Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

True Father Expresses His Heart To The Ambassadors For Peace: Guidance And Benediction

Sun Myung Moon
February 19, 2002

Points Father made to the Ambassadors for Peace at the February 19, 2002 leaders meeting at Chung Pyung (editor's notes)

There is a crisis in our nation. It is time to go out and work. Don't come here if you want to relax. We are here for God's kingdom. Water with medicinal qualities comes from deep down. Likewise, we must start from the bottom. You cannot come here expecting to be comfortable.

I am not here to treat you well. The title "Ambassador for Peace" is not something to play with. It is a precious and valuable title, not to be taken lightly. You have to get rid of casual thinking.

Let me look at your faces. Look at me closely, so that if we meet on the street you will recognize me.

From the position of a parent and elder brother I am trying to raise you up so you don't go in the direction of destruction. Although you may say, "Rev. Moon is wonderful," you have opposed me.

I declared a nation. Without a country there can be no ambassadors. So do you want to be a special ambassador to serve the nation and to serve God? ... You think, "I came here as an ambassador, and we are treated like this!" We have to clean up everything. How can we win the hearts of the world's leaders?

With God and with heaven -- Cheon carries the meaning of two people. Therefore, if you intend to go forth centered on yourself you will perish.

You have to listen to the true words of Rev. Moon in order to solve the problems of the world. Are my words easy to listen to? You have to raise your standard of faith. You must come to know the Creator and the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Filial Children! The king of a family follows the king of a nation with absolute obedience and self-denial, offering up everything. This is the way of the filial child. A nation with the traditions of filial piety and obedience can help liberate the world. Nothing can stop such saints in the spirit world. If you have come to this church with a greedy heart you are in the wrong. I am preparing the way for everyone to go to the kingdom of heaven when I break down all the walls. There are 193 nations. How complicated the world is! A new nation must be built. Everything has to be cleared up. How complex this is! A salmon returns to its point of origin. Yet people do not know where they come from.

God could not hold a wedding ceremony for Adam and Eve. Satan did. Satan stole the children and turned the world back to front.

Mind and body must be united before you can deal with other things. A man must be able to control himself in the situation where a woman comes into his room naked, or he cannot be a son of God. Young people have to gain control of themselves.

You must marry into families from your enemy nation or you cannot go to heaven. A new nation can come about after those from enemy nations marry. As a True Parent I must make it possible for people to fulfill their responsibility. You, who are children of the devil, must make God your Father.

If you know something but do not act, your sin is greater.

I told Kim Il-sung that we must all follow Unification Thought.

Because of the existence of the spirit world I could do much. It was a starting base. Kings and heads of state have to be taught this. You have the potential to do more than I have done. So go before God and do so. That is my wish as founder and True Parent.

Only True Parents could do this -- bring saints and evil doers together and bless them. You must serve the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity. You must bring people to receive the blessing. I have invested so much in the Pure Love Movement.

Clan leaders, Ambassadors for Peace and church leaders are leaders of Headwing Thought. You must register into the Cheon Il Guk. You have to renounce sin. You cannot do things haphazardly.

The Moon family will not be given special favors. You have to be able to influence your tribe.

[To one lady who tried to attract Father's attention:] How can I listen to your individual concerns? If I did that, I'd have to listen to each person here!

[To one man who had done well in business:] If you have a business for yourself and your sons that is something anyone can do. You must undertake things for the sake of the world.

[To one woman:] You seem to have a lot of ambition. If you want to do something big in life, you must do it with God.

[Originally published in Today's World, January/ February 2002]

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