual perfection belongs to God. Your perfection as a couple belongs to God. The entire ideal realm -- up, down, front, back, right and left-belongs to God. That is why all the things in the ideal realm belong to God. The world of insects is created along the pattern of the four-position foundation. All the fish in the water, all insects and animals are created in pairs. They don't belong to themselves; God created them. Thanks to God, we can create a family of love and thanks to settlement, we can inherit all things from God. The standard for settlement does not stop at an individual standard. After going through the eight stages, you can inherit God's right of inheritance centering on His family.

When you think about that, you should now offer your entire nation to God. After making the Total Living Offering, each one of you must unite your mind and body. A man and wife, parents and children-the entire family must unite. With that, you can be properly settled and inherit all things, which belong to God. What belongs to God will be yours. Do you understand?

Whatever you have now is entirely false. God has not been able to be present in the three generations with us at the center. Whatever you have belonging to the satanic realm came about because of the fall. These stand between you and God. They are obstacles for you as individuals, families, clans, and peoples... throughout all eight stages. You must all break those obstacles down. You must deny everything. Through total self-denial, you should turn all situations into ones full of true love by your mind and body uniting, you and your spouse uniting, your family uniting, your clan and people uniting... To restore a clan based on your family, you must invest everything for the clan and forget what you have given. You must go through the same process of creation as when God created the cosmos. Your clan must invest for your people, and then forget what it has invested. Your people must invest for your nation, and forget about that investment.

What was lost because of the fall, along with the highest standard, was you, your spouse, your relationship with God as your Father, the husband-wife relationship with the blessing of God, the relationship with the sons and daughters of God, who were supposed to be born with His blessing and the relationship between God and His grandsons and granddaughters. All these were lost. We must each restore all of them and offer them to God saying, "These are all Yours, God." The shadow of Satan would not be seen there. It would be pure white, as white as white jade [i.e. completely pure], vertically settled. You must all be without any shadow in front of the sun. Your couples and your families must settle like that.

There cannot be any concept of possessing things for oneself. When you are settled in front of God with true love as the absolute object partner before God, the absolute subject partner as true couples and true families, you can have your own possessions, possessions without any trace of having been tainted by Satan. If God is such a cosmic being, each one of you should be a cosmic being, a divine object partner, with such a subject partner. What God hopes to have is already fully within you and your family. Your country and the world are the entities that possess the beginning of all the things God wants as the true subject partner. You are the ones who have to harvest and offer [everything] to God and sing songs of praise. That is why, all things considered, you have every reason to deny yourselves. Do you understand?

Here we have Japanese, Koreans, Europeans and Americans, who all think that they are good-looking. But who made all of you? Thanks to whom were you born into this world? You were born out of the blood lineage of the fallen Adam and Eve. God does not want to have fallen Adam and Eve in His sight. In the absence of self-denial they gave birth to sons and daughters, who were the third generation of the satanic world, the enemies of God. That is what you were. There was no approval of your having stolen God's right of possession and belongings and making them your own. You must deny this path.

God is the first generation, True Parents are the second generation and you, the blessed families, are the third generation! We must fill up the third-generation realm; I changed and turned the satanic world upside down. Everything came to belong to Satan, so you must deny everything and offer it to God. When you offer everything you have, you must not be bound by false love, life and lineage. You must be totally bound by God's true love, true life and true lineage.

In the position of God's real sons and daughters, as blessed families who bring together God's true love, true life and true lineage, you must inherit these things and begin anew. The right of possession begins from there. Due to the fact that this right was lost, however, now there are no material things on the basis of which God as the first generation, True Parents as the second generation and the blessed families as the third generation, can be involved here horizontally, vertically, from the front, back, right or left. Absolutely nothing! You must absolutely deny yourselves.

The nature of God's true love is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. From that point of view, God does not want to see anything belonging to this world. You need to deny yourselves totally, and purge yourselves of all that impedes you. When you can do that, your sons and daughters and your spouses will remain. In this self-destructive world, the reality of the satanic ideal will be purged by God. Do you understand what I am trying to say?

To whom do the eyes in your face belong? Before the blessing, whose were they? To whom did your five senses belong? They had nothing to do with God. They belonged to Satan. That is why you must deny what you want to see, what you want to eat, what you want to hear and what you want to touch.

You are blessed thanks to God's true love. Blessed families from other countries are your brothers and sisters living in Japan, in America, in Germany, in Russia, etc. They should not be Russian, Chinese or American people in your eyes.

What kind of nation is the Cheon Il Guk? It is a nation of freedom. It is without enemies. It is a nation of freedom, because it is full of true love. What comes next? Peace! There will be nothing about it that is not peaceful. What comes next? [Happiness!] When you are happy, is only your mouth smiling or are all five of your senses and your entire body smiling at the same time? Your mind and body both smile and laugh together. Ha, ha, ha! Do it like that. [Ha, ha, ha!]

When a husband laughs, his wife does also. When the entire nation, heaven and earth all laugh uproariously together centering on the Father and Mother that is happiness. When you look up, people should be happy. When you look down, people should be happy. When you look left or right, up or down, everybody should be happy, free and at peace. God should want to come to your family to have dinner, breakfast and lunch. God should feel free, peaceful and happy enough to say to you, "I've worked so hard and I am tired. I want lunch." Has your family been the kind of family that makes God feel so much freedom, peace and happiness that He will visit you? That's the important question.

Why do I attach the words "freedom, peace and happiness" to Cheon Il Guk? Cheon Il Guk of freedom, Cheon Il Guk of peace and Cheon Il Guk of happiness. There is no fighting; there is no conflict.

From now on, those who want to be at the center of the world of conflict will be struck by lightning. They will be God's enemies. Do you want to make money, educate your children and have them become members of congress in a nation that's involved in fighting and struggles? There is no peace in this country. We are the only ones who can show the right way. We should not know how to fight. We should only be the sons and daughters of hope who can be the masters of the world of freedom, peace and happiness. You should create a family of hope!

You should create a family that your nation, the world, heaven, earth and God would want to have! Do you understand? God can safely arrive and settle within the families of Cheon Il Guk, which is full of freedom, peace and happiness! If God cannot settle in an individual family, He cannot settle on the national or the world levels. That is why individual families should be the examples, the models that people must follow, no matter how humble that family may be. At the moment that God settles in your family, you can really shout cheers of "mansei" for your family! Please say "mansei." [Mansei!] Mansei!

With cheers of "mansei" you can be lifted up. A man and his wife are lifted up; their family is lifted up. That is where the ideal heavenly kingdom begins to settle. When places of complete settlement exist on earth and in heaven, there will be places for God to rest in the physical world and in the spiritual world. If you were to go anywhere, in any direction, in the world, you could be happy there with your wife, your sons and daughters and your grandchildren. You could safely settle and rest anywhere in the Heavenly Kingdom of peace. For thousands, tens of thousands of years-the kingdom of peace will continue forever! Man mansei! I truly pray for that! Amen!

You should invest yourselves as individuals, as families, as tribes, as peoples and as nations and then forget whatever investment you have made. Without having done that, you can never have the nation or the world. Without investing the whole world to save the entire cosmos, no one can have the cosmos. Without investing the cosmos and forgetting, we cannot have God as the king of eternal supreme authority and emperor who is settled vertically. Those who want to have this raise both of your hands and say "Amen!" [Amen!]

Because you are cheering for the complete settlement of the Cheon Il Guk, in your family, all things in heaven and on earth are under God's realm of possession. They create unified pairs, dance and sing a love song together with me. This time has come! Amen. Those who want to become such families stand up! ...

So when is your homeland going to be restored? What is the deadline? It should be done by 2004. After that, we should take the entire world in hand and make the Total Living Offering. Centering on the new nation, we should guide the world, create the unified heavenly kingdom and offer it to God. That should be done by when? [2010!] It must be done by 2012.

Those Ambassadors for Peace are like congressmen. They stand on an inter-religious, international and inter-NGO foundation. There have not been any ideologies or ideas that have unified a nation. Nobody else has any idea about how to do it. That is a privilege only we have. This is the key enabling us to open the door to the Heavenly Kingdom and the door to the world. Every door will open. You will be able to open doors and find rooms full of gold, silver and jewels.

Each one of you is the owner of Cheon Il Guk, which is full of freedom, peace and happiness. Those who can be so, raise your hands and swear before God!

You should record what has been said here. You should study it with great intensity. You don't want to do that, do you? Do you want to walk slow or fast? Do you want to walk powerfully? Powerfully! Go forward. Those who promise God that you would walk in that way hold up your fists and swear it! Say, "I swear!" [I swear!] Do not forget this. All you have said has been recorded.

If I tell you to go somewhere... If I make a new arrangement and send someone to Africa and others to other countries, will you complain or not? [No, we won't!] How come your mouths are saying you wouldn't, but your eyes are looking elsewhere? Say it again! [No, we won't!] So with that, we are starting the year 2002. Because I opened all the doors for you, all you have to do is to run as fast as you can like true warriors to move your nation and the world. With the fervent wish for you to do so, I will conclude my Won Dan [New Year's] speech!

We need to have sovereignty, land and people in the Cheon Il Guk. Last year's Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God was to restore sovereignty. The "Settlement of God's Fatherland" speaking tour was to restore land. Registering you as the people of the Cheon Il Guk is restoring people. You must have Cheon Il Guk cards to be the people of the Cheon Il Guk. In order to complete a nation, on the foundation of restoring its sovereignty, land, and people, you need to believe that I proclaimed "mansei for the complete settlement of the Cheon Il Guk." You must be as confident as God and as True Parents. When you have that kind of confidence, there is nothing that you cannot move.

Well then, will you move the big people or small people? [We will move the big people.] Yes, you should meet the head of the nation you go to. If you don't, you are bound to have difficulties.

Now we have entered the era when Hoon Dok Hae could even be held in a nation's parliament centering on the prime minister. Since this has come to pass, what I am saying here is this: I have prepared the sovereignty, land and people, and, knowing for certain about the proclamation of Cheon Il Guk and the complete settlement of the world of liberation... Is there anything for us to fear?

Now it is the time for us to go to the [Korean] Congress and meet the congressmen and the heads of the ruling and opposition parties. You should tell them, "Please listen to us. You should join Cheon Il Guk. We came here to stop the fighting. We came here to explain to you about the nation of freedom, peace and happiness." That is what you must do. You must tell them that you are here to establish the kingdom of peace where you can give cheers of mansei for your families having settled in the Cheon Il Guk as sons and daughters of freedom, peace, and happiness. You should tell them to stop the conflict between the government and opposition parties. Only when they have created unity will they be able to embrace South and North Korea. Only when South and North Korea are unified can Korea embrace Asia. Only then would we be able to embrace the entire world and heaven and earth. That is a fact.

That is why there was the recent, well-known event wherein Christians in the spiritual world (centering on Jesus Christ), the four great saints and other well-known figures, testified about me. If we do not let the world know their testimonies, they won't leave you alone. So the content of the testimonies will be presented very soon.

If you walk confidently with the firm belief that you are going the right path and, therefore, are victorious in your battles, everything will work out for you. I truly pray for your victories and happiness for eternity.

From the 10:00 am Morning Service

Adam and Eve, the ancestors who received the lineage that made them false parents, were the descendants of the thief, and could not stand in front of God. We have to end this. God is the first generation, True Parents are the second generation, and you all have to become the third generation. Receive the love of the Heavenly Grandfather; receive the love of the Heavenly Parents -- these two kinds of love. The kingship of two kingdoms (nations), the spirit world and the physical world, must be bequeathed to the third generation. Thus, we must feel the amazing value of the third generation and start to become the people of that nation, of Cheon Il Guk.

This is what Cheon Il Guk is. Cheon Il Guk is the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity. [Referring to the Chinese characters:] Cheonju means the home in heaven, a home for two people. So peace means levelness both in the spirit world and on earth. Peace must abide. If there is even a slight angle from the horizontal, peace will crumble. It must be level for ten years; one hundred years; for eternity, otherwise it will crumble...

In the place of God, Satan took charge of the eternal foundation for human well being, and became the king of thieves. I collared Satan and kicked him into hell. Wherever I go, whether to nations or to the world, everything has been burnt away and nothing is left. There, I am planting the seed that heralds a new beginning for a new world. This is Cheon Il Guk.

Will we just abandon the people who have waited, lamenting for tens of thousands of years, or will Rev. Moon resolve their situation? Should we register them in Cheon Il Guk or not? [We should register them.] Is it okay to register them in place of you? According to the Principle, because Abel is saved after Cain, you may be pushed aside as younger brother and these people made the leaders of Cheon Il Guk. But it is Heavenly Father and True Parents who want to realize the beginning of this new heaven and earth where you can be served as elder brother.

 [Originally published in Today's World, January 2002]

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