Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Gods Day 2002 Midnight Address

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2002 Midnight
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center
Translators: Mrs. Soon Ja Park/Richardson, Mrs. Naoko Brazil
Notes by Carlton Johnson
Midnight Prayer

(Rough notes; interpretation of an interpretation Let us learn Korean)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Now we are entering into 2002 and leaving 2001; Liberated Parents and Children, centered on that absolute, eternal, unchanging will of God that we wish to be established. Wishing to begin the second year in the second Millennium, with the Parents of Heaven and Earth in the freedom and happiness of the settlement of Chun-il Kuk, towards the completion of the sovereign nation of God... Towards that ideal, to attend God through the settlement of Chun-il Kuk, I have proclaimed this nation to go on forever, generation after generation, for 10,000 years.

Heavenly Father... the providence of restoration had to go through such an indemnity course of cleaning up ancestors. But although mankind has perpetrated such a tragedy, we have gone the course of returning from Satan's dominion to God's dominion. Eight stages, from individual, family, society, nation, world... and so on... such a miserable course. Victorious in finishing, we are able to accomplish Chun-il Kuk.

Father... we are so grateful that You allowed us this Chun-il Kuk; You allowed us to accomplish it. We are so grateful for this nation, the settlement of one nation, world, and cosmos... to enjoy eternal happiness. We are eternally grateful.

We are going beyond... the way of faith, beyond the way of saints and sages. We want to perfect this way, and fulfill the way of loyalty of Blessed Couples in the spiritual world and on the earth, as one. Starting to attend God with all our heart, we want to establish a new tradition of one great family in the world and cosmos.

With Filial Piety and Loyalty of Heart, we want to go forward into this new year. With the support of spiritual world, blessed couples of Heaven and of Earth, descendants, teaching: surely we are able to go forward to the Kingdom of Heaven; God may come into our daily lives, and be subject over our families. Being guided in this way, we are able to have the Chun-il Kuk nation.

We pray in the names of True Parents, Amen.

Father then wrote the Caligraphy for 2002...

Roughly translated on the spot as: The Ideal of the Heaven and Earth Parents is safely [established]... the settlement of the Peace, Freedom, and Happiness of Chun-il Kuk, for 10,000 years (Mansei).

Father then went on to explain:

The Chinese Character "Chun" has the meaning of 2 persons, one horizontal above the a horizontal line, and one below the horizontal line, signifying Heaven and Earth Unity.

"Il" is "one."

Without True Love, the absolute, eternal will of God will never be accomplished. For Peace and Unification to be accomplished "Chun" must be subject, central. "Chun" also has two horizontal lines. Two horizontal lines are parallel, never crossing, conflicting. They represent Husband and Wife; Brother and Sister; Subject and Object... True Love must be the center... Parents and Children; Family and Tribe; Tribe and Nation; Nation and World; on up to Cosmos and God. The unified nation should never have conflict. It should be united. But conflict entered on all levels. In "Chun" two persons become horizontal and parallel.

The Ideal of Heaven and Earth is the ideal of freedom and peace. All things are not still, but come into movement... happiness... Chun-il Kuk, settlement. Going towards the goal is inferred by Chun Jak. An Jak refers to afterwards, having settled.

In last year's motto, all levels united--three generations. God is the first, True Parents represent the second generation. Perfected Adam and Eve must come and restore the third generation, which had been taken away by Satan. The third generation must be found and restored. The three generations must become one through True Love and True Life. Centering on True Love, True Life, and True Lineage, the children are connecting, "uniting as one body." In order to retrieve this third generation, the Blessing was established, multiplied...

The third family, the third generation, finally was able to settle on the earth... These are the Central Blessed Families... Adam, Jesus, True Parents, and the Central Blessed Families together represent Heaven and Earth. Mind and Body united establish "me".

Absolute Faith, Love, and Obedience, with God at the center... this establishes Chun-il Kuk. Me, we... must be centered on God and True Love, with Mind and Body united. Parents united with Children; parents and children must unite, too.

This is the model of God's Ideal of Creation. The model cannot omit any of the family members. Everything, every position together is necessary, towards the settlement. Look at all things... everything exists in the pair system. Centered on me, plus and minus become one. Without this harmony of dual characteristics we cannot fulfill the absolute standard.

Within God, all these elements are united, all races and nations. In this way Chun-il Kuk will be perfected. When you wake up in the morning and wash your face, looking in the mirror, you expect to see all the elements of your face become one. What if your eyes went this way and your lip went that way!

What then is the meaning of the "Total Life Offering?" It must be restored from the fallen world. We have no ownership. Because of the fall, the fallen world in the realm of non-ownership. Sovereignty must come under God. You, then, have to offer the nation to God, through the Total Life Offering. Then settlement and inherited ownership will be complete, then everything will become united throughout the eight stages of development; from individual, to family, through nation, world, and cosmos.

All that was lost must be restored, everything is then clear. There is no shadow. No trace of Satan. We are then standing completely in God's ownership. In so establishing the family in peace, through eight stages, we become an object that is fulfilled, we become a subject offered up to God. Otherwise, we have nothing to be proud of; for all nations, to date, were established by fallen Adam and Eve. As such, all people in the fallen world are enemies of God... stubborn, stiff-necked.

As the third generation, you should deny everything, every situation, offer everything up to God. Offer True Love, True Life, True Lineage. That is when ownership begins. God does not want to see anything that is not absolute.

Before the Blessing, to whom did your eyes and face belong? Everything belonged to Satan.

All were directly descendent of Satan, so we have to deny it all. Deny what you want to see, touch, and feel. Do you think about this? Have you ever dreamed about this?

Chun-il Kuk is a nation of freedom, with no enemies; with True Love and no enemies.

Peaceful. Nothing is "not happy"... In peace you dine and lunch with God. Is your family that way? Freedom, Peace, and Happiness... totally. Those who want to become the center of fights will be hit by lightening.

Do your want to become a congressman (to one Korean elder)? What we want is a place that knows no fighting. Freedom, Peace, and Happiness fills the Chun-il Kuk family. As one family, 1000 families can all settle.

Wherever God goes, He is True. Whatever you say centered on True Love, then Satan or evil cannot enter. No shadow is there, just like 12 noon. Therefore, invest and forget that you have invested. That kind of nature can have and embrace the cosmos. That kind of nation can have God. Those who want to live that way raise your hands.

Until when shall the unified Fatherland be established? 2004...

Then build Chun-il Kuk through Total Life Offering...

The Washington Times and UPI together will become King of the Media. If you only move a little then nations go flying! From now on we go head-on. Centered on Congresses and Parliaments, we have ambassadors of peace. We have opened all the doors and all the gates.

I hope all of you will become brave warriors.

With Sovereignty and Land prepared, you can visit Congress and Presidents and tell them to listen. Ruling and opposition parties do not need to fight. We need people with guts who can say, "Follow me." Raise your hands if you have that kind of dignity and confidence.

Father's prayer (My notes are not clear but, I believe this prayer was offered here.)

Chun-Ji Pumo wa...

Thinking about Chun-il Kuk, God's homeland to be settled down, Kingship centered on God...

God's son...

We are able to register, centered on the new, ideal nation, beyond national concepts, to one world. All of the spiritual World and ancestors hope for this... All Blessed Couples can say, "This is My God, My world."

Link eternal love, centered on this determination, beyond the saints and sages highest standard of filial piety... with Freedom, Happiness, and Peace... with the Dignity of the liberated Central Blessed Families, on this foundation of Kingship, of True Family, towards the goal of the world dominated by the Law of Heaven, under the Kingship of Love.

In the example of True Parents heart of offering, I proclaim this victory of the peace, freedom, and happiness of the cosmos. Please receive this glorious, victorious realm of unification.

In True Parents name.

(My humble apologies for the inadequacy of my notes and attentiveness, and for all improprieties that may have been committed in my efforts to convey so momentous a message through these several compromising channels--Carlton Johnson)

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