Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Speech To Leaders

Sun Myung Moon
February 19, 2002

At one of the longer leaders' meetings in recent years, Father spoke for some five hours in the morning and afternoon to the Ambassadors for Peace, returning in the early evening to address the assembled leaders of FFWPU and other providential organizations from Korea, Japan and other nations. Here, translated from the transcript of Father's words, are excerpts from the evening speech.

It is two thousand and what? [It's 2002.] This year should be the deciding point of victory or failure. In the autonomous nation's...what is it? [Victorious realm.] When you think about the victorious realm, we should think of it in terms of its stages, the first to the eighth stage... everything should exists in steps. We must hold the victorious realm; that way we can greet the age of liberation. When we see the age of liberation, all things will come to a conclusion.

The era of the providence of restoration through indemnity centering on myself is over. Now is the time to realize structural balance, centering on the law of Cheon Il Guk and centering on the Principle. Things will be different from the past. Because our family is the beginning foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven, I had to prepare the foundations centering on families. All the families created up until now, starting from the 36 to the 400 million couples have created a unified realm in heaven and the foundation for the establishment of kingship. Since we have established Cheon Il Guk, we should put that nation's administrative law into practice on earth. Have you all made the Cheon Il Guk ID card? Have the cards all been distributed? [Yes.] In the future, if the world accepts Cheon Il Guk, it will make all national boundaries disappear. With use of the Cheon Il Guk ID cards, the time when you won't need visas is here. Do you understand? One big family.

All the six continents will be divided as Korea is, for example: we have provinces, counties, districts, townships and villages. So, the six continents will each be divided in the same way that a nation is divided. Because we don't need national boundaries, we won't need visas.

You will stand as the masters of heaven and earth who can truly love and take care of them, who can inherit them. You will be liberated masters. That way, the lands belonging to you will have no national boundaries. We should make our work more interesting than eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eating is for us to realize God's will. If you don't find God's will interesting, you shouldn't eat food; you don't need to eat food. Such a time will come when you should not have boundaries in your mind. Kyeongsang province is different from Cholla province, but they are not different worlds. Every single part of your body is connected. The world is the expansion of your self. Just as a building has a front gate, a back gate, up, down, front, back, right and left. We must all find a way to live our lives equally meaningfully. We should be able to move around anywhere without visas. We do not need national boundaries.

Based on a liberated mindset we should be able to live such free lives. However, the satanic world is not yet sorted out. You are responsible for taking care of all the legal problems until now. Do you understand what I mean? Blessed families are independent. It means you have to repair all the violations against God's will. You should be able to take care of matters in your own areas on behalf of heavenly government, the national authority. Just as administrative departments and the upper and lower houses of Congress exist in the center of a nation, and just as counties and districts exist, the organization is all connected. A person who works in one department should be able to go anywhere and work together with anyone, as brothers and sisters do, as companions do. He shouldn't have any problem working, eating and living together with others in any season.

The most pressing problem is to unify language. Do you understand? What is the most serious problem? [Language.] So, what language do you have to speak? Chinese? You should be able to speak the language of love connected to True Parents; connected to first love, first life and first lineage. You should be able speak the language through which True Parents have left the foundation of love on earth. What it means is you should speak the language of True Parents. The language of True Parents, Korean, is a high-level language, linguistically speaking. In Korean, upper, middle and low levels of address are very clear.

[To non-Korean members:] Do you find Korean easy or difficult? [Difficult.] Is it easy for children to learn their mother and father's language? Have you heard children saying it's difficult to learn their language? You should learn the language naturally. Okay?

What I mean is that you have to speak as often as you can. If you don't use it, you can never learn the language. When children learn to speak they sometimes make whining noises and use special gestures. It's the beginning of speaking the language. You should not make faces. If you cannot speak it, you should do it with your hands. You can speak with your eyes, with your feet and even with your nose. Of course, you can also speak with your mouth!

The mother tongue is the language that you learn naturally without making any special effort. It is the language of your parents, connected to the first love, life and lineage. What is it? [The mother tongue.] What is the mother tongue? It is the language that your mother and father used originally in their own country.

We are trying to unify languages, but those who did not learn the mother tongue should go through some special training in the spirit world. You should be ashamed. In the spirit world, it takes only a week to work out other people's languages. You can communicate through your heart, so if you speak your own language then other people will understand you. Now on earth, True Parents have to use interpreters. It is a shameful thing to have to use interpreters. That's why you have to learn the language.

From now, within three years, I am going to unify the language at the events I attend. Do you understand? After five years, I will chase away the interpreters. I am serious when I say that people who do not speak the language will lose their positions. After five years, starting from the first day of this year, this will happen. So, within four years, you must all learn the language. You haven't learned it because you haven't tried. Are you going to learn it or not? [We'll learn it.]

How about you Europeans? You think you're good, but you will be miserable in the spirit world. You will have no place to go. You must learn the language. In the past I told you I wouldn't use interpreters, beginning in 1985. You miscreants! Are my words some passing beggar's, or those of someone who is clowning around? I'm not just speaking to you about a revelation. This is the law and constitution.

Was it a good thing for you to meet me or not? [A good thing.] What was so good about it? Show me what was so good about it. I can see many things that are bad. You haven't even learned Korean. How can you say it was good? If True Parents are Koreans, you should have learned Korean. Doesn't that make sense to you? ...

God is invisible. However, He was born. Do you think God passed through the stages of babyhood, of childhood, of being in His prime, of middle age, of engagement and of marriage? Did He or didn't He? He even went through the stage of marriage. The giving and receiving of love is realized through oneness.

God made Himself stand in perfect balance so that He would not scatter all over the place. Then, He created Adam and Eve. Just as mothers carry their babies in their bellies for nine months, God also carried them in His belly and gave birth to them. Don't you think that makes sense? Without a cause, there cannot be any result. If God had not thought out and planned everything related to having Adam and Eve, you could say that he was out of his mind.

I think Satan is very smart. He knows how to send people off to hell with money and all the rest. You are so hopeless, even when you are put into situations that make you go in and out of hell thousands of times. Satan even locked God up as his prisoner for thousands of years and has been assuming God's role for so long. He must be the king of wisdom. Do you understand?

So who is the Heavenly Father? We must find God first. We must have the True God with us. Because Adam and Eve didn't know God, they fell. Could they have fallen if they had known God? Internal nature and external form exist for each other.

Internal nature exists for external form. External form exists for internal nature. There is no concept of self-centeredness. Everything exists for others. That is the only concept that should have existed in this world. No one should have the idea of misusing others for a self-centered purpose. Because living for others is the way to monopolize God's deep love, everyone willing to live for the sake of others should be busy running around in this world. Because of the self-centered motivation, though, our ancestors deviated from that path.

What is the fall? It is disregarding the order of the creation due to self-centered motivation. The fall happened because people became aware of their own self-centered ideas. Yoo Chong-gwan! Do you know about consciousness? [Consciousness?] The consciousness of your being the center of the universe, that sort of a thing. [Yes, there is such an inner characteristic in human nature.] (laughter) I don't know such complicated phrases such as "inner characteristic." You know what I want to say, right? [Yes.] Everyone has such a mind originally; you want even God to listen to you. You want me to listen to you, too. You want kings and the entire world to listen to you. You have that kind of mind. This type of awareness originated with the fallen ancestors. Those who think this way are bound to go to hell. Hell. Those who listen to and follow their own self-centered awareness are thieves.

If I address Kwak Chung-hwan very respectfully as Rev. Kwak Chung-hwan, wouldn't he be happy? How about Yoo Chong-gwan? If I honor you by calling you Rev. Yoo Chong-gwan, would you feel happy? [I would feel terrible!] (laughter) How terrible would you feel? You all have the mind of a thief. If I have gold, silver and treasure, you all want to have them in your pocket, don't you? Centering on the standard of the ideal of creation, there cannot be any kind of self-centered concept. Those who harbor them are bound to go to hell. What do you say to that?

You think you're much better than me? [No!] How heavy are the burdens of the fall you are carrying in the house of God? After having solved the problems on the individual, family, tribe, nation and world levels, haven't I established God's kingship? Did I do well or not? [You did well.] I'm sorry that I did it first. You should have been the first to do it.

Don't you Japanese wonder how long a new Korean leader is going to last when he comes to your area? You think that he came to abuse you for the sake of Korea. Do you think like that or not? Oyamada! You've thought like that before, right? [No, I haven't.]

Before this education, you thought of yourselves as Japanese and Korean leaders as Koreans. Did you or didn't you? Mr. Yoo? Do you like Japanese or not? [I like them.] You like them because you have no choice. (laughter) If you don't like them, there is no way you can be God's son. That's why you like them.

You should not think of yourselves as Japanese. You are Koreans who happened to have been born in Japan. You should have the heart to appreciate the Korean language, water and air, and want to live in Korea. You should want to breathe Korean air in Japan, if you could, by connecting pipes between Korea and Japan. But you don't have such a heart.

Should I continue to get Japanese people to work or not? Should I or shouldn't I from now on? If I don't get you to work for the providence, your nation would be at risk. That is why you, Japanese members, should learn the Korean language and history. Only if you are welcomed by Koreans are you able to connect to me. You should change in accordance with original human nature. That's how you can be engrafted with me. Do you understand or not? Do you know about engrafting? Flowers bloom only three or four years after the engrafting process. You should go through the process of engrafting. No matter how great you are, you are still false olive trees. Do you know about false olive trees? They can only feed magpies or beggars who have nothing to eat. Nobody can really eat them. They are only edible after having been engrafted...

Pak Jong-ae, do you like me? [Yes.] Do you like your husband? Which one do you like more? [I like you more, Father.] You simpleton! After you marry, you leave your father and mother and love your husband more. That is the Principle. So the parents' heart is that they want their daughters to love their husbands more than their parents once they are married.

Western people should like Koreans and Japanese and serve True Parents. If Japanese and Americans do not become second Koreans, they cannot go to heaven. Do you understand? [Yes.] Oyamada, are you a Korean from Japan? [Yes, I am.] I know Japan so well. Much better than you do. Even before you were born, I lived in Japan. I know very well that it is hard for Japanese to like Koreans or to intermarry with them.

Cain and Abel should be united. They should be like twins. Western people should learn the language of their mother and father. And you [Koreans] should learn a Western language, to love your sons and daughters. In order to teach them, you should learn their language.

What is the first direction? Ambassadors for Peace, national leaders and who? The tribal leaders -- the re-blessing of the tribal leaders. So, who is going to bless them? You should. You should teach them and renew them, otherwise heavenly fortune will not come to you. Do you understand? That's the direction. It's no use for you to go abroad to be missionaries. You should all go back to your hometowns. You should reorganize the family standard, the standard I have established starting from the 36, 72, 120, 430, 777, 1800, 2000 couples...and so forth up to the 400 million couples. If you work from that standard, we can realize the unification of Korea in less than a month. I told people in North Korea that blood was thicker than water.

Democracy cannot change blood lineage. Blood lineage is blood lineage. You should cut off the fallen blood lineage and connect it to the true blood lineage. In that way, we can have a new blood lineage. You can never do that with money, knowledge or some kind of political power. Am I right or not? Am I right or not? [You are right.] Thousands or tens of thousands of years may pass, but the earth does not change. That parents should love their children, husbands should love their wives and wives should love their husbands are absolute principles. That does not change. Cheating on spouses can never be permitted. If you are going to cheat on your spouse, it would be better to first cause your own father and mother to divorce! Is there anyone who wants to have divorced parents? A woman that is unwilling to die for her man is foolish and has failed to truly love. And a man who is unwilling to die for his wife and children and won't live that kind of life is also foolish. They cannot go through the gate to the heavenly world. Do you understand? How do boundaries arise? To go through them, you must do what I've told you.

So, then you must build embassies for the Ambassadors for Peace. The peace embassies will be in the position of a mother helping the nation. They will be responsible for educating young children. Having a tradition of keeping chastity before marriage should absolutely be your standard. You should be an example.

England, America and France have been enemies to one another. There should be marriages between people from countries that have been enemies. Parents should respect children from a country that is an enemy of their country more than their own children, have their children marry them and bless them to have better lives than they ever did. Then a third nation, the heavenly nation, is born. At that point, the two enemies disappear. Do you understand?

Which nations have been Japan's enemies? Korea and which else? China. What others? Russia. And? America. If, in order to fulfill its responsibility as the mother nation to take care of those four nations, Japan disappears, they will be one. Japan could turn into the nation that gives birth to the heavenly nation. After ten, twenty or thirty years, even if Japan no longer exists, the flag of the mother country of Japan will soar in heaven and on earth. People will be indebted to you through receiving education.

Two different worlds cannot continue to exist simultaneously. Leaves that cannot help fruit to grow will have to fall off and will end up rotting and becoming fertilizer. Do you understand?

All the people who have opposed the Unification Church could have helped us gather fruit at harvest time, but they all fell apart along the way. They will lose power gradually. When the sun goes down, American, Russian and Chinese ideas and ideologies will face the darkness of night. At that point, it will be dawn for the Unification Church. Because morning is coming, I can talk this way to you. How long is morning? If you divide a day into four parts, morning lasts about eight hours. And soon the morning becomes lunchtime. So, we are busy.

Do we need the embassies? Through the embassies, we can educate sons and daughters, husbands and wives. You must never, ever fall. Absolutely not. You are the representatives that must save the nation on behalf of God. You must expand your foundation. You must mobilize all your ancestors at the same time and push them. The nation will peel its own skin off as snakes do, five times a year. A cobra peels its skin off five times a year. It does it from the top of its head. It has to work seriously to entirely peel its skin off. First, it develops holes and peels the skin from its head and then passes through stones that grab the dead skin and peel it off backwards. It almost has to die to live a new life. I think it is better off than we are. I think of how wonderful it would be if a man could restore himself that way.

Do you want to learn such a thing or not? I am asking a question! [We should learn it.] Why don't you answer? Does that mean you do not want to learn it because it is too hard? Do you have to do it even if it is hard to learn? [We should do it.] Even if your heads were cut off, you would still have to learn. If you were snakes, you should be determined to keep your own eggs alive in your bellies to complete the work at your death. We need our offspring. Do you understand? What are offspring? You must have children. If a father and mother have five or six children, no one can cut off that lineage. You should create a lineage that is something like an unbreakable rope. If you think of the world as a one big ship, you should create guy ropes that cannot be broken even in heavy storms. You should be unbreakable ropes. Say it. [We should be unbreakable ropes.]

Do you know anchors? Their ropes must not break during storms. This is the idea of the Unification Church. The Unification Church Principle is the king of ropes. It is like a wire cable and should not break. Didn't the world want to cut me off? But they could not. So the satanic world ended up being in such a mess. Now the world has no choice but to give in. The top of the satanic world has already surrendered to me. Now we can purge away all the followers of Satan at one fell swoop.

From now, I am going to be a frightening figure. Should I slow down or should I speed up? Should we take ten years, or should we take ten months? Should we take ten months, or should we take ten days? God wants to be done with it in ten hours. I have such a mind-set. Not even ten days but ten hours. Wars, life and death can all be decided in ten hours. I am busy. You do not have to report anything to me now. You should find the nation. Do you understand?

Do we need the embassies or not? [We need them.] If you were to sell off the land of Japan to build the world embassy in Japan, Japan would disappear. At harvest time, you will bear a thousand or ten thousand times greater fruit. Japan will not perish. A mother that sacrifices everything for her children, even if she has to dig for food from trash cans, will have children that can grow up to be judges or public prosecutors. Just like that, if a nation makes a national-level sacrifice, the descendants will grow up to be leaders with the authority of a liberator. Amen.

Promise to realize the liberation of our homeland. You should ask me to trust you to fulfill your mission.

If you are asked to sacrifice being with your wives and children in order to save the nation, are you willing? [We are.] Look straight at God when you say that. Will you or will you not? [We will.] Who will build the peace embassies? Who? The mother should. The father does not have a role. The father should bring the seed of true love and true life in the Last Days. He should bring life. The only thing the mother needs is the seed. Do you understand? The Eve nation, England, received the blessing of the Christian cultural realm and the free world, but that blessing went to Japan forty years ago.

If Japan does not fulfill her responsibility as the mother nation -- and this should not come about -- it will be very serious. If they do fulfill their responsibility they will create a road along which to lead the world forever. If they fail to fulfill their mission, however, they will create a hole full of lasting bitter feelings. In order for their children to get out of that hole of bitterness, they should be willing to suffer even more than God has. They will never get out unless they build a foundation of being grateful for the tradition of True Parents and the ideals of the religious sphere. This is despite having to go through persecution as severe as that which Christians had to go through for four hundred suffering years in Rome. They should try to save the fallen world even more than God does. Otherwise, they will have no chance to get out of the hole. Members from Japan, do you understand?

Knowing this fact, you should not hesitate. You should not save yourselves. Do you understand? You are in your forties. Aren't you all in your forties? Those who are over fifty, raise your hands. You should preserve justice in the land of Japan. That way, Japan will resurrect. You should first love mothers. Mothers and children should unite together to love fathers. Through the unity of the entire family, Japan should offer herself to God. And you should make the Total Living Offering. In that way Japan can be resurrected and live eternally. That is the Principle viewpoint. Do you follow?

You should be that strongly determined, even if you have to be the captain of beggars. If you have to do ten or a hundred times more humble work, you should be willing to do so. The time has come. If I decide to go, God prepares everything. Do you really believe it is the age of kingship? None of you did. Have you generated some results from your faith or not? I alone created the tradition. No one believed in Cheon Il Guk. I worked for this myself.

These days, heads of nations and heads of political parties are agreeing with what I say. Any nation going against the traditional road of filial and patriotic people will perish. You will have to look at people right in the face. You should educate people fairly and squarely about the way of filial piety and patriotism. Those of you understand raise your hands. You've sworn that you understand...

It is time for us to be practical. I have raised you to be parents and now you are responsible to be grandparents who can raise grandchildren. I will invest the last penny I have for your sons and daughters to live good lives.

You should go back to your hometowns, have tribal meetings and do whatever needs doing. That is what I really want to tell you. I have put you through difficult courses several times in order for you to perfect yourselves in the heavenly nation, but you should not stop now. I will have to ask you to endure more suffering before I can say that you are free. You should at least offer some conditions, even if you have to do so many hundreds of times. There is no other way. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes.]...

And next, I will hold a national fishing and hunting competition, not twice a year but four times a year, every season. Those who cannot fish or shoot a gun will feel left out! And you should learn fishing and hunting to feed people starving in cities. Cities always have rivers nearby, and animals also live near water.

Do you have boats? I instructed that each country have four boats. If that is not enough, you should buy your own boats in addition. There is no excuse. If more than one hundred members in a country have their own houses, they should have two boats, as I explained at the Cheju-do workshop. Did I tell you or not? [You did.] So, in each nation, throughout the four seasons, by holding fishing competitions, we should feed those who are starving. With one boat we can fish to feed several hundred or thousands of people. Those people in Afghanistan who have no food and those in utter poverty in South America are all your brothers and sisters. They are God's children. As elder brothers, you should save them from death. That's how you can qualify to be heavenly, blessed elder brothers. If you cannot do that, you should put yourself in the trashcan. Do you understand or not? [We do.]...

Even if I wear suits, I don't usually wear ties. At home, I always walk around barefooted. I make conditions to save the world, especially the poor and starving people. I don't desire to decorate my body. I don't intend my wife to live luxuriously, putting oils on her body and so on. I have never lived like that. I use skin lotion that Mother no longer uses. I always save things. If two hundred people on this earth were to take care of one person, then twenty million people could be saved. If you can do it, you can call yourselves brothers and sisters. You must reverse your lifestyle of wasting things. And change your life that has not followed my tradition. You should save up money every year for more than forty years and after that you should sell off your land or house for the sake of other people....

Based on your substantial record of how many couples you bless, hundreds or thousands of couples, you should make a videotape record. That will be your reward to keep in your family generation after generation. That will be the sign of your privilege in the heavenly nation. I'll give you special heavenly benefits without any hesitation. If you overcome the obstacles, I will want to give you an award. Should I settle down or not? [Please settle down.] Those of you, who do not want to settle down, raise your hands.

You should be serious about achieving things this year. You cannot sleep comfortably, you should save time and save sleep. You should think of yourselves as champions mobilizing soldiers out to the world as the royal people of the heavenly nation, and as warriors establishing a nation. Do you understand? [Yes.] Have you all raised your hands to participate in that providence? [Yes.] I'll trust you and prepare things accordingly. As time goes by, I think of better ideas. That's my worst habit....

And when would be the next blessing ceremony for pure, young people? Did you know there was a Pure Love College in Sun Moon University? Do people from the West know about pure love? Do you want to give birth to and raise children of pure love, Kim Bong-tae? [Yes.] You are responsible for the Pure Love campaigns, right? [Yes.] We have created a pure love tribe that extends worldwide. The time has come. The Pure Love Federation for World Peace...I am preparing for this time and era.

Unification Church members should keep the tradition of pure love. Should you or shouldn't you? [Yes we should.] You should think of leaving a lineage of purity for thousands and tens of thousands of generations, thousands of years and tens of thousands of years. You must think of how glorious and honorable your descendants will be. Your children should not be like dogs. Are you going to participate in the blessing ceremony for pure people? Even if you don't want to participate, you will be involved somehow. Those of you who do not have any achievements will be left out.

And next is the realm of sa [priest] doo [head]. We must complete the twelve branches of the sadoo realm. What does it mean? Jesus had twelve apostles; I have one hundred and eighty sadoo families. All the blessed families I blessed starting from the 36, 72, 120, 430, 777, 1800, 2000...30,000, 360,000 up to the 400 million couples... If all of these couples get together to liberate their tribes, we can liberate the world in an instant. So, the time has come to recover the nations and the world. Are you going to just be following, or are you going to be in the lead?

Jacob's twelve tribes, Moses' twelve tribes and Jesus' twelve apostles and my what? My twelve sadoo. Centering on "headism," we should digest the left and create one world religious realm. You must understand that you are the unification warriors that are responsible for organizing the liberation of the people and building the heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven. Do you understand what I mean? You must complete the organizing of the twelve sadoo realms. If you are determined to have twelve couples in one sadoo realm, we can all finish our work in one year. If everyone restores his or her spouse, children, grandchildren, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, all together, one nation can be restored in one instant.

You think things are difficult. That's why they are difficult. If you think things are simple, then they are simple. It is true; you can digest a nation in an instant if you can organize your tribes based on the blessing foundation I have built. It is an inter-religious and international era, there is nothing you should be concerned or hesitant about. You have already inherited the conditions.

He who is willing to lose his life... [shall gain it.] He who wants to gain his life... [shall lose it.] Those who want to live comfortable lives will perish. It is upside down. I'm telling you what I know as a fact, so you should put it into practice. You should be the leaders and sadoo. Amen. [Amen]

What haven't I dealt with, yet? I haven't talked about soccer. All the young people in the Unification Church should create soccer teams. The CENE team came to the Cultural Festival and won the soccer competition. Is it true or not? [It's true.] Really? [Yes.] Yoo Chong-kwan says it's true. So, maybe I should believe it! At least three people from one hundred and eighty nations each should go through training and learn from the CENE team. So, you should create a young soccer team, students from all over the world and have them trained to be famous worldwide.

Now, what time is it? Have you eaten your super or not? [We haven't.] Are you going to eat your supper or not? You don't have to. From all that I have given to you today, the most important thing is to organize Ambassadors for Peace and tribal leaders. Unification Church members should fulfill your responsibility so that we can offer the liberation of people in front of peoples, nations and Heaven. So, I hope that you can confidently put into practice what you know. Do you understand? [Yes.] You have made resolutions many times. You should be victorious people who are not ashamed of your own resolutions. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes.] We have to hold many events. So, I have mentioned many ways to have events, and we should actually put them into practice so that the national representatives of the six continents will actually go out and witness.

Now, let's finish the meeting. I need to rest a little. Now, you should all eat something. I should go now, but I might not have time to eat...

[Originally published in Today's World March 2002]

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