Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Father's Content from Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
Morning of January 31, 2002
Kona, Hawaii
Rough and Unofficial Notes; Translation by Rev. Peter Kim; Notes by Tyler Hendricks

Hoon Dok Hae: (Continuing the recent messages from Christians in spirit world)

Oliver Cromwell (English Puritan, 17th Century)

Most people have no idea about what the meaning of Divine Principle is. They usually say it is hard to understand. Therefore even though they finish one cycle, they come a second time so to understand it better, but they do not want to reveal it is their second time. I have studied it three times, cover to cover, and understand it more and realize it is a great truth.

In the first and second cycles, I had questions, but after the third time, it all became clear. I would like to be equipped with Divine Principle teaching and become the world's best lecturer of Divine Principle. The Divine Principle teaching can tear down the walls between religions, races and nations. I will go out to the world and shout that regardless of religion, race and nation everyone should come together under Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Please accept me; all the glory is yours.

John Milton (English Puritan poet, author of "Paradise Lost," 17th Century)

We need Divine Principle because it answers all the questions about human history, including Cain and Abel. You cannot answer them from the Bible itself; no one came up with clear answers. But because of God's grace, Rev. Moon came up with the hidden answers. Honorable Sun Myung Moon came as the Lord of the Second Advent to fulfill the unfinished mission of Jesus Christ. Still, Christians believe in unscientific views of Jesus' Second Advent. People should study Divine Principle seriously. Throughout human history there have been so many painful events and struggles for God and also for Rev. Moon. People have to understand that. Do you know how much misunderstanding there has been about those historical facts?

An awesome amount of hidden truth about humankind is hidden in Divine Principle; you have to seek it out.

Jonathan Edwards (American theologian, philosopher, Congregationalist pastor, 18th Century)

America is in the position to help people and love the world. God has no other choice but to love Rev. Moon, because Rev. Moon somehow revealed the heart of God to humankind. American people please understand that Rev. Moon brought the truth to you and blessing to you. You should help him and work with him. This is an issue of life or death for the American people. He is a great man.

When we look at Rev. Moon from the spirit world, he is always protected by a light from God. You may not be able to see that from the earth, but remember that he came as the True Parents of humankind, and the proof is the Divine Principle truth, which is revelation from God. We don't know how to be saved or what will happen after we die. Think about it deeply. When I was on earth, I didn't know what would happen after I die. I didn't know the Kingdom of God on Earth or why humankind had to be born with original sin. I didn't know what happened after the crucifixion. I didn't know how to solve original sin; these issues bothered me so much on earth. But I was so moved by Divine Principle, because it provided all the answers I needed to have. People have to be reawakened. The youth problems, family and divorce problems: how can we solve them? God loves America. We have to go back to the original spirit of the Pilgrim Fathers.

American people are the elder son but they make God sad. Americans, please be alert. Remember, your forefathers built churches before their own houses. Don't be sucked up by selfish individualism, you have to go with Godism. God still loves America; he wants to see America awake, not asleep. If America lives for herself, God will leave. America is the Garden of Eden on earth. So, whether or not you follow Rev. Moon's teachings will determine your future. It is life and death. This is Jonathan Edwards' petition to you.

Rev. Moon, thank you for loving American people to this point. Please forgive America for giving you so much pain.

James Hudson Taylor (American missionary to China, 19th Century)

When I studied Divine Principle, I could not think of anything to compare it to. A gospel, or truth? What is the identity of Divine Principle? No theologian has done a work such as Divine Principle. Theologians, politicians, everyone should study Divine Principle. Divine Principle introduces things that the Bible does not talk about. We know Divine Principle was revealed through Rev. Moon after he paid much indemnity in a difficult course of life. We also learned about parallel time periods through human history. Through Divine Principle, all the different questions have been answered. Divine Principle teaches about God and mankind. So many people live here together, but only a handful study Divine Principle. These are the ones who have their ears and eyes open. Most Christians still believe in the Lord of the Second Advent, but they do not know where and how to meet him.

I am not a good talker and cannot express my feelings deeply. But one thing I can tell you is that I will serve and attend True Parents.

Frederick Denison Maurice (English founder of Christian Socialism, 19th Century)

God has been walking a lonely path to find his lost children. One day during my earthly life, I was walking on the road and suddenly a bright light appeared and a voice came: "Maurice, Maurice." The person I saw in the light was bleeding from his ears and eyes. I saw him, and then the voice said, "Maurice, imagine if the person you are looking at is God; what would you do?" I was stunned, and suddenly peace and comfort came over me. I did not understand the meaning of that dream, but now I feel so much struggle. At that time, I didn't understand the pain and agony God was going through and I don't know why He couldn't tell me in the vision. I thought it was the love of God, not the pain and agony of God.

God has been waiting too long for his children to mature and recognize him as their father. Rev. Moon came into the physical world with ultimate truth. True Parents came to us to clarify the relationship between God and humankind. True Parents came to open the path. Of course, he came as the Messiah. I feel that the messiah Rev. Moon still will have to go through a lot of difficulties. I pledge I will do my best to build the Kingdom of God. I will also be the pioneer to spread the new gospel. Thank you Rev. Moon. Now I have come to know God and understand the relationship between God and mankind.

Maurice's question: How can you introduce the relationship between spirit world and physical world?

Dr. Lee didn't answer.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (German pastor and theologian who conspired to assassinate Hitler during World War II, was captured and died in a concentration camp)

I never thought in my wildest dreams that humanity would meet this precious day of having True Parents. The evil Lucifer destroyed the life of humanity. Lucifer tried in every possible evil way to keep humanity away from God. Communism almost took over the world. It was a strategy of Lucifer's. Through it, historical atrocities took place. I am equipped with Unificanon Thought and Divine Principle now. Now I have the sword of truth; I will use it to destroy the evil force. I will teach them about the relationship between humankind and God. I would like to clean up Lucifer's bastion with Divine Principle. It would have been better had Divine Principle been introduced earlier.

I have a mission and my life belongs to God. So I dedicate everything to God. But my life was given for the wrong cause and I would like to be compensated (or compensate for that-I think it means he wants credit for what he did even though he is saying it was for the wrong cause, and the credit to apply to his work from now for the Divine Principle-ed.). There is only one God. Human ancestors started on the wrong foot, helping Lucifer to build his kingdom, pretending it was the will of God and pretending that Lucifer was the king. Human history has become the history of Lucifer. Through Godism I would like to unite all the philosophies and -isms. History started in the wrong direction, so we have to restore it. That has been the history of restoration; to attempt to eliminate the history of evil.

Another point: the original sin issue. We have to explain to people about the sins and crimes of Lucifer from the beginning. I would like the make a plan to do this. Fifth: people in this world desperately need the Lord of the Second Advent. Through him they can be reborn and receive the blessing. God wants to see all the people on earth join Him.

Last, humanity needs a new leader. This is Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Just the fact that he came to the world is our blessing, but on top of that he brought the truth. Did people help him all the way, or attempt to kill him? When all of humankind is united and educated through Divine Principle, humankind has a future. We all have to return to the original garden, in which our parents are waiting for us.

Uchimura Kanjo

My pride was hurt because I had to learn from a Korean. Why did the Lord of the Second Advent have to come to Korea? All those things bothered me, because they are facts. Everyone has been waiting for the Messiah. Suppose I had been born at the time of Jesus. Would I have served and attended Jesus? I ask that of myself. I think there has to be a revolution of heart; that is the only way to unite Korea and Japan. I am a child of God. Therefore there is a heartistic relationship between God and humankind. Between brothers and sisters there can be fights, but they are related through blood, and so if they fight they can always be cured. But between peoples who are not related by blood, fights lead to creation of enemies. Only through the truth from God can they reconcile and forgive each other.

All Japanese people have to listen to Rev. Moon's teaching; then they can be united with Koreans. I have absolute faith in the teaching that Rev. Moon is True Parents and messiah. He overcame all the obstacles and difficulties in his life. So I will become a filial son to God.

Mother Teresa, Catholic nun and relief worker, 20th Century

I thank you for providing such a precious truth to us. Because of the denial of the truth at the time of Adam and Eve, the human fall took place and the original sin has passed down all the way to us. I thought that serving the poor was the only way I could serve God, but I didn't know the truth that can change humanity. I didn't know the real essence of the life of faith. Eternal happiness cannot be separated from eternal life. I, Teresa, lived in the same period as the Lord of the Second Advent. I feel sorry that I could not introduce this ultimate truth from God to the poor and sick that I took care of. That is the pain in my heart.

I am grateful that I could attend this seminar and learn the truth. From now on, I would like to teach this Divine Principle truth to those poor people who need liberation, so that they can become children of God. Divine Principle made my heart feel poor and empty. All those nuns on earth should learn Divine Principle. But I am wondering how we can give this truth to the family members of nuns. I feel sorry for their life as nuns. I am Teresa, Rev. Moon, and I know that God is wanting all humankind to be united and tear down the walls. I would like to invest the life of Teresa to make it of even more noble value.

Gustavo Guttierez, South American liberation theologian, 20th Century

Rev. Moon is the filial son of all sons, because he is the one who understood the heart of God that was filled with pain and agony. All the major theologians and leaders surely have struggled a lot with the Bible. I saw many of them praying quietly, searching for answers to those questions even after coming to spirit world. Many people have the same kind of questions: they don't know God, who God is. All these lifelong questions are answered by the Unification Church teaching, the Divine Principle. People do not understand God, even though they are born with an original nature that seeks God. This original character is not something obtained after birth, but is innate.

True Parents, I do not care if you are not the Messiah, but you came up with the truth so you are the greatest teacher of humankind, and as True Parents I will follow you, the greatest teacher.

Paul Tillich, German theologian, 20th Century

The author of Divine Principle is God, and Rev. Moon is the editor. No one knows how much suffering and struggle those earnest theologians and Christian leaders endured because of the wrong understanding of the Bible. All those parables and symbolic teachings have been clearly explained by Divine Principle. The CT era is the era in which the author and editor of the new truth will appear; the messiah and revelator is Rev. Moon. By sending Rev. Moon, God's tormented heart is now comforted. God created the Garden of Eden and gave the blessing, but because of Adam and Eve's mistake, human history started on the wrong foot. God's heart filled with agony. Look at the world now. One place is abundant with wealth and material things and another lacks everything and is starving and dying. They need to unite and share everything. Divine Principle provides the foundation for a true love revolution. From Divine Principle, people will learn how to live. So we need to be humble before the Divine Principle teaching. All the Christian leaders and believers should master Divine Principle first and become the teachers. I'm sure Divine Principle can inspire everyone if they study. So you believers, Christians, please study Divine Principle. Get rid of your prejudice and concepts and study it.

Teihard de Chardin, French monk / anthropologist, 20th Century

When I came to know God, I lived my life following his will. But I didn't know which direction was correct. I thought I followed the right way, but now I see it was wrong and am repentant. Divine Principle now is known all over the world, but my heart is aching because we did not have Divine Principle. God, as you know, the life of Christian monks is not an easy one. Please, God, save all those lonely souls in the spirit world and physical world. The right attitude is to serve and attend God. We were unfortunate not to have Divine Principle in our lifetime, so help and forgive us. Rev. Moon, has any Vatican pope studied Divine Principle? No. God is the father of humankind; why should Roman Catholicism have this problem? The pain of my heart is the same as the pain of the Catholic Church.

Thomas a Kempis, Dutch mystic, 15th Century

God is the father of mankind, the God of dual characteristics, and He loved his children even though we made a blood relationship with Satan. I learned that there is not a literal judgment of fire (James 3:16). Divine Principle teaches answers about the spirit world clearly and the relationship between the spiritual and physical body, and the original sin and the meaning of resurrection, why we need the providence of restoration, the parallels of history and when the return of the Lord of the Second Advent will take place. Who is Rev. Moon and what is he? Divine Principle is not a truth that can be found through human effort. The contents are not "may be true," but "must be true." We never had the chance to have such a precious truth to this point. God is the only God and father of mankind. The messiah is Rev. Moon. Before him, all humankind can become one. Let us be equipped with the truth of the CT era.

True Father:

What about you, sitting in this room? Where do you think you will be located in the spirit world? The liberation of God and all those historical figures has been secured. Do you need help? Don't become a slave of money. When we talk about up, we talk about below. Having "up" presupposes that you have "below." It is the same thing with right and left, front and rear. By the same token, the same logical relationship applies to man and woman. Perfected Adam and Eve, who have mind and body absolutely united, should build the true family to become the manifestation of God's love. Look at the world now; it is a world of chaos. Look at married life based on pre-nuptial contracts. The true seed should be passed down from generation to generation in your lineage.

To whom does your mouth belong? God. Are there two owners? We have to say glory to God with all our senses. The ultimate purpose is to serve and attend God. The five senses do not fight one another. We have to bear the true seed, so that we can pass it down to our generations, and not be like the fig tree with no fruit that Jesus cursed.

Hawaii is in a strategic location, as the bridge between east and west. Normally, the most precious things are hidden, such as air and love. The most hidden thing is love. You can detect air, but love cannot be seen with the eyes. Love can be the source of power. Love for the sake of others will last forever. Wherever you go, love is welcomed. It is the center of all four directions. It takes the central position. That is the eternal truth. Power, knowledge, money may take one direction, but not all directions. That is why you can bring unity through them. That is why selfish individualism is not the tool to unite people, because it represents only one small direction.

Where can you find spirit world? In the center in which true love dwells. The true love center is where we find God. There, we have to have absolute faith, love and obedience. Do you have true love? Satan used to dominate day and night. Now we have to eliminate Satan. Orientals and westerners cannot unite without the exertion of true love power in that effort. Our task is first to know God, then to know the spirit world. Where are you heading? I assigned 72 missionaries to Hawaii. Why? Because Hawaii is an extension of Japan. Chaju guk sungri kwon shidae.

We have to change our lifestyle, not just being fond of what we like, but being fond of what we like and what we dislike. [P. Kim: it means to embrace our enemy.] We have to be able to create a legacy of keeping God's tradition. We have to know, during our lifetime, in terms of the providential timetable in relation with our own life, whether it is time for breakfast, lunch, or to go to bed. Where are you heading? Do you want to walk the course that heaven and earth and will welcome, or just live for your own country? The practice of living for the sake of others can be found in the individual for the family, family for the tribe, tribe for the nation. Once you, as husband and wife, secure absolute unity of mind and body, it is natural to form a true family, because man and woman both are born for the sake of love. [Discussion of concave and convex.]

The ultimate purpose of religion is to build the true family on the level beyond nation, race and religion. It is possible only through the Blessing.

Our goal is to serve the parents of heaven and earth, and become couples of heaven and earth and build the family of heaven and earth. Where are we heading? What about westerners? They should go to the orient, and orientals to the occident. If you want to keep receiving, you become a thief. It has to be reciprocated. A father or mother cannot claim that position without children, because children make them parents. It is the same with husband and wife; we cannot claim to be a husband without a wife, and siblings without siblings. So your value comes from your partner, and it is natural that we have to live for the sake of others.

Settlement is the foundation for a safe settlement. As baby birds grow, they learn how to fly from their parents. By the same token, we need to learn from our parents how to become autonomous. What do you want to become? A world leader who will be recognized as a filial son, patriot, saint and divine son? Do you have the true seed within you? Your conscience knows. As mind and body have their unique functions and roles, even though my children graduated from good colleges and graduate schools, I don't care and I ask them to go to UTS.

We have to secure at least seven generations. The theologians and religious leaders are watching the theological institutes I have established, like UTS and Sun Moon University. So we have to provide a good quality of education. A tree provides at least a root, trunk, branch, leaf and seeds. Which part do you want to become? A root, trunk or seed? Nature has been created in a way such as to preserve the different species unless there is a disturbance. Some seeds fly from one place to another to multiply. Some take a year to germinate. There are all different types and levels. [To the Korean leaders:] Do you want to go to UTS or work here in Hawaii? [We will follow your direction.]

There are twelve types of characters, like the 12 months and 12 disciples of Jesus. So we should learn how to embrace each of the 12. Do you want to start from the zero point or from the 10-degree point? We have to remember that even if we join spirit world, we will know and understand God only as much as we understand Him here on earth; not more, not less. We have to secure the zero point and, when necessary, go back there for a new start. The zero point is where you may have the chance to find God. The terrible phenomena of the contemporary world, such as the so-called sexual liberation, which consists of free sex and homosexuality, are the last signs of the secular world, nothing more. So history has to go back to the zero point again.

Mrs. ---, where is your elder son? Is he going the right direction? Even the true children have to go the normal way, on the same level as others. For many years, I fasted on my birthday.

I may be a kingmaker, but I will never serve as the president of a nation. President Bush in his State of the Union address the other day called North Korea, Iran and Iraq the major terrorist nations. North Korean people are so stubborn and aggressive, they are determined to build a kingdom even with communism, and that is why they are considered dangerous as a terrorist state.

The testimonies from the people in spirit world make it impossible to deny ... What is your opinion on these testimonies [to the former presidents]. [It is true and should be publicized more.] That is true. The new document should be translated into English as soon as possible and distributed throughout the world.

We know about God clearly. Who is our father? God is our father. What is the meaning of the blessing and true family? It is true Adam's family. Who was Adam's family head? God. Therefore God is our father. Who gave you your name, your father or God? Your physical parents gave you your name, and we have to negate it. Do people of the Cholla province and Kongsan province still fight with each other? Cholla people are more expressive; if they like it or don't like it, they say so easily. People have characteristics based on their province. Some are good in business. The people of the northernmost province near Russia, Hamyoung, are stingy and good businessmen. They can make money, the saying goes, by selling river water. Cholla province people may want to sell the whole world. They are good as diplomats because they are talkative and expressive. Many key Unification Church leaders are from Cholla: Rev. Yu, Rev. Hwang, Dr. Yang. Don't try to establish your own foundation, but try to establish a foundation to teach Divine Principle, not a foundation to lead your life comfortably. I said to print the messages from the Christians in spirit world, but there was some compromise. Our leaders are chairman not because of his career but because Father is standing behind them. If you don't work well, the blessing will leave America. The message from spirit world has to be given without alteration.

I am from Pyong-an province. One of my grandfathers graduated from a seminary and was a Confucian scholar. He was a friend of Syngman Rhee and the minister of a church. After I returned from Japan, I felt the need to learn the languages and cultures of Korea's neighbors, China and Russia. I was on my way to Manchuria, but suddenly I turned around and worked for an electrical company for one year. I changed my mind about going to Manchuria. We all have to learn different languages, at least English, Japanese and Korean.

The machine factories in Germany -- the goal was not fulfilled. Tongil heavy machinery, Il Hwa, McCol-[Father reminiscences]. I owned a house above the Blue House, and a fortune teller told President Park, Chung Hee, that it was creating bad fortune for Korea. So they sent a truck full of money to buy the house, about $5 million, and I sent the truck away and gave them the house for free. I would not get entangled with their money. Former Korean presidents may have enjoyed their position for a few years, but so what? They are all condemned now. Korea has been riddled with scandals. When they were running for office, I gave them good advice and they promised they would follow it, but once they were elected, they broke all their promises. It is typical of politicians, Japanese politicians too. Volunteers from the Unification Church, with my encouragement, turned the tide in Reagan's first campaign for the presidency. The presidency, on the condition that the president is vertically connected to God, should be a 16-year term. Then he can be elected again, and then his wife or younger brother.

Cholla province people are disadvantaged in Korea, so you should go out of Korea. The world is big, with 180 nations. We have to learn Japanese, because you meet Japanese people everywhere in the world. Usually the Japanese are respected.

The main building at Sun Moon University cost about $45 million. We have a major in Pure Love at Sun Moon University. For that class, smoking and drinking are causes for expulsion.

If I die, you will left alone. So is the chaju guk centered on you or me? [You.] But I will be in spirit world. [Even in spirit world you will govern us.] Is it an easy lie, or true?

If I order you today to go to UTS, the president of UTS will help you get the student visa. Once you graduate from UTS, you can go for a Ph.D. I wish I could study at UTS too. But my memory is weakening.

If there were one man and two women, with no one else around, would there be peace or fighting? You all have Japanese wives, but aren't Korean women closer in spirit to Korean men? International marriage is not easy; you must be crazy. Eventually all races will be mixed into one basket. You may call yourself a British born Korean, or a Korean born British, or whatever. Am I a fool for marrying many people inter-racially? [No, you are a genius.] In the beginning when I first initiated it, there was so much opposition from parents in Japan. Now many of those opposing parents are positive because they see wonderful grandchildren. I am the champion of arranging international marriages.

I am the father of criminals, because once I give them the blessing they call me father.

If you want to go to UTS, you can go. You decide.

Rev. Baek Joong Ku, RD of Los Angeles, offers a testimony

About 20 years ago, I met a mysterious man who called me on the phone. I was a church leader. He told me he knew how to get to my church. Exactly thirty minutes later he showed up at the doorstep, even though our church was not easy to find. He was in his thirties; he looked handsome and intelligent. He had clear, deep eyes. He introduced himself as a monk who was pursuing jangsoo teaching, the teaching of those who go into the mountains for enlightenment. He had ability to read people's minds. He could figure out what someone far away is thinking about. While he was meditating in the mountains, he obtained that ability. He had that much power. But he didn't know how he got it. He started channeling; it was not his own voice that I heard.

Some people have power to break a rock with their fist. He had stronger power than that. He could hurt people without even touching them. The reason he came to my church was because our name had the word, Holy Spirit, and he wanted to find the source of his power, so he visited many places that had the word "spirit" in its name. He wanted to find an answer to where his power came from. I started teaching him Divine Principle, about the relationship between spirit world and physical world, and returning resurrection. I explained that one of his ancestors who was enlightened was helping him. That is why he was speaking someone else's words.

He agreed with that, and stayed for three hours and studied Divine Principle. He was grateful. His name was Hong. The next day he called again, and I told him on the phone that right now he has a good spirit, but his door is open and evil spirits might sneak in. So you had better take care of your relationship with your ancestor. When I met him, I asked him about fasting. He smiled and said that he did so many fasts, even 100-day fasts in the mountains. I asked what you eat and he said he gets nutrition from the air. In deep meditation you can see balls of energy floating in the air and you can catch them.

I asked him, how did you find my church, without directions? He said, when I spoke to you over the phone, I caught your ki (life energy) and I followed it. His teacher has that ability too, but his level was higher than his teacher. There are such holy men seeking enlightenment in the Himalayas. Through Divine Principle, that holy man found the answer about the relationship between good and evil spirits. When I hear the testimonies from Christian leaders in spirit world, I believe in the power of Divine Principle. Divine Principle is great.

[Rev. Ku offers the closing prayer.] 

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