Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Homeland, Parents and Eldest Son

Sun Myung Moon
January 13, 2002

Father's words at the commemorative service for the first anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God, held on January 13, 2002, were largely addressed to the Ambassadors for Peace. The Ambassadors for Peace were also at Chung Pyung attending a special seminar to prepare them for their mission. These excerpts, selected for content pertaining to the mainstream providence, were translated from the Korean transcript.

There are many new guests here today. What is the special name that you are known by? [Ambassadors for Peace.] Is peace good or bad? [Good.] How much do you like it? What is the pivot? By what can heaven and earth turn upside down, and the evil world disappear and turn into the heavenly kingdom? Ambassadors for Peace. Ambassadors for Peace must turn the evil world upside down.

Wherever you go you should be the leader. How can you be that? By using your fists? By wrestling well? By being smart? No. By living for the sake of others. If you live your life for five hundred people, no matter how stubborn they are, all five hundred have no alternative but to surrender to you. Those who are indebted should naturally surrender to people who have sacrificed for them. Those who sacrifice more for others should be central figures. They will certainly be central figures. You should write this down.

You must love nature more than anyone else does, so you can understand God, who created it. That is why the Unification movement teaches people to return to nature. That is the reason why I like fishing. Among my followers around the world there are many who can build boats.

Those who are determined to create some interesting changes for people when you return to your hometown, raise your hands. The way and the logic are simple. Those who sacrifice more for others become the true masters.

You, your children and your grandchildren should live for the sake of others. Can you do that or not? You, more than anyone else, should live for the sake of others. Do you understand? It is exactly the opposite of the way of the world, but, if you really think about history, the future desperately needs people like that. I know that most people wouldn't want to live that way and follow a doomed way of life. However, I am certain that the time will come when the world will recognize those who practiced sacrificial ways of life. God will put them in charge and will establish victorious authority, not to mention the setting up of special plaques, tombstones and statues for them. Are you interested?

Can you go to heaven without really knowing God? Can you, without understanding heaven or what a hometown is? What is a hometown? My heart always longs for the hills and waters of my hometown. If you go to your hometown without having such an aching heart for your own hometown, you will be kicked out.

Why do you have to live for others? This is an important question. Why does God exist for the sake of humanity? Why does He have to live that way? Because He is the Parent. And because He is the Lord of men and women. That is why God has been working so hard to teach men and women to be true people throughout a history of thousands and tens of thousands of years. If you really knew God's situation, it would be the most unbearable reality to swallow. Why does God continue to work on us? It is because His desire to be the true partner in love, the Lord of love, is so great. You should understand that God's desire to be a true owner of love is the desire for the realization of the ideal of creation.

There are people who receive revelations from heaven about me. Is there anyone who has received revelations about you? Have you ever met anyone who came to you by following a revelation he or she had received? On many occasions, I have been invited to feasts when I just happened to be walking by. What usually happened was that ancestors of a family had shown up at dawn and said something like, "Wake up! Tomorrow a very humble looking man will pass by your house. If you want your family to receive a special blessing from heaven, you must prepare the best feast you have ever made and serve it to him. Will you do that or not?" So that family would wait for the special guest. The next day when I happened to walk by their house at nearly midnight I'd be grabbed by some elderly lady. How was I supposed to understand what she was saying? Besides, I was always busy. So, I would turn her down and continue on, but she would wail in front me. So many inexplicable things have happened to me. I have eaten a lot of free meals! Moreover, people have handed me free train tickets at the station when I needed to go somewhere. Do you believe that?

I am a strange man. Being strange means being different from normal, doesn't it? Different in a good or a bad way? If different in a good way, things go up; if different in a bad way, things go down. It is quite strange. Both are strange but one goes up, the other goes down. Until recently, people have been putting up large signs advocating that I be gotten rid of. But these have all come down now. And Rev. Moon, though seeming to have been going down, has been going up.

Can you imagine how God feels when His entire world is under the evil dominion, supportive of Satan? Can you imagine the sorrow and agony He must have felt when He lost His nation, His children, His people and His entire Kingdom? How would He feel? When you look at a poor woman and her family in your town, if you think "God would have liked to give them everything and then forget what He had given; I'll take responsibility instead," then your position relative to becoming God's son or daughter will become better and better. That is why our final conclusion should be that we should live for the sake of others! Amen!

It is very simple. The most serious problem you must solve is yourself. Which is the master, your mind or your body? If your mind is the master, it will try to discipline your body. Your body wants to eat, sleep, drink and dance. That is a doomed way of life. That is precisely the way of life that is leading you to hell. You must cut off from that.

Whom do you love the most, your mother or your father? Your wife or your son? You should think about that again. Do you love your wife, your son, your mother or your father? I would like to talk to you today on the subject of homeland [literally fatherland], parents and eldest son. Does God have His own homeland? There are no parents in heaven, are there? Does God have His own eldest son? Can the Presbyterian Church be in the eldest-son position to God? Can the Methodist Church or Buddhists be so? None of them can.

Can we find our nation through the liberation of our homeland? Can we do so by unifying the Korean peninsula? There is no homeland. There are no true ancestors, no parents. North Koreans call Kim Il-sung their parent. What about the South? North Korea is better. At least they have the practice of absolutely obeying their father figure. They at least have the shadow of what things are supposed to be. However, they are heading in the opposite direction from God's way. They cannot go that way too long, however. They will all run into trouble in the end and turn off that road.

Why is the blessing so precious? Satan made his own lineage through people by opposing God. The blessing is really the first time in history for people to create a lineage on God's side. On God's side, people have received the blessing from God and inherited His lineage. Satan's lineage and God's lineage are 180 degrees different. Once people receive the blessing, they have to pack their bags and set out to reach the anti-satanic realm on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world.

If love in the satanic world through the satanic lineage is plus, love through the blessing is plus plus. Love in the satanic dominion cannot be a real plus. The blessing through God's lineage is a true and original plus. Do the two plusses attract or repel each other? They repel each other. They are opposites. Opposites!

Those who were blessed this time should be able to say to others in the battleground of this world, "You should do exactly what I do." You should be able to say to the world that its way and your way are 180 degrees different.

Even if you were a champion at getting drunk and womanizing, you should now be able to see all of your past pleasures as your real enemies. You should see cigarettes as your enemies. If you smoke again, cigarettes will stick to your hands. Your ancestors will come and punish you. If you drink, your tongue will become stiff. Are you still going to drink? Your stomach will be twisted. If you really knew God's love, there wouldn't be any space for you to think of anything from the satanic world. Satanic habits have nothing to do with God. One drink of alcohol will cause you problems. Do you understand? Smoking will cause you problems. Your teeth cry when you smoke. Knowing that, how can you smoke? How can you cheat on your spouse?

You should be totally opposite from people of this world. The ambassadors of this world are good at stealing all kinds of things in the name of the interests of their nations. Are you going to be thieves like them, too? What is the opposite of stealing? Being patriots, filial children, loyal servants, saints, and holy people. Jesus still loved his enemy, Rome, as he was dying. The original Christian belief is that we should love our enemies even if we have to sell off all of our possessions and even our own nation. If we cannot do these things we cannot regain possession of this world.

These days, I talk a lot about the establishment of kingship, the settlement of our nation, the settlement of God's kingship, Cheon Il Guk and the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity. So let's look at this. What have I done in this country that is so bad? Let's talk about it. If I really were to say what's in my heart, within ten minutes everyone would run away....

I absorb the curses of the world and go on. Even if I end up in prison, nothing bothers me. My life is one of serving God keeping the law of Heaven. The most important questions should be where God's homeland is, where parents and the elder son whom He can love are. If the elder or younger sons of God come, all of you are very likely to send them off to hell. Can anyone of you be sure that you will inherit the elder sonship, parentship and kingship of God? Those of you, who can say that, raise your hands. Let me tell you something: you should understand that you are good-for-nothings. The ambassadors of the heavenly nation should go in an exactly 180-degree opposite direction from society and still be able to impress the world. If you are real Ambassadors for Peace, you should be able to stop fighting and struggling. I can bring peace between Christians and Muslims; and between Israelis and Palestinians.

When I prayed today, I told God how sorry and ashamed I felt. I was supposed to create one world and one spirit world to offer God His kingship. But the situation did not permit this, and I had to let my son go to the spirit world. Now my son and I, father and son together, have begun a great mobilization to revive the physical and spirit worlds. When I think about that, how can I really face God? World! Religious people! Wake up! See what this miserable man, Rev. Moon, is going through to find God's nation, find God's world and find God His hometown. You must understand that God's sorrow is unbearably deep, for He has no nation of His own to light the sorrowful path His son is walking in the middle of the night, even with the realm of liberation in the spirit world and even after the coronation gave Him back His throne. You are the Ambassadors for Peace of the heavenly kingdom, the representatives who can liberate God from His sorrow.

You are emissaries [Korean: milsa -- a royal envoy sent out by the ancient kings of Korea to assess the state of the country]. You are milsa of the heavenly nation. You must be the milsa whom Rev. Moon, the Parent of Heaven and Earth, can share his heart with. All the saints in the spirit world do whatever is needed to carry out my commands. I can never tell them to take someone's life, though. I only tell them to save people. To do otherwise would be to shame the name of True Parents.

I have lived my eighty some years of my life with the determination that if I must die there would at least be a sign marking the place. I would leave behind my will as a father -- for people to follow my path. I am someone who can weep with abandon, more deeply than anyone else...

All I want is to fulfill God's desire once and for all. Who is our God, who has been holding His sorrow in His heart for thousands of years? He is not a king on the throne of a nation. He is your Father. The Father of each one of you!

God is the first generation. Adam and Eve before the fall were the second generation. God never had His third generation. So what is the blessing? It is to restore the lineage that was destroyed. The blessing was God's hope to see new buds growing on a new morning. God's true love, true life and true lineage are directly connected to it.

We lost the tradition of becoming filial children and patriots within the realm of God's third generation. As much as we are ashamed of ourselves, therefore, if we at least walk the path while doing our best in the effort to create a family of God, however far from the standard it may be, and if we at least try to dream that dream, we will not end up in hell. When God's will is realized, as it certainly will be, when the gate of the heavenly kingdom opens wide, you should know that you will be allowed to have the privilege of marching in the lead. Your position is that precious.

Whose nation is Cheon Il Guk? Before it is Rev. Moon's, it is God's nation. Before it is your nation, it is the nation of your Heavenly Father, your Parent, and your Teacher. God is your Parent, Teacher and King. We should all return everything that was lost through the fall back to God. We should pay God back what He lost plus interest. That was why the members of the Unification Church had to witness, investing their flesh and blood. I was suffocating in my heart to see our members working so hard while not being able to help them.

I have nothing. My hands are empty. This is undeniable. I do, though, have conviction. I have made Cheon Il Guk, where the settlement of God's kingship and God's fatherland, and the safe settlement of God's heavenly nation can come about. The nation has a name. Because it has the name of God [Cheon means "Heaven"], we must send off emissaries, who are needed for a heavenly mission. This workshop is to educate those emissaries. That is why, after having made special conditions at the dawn of 2002, I asked you to participate in this. I do not care if you are high-level government officials or not. History will remember those of you who have come here today. Was it a good decision to come here or not? [A good one.] I anointed the world's first Ambassadors for Peace. It is a new age. You are emissaries, emissaries with a mission.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have been a filial couple attending the True Parent [God] centering on His true love, true life and true lineage. They would have established the foundation for a family centered on God and, on behalf of God, they would have given birth to their descendants. These descendants would have been the substantial fruit of filial piety, patriotism and holiness on behalf of their parents, Adam and Eve. That way God would have claimed the realm of the third generation. That is the basic foundation of God's family, the beginning of His nation. Through their lineage, they could have created God's nation and God's world. This is very clear logic. This is not just imagination. This is not just a dream. Do you understand?

God is your Father. True Parents are your True Parents. God is really your Father. When you call God with all your heart and soul -- "Father!" -- you will hear a peal of thunder.

You must raise your descendants to be full of life, to have passion in their blood. And tell them: "Before I die, I will leave behind the tradition, which is officially approved by God and True Parents, of being a patriot, a saint and holy man or woman of God's nation." That is your duty as the parents of your children. Those of you who are determined to do so raise both of your hands high! [Amen!]

Let us pledge to save the nation and the world and put that conviction into practice. That is the way of God, the way of True Parents and the way of emissaries. I am truly grateful to all of you for coming here. You should remember that you are the participants of the very first meeting of emissaries at the beginning of 2002 and you should not do anything dishonorable. Do you understand? Those of you who understand what I have said please stand up. "According to Rev. Moon's wish, God's love, life and lineage are mine. They belong to our tribe. They belong to my people!" Those of you are really determined, raise both of your hands and make a pledge to God. God's eternal blessing and victory will always be with you.

[Originally published in Today's World, January/ February 2002]

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