Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Father’s Content from Hoon Dok Hae - Evening of Feb 1, 2002

Sun Myung Moon
Evening of February 1, 2002
Kona, Hawai'i

Rough and Unofficial Notes. The dates mentioned in the text have not been checked and are not authoritative; translation by Rev. Peter Kim; Notes by Tyler Hendricks

Today our boat, Kona Concept, caught its first big fish, a 219 pound blue marlin. True Parents took pictures with the fish at the main house and asked for a testimony from the one who fought it, Mr. Cho. Everyone on the boat worked together to bring the fish in.

True Father:

What do you want to do tonight? Maybe a yute game? We may make too much noise for the neighbors. A marlin’s bill can pierce a shark’s stomach, so sharks do not attack marlins if they are healthy. The marlin has no teeth; it just swallows without chewing or biting.

While I am on earth, we have to revolutionize the world through a Hoon Dok Hae campaign. When I go to spirit world it will be more difficult. When we do Hoon Dok Hae, a testimony from the spirit world has to be included. Even Christians think they know spirit world, but it is only intellectual. By introducing a real personage from the spirit world, they will take it more seriously by one step. You have to let the messages from spirit world constantly pour down on the earth, so that the ground is soaked. Eventually, leaders of Judaism, Catholicism and Protestantism will give the same message to their people.

On the report from Heung Jin Nim: Take it as your report from the spirit world. Heung Jin Nim has to go through a lot of difficulty to come up with this kind of report, so take it seriously. This is a golden opportunity for us to prepare to join the spirit world. If you study these messages from the spirit world, it will become your lifelong wisdom. If you receive the blessing you have to take responsibility. My responsibility is to provide as much education as I can. We have to secure 180 blessed couples as our spiritual children and organize our tribe.

The Cain and Abel relationship. Cheon Il Guk, the nation of Cheon Il, is the world in which two are together in absolute unity, from mind and body to the universe. We have two eyes and if we try to get by with one, it is not normal. They exist in the pair system in absolute balance. Once the balance is broken, you are suffering.

Heads of state should receive the blessing and go through the registration process. [There is a minister's meeting tomorrow in Los Angeles, with some major people attending.] That’s good, but they have to hear the spirit world message. If we don’t do it now, we will wait 1,000 years. Do Hoon Dok Hae at least one hour a day. I am going to give that direction on my birthday, and that will become the Family Federation’s tradition for blessed couples -- a minimum of one hour a day. When you gather Christian ministers, what else can they do but study the truth? Especially the life experience from the spirit world is important. Think about the messages from the twelve disciples of Jesus. Christians know them, so they should accept them. Confucianists know the disciples of Confucius. From this year on, that should be our thrust -- to go with the message from the spirit world. We have to carry this book everywhere we go -- subway, airplane… We have to know it clearly.

Hoon Dok Hae: Report from Heung Jin Nim to True Parents.

True Father:

A son gives a report to his father. He is the five-star general of spirit world. Father may give an examination about these messages.

Hoon Dok Hae:

True Parents, you opened the era of Cheon Il Guk with true love, and helped us to live with God, which was the wish of all things, man and God. You established the original holy ground, so I am grateful to you eternally. You also gave the speaking tour of America and Japan, which enhanced the opening of the Cheon Il Guk.

True Father:

Do this Hoon Dok Hae in your country when you go back. All fifty states should do it. The more Hoon Dok Hae you do in public, with other religious leaders, the more famous you’ll become.

Hoon Dok Hae:

I should have given you more reports about life in the spirit world; I’m sorry I couldn’t do it. In order to cope with the providence in the physical world, we established a workshop site in spirit world, educated so many and eventually granted them the blessing. I sent them to the physical world, Chung Pyung Lake, and gave them a chance to study and then called them back. Since the Coronation Ceremony, lots of changes are taking place in the spirit world.

Restoring God’s lineage and lost children. By doing so, you liberate God from His lamenting heart. On the day of the coronation ceremony, God, True Parents and everyone cried. I will do my best to become a more mature son. Even in the spirit world we have been doing so much work that evokes True Parents’ love and interest. Therefore I am writing this report. The liberation ceremony for ancestors took place and it is covered in my report. Also, my work together with Dae Mo Nim will be covered. True Parents’ deepest wish was to offer the coronation ceremony to God. For that, you also have been struggling for so long. They have done so much work, that no one in the physical world knows, until they won all victories and declared the historic foundation. We have to remember the meaning of the coronation ceremony.

True Parents, we know the suffering you had to deal with. I was done on the physical level. Parents loving their children don’t pay attention to anything else. I mobilized people who are more opened minded to work with their descendents and testify to True Parents. But people were not interested in giving their testimonies; they are filled with resentment and anger. Since True Parents came, on the foundation of Christianity’s expectation of the Messiah, Christianity is the Abel religion and True Parents work through it. All religions have different traditions and rituals, so it was not easy to find a central nation. Particularly dealing with those saints and sages from different religions was not easy. So we mobilized the Christian saints and sages and the founders of the four great religions to Chung Pyung Lake and had them go through the workshop and receive the blessing. They develop a love of True Parents and the ability to communicate with us and with each other.

As the leading general in the spirit world, I can guide them. On August 25, 1995, Father gave the blessing to 360,000 couples. I help them connect with True Parents. True Father also declared elder son ship, parent ship and king ship. On that foundation, the Adam, Eve, and archangel nations took the position of father, mother and elder son. Centering on True Parents, an absolute center of unity was established. Since then, there have been many more big blessings.

True Father:

I gave the prayer for the liberation of heaven and earth in the Pantanal, and a second at Belvedere. All these help to strengthen the foundation. This report from Heung Jin Nim in spirit world should be sent to all the world’s major leaders, so that they can educate their members. The blessed couples on earth are the elder brothers and the blessed couples in spirit world are younger brother. They should unite. Instead of getting dragged into hell, people can be lifted out of hell.

Hoon Dok Hae:

Another direction was given with over 5,000 people participating. The satanic realm was eradicated and the satanic root was removed. Satan surrendered. The kingship. True Parents connect the blessed couples in physical world and spirit world. What I do is just to strictly follow True Parents’ directions. In the case of an historical event ... [The note taker is so sleepy!]

I had a ceremony on the chusok day in 1995. We have every passage cleared to serve God and do good things. True Parents gave a special ceremony to bequeath to me the power to give the blessing. [Another ceremony] that united the physical world and spirit world, and my brothers on earth attended. By it, even Satan can follow and enter the Kingdom of Heaven eventually. At the same time I comforted God’s heart. It was the ceremony of … The spirits can freely travel back and forth, and communicate. Without True Parents’ help, it would have been more difficult for me to work in spirit world than in the physical world. Communication between communities is difficult, but they are totally with me.

True Parents know about life in the spirit world, therefore they paid the indemnity and tore down the walls. The ceremony of total liberation freed everyone. On December 3, 2001, in Punte del Este, True Father declared that he would have the Jan 13 coronation ceremony honored, exactly 40 days before the seminar. We could taste True Parents’ dream coming true. 12, 000 participated together: God, saints and sages. The meaning of the Coronation is that True Parents set all the conditions for God’s kingship. True Parents, you offered your whole life for this day, God’s coronation ceremony. We in the spirit world clearly understand that. I will work harder to serve True Parents and comfort your heart more.

True Father:

We have to know this well. You have to know the significance of this.

Hoon Dok Hae:

As you travel into the spirit world, you will see many mountains and thick fog. Going up is lighter, with flowers blooming. We need to find the real source of this place for all humankind. If you are wishy-washy.… People are segmented by religion, place, etc. and they are isolated from each other. You have to master absolute faith, love and obedience. Human decaying flesh is so bad, but in the bottom of hell are suicides.

People in general do not know how terrible hell is. You do not want to be there for even one second. There are many layers between heaven and hell. Get rid of all kinds of sin -- collective, inherited and personal. You can score your life quality to find out where you will go in spirit world. The colors change gradually as you ascend or descend, from dark to black to blacker, and going up from various colors to natural colors of white and yellow. They can figure out what kind of life you lived in the physical world, by your color. No one forces you to go to a particular level, but you just migrate there. If you abuse money or political power, you have to pay indemnity. If you make a subject and object relationship with Satan, then… There are four types of sin. The physical world is still dominated by evil people, so your personal sin and collective sin will be bequeathed to your descendents if you do not purify yourself. Evil spirits cause much more of the disease in the physical world than you think. Usually descendents suffer from the ancestors’ adultery or other sins. Many types of diseases appear in the descendents.

If you cannot invest enough indemnity before you go to spirit world, the debt will be passed to your descendents. Whatever the residue of disease and crimes you received from your ancestors, you have to get rid of it by living a true love life. Also, you appear differently depending on your temperament. A playboy looks like a fox; a person with a hot temper looks like a tiger. Animal faces appear depending on the kind of crime.

The Kingdom of God has a fence and people live around it, awaiting True Parents’ arrival to enter together. The fact that we can bless and anoint people as absolute good spirits means we have a realm of absolute good spirits. Satan cannot get in there. We cannot convert the evil spirits on earth just byGod or Satan; there has to be a proper indemnity condition set. To liberate the spirits stuck on one, one needs to do all kinds of conditions, as we do in the Chung Pyung Lake workshops.

True Parents established all the cosmic level victories. We have to continue and expand the foundation for True Parents to work. Without the Lord of the Second Advent, all these declarations and ceremonies could not have been done in the 1990s. The spirit world is changing. The evil spirits who have been working on earth are being gathered up and purified. Satan could continue expanding his territory until True Parents came. Evil spirits now cannot expand evil power. Satan mobilized evil spirits from the spirit world to work on earth. They wander around everyone to find the right moment to infiltrate. True Parents and blessed couples are in the position to have absolute connection on the foundation…

We have to work hard to get rid of the evil spirits and be reborn. Even inside the blessed couples are different levels of evil spirits -- those with lamentation, with han. We have the opportunity to reconnect to God again because we have Chung Pyung Lake plus the workshop site in spirit world. Further, we can offer ancestral liberation and the blessing. The more evil spirits you have, the more pain you have. If you have good spirits in the majority… If you carry a majority of evil spirits, it means you don’t lead a strict life. In Chung Pyung Lake, do your best to get rid of evil spirits, evil habits, etc. You can’t see the spirits, but you can feel them in your conscience and touch your… Good spirits can see evil spirits.

Satan cannot accuse anymore; he surrendered that power but his cohorts are doing it. We have to promote True Parents and Divine Principle, to help all people enter the Kingdom. The blessed couples should have the ownership. Even if your spiritual senses are open, you have to be able to distinguish good spirits from evil spirits. This avoids confusion within you. It erases everything that is false. As a blessed couple, get rid of evil spirits and fallen nature and you will be qualified as a heavenly citizen. Through our faith and effort, we can do it.

[We just realized that tonight’s Hoon Dok Hae is a re-reading of what we read this morning. The fact that the translation covers different content just demonstrates how little the translator, and note taker, can catch the first time through. Also, Won Ju, the reader, was reading at a very rapid pace. So, from this point in the readings, I went back to this morning’s notes and tried to supplement them. Ed. note]

True Father:

We have to liberate our ancestors up to 120 generations.

[Rev. Kwak prayed.]

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