Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Hook Dok Hae, January 26, 2002

Sun Myung Moon
The evening of January 26, 2002
Kona, Hawaii
Rough and Unofficial Notes from Hoon Dok Hae translation by Rev. Peter Kim; Notes by Tyler Hendricks

Reverend Moonís Thought for a World of Peace

Hoon Dok Hae: "Era of the Fourth Adam: Era of Freedom and Autonomy," a speech given Sept 26, 2000

This is the transitional point in human history, the 20th and 21st centuries. There were no True Parents during Old Testament and New Testament eras. Now is the era to register. The three generations lost in the fall of Adam and Eve must be restored. Because of the fall, people lost the sense of knowing God and spirit world. We have to restore that. Now people on earth are receiving the blessing from True Parents, and in spirit world from Heung Jin Nim. So the number of blessed families is increasing both in heaven and on earth. Also, Heung Jin Nim will descend to the physical world to work together with me to restore humanity.

Because of the fall, elder son ship was lost and we have to restore it. If you do not restore the proper order between father and son, and elder and younger sons, when you go to spirit world, you lose the position of father (to son) or elder son (to younger son). So the order has to be restored on earth. I am bequeathing this power and authority to Heung Jin Nim when he comes down to the physical world.

So if blessed couples set the order straight, of father/son and elder/younger, in the physical world, the True Parents donít have to give the blessing, but instead blessed central family parents can give the blessing themselves. In that way the unified family will appear, as a true family. So if your blessed family registers as heavenly citizens for three generations together, then you will be qualified to inherit the kingship of three generations. You cannot ask for forgiveness in True Parentsí name; you have to restore your ancestors. Then your lineage will be restored and forgiven. That is why I have warned you not to deviate any more.

Ultimately, the children unite with the mother and through her to the father. That way the family can be united and go before God. As Korean blessed couples, you have to restore your family and ancestors and work together to secure the re-unification of Korea. This is a new marching order. As heavenly soldiers we have to keep marching forward, one step at a time. That way you can be proud of your blessed family.

If you all work for that goal, you will become the princes and princesses of God in the physical world and spirit world. Along with Heung Jin Nimís victory, I declared that all blessed couples will fulfill their responsibility as children of filial piety, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters.

What is the meaning of registration? There were no registered, united families. Good people were separated and divided. But now, centering on true love, the brothers and sisters, husband and wife and parents and children can be united, and the family can be registered as one unit. In the view of Divine Principle, whoever is born in the secular world is doomed to hell. Only through this blessing can they be saved. The realm of Godís life, love and lineage should be bequeathed as the realm of blessing.

How can we register? Originally, it should take place at birth, as one receives a birth certificate. Because you are registered as American citizens at birth, you remain citizens forever. Similarly, if you are registered at birth in the Kingdom of Heaven, you will remain there forever. But we have not been able to do that because we do not have sovereignty.

The land represents your house, the king represents the parents. The land, people and sovereignty have to be in order. The royal family realm has to be developed. It is the royal family, the kingís family. On our own, as a blessed couple, we should be able to create these realms and on that foundation we should be able to receive True Parents as king and queen. We should have a heavenly family, tribe, people and nation. That is the foundation upon which we should register ourselves. Because of the fall, there is blockage and destruction of this, so we had to begin from the beginning.

We have to be able to reach people beyond race, nation and religion. If we create such a worldview, then the Kingdom of God will emerge. Centering on True Parents, if we register ourselves, we take the position of ancestors of our lineage. That is why we need the registration process. We need at least 180 spiritual children couples who will belong to our lineage upon registration. There will be a competition to see who registers first. This registration is so precious that you cannot trade it for anything else. Registration takes three generations: you, your children and your grandchildren.

Upon registration, we also have to offer everything, which is the total sacrificial offering. Then God will return the things you need. Suppose you have 12 spiritual children, all of whom are Tribal Messiahs. Then you can do everything. We do not have a nation, so we cannot register our children properly. We have no sovereignty and no settlement. We have blessed children but no sovereignty, so they cannot claim themselves as Godís citizens. The best nation is Godís nation, with Godís sovereignty. It is the most precious nation. No one has claimed to establish such a nation, or even such a tribe. It all belongs to Satan. Only through religions has God been doing restoration work.

Once you secure Godís sovereignty, the era of registration begins. Upon registration, there will be relocation of all the blessed members. So it involves several steps. You should be able to govern your family, clan and tribe as a registered blessed family. Just as the blessing takes several steps: church, national, world and so forth. Even if you cheat by claiming that you received the blessing, when you go to spirit world, everything will be clear. Without going through the proper steps, you cannot claim to be a registered blessed couple. The permanent record should be inscribed in the registry of the heavenly sovereignty.

There are 160 nations, so each blessed couple should restore at least 160 families. Once this sovereignty is established, the heavenly constitution can be restored. These 160 families represent the culture of heart. But since Adam and Eve, this registry has not existed.

What is the meaning of registration? The realms of elder son, parents and kingship have to be restored at the time of registration. The first level of blessing, the church level, is colorful (?), but the national level is more strict, family level.! God could not secure the ownership of the eight stages, but now through the blessing we have to secure the eight stages of love. Everything is confused in this world, with national boundaries, racial and family boundaries; we have to be able to straighten them out and be able to claim that we are in line with Godís dispensation. Then we can be considered true families, true tribes and so forth.

I already unified hell and paradise. If you want to fulfill your responsibility as a registered family, you have to be mobilized and follow the direction from True Parents. This is the time to re-unite Israel and Judah. At the time of Rome, if they had been united, the world could have been united.

Our body is the extension of the stained flesh of 6,000 years. Our ancestors in spirit world are ahead of us. Three stages of blessing -- church, national and world. We have to prepare ourselves to be qualified to receive the blessing. I saw almost no one who was qualified, but I had to give the blessing as a condition because the time was ripe.

At Jacobís time, Leah and Rachel should have united. In the Fourth Adamís era, we have to restore that relationship. Until we secure Godís sovereignty, True Parents cannot help us directly. We have to fulfill our responsibility, even through indemnity. The church level blessing is a halfway blessing, it is being cut off of the wild olive tree and engrafted into the true blessing. But then you have to survive on the new tree and bear fruit. The fruit is your spiritual children, 160 families.

Benjamin and Joseph represent Israel and Judah, north and south. Where did you register? Upon the name of True Parents, you registered yourself. I am doing this dispensation in relationship with the United Nations. The entire planet earth is the beginning point of registration.

The registered family has to maintain pure lineage, unity of mind and body, practicing true love life for your children; carry out the exchange marriage; restoring the fatherland. This is life without any shadow -- the straight life. We have to create ideal families upon registration. We should be able to represent families belonging to the fourth Adam. This is the era of the liberation of the Adamic era. With Godís help, True Parents accomplished this goal, but my way is that I figure it out before God asks me to do it, and then receive Godís appreciation. This brings Godís liberation.

By drinking holy wine, we purify the children who are to be born. Once we reach perfection on earth, naturally this level of perfection transfer to the spirit world upon our ascension. There is no indemnity in the fourth Adam era. The Adams failed in the Old Testament and New Testament era. In the Fourth Adamís realm there is no indemnity. Unfallen parents produce unstained, true children, who can form true families with true parents. As this multiplies, the world will be filled with true families. Our responsibility is to return the entire world, earth, back to God. To do that, we have to separate Satan completely.

Upon the 360 million couples blessing, I declared to the world that the time has come and blessed parents can give the blessing to their children, as Adam. In the 3rd Adamís era there is indemnity, but in the Fourth Adamís era there is no indemnity. Our lineage is changed from Satan to God, so there should be no indemnity left. Our blessed couples in the Fourth Adamís era represent the perfected Adam.

Completion of the process of liberating God and True Parents. There will be no sign of Satan there, no shadow. The heartistic realm is all we will see there. Only through heartistic relationships can we live there. The realm of liberation of God is where everything is included. Through that, we can be perfected, only through heart. So we must live as Godís true children. We should have that pride. In that way we can claim ourselves as direct true children of God. Since there is no indemnity period left, we have to be able to devote ourselves completely for the sake of God and his dispensation.

In my course, God did not tell me exactly what to do, but I am telling you everything in advance. This pride should be kept, generation after generation, in your lineage. You do not have to look for me anymore; you have been taught everything; wherever you are, you just have to serve God. Pioneering, you just do your best as filial sons, patriots, saints and divine sons of God. You end your prayer -- it is a report -- in your own name as a Ö At one point, we ended the prayer "as a blessed couple who inherited True Parentsí victorious realm," but that period is over, and now we report as a blessed central family. This is a great privilege.

Freedom, liberation, everything we want, should be in the line of providence. How do we end our prayer? As a blessed central family, so and so, I offer this report. Now I am showing you the path to walk upon. This is a superhighway leading to the Kingdom of God. Once a road is designated an expressway, it cannot revert to being a local road. Make sure that you create ideal families united with True Parents and God. It is the best way to reach the Kingdom of God. If God is eternal, we should be eternal; if He is unique, we should be unique. If God is love and I, as his object, have not love, then I am not his image. Once we are absolutely united with God, then Godís life, love and lineage become ours; we share them with God. We will inherit creativity from God as well. If we have Godís creativity, then we need to leave something behind when we leave this world, and that is a true family.

Through true love, we can live eternally with God as an absolute object to God. Creativity as an attribute of GodÖwhenever we are united to do something, heavenly fortune will be with us, upon us. That means that God and spirit world will mobilize to help the providence on earth. Up to the 3rd Adam, indemnity periods and courses were needed, but in the Fourth Adamís era there is no indemnity course, either horizontally or vertically. All the effort you invest comes back to you as harvest. Through that, you will secure liberation.

Liberation of the spirit world

Giving the blessing to the criminal and saints in the brothers and sisters position (in 1998, Madison Square Garden): suppose there is a tidal wave, and in that water murderers and saints drown together. Will they hate each other at that moment, or try to help each other? That is why I am putting them on the same line and blessing them together. So God is liberated, and so your work serves to liberate God. In that priceless era, if someone is a murderer, if he helped a saint be saved, then the murderer can be forgiven.

Helen Kim and Maria Pak, the wife of the president of Ehwa Womenís University and the wife of Syngman Rhee, almost succeeded in destroying our church in the 1950s. The time is different now. No national level law can take care of Kim Il Sung. He fell into hell, where even Hitler hated him. Stalin was wandering around; Hitler was not in hell, but Kim Il Sung was in hell. I am not a nationalist. Because Satan feels miserable, he knows what God wants, in this last era he will not reject Godís wish, to restore and forgive and bless everyone. No one but True Parents ever thought like this, and gave it to humanity in heaven and on earth.

They were all blessed together, so the criminals, including Satan, have to listen to the saints. I opened the gate for everyone. I got rid of the gate of hell. Everyone was set free -- Hitler, Mussolini, Kim Il Sung. Americans should study Rev. Moon. The former Prime Ministers of Japan were told what to do but didnít do it, so they added more burdens. The same applies to Maria Pak and Helen Kim -- I told what to do, but didnít do it. All of humanity was supposed to be children of God, so to secure them, I have to do something. Hence I have mixed them up and gave the blessing.

In Sang Hun Leeís message, God asked me to do work in his behalf. That is how serious I am. To liberate the physical world and spirit world, I am serious. If I fail, Godís restoration will fail, so I was so serious. That is why I went to Pantanal, where untouched nature is preserved, and prayed for three days and three nights, without being disturbed. On that foundation, I gave the blessing to the criminals on the same level as the saints. Even the parable of the Prodigal Son -- he ruined his life, he sold his soul, but finally he came home and his father welcomed him, embraced him and gave him everything. In the same way, I have offered everything to the world, which is in the position of the prodigal son.

Those who can connect freely to the ocean and mountain will be elevated to another realm. I have been training myself through a rough course. No one came up with a word such as "true God." I took responsibility upon myself to liberate God. As True Parents of humankind, I had to fully complete my responsibility. Without me, the liberation of God could not be secured. But upon the 360 million couple blessing, I completed my course of restoration. The only thing left was to bless all the children who died prior to age 16. I gathered them and blessed them. Without my preparation for this, I couldnít have done it.

Centered on the four major saints, and some good spirits, some 33% of the spirit world received the blessing at Madison Square Garden, 1998, Through that, the negativity against the Unification Church is changing direction, gradually. Gradually it will favor us.

Buddha, Muhammad and Confucius have different levels of intelligence, and ourjob is to teach them, to get them on the same page. The main goal is to secure the father-son relationship between God and humanity. The first two Adamís failed to do this. The Kingdom of God means the lineage we received from True Parents. We just have to connect our family and tribe.

The four major religions are adversaries to each other. But they all have to learn this teaching. They have to understand the mission of their own founder; e.g. the meaning of the death of Jesus Christ. Through the blessing, true families will multiply. Not just you as an individual, but your family and tribe has to receive Godís recognition. Your lineage through 7 generations has to be pure, to produce true parents. After seven generations, there will be a natural flow of purity, and Satan will serve your lineage. So we have to reach a higher position than even divine children; we have to champions of living in, loving and serving God. Satan must recognize this and naturally give authority to you. This is the basis for the new humanity, on every level.

The Lord of the Second Advent came to this world to eliminate sin. The time has come to eliminate denominational worship centering on their own scriptures; they have to learn how to communicate with God. God-centered religion has to be True Parents-centered religion, centering on your own family.

In seven years time, we have to give the blessing to at least 33% of humanity. The wild olive trees have to be cut off. If we are the fruit of True Parents, we should be able to bequeath this quality to our children and to all our generations. If you just live for your own family, you will go nowhere. You have to give absolute faith, love and obedience to God and True Parents. Living for your own family alone is living like a dung-eating dog. Open your heart and live for the sake of God. You have to secure the position having nothing to do with the human fall. The lineal connection is key, because by it you inherit everything from True Parents and God.

All religions should unite with Christianity, which is in the elderís position. Embrace the surrendered Satan and even he will help you. Reach beyond eight stages, the two sets of eight stages [vertical and horizontal]. My 40 years course is over. On Sept 12, 2000, I spoke on the chusok day. Chusok means showing respect to your ancestors. I gave new life to the spirits in hell on this day. I set all the conditions, but they have to be connected with God through the blessing. Lucifer surrendered, but his followers hang around and keep bothering us. But in this time a transition, a great ÖIn this era, there will be no matchings of the same race; they all will be with enemy races. This is the way to set the central position, to pare down the Ö

The whole world should be one nation, controlled by God. As long as there are borders, Satan will be active. I took responsibility to liberate and save all the ancestors, even from Satanís realm. That is the meaning of True Parents. All the tombs and graves have to be opened. That is the way that the spirit world and physical world can become one. The meaning of the Fourth Adam era is that there is immediate punishment for mistakes, and there will be no escape from punishment. Your outcome will depend upon the quality of your life.

Until now, our ancestors didnít help us do Godís will, but hampered and disturbed us. Now the liberated ancestors will have the freedom to come down and help us as long as we are prepared. So, have courage and pride as blessed couples, and work to tear down the national boundaries, centering on the ideals of the UN. For this, I have been educating the world leaders. The problem of national boundaries also refers to all levels of divisions, in families, between tribes, races, and so forth.

The significance of this seven-day chusok festival is the total liberation of our ancestors. Korean people have a tradition of showing respect for ancestors on the chusok. So we did kyung bae in four directions, representing the entire cosmos. We have to take responsibility as Unificationists. We should have pride and dignity as Godís children. Descendents should put effort into liberating their ancestors -- 7, 21, up to 120 generations. If all people do that, we will liberate all spirit world back to Adam and Eve. If we donít offer liberation for our ancestors, the oneís who are not liberated will be confused.

The liberated ancestors watch our life and if we do well, they will help us, and if we donít they will make us sick or push us into a corner. Liberate up to 120 generations. If we do that, there will be no hell. The mid-level spirit world and hell emerged out of the blue because of the fall. Now is the time to clean it up.

This is the Fourth Adam era, of liberation and of the total living offering.! Then God will give everything back and all we possess will belong to God, not to Satan any more. Then your tribe will be a heavenly tribe. The people in spirit world, our ancestors, feel regret because they did not have the chance to serve True Parents in the physical world. The only way they can do so is to help us in the physical world to serve and attend True Parents. Then they can say, conditionally, that they did it.

Jesus Christ was blessed on Jan 3, 1973. Since then, all the conditions have been set. The different levels of family -- Adamís, Naohís, Jacobís, will be Ö The perfected Adam is in the same position as Jesus and True Parents.

The meaning of the blessing is to provide the pure lineage, Godís lineage. If I want, I could eliminate the first generation and deal with the pure second generation. But by the tradition of blessed families, people still have the chance to fulfill their mission, by offering salvation to their ancestors. I did ceremonies in Kodiak and the Pantanal, so Satan can do nothing. God secured the victorious position. Upon that, the liberation of God is possible. The time has come for God to exercise his almighty power, omniscience, etc. The door is wide-open, 360 degrees.

But whoever makes a mistake after this ceremony will be locked into a newly created hell and will wait until a later date. In reality, the springtime of heaven and earth is with us, so enjoy it. The springtime will bring peace. That is why we took down the HSA sign and replaced it with the Family Federation for World Peace sign. No matter if we change position, back and forth, peace will still remain. True Parents indemnified for the sake of all humanity, from the individual level to God. Humanity can follow this highway all the way to Godís kingdom.

Blessed couples are in a paradoxical position: the worst fate could befall them, and the greatest blessing is available to them. God told Adam to name all things created by God. By the same token, True Parents can rearrange everything, completely. Even those saints and founders of major religions wanted to be blessed, matched by me. Only True Parents have that right and privilege. That is the way all humanity can eventuallyÖ

The Kingdom of God has been vacant for thousands of years; now it will be filled. Think of how many thousands of years God has been waiting. So they are glad to seeÖ Ancestors are waiting desperately for this day of liberation. Do I have the authority, knowledge and wisdom to liberate the entire cosmos? The key word is True Parents.

On Oct 14, 2000, I declared the total liberation of spirit world at Chung Pyung Lake. Eventually they will be obligated to come and help us on our level. Satan might have surrendered, but his followers are still waiting to attack us. Because of the blessing of True Parents, good spirit world is in the position to support us, not bother us. By offering the blessing to 21 generations in the spirit world, Satanís followers will be eliminated, because they have nothing to do with the blessing, if our life is on a straight line. Eventually they too have to be restored to God, so that there are no more flaws in the creation.

A spirit man (woman) and earthly woman (man) who are blessed should be able to live together as a couple, because that is the age we are in. You have to create the proper environment, just as if you were living with your spouse on earth.

You do not need True Parents anymore. I gave the blessing to the necessary people, and hell and paradise are eliminated, so you have to make sure that your family is united with God and you will be the direct children of God. Centering on Eve, the mother of the family, the children have to unite and restore Eveís failure and then unite with the husband in the position of Adam. Cain and Abel were lost, so we have to restore them through Eve, then save Adam.

The era of power and political authority ruling the world is over. The era of heart and love is entering. Satan surrendered, so God can tell Satan, look, over half of humanity is blessed, so this is my world and it doesnít belong to you anymore. This is the time to secure Godís sovereignty. Neither God nor Satan can do it; only True Parents can do it, because True Parents alone have done all the stages of spiritual conditions, ceremonies of liberation and blessing. Satanís criticism always followed. We should love the satanic children more than we love our own.

With hell eliminated, God has total control. You donít need to pray; if you have time to pray, just do what you want to pray about instead. Then report what you are doing everyday to God.

Liberation is prerequisite to peace. That has been the purpose of increasing the number of blessed families.

We have to serve God as our king and fortress that protects from any attack of Satan.

Since Satan has surrendered, we can restart everything.

True Father: I declared a new day today, "chaju guk" -- "autonomous ownership nation" (lit.). God is now able to allow it. We have to get rid of our old habits that belong to the satanic world and start with the new heavenly way -- that is the meaning of the chaju guk.

Hoon Dok Hae:

The descendents of True Parents will be crowned as kings and queens. Four of my children are in spirit world; their deaths were not natural. They were part of the foundation to forgive and bless the spirit world and close paradise and hell. When I go to spirit world, there should be no trace of hell. When the tide comes in, everything is covered equally. But to survive, everyone should work together and help each other. Thatís why I gave the blessing to the people of hell and paradise.

It will be by 2004, 2007, or absolutely at the latest 2012.

True Father:

The message from Sang Hun Lee is not false. Many people do not know about spirit world, so his message should be taken seriously. Without accepting it, our life is meaningless. We have to practice our life in the spirit world right here in the physical world by uniting with God and True Parents and living for the sake of others, on the foundation of absolute faith, love and obedience. As blessed couples, we should do this. Wait and see what will happen in spirit world, if you doubt. It is not just a form of hell; those who do not believe in spirit world will be quarantined from the majority and lead a different type of life in the spirit world. So my message to all blessed couples is to believe in life in the spirit world and spread that message.

Mother will turn 60 next year, and I will turn 83. According to Oriental tradition, a new cycle begins at age 60. Without knowledge of spirit world, we cannot have a new beginning. Without the fall, we shouldÖ God lost three generations, so we have restore three generations. Now for the first time in human history, the three generations are secured.

We have to reject the secular world, most of which comes for Satan. They have to learn True Parentsí tongue. The blessing means to restore three generations. Family names were originally to be one. We have to change if we are not abiding by the right standard. Donít be proud of yourself. Reject and negate everything. Your problem lies in your not understanding and knowing the spirit world. Only in that way can we determine the right direction. The (former HSA) presidents here are from countries that are opposing our movement. The State Department is challenging the Schengen Treaty. God, Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel were lost, three generations.

During the 50-state tour, we did 4 hours Hoon Dok Hae with the coronation ceremony message. You donít appreciate how important it is. I donít listen to anyone; only to God. Absolute faith, love and obedience is my lifelong practice. The victorious realm of autonomous ownership sovereignty. You can call your ancestors and they have to come and help you. Donít tell me what you want to do. Even if you lose your limb, youíve gottaÖ Donít be a fool.

God is the grandparents king. We have to be able to breathe with God. One mind, one body. This is the era of the oneness of mind and body. The most difficult obstacles we face in relation to mind and body are those that deal with love. We should be trained and determined enough, such that when we are at the moment of climax in making love, we can totally separate from it and stop the whole process. The love problem is the most difficult. Donít put your family issues above your life of faith in God.

How much devotion do you offer to God before you think about your family? What if I didnít do that? You have to be able to control your sexual desire; even spiritually you may be tested. Even if you do a 40-day fast, if you fail at the end, you are finished. The Kingdom of God will not come to you automatically. You young people should understand this. Seduction is your worst enemy; turn yourselves off from it, even in your dreams. Western leaders, do you understand? [Yes.] You have to be the king of controlling your love organ. My lifelong motto is: before trying to govern the world, first become the king of self-control. When I was a student in Japan, all kinds of temptations came. One woman came into my bedroom, naked, and said if you donít take five minutes to make love to me, I will kill myself before your eyes.

Go out and claim yourself as True Parents and do what God wants you to do. The people who tried to reach enlightenment failed because of the love temptation. I treat women as my daughter, grandmother, queen, aunt -- always as a family relative. If you cannot control your sexual desire, tear your love organ off your body. Hundreds of my female followers wanted to live with me, without marrying, and I had to find an excuse (that would not destroy them). The love organ attached to your body does not belong to you. You are not the owner of it.

The time is coming when political leaders will have less power. If you understand, things will go well. Donít make a mistake. This is why everyone is afraid of Father. Nations like Japan and Germany put a ban on me. Make sure you learn Korean, Fatherís tongue. I donít want to receive a greeting in your own language. Henri (Blanchard), why did you stay in Korea only two years, not three or four? If youíd learned it well, you could teach people now and make a career of it.

You young leaders from Korea; I will assign you a new mission, but donít expect anything that you want. The time is coming that Americans will not reject me. We need to educate the leaders of the world. I will screen the blessed couples down to the 430 blessing, and take off the rolls those who do not measure up. You have to repent before me to clear up your wrong doings; if you hide it, it will be exposed and you will have to atone for it in the spirit world.

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