Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

The Declaration Of "Jaju Guk"

Sun Myung Moon
January 26, 2002

At 9:21 in the morning of January 26th, in Kona, Hawaii, in the presence of many national messiahs and central leaders of the movement worldwide, True Parents declared "Jaju Guk" (Literally: The age of unilaterally guiding the victorious realm of the autonomous nation). Jaju also carries the meaning of "independent."
Father said "Now it is the time Heaven can do everything, but it depends on whether you can take action with determination or not. We cannot move a nation and the world without centering on Heaven and the spirit world. This is why the blessed families are important." Father's prayer (here translated from the transcription) touches on many points of the current providence.

Loving Father! Today is the 26th of January 2002! On this day, the spirit world knows well the will that You have pursued for many ages and many eras. Now, in accordance with Your desire, and with the connection of Your providence and victory, the spiritual plane and the material plane have become one mind, one will, one body, and centering on the complete arrival of Cheon Il Guk on the earthly plane, we have now come to an era when we can celebrate. Now, with the victorious supremacy of Heaven, we have arrived at the time of great transition when may You can move Heaven and manage affairs here on earth through the work of Your omnipresence, universality and complete authority.

I offer thanks, Father, to You, who has labored for so long. My wife and I -- our couple -- have taken responsibility for the goals of the providence and have borne the title of True Parents here on Earth. Despite that, I cannot help feeling sorry that we were unable to reach an even higher standard in attending You, the Heavenly Parent, as we walked the path of filial piety and loyalty, the path of sainthood and divine sonship and daughterhood.

Nevertheless, we have now arrived at an era of transformation in the providence, and centering on South Korea, we have completed the establishment of God's sovereignty, we have seen the arrival of God's homeland, we have seen the beginning of a world of peace that enables us to proclaim Cheon Il Guk, and we have seen the installation of Ambassadors for Peace who can govern and lead the world of peace. Here on earth we have declared Cheon Il Guk, which is capable of advancing towards the purpose that can harmonize the direction of all nations, and wherein all the people of the earth are embraced. I thank You, Father, that You led us to follow that goal and arrive at an age where we can proclaim the complete liberation of God's will for the sake of building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world.

Moreover, here in Hawaii, center of the Pacific Ocean, we declared the age of the Pacific region, and centered on this, returned the ocean to You, returned all land to You, and returned the Ideal of Creation to You. At the same time, all the things we have planned (centering on the foundation of declaring the return of all the content of Heaven's realm), all these things are making the providential and heavenly world of transition, and a new beginning, a new genesis. This is where we have arrived.

Here, today, the 26th, here at this time, in the flow of Your providence, God's ideal realm of Cheon Il Guk transcends all earthly nations. In the process of establishing the direction in which all aspects of Heaven's realm must come together and move, may all become one mind and one body. We are now in the age when Heaven can exercise all its strength in one mainstream direction.

Therefore, may all the earth follow that direction, from the individual to the family, to the clan, to the race, to the nation, to the created world with humankind at the center. Even unto all the symbolic world, may all things become one body, one thought, one heart, in a position responding to the spiritual world, and, in loving Heaven, perfect the path of filial children, the path of loyal patriots, the path of divine sons and daughters. Father, I thank You for Your grace in allowing us, on this day, to proclaim these things and greet this time of transition, when heaven and earth can transform into the world that brings God joy and establishes His sovereignty.

Among all the beings in the cosmos, from the tiniest microorganisms to all the beings You created in the spiritual realms, You liberated all the evil and all the good ancestors who walked the earth at one time -- You liberated them from the borderline of hell and paradise. Father, You desire to push down all the walls of the various nationalistic realms here on earth and, with that realm of liberation that allows a direct route to Heaven, desire to advance towards the world of sovereignty that Heaven can rule and guide with one heart, one body, one thought. Therefore, the True Parents, representing all the people of the earth, support You and, bringing together all the ancestors in the spirit world, we declare our support for these things. Therefore, I ask that You guide us closely, from a free and self-sufficient position, in this age which advances all the goals and directions You have purposed and administered.

Now, in Korea, we have proclaimed the establishment of God's Kingship and proclaimed the arrival of God's homeland. On that foundation, as we proclaim Cheon Il Guk, and proclaim all that content centering on Korea, Japan and America, together with the establishment of Ambassadors of Peace all across the globe, we advance and open the way to the thought and ideology of Cheon Il Guk.

Now, today, please become the Parent who can govern the entire universe from the position of King, the position that centers on the sovereignty representing the absolute authority and omnipotence of unity between heaven and earth.

Now, I earnestly ask You to be that King and to guide us. I thank You that this day could be a time when we proclaim these things and newly determine ourselves to advance towards the world of heavenly peace, both on earth and in the spiritual realms, following the way of Heaven, completing the way of filial children, the way of loyal patriots, the way of divine sons and daughters, with all things and all the created beings of the universe united together today as one united mind and body.

Representing all created beings, standing in the center where heaven and earth are united, and in the name of the True Parents, we declare, centering on this day, the advance from the age of the Pacific Ocean region towards the liberated sovereignty-establishing era that can connect both land and sea. We also declare all the things that support the Kingship of Heaven.

Please, Father, become now the center and take up the sovereignty of love, over and above the ideal of Creation, in which You take so much joy. Together with the realm of liberated heaven and earth-Your realm-become now the King of Kings, centering on Your sovereignty. Become now the Parent of all the world's people, and take Your position as the Parent who can rule and guide all the world and all the cosmos.

In the name of True Parents, I dedicate and proclaim that we will advance towards the family-centered Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spiritual realms. Therefore, Father, may You do as Your will desires.

In gratitude for all these things, I report all this to You. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Father's Words in the evening

Excerpts pertaining to the spiritual reality (From notes taken by Dr. Tyler Hendricks)

Centering on the four major saints, some 33 percent of the spirit world received the blessing at Madison Square Garden in 1998. Through that, the opposition against the Unification Church is gradually changing.

In seven years, we have to give the blessing to at least 33 percent of humanity... If you just live for your own family, you will go nowhere.

I spoke on Chusok, on September 12, 2000. The significance of that Chusok festival was the total liberation of our ancestors. Lucifer surrendered, but his followers are still waiting to attack us.

The meaning of the era of the fourth Adam is that there is immediate punishment for mistakes, and there will be no avoiding such punishment. Your destiny will depend upon the quality of your life. Until now, your ancestors have not helped you do God's will, but hampered and disturbed you. Now the liberated ancestors will have the freedom to come down and help you, as you are prepared. So, have courage and pride as blessed couples, and work to tear down boundaries between nations.

Descendants should put effort into liberating their ancestors -- 7, 21, up to 120 generations. If all people do that, we will liberate the entire spirit world back to Adam and Eve. If we don't offer liberation to our ancestors, the ones who are not liberated will be confused. The liberated ancestors watch over our life. If we do well they will help us, but if we don't they will make us sick or push us into a corner. Blessed couples are in a paradoxical position: the worst fate could befall them, but the greatest blessing is available to them.

Today I declared a new day: Jaju Guk. God was able to allow this. We have to get rid of our old habits that belong to the satanic world and start with the new, heavenly way -- that is the meaning of Jaju Guk. 

[Originally published in Today's World, January/ February 2002]

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