Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Fatherís Content from Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
Morning of February 2, 2002
Kona, Hawaii
Rough and Unofficial Notes; translation by Rev. Peter Kim; Notes by Tyler Hendricks

Hoon Dok Hae:

Dr. Leeís message from spirit world (Hoon Dok Hae is Dr. Leeís first book from the spirit world.)

True Father:

We have to restore our tribe. It is the Tribal Messiahís responsibility.

There have to be subject and object relationships in all created things. They have to be united.

These are not the words made up by Dr. Lee; it is just a plain description of life in the spirit world. If you pass on to the spirit world without knowledge of the reality of life in the spirit world, you will face a lot of problems.

The completion of the four-position foundation comes through the subject and object relationship. We have to perfect our life of love on earth, which is the four-position foundation. This very unit is our family. If you commit a sin, no one can erase it for you. Those who persecute and criticize others on earth will live together with the same kind of people in spirit world. The value of true being will be appreciated when you can compare it with false being. If you do absolutely as I tell you, this year we will make a big impact on the world.

Only the children of God can come and live in the Kingdom of God. One way to look at marriage is that man and woman come together and bear fruit together. A woman who has nothing to do with a man is not a complete woman. Men and women are different in terms of the physical body. God created them this way in order allow them to fit each other. Men and women both grow and become mature as they differentiate into different sexes. What is happening is that they grow to fit each other. When animals move from one place to another, they always have a male and female, plus and minus. Babies "shoot out" from the womanís love organ.

Are we supposed to live alone, together with our spouse, or together with other people too? We are supposed to live together with other people (in addition to our spouse) to form the three dimensions of above and below, front and rear, and right and left. So we need at least three generations in order to be established. The three generations are God, parents and children, or grandparents, parents and children. The meaning of marriage is to inherit the will of the parents to produce children and perfect your love. This is the formula. If you have children, you have to take responsibility for them. You cannot take them to spirit world with you, so you have to rear them properly so that they can be effective. In order to do that, they have to grow up in an environment in which they can enjoy all the relationships, father and son, brothers and sisters, etc. -- all of which occur in the family setting.

Serving and attending our physical parents represents us serving our ancestors. The wife attending the husband represents the hyung sang serving the sung sang. Brothers and sisters living together as they grow up is an experience without which they may have character defects. As they grow up together as brothers and sisters, they learn the manís world and womanís world from each other. It is the starting point. In other words, these children receive basic education about how to relate to their spouse in the future. Children without brothers and sisters may have more difficult times when they marry. If you understand life in the spirit world, you will appreciate your physical life more.

You enjoy living with your parents, right? And staying with your spouse, right? It is natural that some families will have only sons, some only daughters, some many children, some none, but overall the number of men and women in the world is about the same. If all families have just sons, or just daughters, the human race will go extinct. So make sure that you establish the four-position foundation in your own family.

Why are man and woman born? To complete the four position foundation. Parents are there for the sake of children and children are there for the sake of their parents and for the future.

[Prayer by Mr. Rah, Im Yul, 72 couple]

True Father speaks on the hobby industry, on holding a World Cup competition for fishing and hunting. We make boats and airplanes to take people to beautiful shores. Hobby life goes with singing and dancing. What else is there to do to enjoy your life? That is the tradition we have to establish, not the rotten one. We have to make many movies, good ones. So, wherever you go, check out how the fishing is. Create groups for fishing, sports, dance, and many other things. Be friendly to nature, the ocean, the mountains, and the birds. This hobby life can go beyond national boundaries; it is not restricted by nation. Sometimes traveling by boat is convenient. You go into harbors, which are usually at the mouth of a river, then you can navigate up the river inland to see the countryside.

About renting boats and exploring various areas. Samba dancing. The Good-Go boat, 28 footer, is best for fishing. Water connects the different parts of the world. You need a car, boat and airplane in order to pursue the hobby industry effectively. We also need media, even for the sake of hobby industry, because reporting and promotion are important. Obtaining knowledge will not be difficult in the future because of the Internet, so you will have access to all information.

What is the difference between Orientals and Occidentals? The Occidentals came from the north pole and established the Christian culture. They are the hunters. Orientals are farmers, who go to the flatlands. Westerners had to move from one place to another, chasing animals, so they developed boats and trading. Orientals just sit in their place and look at the mountain and hope that the snow will melt so they can start farming. Many white people descended from pirates.

This island (Hawaii) is unique because the water is deep and there are two mountains over 12,000 feet in altitude. Even the fish are big. There are deer and mountain goats. You can do fish farming. In 1963, I prepared everything to come to America. I had a passport and visa. But I waited until the 70s. The first boat I owned was called Chunsungho: "Boat of Heavenly Victory." Wherever I go, I usually build boats. We need helicopters, too. We have a helicopter company in Korea. If the land runs out, then people can live on the bottom of the ocean.

What is the origin of the Japanese people? From the Paekchu dynasty, 2,500 years ago. Since Japan is an island nation, there are many fishermen and more women than men. I sewed nets at UTS in the 70s. When I was a child I caught birds; I knew which bird came to which tree. I caught meadowlarks. I donít see many people having hobbies.

Americans should not be proud of being Christians; they should embrace other religions as well.

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